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Hiya guys! I’m sorry bout the long waits for updatesssss…….! Well anyway as you are (probably) aware I do NOT own the characters from the Harry Potter book series and movies. HOWEVER I am the proud owner of all my OC’s and the awesome (cough, cough) story line!!!!!!! J☺YAY pleeeeeease r&r. lol hope you enjoy the third installment!


                                              * * * * * * * * * *

“OMG!!!!! How the HELL did you talk me into doing this!!!! Ginny Weasley cried clutching on to Luna and Hermione as she stood on the vast oval like lawn that led up to Potter manner. She was looking extremely like the many Hogwarts students had when they’d been conned into agreeing to test out Fred or Gorges latest products. Ginny was white as a sheet with sweaty palm and nervous twitch in her right hand.


Oliver stood behind them contemplating the scene before him with a rather bemused expression. He was just turning back to the car to get his camera (a muggle version that he’d got for his last birthday) when a loud crack made him spin on the spot. Looking around his saw what had made the disturbance.


“Would you like one of my valets to move your, ehem, vehicle?” Sneered a voice from the spot Oliver was peering at. Turning, Ginny, Luna and Hermione spotted what Oliver had been looking at. A man wearing a suit and a rather snotty expression with slicked back hair and a long nose stood before them.


“Uh,” Started Oliver shooting questioning looks at Ginny. “I  well sure okay. Thanks.” Oliver decided giving the man an unsure smile.


“Good.” He replied turning to Oliver’s van. “Hem.” he cleared his throat making a note on a clipboard he held firmly in his left hand. “I think ill just send over Nahm,” he said the word sourly. “For this particular… vehicle.”

Sniffing he turned back to them, nodded and started to walk away.


“Have a good night.” Oliver called out to him smirking.


“Ahhhh… thank you. And good luck to all of you.” He glanced especially in Ginny’s direction as he said this. Then he pulled out a piece of note paper, scribbled on it then flicked his wand, making it disappear in a puff of smoke and dissaparated.


“Ooookay” Oliver said in a very good impression of the man’s high-pitched nasal voice, causing the others to laugh. Ginny gave a weak smile and regained a little of her colour.


“He wasn’t thaaaaaat bad.” Said Hermione fairly.


“Well, yes I suppose so. But I’m not sure if Nahm was one of his more trusted valets…” Oliver finished looking around suspiciously.

                                              * * * * * * * * * *

After waiting 15 min’s for Nahm to turn up, Luna was starting to wonder what they should do. Hermione was looking worriedly at Ginny who was being told jokes by Oliver in an attempt to keep her mind off the awaiting hosts. Where as she, Luna was staring at the many couples and groups making their way up to the large entrance.


Luna had just spotted a rather large lady wearing a rather hideous set of robes in the sea of familiar and unfamiliar faces. Just as she was about to point it out the obvious case of nibbly syndrome to the other she was distracted by what looked like a boy (or man) around their own age, leaning up against a tree. This was not particularly odd, but the fact that he was wearing the uniform that she had seen all the valets in drew her attention immediately.


“Nahm?” She called hesitantly to the figure.


“Yahuh,” Replied the young man. “Oh I am sorry, did you require ‘assistance’?” He called mockingly. “I was wondering when you’d notice me.” Nahm smirked as he walked out into the pool of light cast by a lamp suspended mid air.


“Yes, I can see why you got that tone from your boss.”  Oliver commented, referring to the way his boss had spat out his name with distaste. Nahm flushed red and looked sourly at the each in turn.


 When his eyes fell upon Ginny however, his expression changed dramatically.

“A very good evening to you.” He said to Ginny brushing his lips lightly on her hand to which she raised an eyebrow. His face broke into a smile “Just joshing ya. I was never really any good at introductions.” He told them smiling. “Please allow me start again.” He inclined his head to the in turn, smirked then said “My name is Nahm Khoury. I am 20 years old and I am nephew to Yuri Chang. Basically.” he added in a barely audible mutter.


“So does that make you Cho Chang’s cousin?” Hermione cut in politely.

“God no! I guess you guys are friends of Harry Potter then?” He inquired letting a small shiver escape at the possibility that he might be related to Cho.


“Well, yes we are actually.” Ginny informed him, looking defiant.

“Yep that’d be right.” Nahm said more to himself than anyone else. “It’s just that Cho is completely obsessed with her family tree… so if you were invited by her… Well basically you wouldn’t have to ask how I’m ‘related’ to her.” He informed them.


“I see.” Hermione agreed deep in thought. “But as we’re not friends with her” ‘and don’t want to be’ Hermione thought. “Would you mind telling us how you’re related?” She questioned. The other shot Hermione curious glances, as if to ask why she wanted to know.


“Uh… sure,” Nahm agreed looking unsure. “Well it’s kinda hard to explain… Basically Cho’s Grand mum’s sister had a kid called Cherrie. And my Dad, Malcolm was going out with Chez for a while,”


“Chez being Cherrie?” Hermione questioned, her habit of getting to the bottom of everything still showed. 


Nahm nodded and continued. “Are you sure you wanna hear this? It’s boring just listening to myself telling it” He raised his eyebrow at them, waiting.


“Awwww come on. You gotta finish now!” Ginny whined through her teasing smile.

This forced him to join in the others laughter. “And plus, you owe us a good story for making us wait this long.” She finished still smiling.


“Fine, fine. Your funeral though.” Nahm muttered. “Well as I said, my Dad and Chez went out for a while in their teens, in England might I add. Then later he moved to America and got together with a gal called Joanna aka my mother.” The others nodded confusedly at him. “Well anyway that was when Dad was 21 but they’d broken up within 5 months of my birth and I lived with my Dad cause Joanna couldn’t cope or summat... So anyway by the time I was 2 and 11 months Dad and Cherrie met again because she’d come over to America touring for about 6 months with her latest book.”


“Wow, this was worth the wait.” Luna smiled at him. “Just quickly though, I was wondering. Where’s your Dad from?” She questioned.


“Dad? Oh he’s from Israel, basically he looks like me I guess.” Nahm told her airily drawing their attention for the first time to his appearance. Nahm had dark curly hair, tanned olive skin, blue eyes, an adorable smile and lean frame. “Dunno how I got the eye colour though, as my Dad’s side is basically all brown and that’s the dominant colour and all…” He trailed off.


“Anyway. Chez and Dad hit right off, I think they were even considering marriage. But when the time came for her to leave them decided that it was impossible for her to extend her time there any more, caused she’d already stayed on for an extra 3 months. But she couldn’t stay, and I needed a stable life, so they decided to leave it until I was older. 3 months later we found out that she was pregnant.”


“You’re not serious?!?!” Oliver said gaping at him. The others were also wearing expressions of shock, all except for Ginny who was still very pale and looked nervous.


“Yup. They had a bit of a fight. Dad said she should have told him and she couldn’t stop crying long enough to defend herself. But 6 months later we were there for the birth of my new baby sister. But Dad still said we couldn’t stay their so we went back to America and every year Tilly, my sister and chez would come over for around for about three months. Cause Chez is a writer so she could do that anywhere and she didn’t have to fly cause the overseas apparition depot is way cheaper.”


“Dad and Chez have finally decided on a date for the marriage. Tilly, Biancca, Joshy and I have been living together here for four years now. But we go to Salem because the amount of paperwork you have to fill out for the ministry to transfer is freaky. Biancca and Josh are my twin siblings; they’re 5 years younger than me. So that makes me ALMOST related to Cho but If you tell anyone I’ll murder you with a blunt knife.” Nahm smiled. “Kidding, kidding. But yeh we don’t get along, Cho and me. Surprised she invited me really,” He continued. “Oh well. I better take your car. Catcha later.” He waved and walked over to Oliver combi. “By the way, cool car.”  Oliver just laughed as they moved off towards the entrance.

                                              * * * * * * * * * *

“Wow, Potter manor is huge isn’t it?” Ginny commented in an offhand tone, trying once again to convince her friends that she was fine. They had been staring at her worriedly and whispering to each other ever since they took off their coats in the main entrance hall.


‘Oh crap,’ Ginny thought as they moved to the doorway leading into the parlor (the size of the great hall), where the guest were congregating before the dance started. ‘Potter and Cho so soon!?! How is this fair?’ She sobbed silently. Ginny could see them standing in the entranceway greeting their guests, the proper host and hostess.


“Hay,” She felt a warm touch on her shoulder and turned to find Oliver’s face barely four centimeters from her own. “I’m right here. Just remember I’ll do whatever you want to. Okay?” He smiled comfortingly at her then put his arm around Ginny’s shoulders.


Ginny was comforted and pleased by this show of affection. “I’ll do it.” She said, not as confidently as she would have liked. “Maybe I can just run. You know, like you do to get to platform 9 ¾.” She continued in a feeble attempt at a joke.


“Hmmmm.”  Hermione said giving Ginny a look that reminded her of Madame Pince and Professor McGonagall at the same time.


“Come on. Let’s go.” Luna ordered calmly and then drifted over to the hosts arm in arm with Ginny, leaving her no escape.


“Luna, Oliver, Hermione!” Harry greeted them each with a tight hug. But before he even opened his mouth to greet Ginny, Cho got there.


“So nice of you to join us Ginny. We were quite surprised you decided on coming. Considering the ‘condition’ you’ve been in lately.” She lowered her voice conspiratorially an ugly smile playing across her face.


“Really?” Ginny asked in a lofty voice. “And what condition would that be?” She raised her eyebrow and looked at Harry, as if to ask him if he knew.


“Uhhh…” Harry started looking uncertainly at Cho. “Well uh… I heard you had a uhhmm… cold.” He finished rather lamely.


“Well that’s news to me. I have been perfectly well, but I would thank you if you let me through. You see standing in this cold room with no coat on IS quite likely to give me a cold.” Ginny let out a little laugh and walked straight passed them, leaving Cho fuming and Harry following her with his eyes, looking rather dazed.

                                              * * * * * * * * * *

Kay guys, I decided to leave it at that for this chapter… which is kind of going against the title…. But anyway I decided that you’d suffered enough of my writing :P. kidding neway PLAEEEEESE r&r…. hope you liked this chap. I think I’m starting to get more used to this thing. Any comments bout my style or how I’m going with the story line or watev are welcome so yeh.

Thanx for reading, hope you enjoyed!

xoxo lozz.

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