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A.N. I do not own Harry Potter. Conversations between Sirius and James will be in a different style of typing.

Harry was lying in his bed dreaming about his parents. He was dreaming about life without Voldemort, about how it would be if he wasn't the boy who lived. He had gotten to a particularly nice part where they were celebrating his thirteenth birthday when a shrill voice came screeching through his dream.

"Harry get out of your bed at once and make us some breakfast, you lazy boy." Screeched his aunt Petunia

"Right…" Harry snapped back, then groaned (he was going to pay for that)

He got up and slumped over to his wardrobe and flung the doors open, he gazed at Dudley’s old clothes for ten minutes before deciding to put on a pair of blue faded jeans and a red t-shirt that he had actually grown into, and now looked good on his toned Quidditch body.

Harry stomped moodily down the stairs and into the kitchen, to find an already purple faced Vernon glaring at him.

"Breakfast boy, then the dishes, then the front garden, got it." He snarled.

Harry nodded his head in acknowledgement and then proceeded to cook the breakfast; however he had no intentions on doing the front garden but every intention of going to the park. Once he had finished the dishes he got the hedge clippers out of the cupboard under the stairs and proceeded to the front door, where he quickly looked into the front window to make sure he wasn't being watched, threw the clippers away jumped over the fence and strolled towards the park.

James looked up sharply as he heard the front door of number 4 Privet Drive, he and Sirius had been waiting for days but still there was no sign of Harry. But his heart seemed to stop as a tall, skinny, raven haired boy stepped out. He nudged Sirius beside him, who turned and smiled widely. James felt overwhelmed when he realised how much Harry was like him. They stood and watched as he looked through the living room window before roughly throwing a pair of hedge clippers to the ground. He then jumped over the fence and started to stroll towards the park.

"Yeah, he's your son alright prongs" Sirius laughed as they began to follow Harry, under an invisibility charm.

"I know, class isn't he?" he replied beaming from ear to ear.

"Doesn't look like we'll have to train him much, looks like he's already a rule breaker" Sirius said

"Of course he's a rule breaker he's my son, and by the way his top half is slightly bulky, it looks like he's a Quidditch player"

"Wonder what position?" Sirius thought loudly

"Seeker…" James replied immediately

"I bet a gold galleon that he's a chaser"

"You’re on, prepare to lose Padfoot" James grinned.

They stopped suddenly when Harry was attacked by a rather bushy haired girl.

Harry was walking along Magnolia walk when he was suddenly ambushed by a girl with rather busy brown hair.

"What- Hermione what are you doing here?" he cried out, once he got over the initial shock.

"My aunt has just moved into the area, so I thought I’d come and give you your birthday present." She said as she released him and handed him a neatly wrapped square shaped present.

"Thanks Mione, um well I'm on my way to the park want to come with?" He asked stunned.

"Sure." She replied and liked her arm up with Harry's and began to walk with him.

Once they got to the park they found a spot on the grass under a tree lay down and began naming the funny shaped clouds.

"...that one's called Planet bighead Potter." Hermione giggled

"Hey I'm not a bighead, I'm a fighter." he exclaimed

"Troublemaker, more like." Hermione giggled again

"Hark who's talking, you’re the one who's always right behind me helping." He stated

"No I'm always helping Ron, you don't need help you could start trouble all on you own."

"I do not start trouble; trouble just seems to be everywhere I go." he laughed

"Maybe this year will be quiet." She stated, Harry snorted with laughter. "What? Maybe it will. It needs to be anyway I've got too many classes to be doing anything else." She stated matter-of-factly

"Hermione, you are best friends with me, saviour of the world, biggest trouble maker of the school, this year won't be any different from the other two." he laughed.

"Well then what do you think will happen?" she asked getting up

"Um, a mass murderer will come hunting for me…"

"Oh you heard, how did you know he was a wizard?"

"The day after it was on our news Dumbledore sent me a letter telling me to be careful and not to go out anywhere." He shrugged walking off.

"It will be alright Padfoot, come on lets walk him home" James said and they started following Harry back to his house. Sirius did so with a heavy heart, he would never hurt Harry.

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