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Ginny's eyes fluttered open. At first everything was a blur but she eventually focused in on a familiar pair of emerald eyes staring back at her.

"Harry?", she murmured. "Did I..."

"Yes." Harry cut her off. " You should go rest."

"I agree. It appears I gave you quite a shock." A woman spoke from behind her.

Ginny's head whipped around. Her eyes widened but she kept calm. To herself, however, she wondered how Harry was so relaxed.

"I"m Lily Potter. Just call me Lily."  Lily smiled sincerely.  "And this," she gestured to the man in the corner, "Is my husband, James."

James Potter waved hesitantly. Ginny could tell that she wasn't the only feeling a little uncomfortable with the situation.  The awkward silence that filled the room only confirmed it.

Harry was finding that his parents' return was a little more difficult than he had initially thought it would be.  Besides the awkwardness, there would need to be some sort of explanation of their return. The press would love this kind of story. No one would believe that they came back from the dead. Even if they did, everyone would want to get their hands on that potion. It needed to be destroyed and soon before word got out. 

With everything going on, Harry found himself overwhelmed. The guilt he felt for dragging his friends into the current situation was intensified. Who knows what the Ministry will say.

Lily watched the teenagers with a hint of sadness. Her son had grown up and she hadn't be there to see it.  It was a bittersweet reunion. How would the world accept that James and her were back. Would they reject them because they weren't exactly normal?  What would Petunia say? Would she continue to reject her for being different? It couldn't be helped. And then there was Harry. He was her son but he hasn't been given the chance to know her. Maybe he had some other mother-like figures in his life and now it will just be awkward? Lily's fears consumed her thoughts.

James knew what his wife was thinking, and would have tried to comfort her if not for the fact that he felt the same. Harry could have been completely content with his life and their sudden appearance could have ruined it. How did they even return? Its not as if they had any control of it. They were older now everyone. It was a bit strange to think that his last memories them had been nearly two decades ago. He needed to talk to Sirius.

"Harry?" James questioned. "Where's Sirius?"

"Oh...Um" Harry's reluctance to answer was apparent. So was the look of pain across his face.

"What happened?" James asked. This couldn't be what he thought.

"He...He died."  Harry answered, brushing his hand nervously over his head. 

The silence that followed was unlike any other.  The mood suddenly changed from awkward to melancholy with only two words. Nothing could desrcibe the amount of grief that filled the air. No one would ever be able to replace Sirius Black. Not now. Not ever.

Hey. There is no excuse that can make up for my very late updates. The best I can do is apologise and hope you're not upset that the chapters have been so short. I know. At least I updated, right?


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