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A/N Sorry for the delay. It took a longer to edit this chapter than I thought it would.  There's a lot of dialogue in this one, like the last. It may be too much, but I think it's an interesting way to get across some of the more mundane story lines. It's also fun to get inside the main character's heads and get a glimse of what they're thinking. I promise there will be more action in later chapters and the story will move along a bit faster. But, for now I hope you will enjoy the fun of peaking into another day of Harry's life.

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Ginny awoke with a start. It took her a few moments to realize where she was and that she must have been dreaming. It seemed so real. Her heart was racing and she had been sweating. She couldn’t calm down. She kept seeing Harry’s limp body in Hagrid’s arms and heard her own cries of denial over and over again as her mother struggled to keep her from running to him. She was hoping the dreams would gradually get better, but they seemed just as vivid tonight as they did a week ago.

She knew she would get in trouble for it in the morning, but there was no other way she was going to get any sleep tonight. She padded up the stairs to Ron and Harry’s room and could see a faint light coming from under the door. She slowly pushed the door open to find Harry sitting up in bed, reading. Apparently, I’m not the only one who can’t sleep.

“Ginny? What’s wrong? Why are you in here at this hour of the night?” Harry had a little panick in his voice as he got out of bed and walked to Ginny’s side.

“Nothing to worry about; just a bad dream. I came to sneak into your bed since I slept so well next to you last night. But, I see I won’t need to do any sneaking. Couldn’t sleep either, huh?” She gave him a small smile of empathy.

“Oh, falling asleep isn’t the hard part; it’s staying asleep that’s the problem. I keep waking up from one nightmare or another. So, I figured I would try staying awake for a while; beats the alternative. But, I think I like your idea better,” he grinned at her. “Come on.” He led her by the hand to his bed. They tucked into a comfortable position on their sides and Harry turned off the reading light.

“Mmm…much better,” mumbled Ginny as she snuggled her back closer into Harry’s chest.

“Definitely,” breathed Harry, as he felt his eye lids growing heavier. “Good night…”

“Sweet dreams…”


The next thing they knew the sun was filtering in through the orange curtains of Ron’s bedroom window.

“Morning already?” asked Ginny still half asleep.

“Isn’t it amazing?” asked Harry as he stretched his arms over his head with a yawn.

“What is?” she mumbled, not sure that anything could be considered amazing first thing in the morning.

“How just having you near me keeps the bad dreams away. Is that even scientifically possible?”

“We’re wizards Harry. We don’t fall under the same realm of science as muggles do. Anything is possible.” She rolled over and tried to get back to sleep.

“I suppose you’re right, but I still think it’s amazing. Thanks for thinking of coming up here last night. I would have been too nervous to try that myself with your brothers and Dad in the house.”

She sat up when he mentioned them. “Ugh, I’d forgotten about them. I’d better go slip back into my room before any of them notice I’m up here.”

“Um… I think it’s a little too late for that,” said Harry as his eyes fell upon the door left ajar.

“What do you mean?” asked Ginny nervously.

“Well, didn’t you shut the door behind you when you came in last night?”

“You’re right!”

“So, someone must have come up here and seen us already.”

“Oh terrific, I hope it was Ron or Hermione and not my Dad or Percy.”

“I think we can rule out Percy. I don’t think he would have let us stay in here once he found us. He’d be worse than your dad.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Either way, there’s no going back to sleep, now. I’m sure we’ve got some explaining to do. I’ll go wash up and meet you in the hall outside the bathroom. Then we can head down to tackle this together.” She gave him a quick kiss and ran out the door.

Harry couldn’t help but smile to himself. This was going to be a very interesting morning.

Down in the kitchen Hermione was busy reading the Prophet and eating her breakfast while Ron could be heard still snoring in the parlor.

“Does nothing wake that boy from his sleep?” asked Harry, smirking while he went to fix himself something to eat.

“He does enjoy his sleep, doesn’t he?” said Hermione more as a statement than a question. “And I take it you two slept well last night?” she smiled at them knowingly.

“Oh, thank God it was you!” cried Ginny. “But, why did you leave the door open when you left? Anyone else could have walked right in and found us!”

“Oh, it wasn’t me who found you…It was your Dad.” Both Ginny and Harry froze, staring wide-eyed at their friend.

“He told me before he left for work. He guessed that one or both of you were having nightmares again and he felt badly for you. He thought that having let me and Ron sleep on the sofa together last night, he would let you do the same. Although, I don’t think he would have done that if your mum was home,” she concluded.

Harry shivered as the thought of Mrs. Weasley finding them alone in his bed ran through is mind.

“Well, I for one am glad he left us alone. I slept so well after I got into bed with you,” said Ginny sitting down next to Harry at the kitchen table.

“Keep your voice down,” pleaded Harry. “If Ron hears those words from you, taken out of context, he may have a heart attack!” Then he turned to look at Hermione and asked the question that he had been curious about since yesterday. “Hey ‘Mione, do you have any idea why sleeping next to each other makes the nightmares go away? I mean, it just doesn’t seem like there’s any scientific reason it should work. But, it definitely does, for us anyway.”

“Well, that’s because there really isn’t anything scientific about it. I mean you do realize witches and wizards usually defy the laws of science, right?” She looked at Harry with that know-it-all expression of hers.

“That’s what I was trying to tell him,” added Ginny.

“In this case, I think magic just intensifies what muggles would feel in the same situation. Most people have a calming reaction when a person they care for and trust holds them or touches them in a comforting way. With us, that feeling of calmness is intensified many times over and thus has a much more physiological effect. You can almost feel a wave of calmness and safeness flowing through your body.”

“It sounds like you’re speaking from experience,” Harry interjected with his eyebrows raised at Hermione.

“Yeah, well. That’s how it’s been working with me and Ron over the past week or so. It’s really helped us deal with the stress of the funerals and with the memories of this past year,” she said with a slight blush to her cheeks.

“Well, I’m glad you guys finally wised up and got together. I’m really happy for you,” stated Ginny. She then got up to fix herself some breakfast.

“I could say the same about you,” Hermione looked between her 2 friends.

“Say what about who?” mumbled Ron, shuffling in from the parlor rubbing the back of his neck.

“Welcome to the world of the living, Ronald” greeted Hermione. He dragged his feet to the stove and began piling his plate with food. He sat down next to Hermione and started shoveling food into his mouth.

“Waff cood you say abouv who?” he tried to ask again.

“UGH! Ron, you just spattered food on me. Don’t talk with your mouth full!” Herminoe reprimanded him.

“Yes, mother” he responded with a roll of his eyes. “Now would you please answer my question?”

“I was just talking about your sister and Harry. I was telling them how nice I thought it was that they were back together again.

“Isn’t that old news by now?”

“Ron, do you have one romantic bone in your body?” asked Hermione.

“Yeah, well I did just wake up. At least wait until I’ve had a proper breakfast, will ya?"

While they finished eating, Harry asked if they would like to go with him to Diagon Alley after they breakfast. He wanted to go to Gringott’s and set up the account for Teddy. They agreed it was probably time they ventured out into the real world. But, Harry was afraid to go back to the bank without back-up, so he flooed Bill to see if he would meet them there.

They made their way through the Leaky Cauldron, and were amazed at what they saw. They couldn’t believe how much Diagon Alley had changed since they were last there. Everything was already repaired or under construction. People were bustling around from store to store or standing around chatting with friends. Everywhere he looked he saw brightly colored store awnings, large banners announcing grand re-openings, and wizard-clowns entertaining shoppers in the streets. It was a nice sight to soak in. But, Harry didn’t have long to enjoy himself before someone recognized him and came over to thank him and Ron and Hermione for all they did for the world. They were moving very slowly as the circle of people surrounding them grew larger and larger. People just wanting to pat them on the back, ask for autographs or take pictures of them. They tried to inch their way toward the bank, but there were just too many people blocking their way. Harry was holding tightly onto Ginny’s hand for fear they would get pulled apart by the onslaught of well wishers. Finally they could see Bill come out of the bank. He helped clear the crowd a little then steered them into Gringott’s.

“Wow, I really didn’t think it would be that bad,” said Harry, apologetically.

“Wow is right. Did you see how many people wanted my autograph? I’ve never been asked for one before! It was brilliant!” an excited Ron replied.

“Well, I know everyone had good intentions, but I found it all a bit frightening, really. It was starting to get out of hand. I was glad to see Bill take control of the situation. I just didn’t see it coming to an end,” Hermione said, a little bewildered.

Ginny didn’t say anything. She’d never seen anything like that before. It was amusing at first, but she agreed with Hermione that it wouldn’t have come to an end unless Bill stepped in to help them.

“So, Bill have you had a chance to talk to the goblins, get a feel for what their attitudes are towards us, after what happened the last time we were here?” asked Harry. He hoped they wouldn’t be too angry with the three of them for breaking, stealing and tearing up the building just a couple of weeks ago. Already the place looked like it was back to normal, but he knew how proud goblins were and he didn’t foresee their forgiveness any time soon. Still, he had things that needed to be taken care of. So, he was ready to handle whatever they were going to throw at him.

“Well, I’m not going to say all is forgiven, but they do seem to understand why you did what you did. The fact that the bank was already under Voldemort’s rule when you broke into it, helped you tremendously. By getting rid of him, you essentially gave the goblins back their authority over Gringott’s. So, they can’t be too mad at you. But, like I said, they aren’t going to just let it all go. You will probably get a few glares and snide remarks here and there. After all, you did show the world that Gringott’s actually can be broken into. But, don’t worry, I’ll stay with you the entire time.”

For the most part, Bill was right. They did get some glares and caught some rude remarks muttered under breaths. But, the bank manager surprised them all when he actually reached out his hand to shake Harry’s. He simply thanked Harry and the others for what they did. He did not smile or in any other way look pleased. But, the gesture alone was enough for Harry. And, it wasn’t lost on the other employees. Maybe in a few more visits, he could actually start coming on his own…

After he opened up the account for Teddy and Mrs. Tonks, he asked that a portion of his gold be placed in a new vault. This was for a fund he wanted to start to aid those families who suffered financial burdens from the war. Monthly funds would be drawn from his main vault and placed in this one. Kingsley would have the authority to withdraw funds from the new vault and give them to needy families, as he saw fit.

“Er, are you sure you want to be giving all that money away, Harry? You do need some to live off of, you know?” asked Ron, looking at the amount Harry was asking to have transferred.

Harry knew how Ron was about money, having grown up without much of it. So, he wanted to reassure him without making it sound like he was bragging about being rich. “Don’t worry Ron. All of the money for this charity and for Teddy’s funds will be coming from the money Sirius left me. I still have my parents’ funds for personal use.”

This seemed to appease Ron, so they continued on with Harry’s last task. They all sat in the carts for the hair-raising ride down to his vault so he could withdraw some gold and other items to get him through the rest of the summer. When they stepped inside the vault even Harry was a bit stunned.

“Er, excuse me. But, there must be some mistake. I don’t remember my vault being quite this full the last time I was here. Are you sure this is all mine?”

Bill grimaced as he knew what would come next.

“Goblins do not make mistakes, sir” said the tiny creature, with a sneer playing on his lips.

“Oh no, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to imply that you, uh, that goblins, er…”

“What Harry is trying to say is that he doesn’t remember his vault being so full, so perhaps he is the one who made the mistake the last time he was here. Maybe it really was this full and he is just not remembering things properly. Right, Harry?” asked Bill, giving him a meaningful look.

“Uh, yeah, that must be it,” replied Harry lamely.

“Right. Well, I can assure you that neither you nor we goblins have made a mistake with your vault. It is indeed fuller than the last time you were here. Now, you not only have the Potter family fortunes in this vault, but Sirius Black’s, as well. Also, you have turned of age since you last saw your vault. Before, you only had a small portion of your family’s fortunes in here; a sort of allowance for your school expenses. Now, you have all of the contents of the old Potter family vault in this one. If you wish to go over the books yourself to make sure everything is in order, I can arrange that for you. You will find that everything is as it should be.”

Harry was dumbstruck. He knew his parents had only given him enough money to live on during his school years, but he had no idea there was so much more to their estate. He also didn’t know the extent of the Black family fortunes. There was so much gold in his vault that he couldn’t possibly spend it all in one lifetime. Finally, he was able to respond to the goblin he insulted. “Um, no. That won’t be necessary. Thank you for your kindness in explaining things to me,” he replied.

He then turned to Bill and asked him feebly, “Is there any way your mum and dad would take some of this gold, as a small thanks for all your family has done for me over the years, without being offending?”

“Harry, you know they would never feel comfortable with that. They gave you what they had out of love for you. I think they would be hurt if you gave them money, now; like you were paying them for some service they provided you. Trust me on this one.”

“Hey! I’m part of the family too, and I won’t be offended in the least if Harry wants to give us some of his money.” Ron announced, exuberantly.

Ginny slapped him on the arm. “You can be such a prat, sometimes!”

“Take it easy there Ron. Harry needs to take his time and figure out what he plans to do with his new-found fortunes. There are also properties, heirlooms and house elves to consider. I recommend using one of the financial advisors here at the bank to help you with that, Harry. This is a lot for a young man of 17 to worry about. I can set up an appointment for you with one of the senior goblins, if you’d like.” Bill offered.

“Yeah, I think that would be a good idea. Thanks for looking out for me, Bill.”

Bill smiled at him, “That’s what family is for, Harry.”

Harry smiled back. It still made him feel all warm inside to hear the Weasley’s talk about him like he really was part of their family. Ginny came over by his side and put her arm around his waist.

“Well, let’s head back to the lobby and figure out a way to get out of Diagon Alley without having to deal with all those people again, shall we?” asked Harry. “I’d rather not fight another crowd, if I can help it. He and Ginny led the way to the carts, arm in arm.

“You think they’re still up there?” asked Ron fixing his hair and clothes before he hopped in a cart.

“Honestly, Ronald…” said Hermione as she rolled her eyes and joined him.

By the time they made it to the lobby, Harry had thought of a plan.

“Why don’t we use my invisibility cloak two at a time. I’ll go out with Ginny first and Bill will go with us to try to keep a clear path around us. He can then return here with the cloak so Ron and Hermione can use it.”

“I think that will work,” said Bill.

Once Harry and Ginny snuck into the Cauldron they found a secluded spot to take off the cloak and wait for the others to arrive.

“Gin?” whispered Harry. “You haven’t said much since we got here. Are you alright with all this?” He was referring to the crowds as well as his vault.

She looked up at him with a small smile. “I’m fine, Harry. It’s just been an eventful outing. A little overwhelming, but nothing I can’t handle. It’s the first time we’ve been out in public together and I didn’t really expect you guys to be swarmed by all those people. I really didn’t know what I expected, but still, it will take some getting used to. And then seeing your vault…Well, that was a bit shocking to say the least. Harry, do you realize how rich you are?” She raised her eyebrows and gave him a look of amazement.

“No. But I know there’s enough for a whole family to live comfortably for the rest of their lives even if none of them ever held a job. I also know some of that is from the Black family fortunes, and therefore should go to Andromeda and Teddy. So, I’m glad I set up that account today. I know she won’t accept it on her behalf, but if it’s for Teddy, I think she’ll be alright with it.”

“Well, if she isn’t I’m sure Ron would gladly take their share of the fortune. Did you see him in there when you suggested giving some of the gold to my parents? I thought he would ask you to adopt him then and there!” They both laughed at that.

“Well, you know I would gladly share what I have with you and you’re whole family. But, your parents are just too proud. Maybe once we’re married and the money is as much yours as it is mine, your mum and dad won’t be as offended if we try to give them some of it.”

Ginny stared at Harry, her eyes wide with shock. “What did you just say?” Did he really say what I thought he said?

Harry just realized what came out of his mouth and quickly tried to cover it up. But, before he could think of something to say, Ron and Hermione arrived.

“Well, that was much easier that time around. Ready to go?” said Hermione.

“Oh, yes! Let’s go!” said Harry, a little too enthusiastically. He was relieved by the distraction they provided. What an idiot I am. I’ve probably gone and scared her off, now. I’ve got to learn to keep some thoughts to myself! How am I going to get myself out of this one?

When they arrived home, Harry tried to head straight for his room. He was hoping Ginny would take pity on him and just let it go but, she caught him by the arm before he could escape.

“Oh, no you don’t Potter. We have a conversation to finish.” She steered him to the den and shut the door behind them. “Now, I will ask you again. What did I hear you say back at the Cauldron?”

“Well, that depends on what it was you thought you heard.” Harry swallowed hard and was rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. He wasn’t sure by her expression whether she was happy with what she heard or horrified.

“It sounded like you said ‘once we’re married’, but I don’t remember you proposing to me at any point in time. So, please explain.” Ginny saw how nervous Harry was. She wasn’t trying to give him a hard time. She just wanted to know if he meant to say what he said.

“Oh, Merlin. I’ve really gone and messed things up again. I was just thinking to myself how your parents might find it easier to accept money from me once the money was both of ours then it just slipped out, about us being married some day. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to blurt it out like that. You must think I’m mad. We’ve just gotten back together 2 days ago and already I’m talking marriage. Please don’t freak out on me. I didn’t mean anything by it. OK?” Harry was pleading with her to stay calm. What she said next took him by surprise.

“Harry, you don’t have to worry about scaring me away. You can tell me anything. I thought you knew that, already. Now, tell me. Did that really just slip out or was it something you really meant?” Ginny had slowly walked toward Harry, bridging the distance between them. She was now standing in front of him staring up into his brilliant green eyes.

Harry could see that she was being sincere about not being scared away. He also saw that she wasn’t going to give up on an explanation from him. He thought honesty would be the best approach in this case. Even if it didn’t go well, she deserved the truth.

“Fine, I’ll tell you but you’re going to think I’ve gone nutters. Ever since I broke things off with you last year, I thought about the day we could get back together. Every free moment I had, I thought about you and what you were doing; if you were safe; if you had forgotten about me and moved on.”

“Well, that would have been impossible. I couldn’t have moved on if I’d tried. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, either. I only hoped that you still had feelings for me when you returned.” She now had her arms around his waist as they faced each other. This encouraged Harry to continue to open up to her.

“Well, as months went by, I was amazed at how my feelings for you only grew stronger, even though we were apart. It was then I realized I had fallen in love with you. Thinking of a future with you was what kept me going every day. And, believe me, there were many days where I felt like giving up, but you kept me going, even if you didn’t know it.”

Ginny smiled at that. “I’m glad I was able to help in some small way, even if I couldn’t be with you.” He smiled, too.

“Well, you really helped a lot more than you know. You could even say you were actually the reason Voldemort is dead.”

“Ok, now I do think you’re nutters. You’re the one who killed Riddle, not me. How is it you think I had anything to do with it?”

“I know I was the one that actually used a wand against him and did the deed of killing him. But, I was only able to do that because of the love I felt for my friends and family, but mostly because of my love for you.” He sighed, “I think I need to sit down for the rest of this.” He motioned her to the chair in front of the desk over-crowded with scrolls, books and quills.

He sat down first then she settled on his lap. He thought back to that night when he almost died. He wasn’t sure how she would take it all. And, would she even believe him? Only one way to find out, I guess…

“Ginny, Voldemort used the Avada Kadavra curse on me in the forest that day, but it didn’t work.” She was looking at me with a confused and concerned look on her face. “I’ll explain the details later, but I want to explain part of it to you now. When he cursed me I thought I was about to die. Do you know what my final thoughts were?” Her eyes were wide with anticipation, now. “I thought of you; holding you and kissing you and how good you made me feel when we were together.” Ginny sat there stunned.

“Then I found myself in a place somewhere between this world and the world beyond. I thought I had died. Dumbledore was there and we talked for a long time about how I had gotten to this point in my battle against Riddle. He told me how everything in my life had prepared me for this one moment. He also explained to me that I now had a choice to make. I could move on to the peaceful ‘other world’ and forget about Voldemort forever; or I could return to my body on earth and hopefully beat him. There was a part of me that wanted to take the easy way out; I was so tired of fighting.” Ginny nodded in understanding, but waited for him to continue.

“But, then images of you came into my mind, again. I wanted to come back because I wanted you and your family to have a life free of Voldemort. Then I imagined that maybe I could actually survive this thing after all, and I let myself think of us having a future together. We could get married and have kids; just live a normal life together. That’s what really made me want to come back and finish it.” Ginny was crying now, but still didn’t speak.

“So, I guess what I’m trying to say with this long-winded story is that I didn’t just blurt out what I said today about us being married some day. I’ve been thinking about it for some time, now. And because of that, saying it out loud earlier didn’t seem weird to me. That is until I saw your reaction.” Harry gave Ginny a look of uncertainty. He still wasn’t sure what she thought about all this.

For her part, Ginny was having difficulty finding her breath. It was as if someone had sucked the air out of her. She just kept staring at Harry with silent tears running down her cheeks. She had never heard anything so sad yet so beautiful in her whole life. She was the reason he came back. Harry Potter came back from the dead because of me. He came back to finish Voldemort because of me. He wants to marry me…

“Um, Ginny, I know you must be having a hard time with this, but could you please say something? Anything would be better than your silence right now.” Harry looked at her nervously.

Suddenly Ginny felt a powerful surge of emotion for this boy, who sacrificed so much in his life for others; who deserved everything good in the world for himself. Without saying a word, she held his face in her hands and leaned in to give him a long passion-filled kiss. When she pulled away, she had a dreamy smile on her face. “Oh, Harry! You actually died and your final thoughts were of me! I don’t know what to say! I mean, it’s a little overwhelming but so incredible. I didn’t realize your feelings for me were so deep.” She kissed him again and this time he too had a grin on his face.

“And then you thought of me again when you decided to come back from dying to finish off Voldemort. Have you any idea how that makes me feel? I mean, you really do love me, don’t you?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you for the past 20 minutes.” He whispered to her, hoping for another kiss.

Ginny laughed then looked at Harry seriously. “I’m sorry about my reaction back at the Cauldron. But, you did catch me of guard, you know. I really had no idea you had been thinking so seriously about us this past year. I didn’t know you had thought so much about our future together. All those months without you, I hoped you still cared about me. I hoped one day you could learn to love me as much as I loved you. But, I never dreamed you actually would.”

“Well, I know you cared for me way before I even noticed you as more than a friend.” He grinned sheepishly. “But, I can assure you now that I love you as much as you love me, if not more so. I know I’m young, but I’ve seen quite enough in my lifetime to know this much: a love like ours doesn’t come around all that often, you know?”

“Yes, actually, I do.” Ginny gave Harry another kiss, this one soft and loving, then put her head on his chest and just soaked in the happiness she was feeling at that moment.
“Thanks for making me feel so happy, Harry.”

Harry was feeling so very lucky at that moment. “I still don’t know what I ever did to deserve your forgiveness, Gin. It’s hard for me to believe you want me back after everything I’ve put you through. I don’t know how it is that being with me makes you happy, but I am so very grateful that it does.”

Ginny brought her head up to look at Harry, “Oh, Harry. I’m the one who’s grateful. I’m the one who should be asking you what I’ve done to deserve your love. I mean, out of all the people you could have picked, why me?”

“Are you serious? Besides all the obvious reasons of how smart, beautiful, funny and talented you are there’s the one main fact that you treat me like an average bloke. There’s no pretending with you. You know the real me, not the hero other girls think I am. You’ve seen my worst side, and you still love me. No one else understands me like you do, Gin. Not even Ron or Hermione. But, er, don’t tell them that, yet,” he chuckled. “I don’t think they’re quite ready to hear that bit of news.”

Ginny smiled warmly. “Well, I’ll let them keep thinking they know what’s best for you for a little while longer. Besides, it won’t take them long to see what a good job I’m doing taking care of you. Then they’ll understand. Well, Hermione will anyway, then she will fill Ron in. He can be a little thick sometimes, you know!” She was giggling by this point.

Then she sighed a little, “I know Fred just died, and I should feel guilty about it, but it just feels so good to laugh again,” she admitted.

“Somehow, I think Fred would be pleased with you finding your laugh again.” Harry was looking deep into Ginny’s brown eyes.

They spent the next 10 minutes or so lost in each other’s kisses, oblivious to the world around them. Harry could feel that wave of emotion flow through him again, just like last night. Only this was not just a calm feeling but one of joy and happiness. He felt like they were flowing from Ginny to him and back again; like a loop of emotions. It made his feelings so much more intense. He felt like he needed to take a break or he would explode with happiness.

“Wow, did you feel that?” he asked her, breathlessly.

“Yeah, amazing, isn’t it? Just like Hermione explained.”

“Was it a little overwhelming for you, too?” asked Harry.

“Yeah, but not necessarily in a bad way. I think it’s because of how new it is to us. I think we will be able to control it better once we get used to it,” explained Ginny.

“Well then, we’ll just have to find lots of alone time so we can work on it. You know, so we have more of a chance to get it under control,” said Harry with a mischievous grin.

“I like the way you think, Potter.”

When they realized they had been secluded in the den for over an hour, they decided they’d better head back to join the rest of the family, in case they started to get suspicious. They walked out hand in hand with huge smiles plastered on their faces.

But, before they could take more than 2 steps into the kitchen, they were stopped in their tracks by the most peculiar sight. There stood Mrs.Weasley with a crazed look in her eyes, pointing her wand straight at Harry’s chest.

“Mum, what are you doing? What’s going on?!!!” asked a bewildered and shocked Ginny.

A/N: Well, there it is. I hope you enjoyed. Did I mention that I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a review?!!! Until next time...

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