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'What's she doing here?!' Seamus protested as I walked into the room.

I was here to meet Neville for the DA meeting.

'Now don't be so quick to judge' Neville answered quickly heading towards me, 'She's here to join us.'

'How do we know she's not here as a spy for the other side?' piped up Ginny walking towards me.

'Listen if this is going to be a problem then I think I might just go' I said turning away.

'No, don't go' called Neville grabbing onto my arm.

'Listen we shouldn't be like this, if we judge her we are just as bad as the deatheaters' Said Neville.

Many people shook their heads whispering to each other. I knew that this hadn't convinced them at all, they all just stared at me as if I was vermin.

Tears started to form in my eyes, if was wasn't going to be excepted here then I really was alone.

'I want to do this, listen I know you've all lost so much at the hands of Voldemort, but believe me when I say so have I, he killed my brother, I've got no one to call my family, all the people I thought we my friends are either dead or have turned against me, if I don't have this then I really don't have anything left and I am as good as dead.' I spoke trying hard to fight back the tears.

Everyone remained silent. I really couldn't take much more I was about to leave when I felt a hand upon my shoulder. There stood Dean Thomas.

'Welcome to Dumbledore's Army' he greeted me patting me on the back.

I was speechless at his actions but incredibly grateful.

Talk of this rally increased as many in our house had already left to get ready for this big event. No one knew that I had already chosen a side. We all thought that it was for the best that no one knew, not yet anyway or else I was a target and I would be killed for sure.

Auria and I hadn't conversed at all since that night, she would just stare at me whenever I walked past her and she would sit as far away from me as possible. She became unbearable, but deep down I still missed her. We had some really good time when we were younger but we obviously grew into two very different people.

No one spoke of Caleb any more, his existence seemed almost like a distant dream. It was almost like as if he didn't really exist at all.
I knew that Draco was suffering at the lose of one of his closest friends. He would often sit in silence staring into space obviously deeply lost in his thoughts. He would disappear days on end, this would leave me with a sour taste in my mouth knowing that he was off doing work for Voldemort.

DA had appointed me to report any news to them about any dodgy business that might be going around in my house, they knew already of the rally but knew that they were simply to small to do anything to stop it. I could easily speak about many in my house but every time someone would mention Draco I couldn't muster up the strength to tell them anything. Many didn't question me about this, the only person that picked up on it was Neville.

Sitting in the library one evening I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning round I found Neville standing behind me.

'You don't mind if I sit with you?' he asked.

'Sure of course you can' I smiled allowing him to take a seat next to me at the table.

'What's up?' I asked him abandoning my book in front of me.

'What's going on between you and Draco? I feel that you might not completely be telling us everything.' he answered looking at me with concern.

Looking down I felt my heart sink, I couldn't possibly tell him everything.

'Please Marianna, you know you can talk to me about anything' he pleaded taking one of my hands.

A tear ran down my cheek as I looked back up at him.

'I love him Neville, I'm in love with him, I just can't betray him, I'm so sorry' I whispered as tears began to stream down my cheeks.

Neville's face softened as he noticed the tears.

'Please don't tell the others' I pleaded with him.

Wiping away my tears, he gave me a small smile.

'Shhh, don't worry, I won't say anything, don't cry' he said placing his arms around me.

I let myself fall into his hold really needing the affection. I longed for a hug and this was just what I needed.

It was way past curfew by the time I arrived back to the common room. I felt exhausted as I entered into the dark space.

'I knew it!' came a voice out of no where.

Draco was advancing towards me. Backing away slightly I panicked wondering whether he knew that I had joined Dumbledore's army.

'I saw you with him! Don't deny it, I saw you in the library with him!' he shouted his face hot with anger.

I stood shaking my head at him, this was starting to get ridiculous.

'Why should it matter?! I'm not your girlfriend, I can be with who ever I like,' I replied,

'But what about me? Don't I mean anything to you? Can't you even think about my feelings?' he asked his voice lowered slightly.

'There's nothing going on between me and Neville, we're just friends because right now I'm very much lacking in that area' I responded feeling incredibly irritated.

Draco had no idea what I had just done for him back in the library, he had no idea that I had spoken about my feelings towards him. I defended him.

'Can't you even think about my feelings?' I asked 'You're the one that's still going through with this wedding.'

Draco stood speechless, yet again not being able to give me an answer.

'Well that's all I need to know' I said walking off towards the stairs that led to my dorm.

'Where are you going?' he called after me.

'To bed, I can't even look at you right now' I replied heading up the stairs.

The next morning I came down into the common room to find everyone with luggage and coats on. I suddenly realised what day it was.

'So you're still not joining us?' Asked Auria walking over to me.

Disbelief hit me, what sort of question was that?

'No' I merely replied wanting to say more but I knew that it wouldn't be such a good idea.

'Okay, well you know the consequences of your actions' she said staring at me up and down.

'Yes and I will take them into consideration' I replied walking away from her.

Just as I was to head out of the door I saw Draco. Our eyes met as we stood at different sides of the common room. He was packed all ready to leave. I knew that this might be the last time I would ever see him again. Standing there for a moment I took in his strong frame, keeping a mental image of him in my mind. Then I left the common room without a single word.

Walking slowly to the astronomy tower I felt my feet drag under me, this day was going to be the first and last day of many big things. It was safe to say that I had no more friends in the Slytherin house, my little secure circle the 'untouchables' were broken apart, the last day of our friendship. I now gained some new enemies. This was the first day that we were to be on different sides.

Trudging along my heart broke a piece at a time with every step I took. I finally arrived in the tower defeated. Taking a seat by a window I looked over the wonderful grounds of Hogwarts. The lake shone as the sunlight glistened over it's smooth water.

I watched as my house all left the castle together, ready to make the journey to their own deaths. At the front of the group Draco stood, for a moment I could have sworn that he had looked up at the tower at me but I convinced myself that I was imagining it. Then off they went led by the boy I had fallen in love with.

'See you on the other side of the war' I whispered placing a hand against the window pane.

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