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Vita walked the semi-dark hallways back to the Head common room. She stated the password of “Tabula Rasa”, and the portrait hole opened. She stepped inside and her eyes went wide at the sight of the room. There were two leather armchairs, one blue and one yellow: one obviously representing Ravenclaw and the other representing Hufflepuff. A black leather sofa sat between the two armchairs, representing some type of middle ground between the two houses. A rectangular brown coffee table stood before the sofa.

As Vita continued to glance around the room, her eyes fell upon the huge brick fireplace in front of the sofa and armchairs. The logs were on fire, making embers crackle and turn a hot orange color. The light from the fireplace emanated over the floor rug, which acted as a spacer between the fireplace and coffee table. The reds and gold in the rug gave it a Gryffindor appearance, but it had a royal-like quality and that was its purpose.

On the other side of the room stood a tall brown bookshelf. The shelf towered over Vita, but she was fascinated by the massive collection of books. Some of the books appeared worn as if many Head Boys and Girls had enjoyed the knowledge the books had to offer. Vita knew she would take advantage of these books and she hoped they would help her with Snape’s lessons.

As Vita admired the books with so much history behind them, the portrait hole opened up behind her. She turned around to see Cedric, the one boy she didn’t want to see. She looked down and tried to avoid his gaze, but this usually failed, especially when she would be living with him for the year.

“If it isn’t little miss four eyes,” teased Cedric as he entered the room and had spotted her. “If there was a Miss Ugly pageant, I’m sure you would win.”

The words stung Vita as usual, even though she had become accustomed to ridicule. This time, she became sick of it, and the words just struck a nerve. She stepped right up to Cedric and gave him the most hateful glare possible. “You know, you just hide behind this false persona. You make others feel bad to try and boost your fractured ego,” she started. “Outside these walls, you will just be a scared lonely little boy who can’t hide behind his insults and friends anymore.”

Cedric’s expression appeared blank, and then the muscles in his cheeks flinched as if he had clenched his teeth. He didn’t say a single word and he just walked off to his room.

Vita felt shocked by his reaction and she actually felt kind of bad about her comments. She rarely ever said anything to someone who had been rude to her. Feeling guilty was even weird since Cedric had always been rude to her since they had been at Hogwarts. None of it made any sense, especially the part where Cedric didn’t defend himself or retort with another insult.

After thinking over the incident for a few seconds, Vita decided it was time for bed. She walked over to her room and entered it, only to find more extravagance. The bed was king-size and brown, decorated with a blue canopy, which draped from the bedposts. A wooden dresser laid off to one side with her clothes already inside. A nightstand sat on the right side of the bed, a lamp standing in the middle of it with a blue lampshade. Even a Ravenclaw banner had been placed on the wall above the dresser.

Vita walked over to her dresser and opened up a drawer. By luck, her pajamas were in the drawer so she pulled them out. She quickly stripped off her school uniform, leaving it on the floor, and then she put on her pajamas. Once she was dressed for bed, she stepped over to the huge bed and crawled under the blue and gray covers. She laid her head on the blue and gray pillows before drifting off to sleep.

In the morning, Vita woke up to her usual routine of taking a shower, getting dressed, and heading to breakfast. She entered the Great Hall to see Cedric, George, Fred, Katie, and Alicia all sitting and eating together. They whispered and laughed as she walked by and took a seat at the Ravenclaw table next to Will, the first year she met from the night before.

“Good morning, Will.” She said as she fixed herself a bowl of cereal.

“Good morning.” He replied with his mouth full of toast.

“Did you sleep well?” She asked before filling her spoon with cereal.

Will swallowed his bite of toast before responding. “It was a little weird to be sleeping away from home.” He replied before taking another bite.

“It’s always like that at first.” She explained.

Just as Vita was about to take a bite of her cereal, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see Alicia Spinnet looking at her. “What?” Vita asked, knowing something bad was going to happen.

“Katie and I want to give you a makeover.” She answered.

“I wouldn’t accept a makeover from you two even if you were my friends,” explained Vita. “Looks don’t matter to me.”

Alicia grinned. “It should. No one thinks you’re beautiful.” She commented.

Vita just shrugged her off. “Oh well.” She replied, not really caring.

“Oh well?” questioned Alicia. “You should care since your own mother is dead because of you. She saw what ugliness she had to live with and just found it easier to let that Death Eater kill her.”

The words left a bitter aftertaste as they wounded Vita. Never, had anyone said something so hurtful to her. “I never told you about my mother’s death.” Vita said plainly, feeling the tears starting to form in her eyes.

“George told me, but it’s pretty self explanatory,” answered Alicia with a grin on her face. “Your ugliness killed your mother.”

Vita looked at the table so she couldn’t give Alicia the satisfaction of seeing her tears. As she remained facing the table, George came over and looked at Alicia. “That was uncalled for.” He stated, looking sincere about the situation.

Alicia looked shocked by George’s comment. She looked at her group of friends and none of them were laughing. As she looked back at George, Vita left abruptly and ran away from the table. George ran after her, and once he caught up with her, he grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. “I’m sorry about that.” He apologized, sounding sincere.

Tears flowed down Vita’s cheeks as she looked at George. “You told her about my mother!” She exclaimed with hurt and sadness in her voice.

“I didn’t think she would use something like that against you.” He explained.

“Maybe you should think more about who you date.” Vita commented before she ran off again, leaving George to wallow in her words.

As Vita ran along, she tried to wipe her tears as best as possible before heading to her first class: Potions. She remained upset, but she knew this class would go by quickly since Snape had been so nice to her lately. She just wanted a class where she could work alone and think quietly.

After Vita entered the classroom, she sat in the very back row. The class was with Hufflepuffs so the only person she had to worry about was Cedric. She sat there quietly unpacking her things while other students came in and talked to their friends to waste time that could be used to set up their supplies. At one point, Cedric entered, but he ignored Vita and found a Hufflepuff friend to sit with.

After a few minutes, Snape entered the classroom and no one had sat by Vita. Severus walked to the front of the classroom and pointed his wand at the chalkboard, making instructions appear for a potion. “You will be making a potion in partners today. I will choose your partner and if you don’t like it, then you can always fail the assignment,” explained Snape in his lecturing voice. Then, Snape started listing off partners. “Valios and Diggory,” He said first.

Vita’s heart sank because she wanted to be alone and not work with Cedric of all people. Also, she didn’t understand how Snape could do this to her after she explained how Cedric treated her.

After Snape listed off all of the partners, the students started moving around. Cedric walked over to Vita’s table, taking a seat next to her and plopping his bag on the floor. “You have one hour to finish the potion,” explained Snape. “You may begin.”

Vita didn’t know what to say since she didn’t want to talk to Cedric. She figured it was best to start the potion. She went to grab the first ingredient listed on the board, but Cedric had already grabbed it. He handed it to her without saying a word. Vita just added the ingredient and then put it back. Cedric handed her the next one and it repeated like this for every ingredient. Vita would stir the potion when it needed to be stirred, and Cedric blew on the fire like it instructed them to do on the board. Eventually, the potion was completed and they had done it in silence.

Vita wondered if Cedric was being nice or if he simply wanted to get the potion done and over with. At the end of class, Vita poured some of the potion into a vial. Professor Snape came around to check on everyone’s potion. He checked Vita and Cedric’s last since they were sitting in the back of the class. Snape looked over the liquid carefully and then handed it back to vita. “Full marks.” He said, before walking away and leaving them there.

As soon as Snape gave them their grade, Cedric darted out of there. Vita sighed and cleaned up everything by herself. Once she was done, she walked up to Professor Snape to ask him her burning question. “Why did you partner me with him after everything I told you?” She asked with a bit of resentment in her voice.

“The first thing you must understand is that pain, hurt, and anger are powerful weapons,” he explained. “I figured I would have upset you and you could have used it in our lesson tonight.”

“It did make me slightly angry.” She confessed.

“Use it. It’s a good motivational tool.” He explained.

“Yes professor,” she said. “I’ll see you tonight.”

Vita left the Potions classroom and headed back to her common room. She stated the usual password and entered before plopping down on the brown leather sofa. She pulled a textbook out of her bag and began reading it. A few minutes into reading, the portrait hole opened up and Cedric appeared. He didn’t say a word as he sat down quietly on the other end of the sofa. He also pulled out a textbook and began reading.

After a few minutes of silence, she couldn’t take it anymore. “I know you’ve been mean to me over the years, but I was rude to you last night. I’m sorry.” She apologized even though she knew he didn’t deserve an apology. She just had to be the bigger person though.

Cedric stopped reading his book, but he didn’t look at her. “Don’t be. It’s the truth.” He confessed.

“Oh.” Vita said at a loss for words.

Cedric paused for a moment and looked up at her. “Alicia should have never said that about your mother.” He said as if he sympathized with Vita.

“Thanks.” Vita said not sure of what else to say since this was a different side of Cedric she was seeing.

“George even broke up with Alicia. He feels bad about everything,” explained Cedric. “He seemed pretty upset when you yelled at him.”

Vita sighed. “I know. It’s just, I shared something private with him and he was the only one in your group who didn’t tease me.” She explained, confessing how she felt betrayed.

Cedric clenched his teeth together, causing the muscles in his jaw to move. “I know it probably doesn’t mean much after I’ve been a jerk to you for so long, but I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“Thanks.” Vita said, not sure of what to think or say.

“Listen. I’m supposed to meet Fred and George in the library to study, as weird as that sounds. You could come if you want. You and George could work things out.” Cedric explained, being more than nice.

“Sure.” Vita said, not sounding like she really wanted to go. She feared it could be some kind of set up.

The two of them grabbed their things and headed to the library. Sure enough, Fred and George were sitting at a table. The two of them walked over and the twins looked dumbfounded at the sight of Cedric and her. George stood up from his seat and stood in front of Vita. I’m sorry about earlier.” He apologized.

A glare came over Vita’s face and she looked over Gorge’s shoulder. He was about ready to apologize again, but she stormed off. George turned to see her heading towards Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle who were shoving a boy younger than them.

Vita grabbed the young boy she had recognized and stood in front of him to protect him.

Draco and his lackeys laughed. “If it isn’t his big sister to the rescue. I can see the resemblance from the big glasses and ugliness.” He teased.

Vita just smirked at him. “Ten points from Slytherin.” She said, using her Head Girl privileges.

Draco sneered. “How dare you!” he exclaimed angrily. “You half-blood freak!”

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” She asked, teasing him back.

Draco pulled out his wand, but a blast of red light hit him, causing him to be stunned. Vita turned around to see Cedric, Fred, and George running over. “Are you okay?” George asked.

“Yes. Thanks.” She replied.

“Come on then,” he said, “before someone comes over here from all of the commotion.”

“Just one second.” She requested before kneeling down to the boy.

Tears had formed in Will Winchester’s eyes from the ridicule he had received. Vita put her hands on the side of his arms and looked him in the eyes. “Don’t you ever let someone make you think you’re worthless,” she demanded. “All that matters is what’s in here.” She explained, pointing to his heart.

Will nodded and wiped his tears on his school robes. “Now run off and stay out of trouble.” She said.

Will ran off and Vita turned to face the boys. They appeared kind of guilty looking after Vita’s little speech to Will. She walked over to their table, regardless of their expressions. After all, she had nothing to apologize for. She just wanted to give Will the advice she never had at that age.

Cedric, Fred, and George sat down at the table after she sat back down. They opened up their books and began to study although; the twin’s ideas of studying were quite different. They were reading up on new items that joke stores were carrying. They were taking these new items and drafting new products that were either better, or they had gotten a new idea from. Vita studied furiously and did her homework quickly, writing so fast that ink smeared all over her hand.

After a few hours of studying and doing homework, it started getting dark outside, indicating that it was time for dinner. “I’ll see you guys later.” Vita said, standing up and leaving the table after she had packed up her things. She walked to the Great Hall, wanting to get dinner over with because she knew her first lesson with Snape was after dinner. She couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for her, and what great things she would be learning from the Potions Master.

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