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Chapter Seven: Early Morning….Flirting?

The first week had just come to a close. It was wild ride I had to admit. Between somehow finding myself in the middle of helping the marauders with pranks, trying to figure out this whole magic thing, and trying to not blush every time Remus was around, it was a wonder I found myself I one piece this Saturday morning. Why I was even up this early was beyond my knowledge. The sun wasn’t even up yet, and here I was, sitting in the common room with an open book in my lap. I wasn’t reading. Far from it. I had just brought it down with me for comfort. Comfort for what, I had no idea, but it seemed like the right thing to do. So here I was, five in the morning, sitting in the common room in loose pyjama pants and a small tank top, a book in my lap, and completely bored.

“You enjoy early mornings don’t you?”

I jumped at the unexpected voice. The book in my lap went flying out of my reach as I literally jumped off the couch.

“Sorry.” Remus chuckled as he moved around the couch, grabbing the book as he did so. “Potions. Trying to improve.”

“I hate that class.” I mumbled as I lifted a hand to my chest, my heart beating rapidly. “Lets not try and scare me to death next time Remus.”

“Sorry.” he gave me a lopsided smirk.

“I have a feeling that your not.” I went to grab the book from his hands.

Damn him being taller. Remus decided that he would be rather rude, and not give me my book back. Due to my shortness, and his tallness, I was of course, unable to get it from his reach.

“Ugh, Remus!”

“Ugh? Interesting word.” He mused, his smirk still playing on his lips.

“Shut up. Book please Remus.” I tapped my foot impatiently.

“I’m liking the attire as well.” his eyes fell over my body.

Oh, there goes that blushing.

“If you keep blushing, your face is going to stay that red.” He said cheekily.

“Your turning into Sirius.” I grumbled.

“I take that as an insult” he mocked a pout.

“Well then give me back my book.”

He raised an eyebrow. “For a girl who has proclaimed her dislike for potions, you sure seem taken with this book.”

“Well…I…. ah…”

“Are you just looking at the pictures?” he teased.

“Oh shush.” I went to grab the book, but only resulted in falling.

Remus wasn’t quick enough to catch me, or maybe he just moved out of the way. But I fell flat on my face. With a nice and graceful slur of curses as my nose began to throb with pain, I glanced up and saw Remus cracking up in laughter. I glared at him as I moved back so I was sitting on my arse, glaring up at him.

“That’s mean Remus.” I pouted.

“No, that’s funny.” He smirked before a frowned took its spot. “And you’re also bleeding.”

“What?” my eyes widened as my hand flashed to my nose.

He was indeed correct as there was now blood lying on my hand from my nose.

“Are you okay.” The book dropped from his hand as he knelt down to my level, his hand flying to cup my chin, lifting my face up slightly so he can see the damage. “Doesn’t look broken. Should probably go to the hospital wing to get that fixed though.”

“Pfft! Like anyone will be awake there.” I rolled my eyes. “Nothing a little Kleenex can’t fix.”

“Are you sure? You’re bleeding quite a bit.”

“I’m sure your just exaggerating.”

Remus lifted up the hand that had been caressing the side of my nose. My stomach flipped as I saw the blood on his hand. Have I mentioned I did not like blood? At all. There’s been some nice situations where I’ve grown quite queasy from the sight of blood. Even talking about it. Fainted once or twice before. I was not a blood girl. Especially when seeing my own. You could just imagine how much I loved when my time of the month came. So you could probably guess my reaction at the rate the blood was flowing from my nose.

“Taylor? You’re going pale. Your not losing that much blood are you?” he looked rather concerned. Actually, his face was rather closer. He looks kind of cute when he’s concerned. Actually, he looks mighty fine, but I wasn’t supposed to be thinking those thoughts.

“I-I just don’t do well with blood.”

“Well then lets take you to the hospital wing alright?”

“Do I have to go?” I groaned.

“Yes.” he helped me to a standing position.

“This is my first week of Hogwarts, and this is going to be my second trip. To be honest, I don’t see good things in the future.”

“Look at the bright side.”

“And what’s the bright side?” I raised an eyebrow at him as he helped me from the common room.

“Sirius isn’t the one who’s helping you right now.”

“That’s true.” I chuckled.

He sent me a grin. “I am sorry about back there. Really. I don’t think making you fall constitutes as being a good friend.”

“Nah, its alright Remy, my own fault. I’m clumsy.” I shrugged.


“Hey, you made me fall on my face and now I’m stuck bleeding to death, deal with the nickname.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“I thought that wasn’t my fault.” He smirked.

“Shut up Mr. Lupin.” I growled.

“How are you feeling now?” Remus glanced over at me as we entered the common room.

“Oh just fantastic.” I replied sarcastically.

“Snippy.” Remus snickered.

“I believe that you, Mr. Lupin should be a little nicer to the girl who you made bleed.”

“I…that’s true. Sorry.” he frowned.

“Oh I’m just kidding.” I pushed his arm playfully. “Please don’t look sad. Your making me feel bad.”

He sent me a smile. “Wouldn’t want to do that now would I?”

“Nopes.” I grinned and patted my nose. “Ow.”

“Well not touching it seems like a reasonable idea.”

“But I’m not one to follow through with ideas.” I shrugged.

Remus chuckled before grabbing my arm and stopping me before I could move towards the stairs.

“I really am sorry Tay.”

“Tay? I thought only Sirius and James called me that.”

“Its catchy.” He shrugged with a wide grin.

“Bleh.” I scrunched up my nose. “Just don’t call me Tay-Tay. Now that’s annoying.”

“Hm….Tay-Tay eh? Don’t tell Sirius that. He’s not as nice as I am.”

“Clearly.” I snorted. “And don’t worry about it Remy, I’m clumsy, that didn’t help the situation.”

He smiled and nodded. “Alright.”

“I think I’m gonna try and catch some shut eye for the next few hours.” I tapped my chin while I thought.

“But now that I’m awake I’m bored.” Remus pouted.

“Your own fault.” I rolled my eyes. “Night…morning…oh whatever.”

I moved to walk up the stairs, but Remus refused to let go of my arm. Instead, he just pulled me back so I was barely inches away from him.

“Remy, you have to let go in order for me to leave.”

“But I already told you, I’m bored and awake. Amuse me Tay-Tay.”

“You really have hanged around with Sirius for way too long. You need a break.” I rolled my eyes. “Remy, let go ok?”

“Oh fine.” He dropped his arm to his side.

“Thank ya.” I gave him a wink before bounding up the stairs, taking two at a time.

I was home safe, nearly there. That was, until I suddenly found my feet being pulled from beneath me. I was about to curse myself for being so clumsy again. But before I could, I realized the stairs had turned into a slide, sliding me straight to the floor. With a simple and inelegant oomph, I fell onto my ass, looking up at a smirking Remus Lupin. He burst out laughing at the look on my face and I couldn’t help but notice the cute dimples he had. Crap, stop it head, stop it now.

“Remus!” I exclaimed, trying to get up on my feet.

“Oops, did I do that?” he raised an eyebrow, his smirk widening. “Well, now that I think about it, I think I’m going to go back to bed as well.”

Before I could open my mouth to speak, he simply moved around my body and went in the opposite direction. Allowing my head to do some rare quick thinking, I pulled myself off my feet and jumped at Remus, tackling him to the ground. Remus looked up at me in surprise as I sat there, straddling him on the ground.

“I don’t appreciate that Remus.” I smirked.

“I don’t appreciate this.” He returned the look.

“Well I guess we find ourselves in a pickle.”

“Huh?” he looked at me confused.

“Muggle Canadian thing.” I waved it off.

“Mental.” I heard him mutter.

“Not nice.”

He opened his mouth to respond when a voice beat him to it.

“So this is why I never wake up this early in the morning.” Sirius’ cocky voice came from the bottom of the stairs leading to the boy dormitories. “Am I interrupting anything?”

“No.” I glared over at him.

“Hm…wow Moony, you work fast.” Sirius winked at the boy lying on the ground. “And we all thought I would be the one to flirt with her first. Beat me to it.”

“Shut up Padfoot.” Remus mumbled.

“Kind of works well considering you li…”

“Shove off Sirius.” Remus’ voice turned threatening.

“Ouch. Touchy subject.” Sirius barked in laughter.

“Your annoying Sirius.” I rolled my eyes before standing up from Remus.

“Thank you.” He grinned. “So, other than the lovely flirting, what are you two doing up this early?”

“Long story.” I went to go back up the stairs. “Well I’m going back up. Bye boys.”

I could feel my face was burning up from what had just occurred. My entire being was focused on walking up the stairs, and shoving my head under the covers for an eternity. Unfortunately, it seemed like no one was going to allow me the pleasure, as I felt an arm link with mine, and began dragging me in the opposite direction.

“Ugh! Sirius!” I growled as I noticed Sirius wearing a smirk as he waved at Remus.

“Catch ya later Moony.” He pulled me from the common room and into the deserted corridor.

“Sirius, dude, what the heck.” I glared at him as I shoved his arm away.

“Dude?” he raised an eyebrow, looking amused.

I just glared at him in response.

“So, what’s going on with you and Moony?”

“Nothing.” I shrugged.

“Nothing huh?” he leaned against the wall, his arms crossing. “Because ever since the first day of class, you’ve blushed every time you’ve seen him. That doesn’t seem like nothing.”

I have no self-control. I was blushing again.

“Ah, I see. So you do like Moony.”

“I have no idea what your talking about.” I mumbled, looking down at my sneakers.

“Uh huh.” I could just hear the smugness in his tone.

“Well I’m going to go now.” I turned back around.

“He likes you too you know.”

That stopped me. I turned and gave him a confused look.

“He does.” Sirius shrugged. “I’ve known Moony for awhile now. He’s never looked at anyone the same way he does you.”

My face had to have been at least ten shades of deep red.

“But I didn’t tell you that.” He winked at me. “Shall we head down for breakfast?”

“Its early.” I was able to get out in a mix of mumbles. I was just lucky it was coherent.

“I have my ways.” He held out a hand, a smirk still prominent on his lips. “Shall we?”

A/N: I couldn't help but put a little flirting between the two. I adore Remus too much to not lol. Hope you like it. it was fun writing. oh, and thanks for the reviews. i overly appreciate them and i enjoy reading each and every one. thanks for the support!

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