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Lily and James had to do a quick before dinner sweep just to make sure everything was in order. After a short walk around the most inhabited parts of the castle they figured everything seemed fine, James turned to her.

'Can I walk you to dinner?'

Lily took in a breath her usual biting response about to shoot out when she studied his face and realised he was being genuine

'Yes, thank you,' she said

James smiled first in relief and then a second real smile.

Fast Forward Eight Steps…

‘So, how’s Remus’s grandmother?’ Lily asked into the silence

‘Uh, she’s okay this week but she’s always up and down one week she’s fine and within the next couple she’s worse for wear,’ James replied

‘I’m sorry to hear that,’ Lily said looking to her feet

‘OI,’ James yelled suddenly

Lily jumped and looked at him startled, was she not meant to feel badly for Remus and his sick grandmother? She then noticed that James wasn’t looking at her but rather down the hall they were walking down.

Lily followed his gaze and saw two third year Slytherin's were levitating a first year Hufflepuff by the ankle. 

Both Lily and James broke into a run, the third years had looked up when James had yelled and started to make a run for it, to Lily’s horror the small girl fell to the floor like a sack of potato’s.

Lily skidded to a halt and dropped next to the girl.

‘Are you okay? Where does it hurt?’ Lily asked her eyes searching for any signs of blood

The little girl didn’t reply, she just looked at Lily like she was an alien

Lily looked around for James but he had kept running, he was chasing the boys and his footsteps were now fading away, Lily looked back to the young girl again.

‘Does your head hurt?’ Lily asked

The young girls chin started to tremble and she burst out into sobs and sat up

‘Oh love,’ Lily said rubbing her back

The little girl continued to sob

‘My names Lily, can you tell me yours?’ Lily asked brushing the girl’s hair out of her face; the strands were wet from sticking to her cheek with her tears

‘E-E-Emilia,’ the girl managed through sobs, clutching her arm to her chest

‘Emilia, can you tell me where it hurts?’ Lily said in a soft voice

This made the small child cry even harder though she managed to make odd indications to the arm she was holding close to her

‘Okay, now Emilia I’m going to have to take you up to the hospital wing can you walk?’ Lily asked

But Emilia continued to cry, at this point James came around the corner breathing heavily, Emilia spotted him and began to cry even harder

‘No, it’s okay, this is James, he’s my friend he won’t hurt you Emilia,’ Lily said consolingly she was too busy with the injured child to notice the look James was giving her, firstly at being called James and secondly as being introduced as a friend.

‘We need to get her to Pomfrey, she’s hurt her arm and this ankle doesn’t look to healthy,’ Lily said softly looking at James for help

James nodded and squatted down

‘Hey there, Emilia isn’t it?’ James said in a deep smooth voice

Emilia stemmed her tears for a moment when James had spoken for his voice had become so enchanting, she gulped and nodded

‘Well I’m James but my friends call me Prongs, you can call me Prongs if you like,’ He said in the same voice that sounded like melted chocolate

‘Why do they call you Prongs?’ Emilia asked in between hiccoughs

Lily turned to look at him, this was a very good question; one she had wondered herself and she wanted to hear the answer

‘You know, that is a very good question,’ James smiled

‘Do you have a nick-name?’ he asked

She nodded ‘Milli,’ she said shyly

‘I like it,’ James said with a nod of approval and a smile

Milli Blushed

‘So Milli, me and Lily over here are going to take you up to the hospital wing, is that okay?’ he asked

Lily had been watching James most of the time and it awed her how gentle he was being.

'My ankle hurts too,' Milli said clearly now that the tears had stopped

‘That’s okay, I’ll carry you, are you ready?’ James asked slipping one of his arms under her legs and putting the other on her back and in one fluid motion he scooped her up and began walking.

Lily stood too and caught up with them, now having stopped crying out loud the only sounds coming from Emilia were her little sniffs, Lily saw that the tears still fell though silently and Emilia rested her head on James’ shoulder, still holding her arm to her chest.

Half an hour later, Lily and James were advised to leave and have some dinner for Emilia would be staying the night. James and Lily said goodnight to Milli and then left heading to dinner.

‘What happened to the boys?’ Lily asked remembering what had put Milli in the hospital in the first place

‘I chased them around the corner and right into McGonagall, they got a serious scolding, points deducted and triple detention with Filch,’ James said

James and Lily walked into the great hall to find it empty of people and food

‘Darn, I’m really hungry,’ Lily muttered

‘Yeah me to, let’s go down to the kitchens,’ James said leading the way

They walked in and were instantly swarmed by house elves, Lily watched again in awe as James gentle and friendly manner came out as he addressed the house elves and had them prepare a delicious dinner. Some ran around setting up a table and chairs for them to eat at.

‘Thank you,’ Lily said to a particularly small elf that looked at her and giggled before departing quickly.

‘How was your summer?’ James asked picking up his fork and knife and starting on his plate

‘Alright, Petunia was horrid for a change, but mum and dad were really good thank you, they took me out for a fancy dinner when I told them I was head girl, it was really sweet, and they gave me a present, which was completely unnecessary but lovely all the same,’ Lily said starting on her own plate

‘Is that charm bracelet the gift,’ He asked his eyes flicking to her wrist and then down to his plate as he brought the fork to his mouth

‘Yes,’ Lily said amazed that he’d even noticed it

‘May I?’ James asked putting his cutlery down

Lily nodded and extended her arm to him, he grasped it just above her wrist and studied the bracelet, Lily meanwhile studied his tanned hand on her pale wrist, his hand was warm and dry.

‘It’s beautiful,’ he said letting go of her and picking up his cutlery again

‘Thank you,’ Lily said looking to her plate

‘How was your summer?’ Lily asked picking up her glass of pumpkin juice and sipping from it

‘Good thank you, Sirius moved out into his own place so we were mostly getting him settled,’ James said

Lily nodded and then silence fell over them, they ate and drank for a while until Lily couldn’t take it anymore.

‘So, uh, what was it that Slughorn ended up wanting?’ Lily asked

‘I have to help Gloria Goldman catch up with some potions work, she was sick for a while or something,’ James said with a shadow of a shrug

‘Gloria Goldman, she’s a prefect this year isn’t she?’ Lily asked

‘Yes, for Ravenclaw,’ James replied

‘Isn’t she one of the girls that have a crush on you?’ Lily asked before she could stop herself

James looked up at her, Lily thought the kitchen got a little hotter

‘I certainly hope not, that would make things awkward,’ James said smiling

 After dinner their dessert came and the conversation started to flow smoothly.

Fast Forward Two Hours

Lily found herself laughing endlessly at James’ tales of mischief as they left the kitchens and made their way back to Gryffindor tower.

‘…and I won that’s why Sirius wore the girls uniform to transfiguration and Remus had to go for a swim with the giant squid in all of his glory,’ James said chuckling himself ‘Do you remember when he had that terrible cold last spring when he went to that prefects meeting about people who sneak out to the grounds at night?’ James asked

‘He had that cold because of skinny dipping?’ Lily laughed

James laughed and nodded

'The irony, right?' he said with a chuckle

 Lily smiled broadly.

As Lily settled into bed she thought of the nights she would be patrolling with James and hoped he would share some more of his stories with her because she found that she liked them very much.


This chapter is kinda boring and i do apologise, it is mostly filler but it is needed.
Hope you keep reading the rest of the story.
Lots of Love

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