"Oh, wow! Look, Mom!" Belle said pointing at a shop that stood out among the bland stores that surrounded it. It's sign was in neon colors and read "Jazz's Clothes; From Average to Zany!" Belle led her mother into the store and looked around. Her mother came in a step behind her and the store's bell rang softly in the background of the music playing.

"Oh, Belle. This isn't the kind of shop you want to buy clothes in! This is for... well, promiscuous girls. I don't want you walking around with that reputation, honey," she said, clutching her bag to her chest, looking out of place in the loud store. Belle stared at her mother in disbelief, that was the weirdest statement she'd ever heard come from her mouth. Just then, an African-American woman came out from a door with beads hanging in it's frame. She wore tight leopard print capris and an off-the-shoulder sweater. Her curly hair was up in a mess of tangles on top of her head and large silver hoop were pulling on her ears. Belle stared down at her black ankle boots that seemed five inches high.

"Welcome to Jazz's Clothes! I'm Jazz, how can I help you, honey?" she said loudly, throwing her hands out then resting them on her hips with obvious attitude. She looked over Belle's body type and put her hand on her back, leading her to the back of the store without an answer.
"Wuzz your name, baby?" she asked, her eyes scanning the racks then down at Belle's body.

"Belle Ricardo."

"Belle? Honey, you got a' spice that up! Now, how about this?" Jazz said, stopping at a rack and holding up a black leather mini skirt. Belle glanced over at the front of the store where her mother was chatting with another costumer who was wearing a business suit and also looking out of place.

"Um, I don't think my mother would approve..." Belle said, eyes looking over the formed skirt. It had a few rips on the front revealing a dark purple material underneath. Jazz scoffed and waved her hand in a 'Who cares' sort of way.

"Baby, this is for you. If you like it then it's yours; create your own style."

Belle liked the sound of that but still was wary about the skirt itself. She nodded and took the skirt from Jazz's hand, sliding it over her arm. Jazz grinned approvingly and then moved to the next rack, beginning to pile things into Belle's arms.

After about forty items, Jazz stopped and led Belle to the changing rooms. She sat down in one of the chairs, waiting for Belle to come out. Belle came out first with the leather skirt and a matching purple shirt that was plaid with the colors of purple, black and silver. Jazz's eyes lit up and she nodded, standing up.

"Ooh, baby! When your boyfriend sees you in this..."

She disappeared for a moment then came back with some black converse. "Try these on, hun," she instructed. Belle did so and Jazz nodded.

"Yeah, baby. You look fly; I think this could be a great look for you. Go put on that jean vest over that shirt."

Belle did as she was told and Jazz's eyes lit up again, she clapped her manicured hands together and smiled.

"Mm hmm! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" she said excitedly. Belle's mother came up from behind and gasped. She ran over to her daughter and spun her around, then pushed her back into the changing rooms.

"Belle!" she yelled through the curtain, "Change into your clothes; we're leaving!"

Belle miserably took off the clothes and put her white t-shirt and jumper back on, and then her clean white Keds. She could hear Jazz trying to make her mother think otherwise but Mrs. Ricardo wasn't one to be swayed easily. Belle came back out with her clothes piled back onto her arm and set them gently on the chair Jazz had been sitting in.
"Thank you," Belle said politely, a tone of sadness ringing clearly. Jazz frowned at her and leaned close to Belle's ear.

"You come back later, without yo' Mama and we'll fix you up, a' 'kay?" she said only audible to Belle. Belle nodded happily and then followed her mother out.

Outside on the street, Belle's mother walked briskly away from the loud stores and towards the food area of the alley. She stopped right outside "Kelly's Cafe" and pulled Belle aside.

"What did she tell you?" she asked her daughter, fire in her eyes and looking somewhat angry. Belle shook her head.

"Nothing important, Mother."

"Don't listen to that woman. She's nothing but a bad impression on your future!"

"Okay, Mom. Why's this such a big deal?" Belle said, slightly annoyed. She'd rather liked Jazz; she was a breath of fresh air away from her uptight household.

"I don't want you messing up, alright? One little thing and... and your future can come crashing down!"

Belle stared at her mother in shock for the second time that day. Her mother wasn't one to lose her posture and have an outbreak. Belle nodded slowly.

"Alright, Mom. I'm not going to mess up, okay? I know how to take care of myself. I grew up in your house, for heaven's sake."

"Okay, honey. Let's just have lunch alright?"

She opened the door of the cafe for her daughter and Belle went inside, her mother right behind. Inside it was just like a 50's diner, including a Jukebox playing a song by Cauldron Cakes Can, an oldies band. Belle's mother's face lit up and she smiled happily.

"I know this song!" she said, then hummed to it's melody. Belle took her mother's arm and led her to an open booth then grabbed them some menus.

"Have you ever been here before, Mother?" Belle asked, scanning the food choices. All seemed favorites of younger people in age. She spotted grilled cheese, her favorite platter as a six year old.

"No, I thought we'd give it a try."

Belle nodded absentmindedly. And ran over the menu again; nothing seemed like something her mother would even dare look at. This day was full of surprises, she couldn't imagine what Mrs. Ricardo would decide on.

"Carolyn? Belle? Is that you?"

Both Belle and her mother turned to look at who was approaching them. Dressed in a breezy spring, mint green dress was Narcissa Malfoy with Draco in tow. She came over to their table and scooted in next to Carolyn.

"How are you, dear? What are the odds of meeting up here?" Narcissa said, turning to Carolyn. Carolyn pushed her menu aside and complimented Narcissa's hand bag. Belle had no choice but to slide over and make room for Draco who sat down awkwardly and began to read the menu intently.

"How are you, Draco?" Belle tried, watching him scan the lists of foods. He glanced up at her and nodded curtly, barely tearing his eyes away from the paper. Belle's face hardened in annoyance then picked her menu back up.

"I'm good," Draco threw in. Belle rolled her eyes and decided on grill cheese just as the waitress came to their table.

"What can I get y'all?" she asked cheerfully.

"I'll just have a salad," Carolyn said. Narcissa decided to have the same.

"Grilled cheese, thank you," Belle said, tucking her menu away. Draco ordered a club sandwich and handed Belle the menu to put away. She shoved it by her own and opened her purse to occupy herself with something besides talking to Draco.

"You?" he asked. Belle looked over at him, mildly confused.

"What?" she asked, eyebrows furrowed.

"How are you?" Draco said, emphasizing each word in case she couldn't understand him. Her look became more pronounce in annoyance.

"Fine, isn't it obvious?" she snapped then turned back to her purse. Draco raised his eyebrows and smirked. He glanced at his wrist watch for something to do.

The two families ate in general silence besides the fact that Narcissa and Carolyn kept trying to start conversation in the awkward atmosphere. Belle and Draco remained silent towards one another. Belle could barely each her grilled cheese sandwich, she was so annoyed with his presence. Draco didn't seem to have a problem though, he greedily ate his sandwich and drank all of his iced tea.

When it was over, Narcissa covered the tab and said goodbye, heading home with Draco in the opposite direction of where Belle and Carolyn where going. Belle and Carolyn continued down the streets, Belle not quite as excited to shop...

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