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Mrs. Potter ran up to us and made sure we were all right, she was frantic. But thank merlin me and Lily were okay. Amelia brought us to the kitchen and fixed us up some soup to calm our nerves and her own.

"Edward it over there right now, they should get it cleared out soon. I can't believe you girls apparated, you should be proud you got out there safely." We smiled up at her and before we retired to my room she hugged us both.  We entered my room and went out to the balcony were we spotted the guys playing quidditch not far off.

"Billie ?" Lily called from the arm chair beside my own, turning to her with a smile i asked 'what?'  " They were after you.. The death eaters. They were weren't they?" i saddly turned away.

"Yea Lily they were "

"But why, i don't get it your a pureblood ? "

"To tell you the truth Lily i don't no" I looked at Lily and i knew that from then on we'd be great friends so with a sigh i told her the story that i had told the guy a couple days earlier.


The next day me and Lily were running around my room frantically, last night we had told the guys about the attack at Diagon alley and they went bizurk, now as they calmly sat in James room me and Lily were trying to get ready for the ball that would be starting in an hour. We were still in our sweats and tank tops, i was sitting at the vanity as Lily did my hair and makeup and when she was finished i'd do hers. Lily had left my hair down with gentle curls and pulled back some into a fancy knot at the back of my head, she added diamond bobbypins to make it pop out.  My makeup was simple, thick eyeliner and light sparkly lipgloss.  Smiling, i nodded and we switched places, her sitting infront of the vanity and me working on her hair and makeup.  I had pulled Lily's curly scarlett hair into a knot at the base of her neck and let the rest hang like a loose pony, she had two curly strands on each side of her face. For makeup i had put light brown eye shadow, black eyeliner and a skin tones lip stick which i added gloss to make it shiny.

We admired ouselves in the mirror until Lily noticed we were already ten minutes late, shreiking we were litteraly running around my room putting our dresses on and trying to find our shoes and jewelery, by the time we were done we were a half an hour late. I turned to Lily with a smirk.

"Well, were going to have to make an entrance" with a giggle she nodded and we hooked arms and left my room.

We walked all the way down the third and second floor where we stopped at the top of the stair, i winked at Lily before we made our grand entrance. It seemed there was a magical spot light that had quickly turned to us causing everyones attention to turn to the two young ladies decending the stairs. I spotted Amelia Potter talking to Cameron and Mrs Weeterbird all three woman were smiling at us, Edward was also smiling at us but Ace who was beside him was simply looking as stony faced as ever. I spotted the girl who i stole the dresses from and when i told Lily she said " you took these dresses" before laughing. As we reached the bottom of the stairs we found the Marauders waiting for us, Peter looked dumbfounded but rather cute in his tux, James was gaping like a gold fish which Lily laughed at and Remus and Sirius smiled up at us.

"Ladies, lets get this party started "Sirius said hooking his arms threw ours and led us off to the bar, we were soon fallowed by Peter , Remus and James.  We all ordered a glass of champagne from the barman and he handed us six glasses. We all stood in our group, me and Lily receiving complements on our dresses.

" Well it was obviously someone with good tast who picked them !" Said a blonde girl who pushed between me and Lily and walked directly to James and Sirius.  She was wearing the short green club dress i tried on, skank, i thought and with one look at Lily i knew she was thinking on the same lines.

" Melissa, how are you ?" Lily asked the girl.

"Fine Layla"

"Its Lily" Lily said angrily as the girl smiled up at the four boys who ,being guys ,were all checking out her rack and legs.

"Would any of you boys like to dance" the boys stuttered, i rolled my eyes and grabbed Lilys arm.

"Lets go somewhere not littering with skanks. " Lily nodded and we walked off.  "Who is she?" i asked

"Melissa Bradley, we used to be good friends but she pretends she doesn't remember. We fell apart when she found out  i liked J- eugh someone at the end of sixth year. She was dating him then. She's rather the skank she also dated Sirius... several times. "  i big smile came across my face as i looked at Lily, she just gave me and odd look.

"James.... I can't believe it, you almost pulled it off but after that slip its totally obvious."

"What is ?" she asked trying to act like she really didn't know.

"That you like james " i said all smiles,  she finally broke down.

"Please don't say anything  - "  she said flushed.


"First off he's dancing with Melissa " she said, i turned to where she was looking and discovered that she was right. James was dancing rather inapropriately with the skank. " and well i don't know. "

"Fine  i won't but i think you should. "  After a while of  sitting there looking pathetic Sirius and Remus came by. "Wheres Peter? " i asked.

"Food bar" Remus said with a knowing smile. "Say, Lils seeing as James isn't breathing down your neck and instead dancing with -- ya wanna dance" Lily smiled and nodded.


Lily walked out to the dance floor with Remus and they began dancing to the slow song. Remus had always been Lily's best friend out of the Marauders and especially after Melissa ditched her last year. She smiled up at him before turning her head and saddly looking at James and Melissa.

"You know you really should tell him. " Remus said , Lily turned to him shocked was it that obvious she liked James.

"Tell him what?"

"That you like him" she nodded.

"He's with Melissa - "

"You know he really isn't , just trying to make you jealous is all "

"Well it worked " she said crestfallen " Remus thanks for being a good friend. You know i've become good friends with your sister as well. "

"How did you - "

"She told me the  whole story yesterday" he nodded.


I smiled at Lily, i was glad that we had become good friends so fast. Smirking i turned to Sirius and nudged him.

"So i hear Melissa has been going around your group a lot, especially with you. " i said.

" It didn't really mean anyting"

"I also hear  your a player, guess im going to have to watch out for that charm after all " i smiled teasingly.

"Hey, im no player... im... a ladies man" i giggled and hit him in the arm.

Later on that night we were all standing in the ball room, laughing. Both me and Remus had convinced Lily to tell James about her feelings tonight and we were extatic. Lily tapped James shoulder and he turned to her with a big smile, her cheeks were flushed. She was about to ask if they could speak alone when Melissa came up and grabbed  James by the arm.

" Oh, hey Lily did you hear. Me and Jamsie- poo are back together. " the girl said tauntingly as Lily glared at her.

"Sorry, i haven't"

"I guess you know now. Oh! James this is my favorite song, dance with me!" with a bye to Lily he was pulled along to the middle of the dance floor by Melissa. Lily turned to me Remus and Sirius.

"Are you alright Lily?"

"She hates this song.... This is my favorite song" and with that Lily ran off.

"oh god I"m gunna go after her." i left the two boy there and ran after Lily, i found her out by the pool, her dress pulled up ,she had her feet in the pool as she sat there and cried. The Lily Evans cried over the Big headed James Potter, the world must be at its end. " I"m sorry for making you do that Lils" she shook her head and leaned on my should as i wrapped my arm around her.

"It alright, i wanted to do it for so long it was just to late. "

"Boys suck!" i said

"HEY!"  i heard from behind me from a sarcastic Sirius, Remus hit him upside the head.

"Mate, be nice!"  both me and Lily giggled.

"You ladies wanna take a dip?"

"Sirius we're in our dresses?" i said to him in a duh fashion.

"Well Lily can do that changing clothes thingy.." i turned to Lily and  as she wipped away her tears she nodded and motioned for me to stand up. Turning to Remus and Sirius she swished her wand which was in her purse and soon there tuxes become swimming shorts, both me and Remus burts out lauging as lily giggled. Remus was wearing blue short while Sirius was wearing bright purple.

"My favorite color" i said with a large smile. This time lily turned to me and did the same thing, changing my gown into a silver bathing suit and then she turned on herself changing into a brown one. Smiling we all jumped into the pool. I don't know how long we had been swimming and we didn't care we were having to much fun laughing and swimming, the party going on inside the manor hadn't bothered us and i don't think we bothered them. Both me and Lily, with the help of Peter who didn't want to swim, got out of the pool, smirking we were about to jump back in when i felt big arms wrap themselves around my stomach unexpectedly. I shreiked and laughed at the same time as Sirius twirled me around before throwing me in the pool almost landing on Remus. As Sirius wrapped his arms around Lily, about to throw her into the pool he stopped at we spotted two people walking our way.

"Sirius, what are you doing !?" James practically screamed, he was red in the face and his eyes were burning with anger as he looked at Sirius's hands still wrapped around Lily's waist.

"Swimming mate, wanna join us ?" Sirius asked, not completely noticing how angry James really was.

"Join you !"  he said exasperated " Why in the hell would i join you !? " he grabbed Melissa's arm roughly and pulled her away but before they could get to far she turned around with a smirk and looked directly at a teary eyed Lily. Sirius pushed Lily in and we all decided to call it a night and get out of the pool.  I was sitting outside  on the balcony, still in my wet bathing suit to lazy and tiered to get changed at the moment as i sat in a rather comfy chair. Lily walked out from her room in pajamas looking terrible.

"Billie i'm not feeling to well, i'm going to hit the sack, 'night. See ya Sirius" As lily retired to her room i turned around to see a smirking Sirius behind me, i was about to say Hi when i was roughly pushed off the chair.

"What the hell!" i shreiked looking up at the boy who was now in my chair.

"Why do you always say that, 'what the hell this and that !' and you say dude a lot too. " i rolled my eyes at his idiocy and stood up.

"Why did you take my chair? "

"well thats easy, this is the most comfortable chair on the balcony .. " he motioned to the chair, once again i rolled my eyes before smirking. Looking back at Sirius i jumped on him and he let out a groan of pain as he held his.. valuables.

"There goes the children " i laughed as his face scrunched up in pain, i moved on his lap trying to get comfortable. " You gave the boniest ass ever" he whispered.

"dude, i'm so damn cold "

" Your from Canada i thought you were used to it!" I looking at him idiotically and hit him over the head.  " Why are you still in your bathing suit, your going to get sick "  i expected Sirius to laugh and check me out but instead he took out his wand and conjered up a dark blue blanket and rapped it around me. " My favorite color" he muttered causing me to giggled.

"Thanks Siri.. " i said tieredly but was instantly woken up by Sirius shouting.

"SIRI ,What the hell!"

"Hey thats my line and its only a nick name "  i said poking him in the chest where there was a long scar " Where did you get that ?"

"Full moon , you know " i nodded, i knew that the guys were illegal animagi, i yawned tieredly.

"Remus's got worse.... "  We sat out there for who knows how long, i was falling asleep but instantly woke up when Sirius started humming.

"Whats that?" i asked wide eyes, he smiled.

"When i was little, its was like a week before my first year at Hogwarts. Me and my mom were visiting my aunt who lived out in the country and i remember passing by this man. He had a guitar in his hands and he was sitting on a trunk, a little girl with long blonde hair was dancing around him, i never forgot that hair. Then he started singing it, i forgot the words by now but it was about his daughter. Beautiful song. .. My mom pulled me away before i could listen any more. I've always wished for a family like that. " he was smiling up at the moon, i nodded and closed my eyes and as he sung the song i feel asleep, dreaming about my family.


Sirius smiled as he looked down at the pale, dark haired beauty. It was early in the morning and he didn't want to move just incase he woke her up. Why am i here, he asked himself. Sirius felt completely idiotic for sleeping in the girls bed. Looking down at her he noticed her blue eyes flicker open.

Wait! Blue eye?

He heard yelling from down the yall, why was Remus yelling? Next thing he knew Remus barged in the room and started a row. The last thought to go through his mind was ' i though she had purple eyes ? ' .

A young blonde girl at the age of eleven was smiling up at her father, oh how she loved him, he was her hero.  He took out his guitar, the one he was teaching her how to play with and settled it on his knee as he played with the strings. She was wearing a purple summer dress with a silver crown on her head, the one her father had bought for her birthday the week before.  Her mother and brother had gone shopping for school supplies and her and her father decided to stay at her aunts but when they arrived aunt Ellie wasn't anywhere to be found. For the longest time her and her father just sat on the trunk her brother had brought his stuff in, after a while of bordom her father had taken out his guitar and started playing random toons.

Soon he started playing a song that she knew to be her own, her father had written it three years previous and when she was sad or angry he would always sing it to her. The song was stuck in her mind forever, she knew that it would be impossible for her to forget the song and its words.  And so he began singing with his beautiful voice and the sun set, she knew there were people who had passed by them, most likely thinking them crazy but neither of them cared. They were in there own world.

There's two things I know for sure:
She was sent here from heaven and she's
daddy's little girl.

She started dancing around her singing father and the trunk, she always loved dancing when she heard her song. Cause thats what it was it was her song, her and her fathers. She was daddy's little girl and no one could take that from her.

For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
sticking little white flowers all up in her hair;

She knew the words by heart and started to hum its rythme  as she slowed her dance down. She didn't notice the strict looking woman pass by giving them a disgusted look or her son stopping right in front of them admiring the bond the daughter and father had.

She couldn't wait for her dad to bring her to her first year of school next week, she'd miss both him and her mother. Miss her mothers cooking and her fathers songs, the trips they took together at random, she was going to miss her brother who would be in a different country.  She spread open her arms and glided around as if she had wings of her own, she couldn't wait for her next birthday, even though it had just pass. She wanted to have another special day with her daddy. But she knew deep down that every day was special when it was her and her family.

She couldn't wait to get her first boyfriend only so her father could get defensive or her first letter home so he could mail her back with a warning which she knew would have a P.S saying ' good prank darling, you'll always be daddy's little girl '. She began singing with him, she couldn't wait to get married so her daddy would be there to walk her down the isle as tears escaped his eyes, she'd turn to him and say ' i'm always daddy's little girl' . The little girl stopped dancing and starting singing along with her dad.

When he finished his song, the little girl walked up to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"I'll always be daddy's little girl"

"Promise" he asked with a large smile.

"Pinky promise"

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