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As Lily Evans walked through the barrier between platforms 9 and 10 she saw a beautiful site, there it was. The Hogwars Express. It was odd that this would be the last time she would board it.

Lily Evans was a brilliant girl of 16 with long red hair and beautiful almond-shaped eyes that would sparkle when she was happy. Today she was wearing a t-shirt with the logo The Weird Sisters on it and a pair of light blue jeans.

Suddenly I felt strong arms seize me around the waist from behind and pull me closer in sort of a backwards hug.

"Hey Evans, did you miss me?" said a voice in my ear.

I wheeled around. Oh great I thought James Potter. James Potter was a boy with rounded glasses and messy jet-black hair which he always ruffled up to look windswept like he just got off his broom. His eyes were a brilliant hazel and were twinkling at the sight of me. He was wearing a long-sleave black shirt and dark blue jeans. I tried not to notice that his shirt was tight around him and how many muscles were showing as a result of that, or the fact that he hugging me so that those very same muscles were pressing up against me. Curse quiddich bodies.

"Sod off potter." I spat, throwing his arms off of me.

"Nah." replied James. "Go out with me?"

"NO POTTER!" I screamed.

"Come on, you know you want to. Every girl wants to, how can you refuse this?" he said, giving me a puppy dog face.

I quickly stifled a laugh. "The only thing I want to do, and will do right now if you don't go away, is jinx you!"

"No girl would ever dare to jinx me, i'm too handsome. Hey, that means we're perfect for each other! You're the most beautiful girl in Hogwats, and i'm the hottest guy in Hogwarts, what a great couple we'll make!" he exlaimed.

"Potter, I am head girl this year so if you don't go away I will put you and you're little gang in detention!" Lily warned him.

"You're head girl?" Asked James in a dazed expression.

"Yes, I am so sod off!"

But Lily was astonished to see a huge grin form on his face. "I can't do that love, because there are two problems with you're little idea. Number one: Term hasn't even started yet, and number two: You can't put the head boy in detention."


But James smiled devilishly and pointed to his head boy badge.

I could have fainted. I certainly felt a little dizzy. James, head boy? Who in their right mind would pick HIM for head boy, he. Is. A. Marauder! Ok, granted Remus could have gotten the badge, but James? And now I have to spend the whole school year even MORE in his company?! Why don't you just kill me now!

"Well, guess we both gotta meet up in the heads compartment later. See you there Evans!"

"Ughhh..." I groaned as he dissippeared into the giant crowd of people

"What's wrong?"

Thank Merlin. It was my two best friends Loretta and Layla. I walked over and greeted them both with a hug and asked them about their summer holiday. Sometimes we're called the 'L Sisters' because we hang out so much. Loretta had brown, wavy hair that falls down to her shoulders and blue green eyes. Layla had straight blond hair that falls down to her back. Her eyes are ocean blue and when she is very happy you can almost hear the waves coming from them.

When we were finished talking they both gave me a look. "Now really Lils, whats wrong?"

I sighed.

"Potter." I answered.

They both groaned. "Not again, what'd he do this time?"

I told them both what happened and when they heard he was head boy they screamed.


"Shut up Layla!" I said. "Every muggle 5 blocks from here is going to hear you!"

"I know but it's just so impossible, i mean, he's a marauder!"

"Thats what I said." I grumbled.

"Talking about me? I'm flattered."

Oh no. Here he is...the devil himself...James Potter...why can't he just leave me alone for two seconds?

"Come on Evans, into the compartment we go!"

"Like I would ever go anywhere willingly with you!" I snapped.

"Remember Evans? Head boy and girl duty!" he said happily.

"Crap...See you later guys..." I said sadly.

"Bye." they sighed.

When we turned to leave Layla quickly whispered "Good luck" in my ear.

"Thanks," I breathed back. "I'm gunna need it."

James held out his arm for me to take.

"Not on your life potter." I said and walked right past him.


When we got to the compartment all the prefects filed in looking anxious, probably because some of them were new and others were wondering who the head boy and girl were.

James was leaning against the side of the compartment watching them all file in with an amused expression and at the same time looking extremely handso- I mean...uh....pratish.

"All right, lets get started!" said James once all the prefects had sat down.

All the prefects looked at him in surprise.

"What are you playing at Potter?" Snarled Snape, who was a Slytherin prefect.

"Playing?" Replied James coldly."I can assure you i'm not playing about anything snivellus, and have actully been apointed head boy this year."

Snape looked at his badge for a second in disbelief and then sneered. "Dumbledore must be losing his touch, I thought he was smarter than this. Who would make an idiotic, mudblood-loving, Prank-pulling prat head boy? "

"Shut up snivellus and go take a shower. " said James, his voice dangerously low.  "Oh and by the way, if you call Lily that word again I will make sure you do not leave this compartment in one peice." he added.

Snape just smirked at him and sat down, obviously relishing the fact that he had succesfully infuriated James Potter.

"Now," said James putting an arm around me. "Lily and I will explain what you guys have to do, Lily will go first. Take it away Lily!"

I shrugged his arm off with a groan. Today was going to be a long day.


The meeting went rather well. Potter was was actully a lot of help. He told all of the prefects exactly what times to patrol the hallways at night (he made the Slytherins do the latest patrol) and also told them to watch out for the first years like an elder brother or sister. Maybe Dumbledore was right in picking him......

"Hey Evans, hey, earth to Lily!" said James

"Wha- huh?" I said jerking out of my reverie

"What were you dreaming about? Me? I dream about you all the time Evans. The way your beautiful red hair looks when it's caught in the wind, and your sparkling green almond shaped eyes..." he said dreamily

I was cought off guard. Was he actully being sweet? He seemed really nervous around me.  He had said all of that extreamly fast...

"Hey Evans...look...were the last ones in the compartment..." he said flirtatiously.

All the prefects had just left and we were indeed the last ones.

"Oh wow! Nice observation Einstein........" he inched closer.

"Look," said James. " I've liked you since first year and you still keep rejecting me. Why won't you go out with me? I really like you!" he begged, his eyes pleading.

"Because you act like you own the school Potter and, even if you do own most of the girls, you do not! Plus you jinx random people in the hallways and think you can get whatever you want!"

He inched ecen closer to me, so that now his lips were centimeters from mine. "I bet I could get you if I tried hard enough..." he whispered, practiclly against my lips.

I was hypnotised by his eyes. And even though I was barely aware of it, my head was slowly inching closer to his...


I sudenlly jerked out of my trance and jumped up like the seat of the compartment was electrified.

"UGHHH!!!!!!! YOU GIANT IDIOTIC PRAT!!!!!!! " I screamed and ran out of the door way into my friend's compartment.

"Did he try to kiss you again?" asked Layla after I burst through the door and then slammed it shut. How did she know everything about me?

"Oh my gosh he better not have!" Loretta growled

"He did." was all I said.

But mostly I was absorbed in my own thoughts. Why hadn't I pulled away immediently? Why couldn't I move? Did I actully like that? No. That was impossible.     I am Lily Evans. I assured myself. and I do NOT like James Potter.

Just then the woman who pushed the trolley came in and asked if we wanted anything. I bought a pack of droobles best blowing gum (or rather, Layla bought them for me. I was too busy thinking. She knew me so well.), Layla bought a licorice wand, and Loretta bought 2 of everything. Honesly, that woman had a stomach to match Sirius's.

While we were muching/chewing on our favorite candies Layla turned to me with a serious expression on her face.

"So Lily, what happened? Tell us everything." she commanded.

So, sighing, I recounted my story of the entire prefects meeting.


By the time I finished every last detail and went over certain things many times (Loretta kept interupting) The sky outside was dark, and there were trees outside the window from which wild owls were hooting softly and staring at us curiously.

After I finished I started getting lost in my own thoughts. I remember having a odd swooping feeling in my stomach when he was being sweet and was close to me. What did that mean?

"THAT GIT!" screamed Loretta who obviously did not notice what was going on inside me.

"Well it's not like it's uncommon." said Layla who was looking at me curiously. I hoped she didn't know what was going on inside me either but why else would she be looking at me like that? "James has been trying to kiss Lily for a year now."

There was a odd ringing silence in the compartment now, all of us were lost in our own thoughts.

The silence was broken two minutes later when Loretta made a gagging noise after popping one of bertie bots every flavor beans into her mouth.

"Gugh!" she spluttered. "I swallowed a vomit!"

Me and Layla glanced at each other for a second, and then started roaring with laughter.

"What, you think it's funny?! exclaimed Loretta, throwing her hands up hysterically into the air. "Well why don't you try it?"

She then threw a bean each at me and Layla's laughing mouths which, most unfortunately, landed right on target.

I got soap and Layla got earwax.

The resulting gagging noises made us laugh even harder and we jsut kept on laughing until our throats were sore.

When we all stopped laughing Loretta looked at me seriously.

"I'm still gunna kill Potter you know." Loretta's stomach growled loudly. "Or at least, as soon as I get some food."

Me and Layla burst out laughing again. "Didn't you just eat half the trolly?!"

"Your point?" asked Loretta confused, as if anyone could eat what would feed a grown man for 7 hours and still be starving.

At her serious face we both burst out laughing for the third time that night.

"Don't worry Loretta," I said chuckling. "We're stopping now."

And so they were.

And as Lily stepped out of they train, listening to Hagrid's giant booms of "Firs' years this way!" she couldn't help but smile at the gigantic castle that was Hogwarts.

Finally, she was home again.

Ok, i know this chapter probably has some spelling and grammer mistakes and might be boring to you, but it's the first chapter I have ever written so cut me some slack please!  Also please review! I've never gotten a review before! And if you didn't like it, maybe i'll get better at this writing thing as I keep posting chapters. I sure hope so. (P.S.- If I spelled snivellus wrong i'm so sorry cuz I think I did.)  = )

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