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I do not own Harry Potter, this is just a bit of fun :)

Have you ever had a moment in your life when everything you ever thought or believed in just unravelled before your very eyes?

We’re not talking about the values your parents put to you, we’re talking the opinions you formed yourself.


That just so happened to be happening to a certain red head today, as she knelt by James Potter and ripped his shirt open, he let out a low throaty groan…




Let’s go back


Let’s go back a month or so



‘What do you mean Potter’s head boy?’ an attractive blonde questioned

‘I asked the very same question Rosie,’ Lily replied

‘But I don’t get it, how did he land it after all he’s done?’ Rose Redmond, Lily’s fellow class mate and very good friend asked

‘Again with the same asking of the questions I asked,’ Lily replied shifting her trunk in the overhead compartment.

‘But I’m confused, how does that work?’ Rose asked sitting herself heavily in the compartment  

‘Rose I’m telling you, I’m just as lost as you are love,’ Lily said

‘But…’ Rose began

‘Rosie,’ Lily laughed impatiently


The compartment door slid open

‘Autumn,’ Rose said excitedly


Lily turned to look at her other very good friend and fellow class mate, Autumn Collins.


‘Hey, how’s my favourite season,’ Lily asked sitting herself down

‘Good thanks and how are my favourite flowers?’ she asked flipping her long brown hair over one shoulder as she dragged her trunk in

‘Potter’s head boy,’ Rose blurted out

‘I’ll take that as ‘well thank you Autumn,’’ Autumn said standing with her hands on her hips

Lily laughed

‘Oh well, I pity the poor girl whom has to put up with him,’ Autumn said with a shrug

‘I thank you for your pity,’ Lily replied

‘Oh no,’ Autumn said empathetically

 As she put her trunk up and sat down she flipped her hair and looked at Lily with a cocked eyebrow

‘How…’ she began

‘Don’t ask,’ Lily replied


Now Fast Forward Two Weeks From A Month Ago….


‘What do you mean Potter’s different?’ Rose asked as the three girls made their way to a study session in the library


‘I dunno, he’s just not the same. He’s responsible and all “Mr. Take Charge” and not as trouble maker as he used to be. I actually caught him being nice to someone the other day,’ Lily said mournfully


‘How…’ Rose began

‘It’s kind of odd don’t you think, like a little suss?’ Autumn butted in

‘What? Like you think it’s a prank?’ Lily asked and Autumn nodded

‘Maybe its building up to something; like he’s lulling you into a false sense of security and then BAM!’ Autumn said loudly causing Rose to jump

‘Maybe he’s just grown up, maybe he’s all responsible like because of the badge,’ Rose suggested

‘Maybe,’ Lily replied with a shrug, unconvinced by both her friends


The girls walked into the library and to Lily’s shock there sat Potter next to Remus as casual as though he did this every week.

‘What the…’ Rose began but with a quick jab in the ribs from Autumn she shut her open mouth and the three girls made their way over to some vacant seats


 Lily placed her books down opposite Potter, which caused him to look up

‘What are you doing here?’ Lily asked not unkindly

‘Audrey asked if I’d help out,’ James replied with a slight smile

‘Mean while I’ve been asking him to come for 7 years and as soon as someone in a skirt asks he’s all over it like white on rice,’ Remus said with raised eyebrows, causing the girls to laugh

‘Thanks for the insight Remus,’ James said in mock annoyance


Fast Forward An Hour…


As the session progressed Lily watched in wonder of the new James Potter that explained things patiently and clearly, Lily knew James was smart but she didn’t know he actually listened in class, the smart she regarded him in ended in A double S. Every time Lily looked up she expected to find Potter watching her as was the norm, but he never was.

In fact he had caught her watching him three times already.


This was… what was it?

What’s the word for it?

Oh that’s right…



Her watching him instead of the other way around, his sudden behavioural change, his willingness to help his fellow class mates and younger students with work when he used to avoid the library like the plague…MERLIN!!!

That was it!

He’s sick, that has to be it!


Lily’s head shot up and she looked at him as this realisation struck her.


No, he looked perfectly healthy.

Lightly tanned skin from years of quidditch

Clear hazel eyes behind his rectangular specs

Strong looking hands and forearms she noticed as he rolled up his sleeves

His belted school trousers hugged his hips handsomely

His broad shoulders…


Okay! Since when do “strong looking hands and forearms” and “hip hugging belted trousers” have to do with preliminary ailment diagnosis?


She looked to his face only to find him looking right back at her. Damn, he’d caught her again she cursed under her breath.


‘Are you okay? You look confused,’ he said standing up straight for he had been leaning over to assist Audrey (who by the way didn’t need any help because she was equal first in charms with Lily)


‘I am,’ Lily said


James picked up his quill and looked as though he were about to make his way over to help her.


‘No I’m okay, not confused,’ Lily said stopping him in his tracks

‘Good,’ he said with a small wink


Lily found herself smiling coyly before she snapped herself out of it and looked down at her work


Fast Forward Two Days…


‘What do you mean you weren’t giving him the once over?’ Rose asked as they walked to lunch from transfiguration.

‘I wasn’t Rosie,’ Lily said dismissively

Lily turned to Autumn to share a look but met Autumn’s cocked eyebrow and pouting lips face, Lily clicked her tongue

‘You two,’ she said shaking her head.

She gripped the strap of her book bag and pondered.

Had she really been checking out James Potter?


Well, she did, in a cavalier manner; notice how he was casually leaning against the wall with his arms crossed looking at his feet and smiling then looking back up and talking to Sirius and Remus as they waited for Peter who was talking, or being talked to rather, by Professor McGonagall.


She also nonchalantly couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes locked on hers as she glided passed. Casually took note of how he held up a finger to his friends to indicate that they should wait a moment for Lily was walking past and then she got an odd sensation in her tummy.


‘Lily,’ he called 


He was going to ask her out again, she knew it. But what was this feeling of anticipation, this feeling of…joy?


No that wasn’t right, She was simply confusing the feelings of boredom and dread with those of anticipation and joy.




Easy mistake to make…


Lily stopped and turned to look at him with her, no-I-will-not-go-out-with-you-and-you’re-wasting-my-time-so-get-this-over-and-done-with-quickly…-please face already on.


‘About tomorrow night,’ he began

‘What’s tomorrow night?’ Lily asked in a bored tone

‘Patrol,’ James said casually

‘Oh, uh right, what about it?’ Lily asked she certainly wasn’t expecting that and she shifted her weight from one leg to the other

‘I have to go see Slughorn about a student or something, so I might be a little late, do you mind waiting for me in the common room, I shouldn’t be too long,’ he said staring straight in her eyes


Must he look at her so intently, and with such a handsome aroma coming from his person?


Lily looked him up and down, taking in his appearance. His belt still hanging on his hips ever so nicely, his shirt tucked in for a change, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up and his tie hung loosely with the top button undone.

‘Yeah, that’s fine,’ she said with a faint smile, before turning around and walking away.


Oh right.

She did give him the once over.



‘You just remembered you did, didn’t you?’ Rose asked as they sat down for lunch

Lily looked at her friends in the eyes.

‘It wasn’t intentional,’ Lily said quickly as a flush appeared

She couldn’t lie, but her friends evidently had no problem laughing at her.


Fast Forward To The Next Night.


Lily came down the dorm stairs at 5:30 thinking she’d have some time to relax but as she reached the bottom she noticed that he stood next to the window with the setting sun hitting his hair making it look gold and black.


As her foot hit the hard stone he turned to look at her as though she’d tumbled down instead of walked.

‘Are you ready?’ he asked standing up straight.


Sirius, Remus and Peter all sat on the couch and turned to look at whom James was addressing.


‘Yes,’ Lily replied zipping up her jacket now that she was aware that everyone was looking at her.


What had possessed her to borrow Rose’s figure hugging green t-shirt, who was she trying to impress anyway?


‘After you,’ James said indicating she should lead the way.


Hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think!
lots of love

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