Chapter 4

As the group of teenagers went through the Weasley house they all agreed to go outside even though it was late. Hermione cast harry a look while Ron just yawned and leaned against the tree ignoring how prickly it felt and closed his eyes stretching his neck, Hermione stood to the side at first and looked at the pair while the others spread out through the yard.

‘Gee my boys have grown,’ Hermione thought to herself.

This whole year was a roller coaster for everyone, and yet things somehow bounced back to normal, maybe it was the warm feeling of home of the burrow.

 ’I guess plans are changing,’ said Harry breaking the silence.

The look from Hermione, Harry understood the answer was yes, so the silent question was ‘What happens now’

 ’Well, mate. more than just plans have changed tonight,’ Said Ron ’Not that I care mind you,’ he added.

Harry scratched the back of his head

‘How much of our planning is going to change, our plans we started’ asked Hermione.


She looked to the others who were scattered through the yard.

‘Should we just make a new one.’ she asked?

 Harry fidgeted on the spot, turning away from them, he felt conflicted, curious and hopeful at the same time.

 ’I don't think so, it's too early to think of a plan,’ said Harry.

Both Ron and Hermione noticed guilt and pain in Harry's voice and they knew what he was going to try to say next and Hermione took a step towards him.

‘Keep the next sentence to yourself Harry, the look of your friends might not benefit you in the least,’ Said Shade who joined the trio.

  Ron Jumped and fell over making everyone laugh, it was always easy to sneak up on Ron, Hermione put it in her mind to remind him to be more aware…or maybe just charm a mirror to follow him.

 ’Bloody hell where did you come from,’ Said Ron.

 Shade smirked and crossed his arms while leaning against the other side of the tree beside Ron.

  ’What are you talking about,’ Harry asked?

 ‘I can see what Remus means when he said you act a lot like our dad,’ Said Shade. ‘had a knack to carry the world on his shoulders,’.

  Harry felt the hairs on his neck stand up, Ron and Hermione nodded in agreement. Harry’s track record to do just that was a long list, and they both struggled to keep up.

  ’What would everyone have me do, everything is so out of hand, every time we think the dust settles something bigger takes it place’ Said Harry.

  Shade shook his head at Harry, he was thinking maybe to pull a little trick or two. Harry seemed stubborn as an old friend.

  ‘That something bigger is just the same thing, just more annoying, difference is you have friends to help,’ Said Shade.

  This sparked Harry stubborn side which everyone was knew was coming.

‘Yes, but Voldemort will use anything to get to me-’ Said Harry.

  ’Yes, yes, Harry we all know the savior’s speech, you might as well save it,’ Shade cut him off.

 Shade stepped in front of Harry and looked at him straight in the eye, nearly at the same time they both showed a small twitch in Harrys head and Shades right hand.

 ’Harry, I only got details from what's happened but even from details I can sense survivors guilt like a storm cloud right over you,’ Said Shade

 Shade started to circle Harry while he continued.

 ’The feeling of almost losing your favorite Professor, the guilt of watching a Professor you didn't even like die before you...’

  Hermione recognized the twitch in Harry getting more prominent.

 ‘Oh, please do don't agitate him,’ she thought.

‘This war has only just started and already it's making the world nervous...So now is not the time to distance yourself from others, now isn't the time to run in blind to enemy territory,’ said Shade

  ‘I was never going to distance myself,’ Harry defended ‘You barely even know me,’

Another set of twins showed up just as there was a static crackle in the air, few guesses that it was from a rising agitated Harry. Ginny stayed at a distance, unsure if she should go try and calm Harry, but there was something in the back of her mind telling her to just wait and see.

‘Who do you think is older,’ Fred asked his brother.

Fred and George had the express explanation of all that happened, being a part of the order, they were out gathering any type of intel or whispers. They were also a big help with their defensive clothing and trinkets that they have been providing to the order for free.


‘I don't have to know you very well Harry, I can already see distance is your default mechanism to deal with grief,’ said Shade.

 Ron and Hermione looked at Shade strangely, unsure where he was taking this.

  ’Do you think he knows something about RAB,’ Ron whispered to Hermione.

  Lightly shaking her head, she kept her eyes on the two brothers as the static in the air kept building and dissipating with Shades every sentence.

 ’No, he only just met Dumbledore tonight, there's no way he could know anything about it,’ She quietly answered.

 ’That same mechanism will hurt you more than it would protect others you claim to care about,’

  ’He does have a point, Harry,’ Hermione tried to add weakly.

  The twitch in Harry got more noticeable, Shade momentarily had a confused look on his face and rubbed his wand arm.

‘I’m about to do all of this because I “Claim to care” how dare you say that, you have no idea what’s going on’ Harry growled.

 ‘I hope Ginny's nearby,’ thought Ron.

 ‘I don't know everything that's going on Harry, but I can see the temptation push others away, so I only ask you this, how can you protect the ones you love if you pushed them away, pushed them far enough you can never reach them in time’ Shade asked?

Harry was stunned and didn't know how to answer. Shade stopped in front of Harry putting him in front of Ron and Hermione


‘Well, I can tell you, protecting them that way is useless, painful and a waste of time, don't too selfish to see that they want to be there to help you, they want to keep you alive as much as you want to keep them safe from this war,’ Said Shade.

  Harry still didn't know how to react and it frustrated Harry and without notice, Shade quickly put his foot behind Harrys and forcefully pushed him backwards, both Hermione and Ron caught Harry by his arms before he hit the ground, all three of them looked to Shade ready to strike back if he did anything else, but all they saw was him folding his arms his eyes never leaving Harrys.

 ’What was that for,’ Harry shot.

‘Harry, what just happened,’ Shade asked calmly.

 ’You just tried to push me that's what bloody happened you git,’ Harry snapped.

Shade nodded to make them look behind them, Hermione let out a small gasp seeing that part of the tree had a sharp branch sticking out, if Ron and Hermione were not in front of Harry, the branch could have very well really hurt him. It dawned on Hermione on what Shade what he was trying to get Harry to notice so she kept quiet.

 ’Harry, if your friends didn't support you, I could have easily just hurt you’ said Shade.

 Harry looked at both of his friends and felt his frustration fade away, Ginny let out a small sigh of relief, she could see the war on his stubbornness has ebbed down, a war that might never be won.

 ’Love of friends is a valuable thing Harry,’ said Shade. ‘Not all of us have that’

Harry was not expecting a lecture from somebody he just met, he looked back to his friends, still trying to find the words he wanted to say, but Shade delayed him.

 ’I don't know how far this is going to go but you're all in this together,’ said Shade.

 With that shade turned and walked farther into the field leaving the trio to their thoughts. After a few moments, they didn't say anything to each other but watched Shade walk away.

 ’Well he's an interesting follow isn't he,’ Ron said finally breaking the silence.

 Hermione grabbed both Harry and Ron and hugged them tightly with them returning it just as tightly. Not far from the trio Ginny was watching them, seeing as it wasn't something to interrupt Ginny decided to go after Shade who was not all that far off since he was just standing there looking up at the stars. Not wanting to surprise him or nothing she walked a little far off to his right side.

 ’Hey,’ Said Ginny.

Shade snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her.

 ’Hi,’ he said.

‘Thanks,’ Said Ginny wanting to get straight to the point.

  ’For what,’ Shade asked?

 Ginny looked up at the night sky.

 ’For what you said to Harry, all the years we have been telling him almost the same thing, you just might have got through to him,’ Ginny answered.

 (‘Was he really that stubborn,’) shade thought.

 ’Where did that little life lesson come from anyways,’ Ginny pressed on.

 With a sigh, Shade sat down and looked ahead of him, he couldn’t explain it, but all night he felt a need to try and fix Harry, a bee in his bonnet so to say.

 ’I just had a strange feeling in his direction,’ He answered.

 ’What’s that supposed to mean,’ Ginny asked confused?

  Ginny sat down beside him and pulled on her necklace out of habit.

  ’I'm not sure, maybe it's a twin thing, but I really felt like I should say something, it felt like a bee in the back of my head’ Shade answered.

 Ginny figured that was all she was going to get out of him, so she just sat there with him in silence for what seemed like an hour but was only ten minutes, but every now and then Shade caught Harry looking at him and Ginny, he didn’t need a twin connection to sense he was watching anxiously.

  ’From the small jealous look from Harry, I'm guessing you are his lady,’ Shade asked?

His lady, Ginny giggled on the inside, she liked hearing that. Hoped to be his lady soon again, if he ever stopped being so noble.

‘Umm, well we dated the last term at Hogwarts, things right now are just complicated’ Said Ginny 

Shade grinned, Ginny noticed it was nearly the same when she saw the gears turning in Harry’s head when he came up with some sort of plan.

’Well he kind of has the same expression I do when I'm crazy for someone, maybe what I said tonight could change things for you two,’ said Shade.

Ginny met eyes with Harry for a moment, but he looked away nervously while Ginny rolled hers when he did.

’Well, that’s good to know,’ thought Ginny.

 Getting up and dusting herself off she looked down at Shade with amusement.

 ’You could be really helpful with a broody noble Harry I think.,’ said Ginny amusingly.

 Shade laughed at her wordplay.

 ’Well, thanks again I'm going to check if dinner's ready,’ She said while walking back to the house.

 Before she was too far off Ginny turned back around.

’Oh, and shade,’ said Ginny.

Shade looked up while he was adjusting his wand on his arm.

 ’Welcome to the family, I think you will fit in nice, ‘She said. 

’That’s still weird to hear,’ said Shade aloud.

 After a few minutes, Shade was interrupted from his thoughts again by a snowy white bird who landed on his shoulder. He looked at Hedwig then remembered seeing her at Diagon Alley moments before the fight broke out. 

’Why hello,’ said Shade.

Curiosity got to the better of her Hermione went over to Shade as he was stroking Hedwig's feathers, Hermione walked up behind him and waved after Harry and Ron to go into the house. Knowing what was coming he lifted his arm so Hedwig could hop along it and take off into the night.

 ‘Any chance you made a choice to come to Hogwarts,’ She asked.

 ’Good god, you're passionate about this school aren't you,’ said shade amusingly

 Grinning Hermione went in front of Shade.

 ’Pretty much, some say I should just be its Queen,’ she lightly lied.

 Shade felt uneasy coming to a decision and started to run his hand over his headband, that was another thing she was curious about. It felt like torture to let her feel victorious, but that little life lesson actually affected him too.

 ’The way things are, maybe it wouldn't hurt to go,’ Said Shade.

 (Well that was quick,) Hermione thought.

’What changed your mind,’ She asked a little to smugly

 ’Nothing really, maybe it’ll be better to keep an eye on that kid, ‘said Shade.

Almost quietly Hermione heard him mutter the word ‘family after all’. This surprised her and all questions she had for him faltered for a few moments until she remembered.

‘Harry said you did some sort of spell neither of us has seen before, what did he mean by that’ Hermione asked?

Shade smirked and shook his head.

’It's not really common over here, anywhere in fact cause it's from the book of forgotten spells,’ Shade replied.

 This caught her attention, a new book she never heard of.

’Forgotten spells’ she asked trying to sound casual.

Shade laughed a little, noticing her growing curiosity. but felt nervous to share more about the spells, he promised to somebody to keep these spells from others.

‘It’s not really worth getting into, they are useless compared to the ones you know here,’ said Shade.

‘How many are there,’ Hermione asked?

 ’I'm not actually sure, Uncle Alex said there were at least one thousand spells in the book that he could decipher,’ said Shade.

 Hermione looked at him confused.

 ‘How could you learn one thousand spells,’?

Shade felt the back of his neck feel warm, her questions were making him more nervous.

 ’I did and then I didn't exactly,’ he started.

 He contemplated how much to tell her, he now wished he never used paralash in the fight earlier that night.

 ’Are they dangerous,’ she asked?

 ’Well, it depends on the person... The spell I used, was the one I heard Uncle Alex use so much. At the time it was convenient to read so many books at once, Kara and Lottie never cared to listen to him, so he assumed I wouldn’t care to learn’ he answered.

 She raised her eyebrows excited, this was a spell she dreamed of, a network spell in the last century have driven people mad, maybe this was a perfected spell.

 ’Is it difficult to learn,’ Hermione asked excitedly?

’Must be a bookworm,’ he thought.

 Shade shook his head then tried to think of a way to dissuade her from wanting to know more, boy he would soon learn that would never be the case with her.

 ’Not really, there side effects to the spell,’ said Shade.

 ’Like what,’?

 Shade brought out a small pouch from his pocket and reached deep inside and took out two different books, from her angle she could see tons more that were unmarked.

 ’Is that the book,’?

 Shade smiled at her eagerness, truth be told, that book would never be in his hands again physically.


 He gave her the book that looked new.

 ’Just think of it like this, look at the book you're holding,’

 She flipped through the pages.

 ’There's nothing in here,’ she said.

 Shade nodded and handed her the tattered book, again she flipped through the pages but immediately recognized it.

 ’It's a third-year charm book,’

Shade gave back the new looking book.

 ’Yes, now keep in mind as I do this.... Revelio,’ He said ask he touched the book with his wand.

With that, the book changed and the text ‘Advanced curse breaking’ appeared. Hermione was starting to almost understand what he was trying to explain.

‘How does it make it risky to use,’ she asked?

To finish explaining Shade tossed the book away from them.

’The risk is the book and proximity itself... The spell is forbidden to learn for non-curse breakers, it takes the text from books around you and if you're lucky you will just learn what’s inside the book...’

Hermione was making sure to pay attention now and Shade was grateful that she was.

’But if you're unlucky, and close by any certain book that's not supposed to be read by anyone but the author it could end badly, lethal even,’

Understanding she nodded her head.

’That must be some magic,’ she said.

’It is, but it's useful to very few, because in odd times the spells end up locked in your mind like what happened to me,’

 ’So, there are spells you know and most you don't,’ she asked?

’Yes, through time some of them show up in my mind, but I'm not sure if they all will to which I'm ok with,’ he replied.

Shade remained quiet looking Hermione over who was deep in thought till she broke out a small grin.

’I would be in heaven if I could use that spell in the Hogwarts library, only if it wasn't for that risk,’ She said.

’I bet you would,’ said Shade.


Shade was going to bet she would try to talk him into teaching her.

 ’I'm guessing you won't teach it to me,’ she stated.

 ’How big is Hogwarts anyways’ Shade asked hoping was good enough to distract her.

He was right, he found out just then that Hermione loved that question, so she sat down beside shade and started explaining all of the things she thought was wonderful to her about the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Hogwarts






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