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Authors Note: I do not own Harry Potter, I’m not that smart.
"They treat him like a slave" James muttered angrily as he and Sirius watched Harry mow the front lawn. "He's not a house elf and have you felt the heat out here, he's going get sunstroke" he continued

"James they are muggles they don't have house elves, and I don't like it any better than you but Harry can take care of himself, and anyway he'll be gone tomorrow. Sirius muttered back

They stood and watched as Harry and his Uncle Vernon argued. Vernon handed Harry a glass of murky water, and went back into the house, meanwhile Harry took one look at the glass of water, poured it out and smashed the glass on the wall shattering it into millions of pieces.

"He's got some temper on him." Sirius commented.

"Just like Lily." James muttered sadly as they continued to watch Harry's temper rising.


Harry was made to do the housework all morning, because Dudley's aunt Marge was coming, he could feel his temper rising, as he mowed the front lawn in the blazing heat, he also felt that he was being watched, but put the feeling down to the heat of the sun.

His bad mood only worsened however when Marge arrived. She was a beefy woman, with several chins, a purple face and a moustache, much like uncle Vernon.

"Here…" she growled thrusting her wet umbrella and coat into Harry’s arms, there had been a thunder storm earlier. She waddled into the living room as Harry hung up here coat and umbrella crying out "Where's my neffy poo". Harry suddenly felt like this was going to be the worst night of his life, trudged in after her and watched her, trying to suppress a grin, smother Dudley with hairy kisses.

A while later they were sitting down to their dinner, well Harry was tiding up, when Aunt Marge started on Harry again.

"You mustn't blame yourself for the way this one turned out Vernon, it's all to do with blood, bad blood throughout."

"What is it his father did Petunia?" she asked. Aunt Petunia paled visibly.

"Nothing, he did nothing, he didn't work." she squeaked

"And a drunk to no doubt." she barked

"That’s a lie." Harry felt himself say before he could stop himself.

"What did you say?" Aunt Marge asked surprised that Harry had answered her back.

"My dad wasn't a drunk…" he growled trying to supress his anger, but at that moment Aunt Marge's glass exploded in her hand.

Aunt Petunia let out a shriek of surprise and began fussing over Marge, but she just shushed her with a wave of her enormous hand, and ordered Harry to clean the mess up, which he did so not wanting to cause any more trouble.

"Actually it's nothing to do with the father, Its all to do with the mother, you see it all the time with dogs, if there's something wrong with the bitch then there's something wrong with the pup" she slurred

Harry couldn't take it any longer and his anger exploded "SHUT UP " he screamed the lights around him flickered as his temper rose.

Marge, who looked rather purple, turned and pointed a large purple finger at him.

"Right let me tell you…" she began but got no further as her rather large finger was growing even larger. Soon her whole body was blowing up her shirt burst open no longer able to take her weight and her tweed suit began to rip at the seams. She floated up in the air, with the chair stuck to her ever expanding fat bottom before it too exploded.

Shocked and before anyone could stop him, Harry raced from the kitchen to the cupboard under the stairs, where it magically burst open. He grabbed his trunk and as quickly as he could and raced up stairs and threw everything into his trunk and raced back downstairs to be faced with a very purple faced Vernon.

"Bring her back, bring her back and put her right". He shouted spraying spit all over Harry

"No she deserved what she got." He yelled back. His uncle lunged forward and tried to grab Harry.

"Keep, away from me." Harry said thrusting his wand at his uncle, who backed away.

He came down the last few steps and walked out the door dragging his trunk and Hedwig’s cage behind him. He looked up and could see his 'Aunt' bobbing along in the distance; he smirked and headed towards the park.

"What the bloody hell?" Sirius exclaimed. He could hear shouting coming from Harry's 'House'.

"What?" James asked as he returned from his outing to the shops, disguised as another wizard.

"Something’s going on over there, I can hear a lot of yelling" he said rummaging through the bags, and pointing to number four privet drive.

James paled and started pacing about, wondering whether he should go over there as James, Harry's dad or just a concerned neighbour, but just as he came to a decision Sirius broke his train of thought.

"Will you stop pacing; he'll be coming out soon." James turned 'round and gave his friend a quizzical look, who merely pointed to the sky.

He wiped around just in time to see a rather large blown up woman floating away from the Dursley’s. Stunned he turned back to Sirius who was rolling around on the ground laughing hard.

"That kids got some nerve." he managed to choke out,

"I know that’s why I want to talk to him." James said seriously. This made Sirius stop laughing and jump up from the ground.

"Are you mad? You'll scare him." Sirius exclaimed.

"I know I would that’s why I'm going to talk to him in my disguise." He explained calmly. Even though his nerves were eating him up inside.

 "What about me?" Sirius asked sceptically.

"You are going to be my dog. Now hurry up and change here he comes."

James said as Harry come storming out of the house and headed over to the park. Sirius pawed at him to show that he was ready; he took a deep breath as he followed Harry as he headed towards the park.

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