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A/N: This is in response to the Writing between the Lines challenge by PINKhairedLOVER

Disclaimer: Of course, I don't own anything that relates to Harry Potter, and the song lyrics are from John Mayer's song, Say

Take out of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all your so called problems
Better put them in quotations

  I sat on the dock of the boathouse with my feet dangling in the cool summer water; in the background I could hear the cheerful screams of my cousins echoing in my ears. Lying next to me was my favorite book, Pride and Prejudice. I leaned my head back, enjoying the warm sun on my face, I could almost feel the freckles popping up on my face, I always got frecklier in the summer. A patter of feet came scampering up behind me. I heard a small giggle, and then someone snatched my sunglasses off of my face.

    “Annie!” I called after the little girl, and I scrambled to my feet, grabbing my book as I stood. Sighing, I pushed a lock of red hair that had escaped from my ponytail behind my ear. I followed the young blonde girl, back to a group of people, who were sitting in a circle on the grass, they were laughing at a joke made by one of the boys.

    “Hey Luce! Guess who gave me these!” One of the identical light blonde haired boys said, grinning at me, and handed me the sunglasses. I noticed the ‘who’ in the question had run back into the large lake house not far away. I took them from him,

    “Thanks Lorcan, I wasn’t really worried about them.” I said in a sarcastic tone, grinning back at him. And I squeezed into a spot in between him and his twin brother, Lysander, ad sat down.

    On my right was Lysander, and next to him was my older sister Molly, clearly torn between wanting to stay with her cousins and wanting to be with the adults. Next to her, James started telling a new joke about the goblin, the hag, and a mushroom walking into a bar. On the other side of him was Fred, probably the only other cousin I could identify with, he was reading a medical textbook, tuning out the chatter of everyone else.

    To the left of Lorcan, who was on my left, Roxanne was braiding Frank’s hair, which was getting a little to long for any of the adult’s taste. Next to them, Rose was whispering to Scorpius, who she had brought along for the trip. Albus was on the other side of Scorpius, who was showing my best friend, Alice, a muggle card trick. Next to Albus was Lily, who was the only one listening to James’s joke (she worshipped him). Hugo was next to Lily, and was talking to his friend he had brought. His friend was the handsome Seventh Year, Michael Edwards. He was sitting almost directly across from me, and I have had a thing for him since Fourth Year. A very big thing for him, the thing where I blush whenever I am around him, can’t speak without stumbling over my words, and sounding stupid kind of thing.

    As my eyes wandered around the circle I never noticed the mischief Lorcan and Lysander were up to behind my back, I never noticed until I felt a strange prickling on the back of my neck, and then something crawling down my back. I screamed and jumped up; I pushed my hand up the back of my tank top, and felt the large furry body of a tarantula. I screamed again and pulled it off me, throwing it onto the floor. Everyone was laughing by the time the spider started crawling away. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Michael laughing quite as loudly as the rest of them, a twinkle in his brown eyes (beautiful, melt in his eyes brown…) I glared at Lorcan and Lysander,

    “Stupid, immature, boys…” I muttered, still glaring at them, and I picked up my book and went over to house, where I knew my mum and dad, and all my aunts and uncles, and my grandparents were.

    Every summer my large family came to our jointly owned lake house in France for the month of July. Everyone from Grandma and Grandpa Weasley to Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny and all the aunts, uncles, and cousins in between came every year, nobody ever missed it. I never remember a summer we didn’t come here, though Dad says I was four years old when we started coming, since it was after Victoire’s first year at Hogwarts. Sometimes, such as this year, more people came. For example, Uncle Neville, Aunt Hannah, Uncle Rolf and Aunt Luna, who are actually not our aunts and uncles. Their kids came also, Frank and Alice, and Lorcan and Lysander, respectively.  Our parents also let us bring friends, for example Scorpius and Michael came this year. I loved this tradition, our lake house was beautiful, it has a rustic look to it, and stone columns. There are close to 15 bedrooms and a huge living room and kitchen, it also doesn’t hurt that I celebrate my birthday during on July 23, so my birthday always feels extra special because we are at the lake house.

    I came into the house, where all my various uncles were lounging on the chairs and couches. Uncle George was telling a joke similar to that of the joke James had told earlier. The men seemed quiet content in their testosterone only party, so I abandoned them quickly and skipped happily to the kitchen where I was sure all my aunts would be fighting over who got to help cook the dinner, and I knew Grandma would win (since none of my aunts knew how to cook).

    “Has anyone seen the new novel Susan Bones has released?” Aunt Hannah was saying.

    “It’s another war novel isn’t it? The witch in trouble saved by the wonderful and fantastic wizard!” Aunt Hermione said, very sarcastic.

    “No, it’s actually based on the DA, or at least that’s what she told me.” Aunt Hannah countered. It was about then that Mum noticed me,

    “Lucy, what’s wrong? You look like someone forced you to drink sour milk.” she asked me.

    “They put a tarantula down my back.” I answered. Mum tried to hide a smile when she said,

    “Who, dear?”

    “Lorcan and Lysander.” I looked at Aunt Luna. She acted as if she didn’t realize I was talking about her sons, though I really don’t believe she was acting. A couple of my other aunts were smiling by now, Mum was even giggling a little bit. I knew she wouldn’t understand, she was too much of a tomboy when she was my age. At least Aunt Fleur came to my rescue,

    “This is horrible! Luna, really, you should do something!”

    “Fleur, they’re just boys, I had many horrible things done to meby all my brothers, don’t worry Lucy we’ll help you get them back.” Aunt Ginny said, to Aunt Fleur and me. I smiled,

    “It’s okay Aunt Ginny, they should have done it to Roxanne, she’s more squeamish than I am.” To that all the women smiled and nodded in agreement. Dominique (my second eldest cousin, Aunt Fleur’s second daughter), taking advantage of all our aunts’ distraction, grabbed me by the upper arm, and dragged me into the dining room off the kitchen.

    “So? Have you said anything?” she asked.

    “Said what?”

    “Oh you know!”

    “Uh, no I don’t...”

    “You know…have you told him you like him!”

    “Told who that?”


    “W-why w-would I tell him that?” I stammered, horrified.

    “It’s so obvious!” she said, a smile so wide, the corners of her mouth basically touched her blonde hairline. Trying to deter her from the object of my affections, I said lying,

    “I don’t like him…”

    “Don’t try to deny it! You do like him!”

    “No…um…uh…well…” and I nodded.

    “Ha! You should tell him! Before it’s too late!” I glared at her, hoping she would get the picture, that I didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and stalked off. I knew I should tell him, if he hadn’t figured it out already, I knew there were at least ten girls in his ‘fan club’ at school, but something kept me from telling him. I was afraid that he didn’t like me, and thought of me as some weird sixth year girl.

    Several hours later, after all my aunts had coerced me into helping them make dinner, since they all had house elves (properly paid ones, thanks to Aunt Hermione) and didn’t know how to cook. There were no house elves here, at the lake house; they had all been given the month off. I loved to cook, so with Grandma, she and I made dinner, while my aunts supervised. I set the final bowl of mashed potatoes down, next to Uncle Ron, who seemed to like them best. I then went over to the last empty seat, which I realized horrified, was right next to Michael, thanks to Dominique, who was on the other side. I felt my face go red, as Dominique grinned at me, and I glared back, and sat down.

    The rest over dinner went by without much of a problem. Except for Annie, who decided to throw bits of turkey at her father, Teddy. I managed to talk a little, without embarrassing myself, to Michael; it was about Quidditch, which he adored, being Gryffindor’s star chaser and all. I could fly and play Quidditch also, but I was never good enough to be on the team. But I had my opinions about the Quidditch World Cup, and about how I believed that the Holyhead Harpies would make it this year. Michael believed Ireland would make it, so we had a pretty heated discussion about who would go to the world cup. All in all I thought I did pretty good about not embarrassing myself. Dominique seemed very proud of me.

    After dinner everyone went out onto the docks to watch the sunset and hang out. I sat, with my feet dangling into the water, on the dock. Alice sat next to me. My mum, Aunt Ginny, and Aunt Angelina had decided to join the boys, Uncle Charlie, Uncle Ron, Uncle Harry, Roxanne, Lily, and Molly, at a large game of Quidditch. The people who were not playing Quidditch were scattered on the dock in lawn chairs. The only boy not playing was Scorpius, he and Rose were farther off, I could barely see them, and I wasn’t sure if anyone knew exactly what they were doing.

    The Quidditch game was going pretty well, it was really kind of funny watching my Uncles try and teach Lorcan and Lysander how to ride brooms (neither of their parents cared about Quidditch and never really taught them how to ride, and somehow, my family took this long to teach them). Everything was going smoothly and it was a nice quiet warm evening. Of course I should have known it was too good to be true, Alice and I were talking about school, when suddenly someone started screaming. We stood up to see what was wrong, it was Lysander. He was way up in the air, and was hurtling downward. He couldn’t seem to stop, and the other Quidditch players were yelling things up at him, that I couldn’t quite understand. Suddenly, he managed to pull the broom up. He was still flying very fast, and couldn’t stop. The only difference was, was that he was coming straight for me. I couldn’t think and as he approached, I tried to duck out of the way, but he still hit my shoulder. As if in slow motion, I fell backward, off the dock, and into the dark, cold water below. And let me just say, I can’t swim.

Walkin' like a one man army
Fightin' with the shadows in your head
Livin' up the same old moment
Knowin' you'll be better off instead
If you could only,
Say what you need to say

A/N: Any comments would greatly be appreciated, even if it is to tell me it stinks, haha...

So I was thinking, one more chapter to wrap it up?

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