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Harry banged his head on his desk. For the most part the desk was clean, which did nothing to cushion his head as it came in blunt contact with the wood. He had been in this mood for a week and a half, ever since he admitted to being a wizard to Kate.

“Women problems still got you down Potter?”

Harry looked up from his self-inflicting headache to see Howard standing in his cubical. Howard took Harry’s blank, sad look as his answer. “Mmm,” Howard mumbled as he sat down in a chair. “Admitted to a muggle didn’t ya? Yeah, I know how bad that can go.”

“Is your wife a muggle?” Harry asked hopefully.

“My second one was,” Howard answered, watching the young man carefully. Harry seemed to be hanging off of every word Howard was saying as if looking for a spot of inspiration.

“How did you tell her?”

Howard shook his head. “I got drunk one night and told her everything. I never could hold tequila. She freaked out, as you can probably testify, and said she never wanted to see me again. I loved her though so I never stopped trying to get in contact with her. I gave her some time to think, but I eventually pushed my way back into her heart,” Howard leaned on his knees and looked at Harry intensely as if telling him a dire secret.

“It’s a scary thing for a woman to discover that her lover isn’t what she thought he was. Women like control over their environments Harry, and magic is something they can’t control no matter how hard they try. All you can do is be patient and love her and worship her and if she’s the one, she’ll come around” Howard stood up, his robes swirling around him as he left. “Think about it Potter.”

Harry watched his boss leave and go around the corner before allowing his head to slam down on the desk.

Somebody else knocked on the door, breaking his pathetic routine. “Hey,”

“Hey,” Hermione sat down in the chair Howard had recently vacated. “Are you still upset with me?”

Harry shook his head. “No. I wasn’t angry at you to begin with. I just needed someone to put my frustrations on and you were a good victim. I’m sorry Mione.”

Hermione smiled. “I just slipped away between shifts to see you and give you this back,” Hermione placed the diamond ring on the edge of the desk. “Um, stop by tonight if you’d like. Leo misses you.”

Harry smiled at his friend and hugged her before she left. “And um, stop hitting your head Harry, we don’t need anymore scars up there,” Hermione flattened his fringe and walked out.

Harry looked back at the ring and quickly pocketed it. Time was all he could have in this.


“Did she say what she wanted to see me for?” Kate asked Liza as she stared at the post it on her desk requesting her presence in the editor’s office.

Liza shook her head. “No sweetie, but I don’t think it’ll be good.”

Kate’s eyes filled tears and bit her lip. “This is it isn’t it?”

“It may not be,” Liza hugged her as Kate began to cry. “It may be nothing at all.”

Kate cried for the rest of the day as she carried a box filled with her office things up to her apartment. She had been fired. Her work had been slipping the past few months and her editor had enough of it.

Kate sniffed as she unlocked her door and slouched inside. The interior was a wreck. She had not bothered to clean or tidy up after herself for the past week or so. Not since she kicked Harry out. Out of reflex, she hit the answering machine, she had two missed messages. One was from Liza asking where she was because the editor left something on her desk. The other was from Harry.

“Hey, um, I know you probably don’t want to speak to me but I miss you and I should have never lied to you like that but I loved you so much I didn’t want to loose you. Kate, please, call me back. I don’t care what time. I love you.”

He had been leaving messages like that for the past few days. Kate had yet to respond. She threw her keys on the table and flopped on the couch. How could things get any worse? The phone rang but Kate had no desire to pick it up. Apparently it was her sister, she came to discover, as Jillian left a message on the machine.

“Hey Katie, call me when you get this. Mummy wants to have a get together next week and needs to know if she has to schedule a date for you that night or not. Call back.”

Kate sighed and picked up the phone and dialed a familiar number.


“Hey. Can we meet somewhere?”


Harry waited anxiously in the quiet restaurant. When Kate called, he dropped everything he was doing and agreed to meet her wherever she wanted to meet, whenever. Every time the door opened Harry’s head whipped to see if it was her, but it never was and Harry had an ache in his neck.


Harry turned around to see Kate. It was raining heavily outside and rain droplets fell off of her rain hood and made dark spots on her green sweater. “Kate, you look great.”

Kate gave a little half smile. “Not really, but you look great. How’ve you been?” Kate asked as they sat down across from one another, hot, yet chipped, cups of coffee in front of them from the friendly waitress.

“Missing you,” Harry answered honestly.

“I’ve missed you too,” Kate whispered. “But Harry, this is too much to comprehend that you’re a wiz,”

“Shhhhh,” Harry motioned for her to lower her voice.

“What you are,” Kate finished softly. “Harry, I don’t know if I believe you yet or not. I mean, I really don’t know. It’s mad to think about.”

“I know, I know, but if you come with me somewhere, you’ll be able to actually see what I’m talking about,” Harry tentatively reached out for her hand.

“What do you mean?”

She let her fingers curl in with his.

“Come with me to my world.”

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