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A new Draco/Hermione one-shot by yours truly! This is written in Hermione’s point of view. Just to prevent confusion, it’s written in second person and present tense. Hope it doesn’t confuse you and please review to tell me what you think!

You see him sitting in your Potions class talking to his friends and laughing. You wish you were one of them and in on the joke.

You see him walking alone in the corridors, his black robes billowing behind him. You wish you were talking, walking together and keeping him company.

You wish he’d just look at you and smile, just a small one in your direction. He decides to throw a snide comment your way which hurts your heart and burns your soul.

You know things about him that even his closest friends don’t know because you’ve spent so long studying him. You wish he’d realise how you really felt and how much he mattered to you.

You see him enter the library at the same time that you note; he usually does, to sit down at a table and do some work. Your heart beats faster as he walks steadily nearer to your table.

He turns away and instead sits at a table with people from the year below and also from a different house to his. You feel dejected, rejected and more than anything, alone.

You see him smile at something that you know to be sentimental. You’re glad that he’s sensitive even though he’ll go to any lengths to prove that he is not.

After plucking up all of your Gryffindor courage, you send him a letter over the summer holidays, just a casual one asking him how he is and how his summer is going. You receive one back written in neat writing and a friendly hand from him. You will treasure it for as long as you live.

It’s your coming of age birthday and you sit alone in the library, working, while your friends sit elsewhere and socialise. He walks passed you but doesn’t see you sitting there alone on such a special day.

You are the centre of attention in class the very same day. He smiles at you and wished you a ‘Happy Birthday,’ you smile a small one back with a quite ‘Thank You,’ your heart thumping heavily against your chest.

You see him writing to someone in class the very same day, your insides wishing that you were on the receiving end of that written piece of sanctuary. You receive a beautiful card at lunchtime containing birthday wishes which have made this the most special day yet.

He walks passed you almost every day and gives you a day brightening smile. Your heart leaps with pleasure as you smile a small smile back.

He asks you how you are doing every time your paths cross as a way of greeting. You become fonder of him for thinking that he cares about you, even if it is just as a way of greeting.

You continue to sneak glances at him as he works with his head bent down. He catches you eye every so often, smirks in a way as though he knows what you are thinking, and causes you heart to stop beating.

He invites you to his birthday party in a few weeks time. You painfully decline the invitation, afraid of what his Slytherin friends would think of you, and more importantly, him.

He receives a letter from you asking him to wait up for you after class on the day before his birthday. You wait for him shyly while he continues to talk to his friends.

His friends point you out and he slowly turns his attention to you. Your heart beats faster and faster as he says hello.

He looks at you with curiosity evident on his face, wondering why you wanted to see him. You extend a hand into your bag and extract a small present, a small card and give them to him.

He accepts it with a huge smile on his face, and when you least expect it, a bends down and hugs you. You slowly hug him back when you realise what’s happening, and wish him a happy birthday.

He proudly walks forwards with his friends, exclaiming about his first present. You walk paces behind, slow, insignificant, and still completely dazed about the hug you would never forget.

Suddenly, he slows down and walks in step with you. You find that he is easy to talk to and the two of you have your first conversation since the many years that you have known each other.

He stands up for you in class one day, despite the risk to his reputation. You are surprised but extremely grateful and feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

You are walking with a friend once and you and he strike up a small conversation as he walks passed. When he is gone, your friend tells you that she can’t stand him and never could. You are defiant.

He brags about his birthday the weekend after to his other friends. Another of your friends says that they hate him with a passion. You are internally upset but can see where they are approaching from

He continues to write to you and you to him as you become great friends. He, however, doesn’t understand how you feel and you don’t want to ruin your friendship so you don’t tell him.

You try to push him away from your mind and stop thinking about him. He always does something that makes you attracted to him and brings the two of you closer together. You fall head over heels for him again…and again…

He has his future completely planned out and knows what he wants to do, and you with yours. Your paths are completely different and you can only hope that fate brings you closer together again, but until then, the only option you have is to… admire from afar.

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