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Chapter Four: New Experiences

I tugged at the pencil grey skirt self consciously as I peered at myself in the mirror. It was the first day of class and to say that I wasn’t completely petrified would be a total lie. I was beyond frightened. After all, I had no knowledge of this world. Even after staying up half the night reading some of the books that Dumbledore gave me, I was utterly confused. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to get through this next year when I didn’t even know a simple spell.

This school uniform wasn’t helping at all. The button up white shirt clung to me like a second skin. The maroon and gold tie lay loosely around my neck. The skirt came an inch or so above the knee, showing off my black nylon stockings. For the most part, it could have gone over easily as a regular school uniform. However, when you add in the robe cloak thinger that hung around me loosely, it was anything but. The top button just at the top of my breast line was done up, allowing for the open black robe with maroon lining to flow openly to my feet. While I had never been to a school with a dress code, I was pretty certain that none of them had the same type of attire.

“How are you making out?” Lily stuck her flaming red head into the room.

I gave her a small smile through the mirror as I ran a hand through my long brown hair. My hair was something I hated. Half the time it just didn’t cooperate. One day its wavy, the next its straight. Today was a mix of the two, and hung plainly past my shoulders. I felt a part of myself wonder what kind of spells and whatnot could help change my hair predicament.

“Did you wear robes at your other school?” she asked, noticing my discomfort.

I shook my head, trying to think of an appropriate excuse. “Our school was kind of settled within a downtown of a city. So we kind of just wore regular clothes to blend in and all.”

Lily nodded. “Well, you’ll get used to it after awhile. I was the same way when I first came here in first year. I’m muggleborn, I’m not sure I ever told you that. First one of my family to become a witch. Everything was completely new to me when I came to Hogwarts. It must be the same way for you in some sorts.”

I gave her a smile. “Yeah, something like that. I’m ah…muggleborn as well, so it definitely doesn’t help either.”

Lily seemed to grin at this. “Muggleborn too? Fantastic! I’m the only seventh year Gryffindor who’s a muggleborn. Well now that you’re here, I’m not alone!”

I chuckled at her.

“Well, come on, time to meet your housemates.” She grabbed onto my arm and pulled me from the bathroom.

I barely had enough time to grab my backpack that held everything that Dumbledore suggested that I would need, before she was dragging me out of the dorm and down the stairs leading into the common room. As we entered the common room, we found it almost empty except for the marauders, who seemed to instantly notice as we walked in.

“Lily pad!” James’ eyes lit up as he jumped from the couch.

Lily’s expression immediately fell as he bounded over. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how love struck James looked. In a way, it was cute.

“What do you want Potter.” She snapped.

“How are you this wonderful morning Lily pad?” he gave her a side grin.

“It was fine until you interrupted it.” She pushed him aside as she began dragging me towards the exit.

“Oi! That’s our girl you’re dragging!” Sirius shouted at her as she was successful in pulling me out of the portrait.

“I’m sorry about them.” She apologized as the portrait closed. “You really don’t have to be friends with them. Believe me, they wont notice after awhile.”

“I find them amusing.” I shrugged. “A lot different from people back home. Which is a good thing.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Alright then. Well at least let me introduce you to the girls, so you have an alternative.”

I smiled. “Sounds good.”

She returned a pure white smile before leading me down an unfamiliar hall. I couldn’t help but let my mind wander to this morning as she pulled me along.




I groaned as I opened my eyes and peered at the watch on my wrist. 6 in the morning. The last time I woke up this early was on the plane over to Europe. Lets just say it wasn’t a pleasant morning. Emily and Allison were very unfortunate to be sitting on either side of one grumpy girl. This morning didn’t seem any different. Well, maybe minus the fact that I had a mission to get on. Well not as much as a mission as I was told to see Dumbledore early in the morning. I figured if I woke up around now, it would give me enough time to throw on half decent clothes and find someone to take me to his office. Though as I began to get out of the rather comfortable bed, I realized something. Who in their right mind, other than me (which really, I wasn’t at all in the right mind anyways) would be up at this god-forsaken time? I never really let that process through my thoughts last night. But in my defence, I was tired after spending half the night reading. And if you knew me, it would be rather treacherous.

But nonetheless, I thought it important to try and catch up on everything I missed the past 6 years. It wasn’t easy let me just say that. I tried reading Hogwarts: A History but that became boring after the first ten chapters. It still had like 20 to go. At least I got through a third of it. Props for me. I began indulging in first year charms I believe it was. That just became confusing. I leafed through the potions text for seventh year, but came to the conclusion that this was the reason I never took chemistry in high school. Defence against the Dark Arts was interesting I had to admit; I was excited to actually learn it. A book on astronomy was intriguing, as I was one to always like stargazing. Divination just seemed like a hoax, and history of magic just clarified why I never liked history in my life. There were some other books and all, but really, by the time I had looked at the previous ones, it was 3 in the morning as I was about to die of sleepiness.

I was sort of regretting staying up so late now. Especially since I just realized that while I was going through my book list in my head, I had put on my t-shirt backwards. I growled to myself as I proceeded to put it on the right way before grabbing a zip up sweater and throwing it on. All right, the whole clothes issue went well, for the most part anyways. Now the whole finding my way around this huge castle. That one seemed a bit harder. So I sighed and left the room, careful not to wake up any of the other sleeping girls. Actually, to be honest, they seemed nothing like the girls back home. They were all really welcoming as they came in last night before going off to sleep. Maybe I wouldn’t hate them after all. But right, back to the task at hand.

After almost falling down the stairs, I found myself in the common room, and surprised to find Remus lazily picking up a book from a bookcase off to the side. I raised an eyebrow as to why he was up so early, but then quickly scratched that as I realized I just found someone to show me where I was supposed to go. So I gently coughed, just loud enough to gain his attention, but not too much to startle the poor guy. It seemed to work quite well as he turned and smiled as he saw me.

“Your up early.” He mused as he put the book back of the shelf and wandered over to where I stood behind the couch.

He leaned casually on it as he stuffed his hands into dark grey slacks. I noticed he was wearing a white t-shirt with a button up shirt opened loosely over it. I had to admit, he looked rather handsome. Not that I really cared at all. Right? Though, I was a 17 year old girl, it wasn’t like it was against the law to find someone attractive. Especially a friend. I mean hell…there was David, Mike, Matt…. okay, way to many crushes on friends. Oh dear, he’s looking at me weirdly. Definitely not a good start.

“Alright?” he raised an eyebrow.

I nodded with a small smile. “Sorry, I sometimes just let my thoughts get the better of me. I’m one of those daydreamer people.”

He nodded with a toothy smile. “Completely acceptable.”

I chuckled.

“So, so excited for class that you couldn’t sleep?” he assumed.

“Oh god no.” I let slip. “Well, yeah I’m excited, but I would have rathered more sleep. Actually, I could sleep about five to ten more hours right about now. Screw it; a whole day of sleep would be great. I’m rambling aren’t I? I tend to do that. Not my happiest habit to be honest. I really need to get a hold on that. I’m still doing it aren’t I?”

Remus starred at me incredulously as I stopped to gain a few breaths of air. I scratched the back of my neck as I laughed weakly. After a moment of us just starring at one another, Remus burst out laughing. I frowned. I mean really, rambling is more like an incurable disease, and here he was laughing about it. Hmph!

“S-sorry.” he apologized with a goofy grin as he composed him self, using the couch to keep him upright.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Hey, I was always one to believe in laughing in yourself sometimes.

“No worries. I know how ridiculous I sound half the time.”

He grinned at me.

“Anyways, to actually answer your question, I’m supposed to go to Dumbledore’s office this morning. But I actually don’t know where it is, so I figured if I woke up early I’d have enough time to get lost.”

He nodded. “I could take you there if you’d like.”

My face brightened at the offer.

“That would be great actually. If you don’t mind or anything.”

“Its no trouble. I’m rather bored anyways.” He shook his head with a smile. “Come on.”

“Thanks a lot Remus. I appreciate it.” I returned the smile as he led me from the room.

“Its no big deal really.” He assured me. “Its actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.”

“I don’t think I ever will.” I glanced around at the portraits and stairways, utterly confused at everything.

“It just takes time.” He glanced over at me. “If it helps, I got lost multiple times in the first week of first year.”

“That makes me feel oh so much better.” I replied sarcastically while rolling my eye.

“Sorry.” he chuckled.

“So guess what I’ve just decided!”

Remus raised an eyebrow.

“Your totally going to be my official tour guide!”

He chuckled. “Do I get paid for this?”

“No. I suggested a money payment, but you insisted on just being a good friend.” I grinned.

“I sound like a very noble guy.”

“You really are.”

“You’re an odd one you know that?”

“I’m Canadian, course I’m odd.” I laughed. “Too be honest, your not all that normal either.”

“True.” He agreed. “So what do you need to see Professor Dumbledore for?”

“Oh, for this and that.” I shrugged.

“Very informative.”

“I know eh.” I sent him a grin before I found us stopping in front of a statue of a gargoyle.

“Here we are.” He nodded at the statue. “Do you know the password?”

I nodded.

“Do you want me to wait for you?” he offered.

“No, that’s alright. I’m sure to find my way back.”

“You sure?”


“Well, if you get lost, just ask someone. Or a portrait. Or a ghost. They’re actually rather helpful.”

I laughed. “I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks again Remus.”

He flashed me a charming smile. “No problem. See you at breakfast.”

I waved as he turned and headed back up the staircase we just descended from. A smile landed on my lips as I watched him walk away. I admit, I allowed my gaze to stay on him for a few moments. I’m of the female gender, what do you really expect? Sheesh.

“Password” a deep voice behind me spoke.

I jumped and turned around, only to spot no one but an angry looking statue. Wait a minute; the statue was glaring at me before. Wait a minute…a statue cant glare! This place was definitely getting to me.

“Password.” It spoke again, a bit irritated this time.

“Lemon drop.” I stated hesitantly.

I could feel its glare on me for a moment before it finally moved, showing off a winding staircase. I raised my eyebrow at it before shrugging and beginning to walk up it. After a nice short journey, in which I had a few portraits insult me rather rudely for waking them up with my loud walking (it wasn’t that loud really), I reached the top, in which stood a large stone door. I crinkled my nose in thought before raising my hand to knock. However, before I could even touch the door, a voice sounded from the other side.

“Come right in Ms. Rhines.”

I wasn’t even going to question how that old man knew I was standing outside his office. I just shrugged the oddity off before opening the door, and becoming awed at the spectacle of the office. To be honest, I’ve never been to the office of the principle at school. Yes, I was always that good student that never did wrong. But I do believe, that even if I did make a regular visit there, their office would look nothing like this. It was absolutely huge! Every inch of the walls were adorned with portraits peering down at me with curious glances. There was bookshelf after bookshelf beneath them, little trinkets lying upon them. And his desk! I didn’t know how anyone could work under all that clutter. Well, I’m sure it wasn’t clutter, but as I recognized nothing on the surface of the wooden desk, I assumed it was.

“Ah, Ms. Rhines.” Dumbledore peered over his spectacles at me, his blue eyes sparkling. “I hope you had a wonderful night.”

I nodded, too much in awe to make a fully functioning sentence.

“Do have a seat.” He motioned to a plush purple chair in front of his desk.

I slowly walked over, watching the portraits watch me as I did so. I softly sat in one of the comfortable chairs, and had to admit that it was indeed rather pleasant. Yes, my bottom was definitely feeling like royalty in this seat. And I can’t believe I just thought that.

“Were you able to find your way around alright?” he asked as he clasped his hands on top of his desk, his eyes peering at me in a friendly matter.

I nodded again, finally finding my voice this time. “Remus was nice enough to help me out.”

“Ah yes, Mr. Lupin does have a kind heart.” He nodded. “Did you find any of your readings helpful?”

“Confusing is more like it.” I sighed.

“I believe the muggle saying is ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. A witch’s knowledge isn’t completed in a single night my dear. It will take time. That is why you have tutors. And why I would like to see you a few times a month to help you along.”

I nodded. “You said something about robes in the letter you sent me sir.”

“Ah yes, thank you for reminding me. This old mind of mine cant keep a single thought straight anymore.” A smile appeared on his lips. “Yes, I believe Madam Malkin shall be here any moment to take your measurements.”

I raised an eyebrow but didn’t question the man. I found it easier just to smile and nod. Or else, that’s what had worked for me in previous situations. Not that I’ve ever sat in an office of a school of magic before or anything. But you can catch the drift.

“Lemon drop while we wait?” he offered kindly.

“No thank you.” I couldn’t help but hear my mothers voice lecture me about not taking candy from strangers. I believe I let out a small chuckle, only earning me an amused look from Dumbledore.

It was then during the silence when I drew my attention to a certain matter.


“Yes Ms. Rhines.”

“If I’m here, won’t people back in my world be looking for me?”

“Ah yes, I believe they would.” He nodded.


“No need to worry about that now Ms. Rhines.” He held up a hand to stop me. “That will be discussed at a latter date.”

I wanted to continue questioning, but by the look I was being given, I had a feeling I should just let it drop. For now that is.

A/N: Chapter Four finally up.  the chapters should be coming more frequent as I've already edited each one. all i have to do is get a nice chapter image made for them and then bang bang, they should go up quite easily. thanks for the reviews. hope you all enjoying. i'm totally into this story :)

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