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“Why is the ball being held in Cannes?” Hermione asked Gabriella. They were shopping for a dress for Gabriella and Hermione could finally see what Gabriella’s favoured hobby was. She had already bought three pairs of shoes, a new dress robe made of finest silk, lots of jewellery and unknown presents for her and Draco. 

“Because Cannes is a glamorous city and it’s easier to hold a magical ball there than in Paris. The population of Cannes is considerably lower than that of Paris. Although there does seem to be lots of muggles around, especially at this time of year.” Gabriella replied. 

That would be the Cannes Film Festival, Hermione thought and her heart gave a feeble lurch at the thought of all the muggle celebrities. She was never the one to get excited about celebrities, that position was taken by Lavender Brown. 

“Are you sure getting Draco and Jasper to play with the French international Quidditch team was a good idea?” she asked unsurely. Whilst Hermione and Gabriella were out shopping, Gabriella had arranged for Draco and Jasper to go train with the French international Quidditch team. Her brother was an assistant coach there and easily gave her permission. 

“Of course it was. They’ll get to know each better.” Gabriella said dismissively with a wave of her hand. 

“Yes, but they’re both very competitive. If they get into a game, I hope they’re not half-dead by the end of it. Draco is a sore loser.” Hermione bit her lips nervously. 

“Hermione, relax. Forget Draco, forget Jasper, forget everything and just shop. Now, what do you think of this cute little dress?” 

And so she did. She forgot Draco, she forgot Jasper and just had fun buying lots of presents for her friends back home. Gabriella didn’t like any of the dresses she saw on the high street and preceded to go into a designer muggle shop. “I’ve always thought muggle clothes were nicer than the things we wear. I quite favour this shop.” 


Draco stared in the mirror and adjusted his bow tie for what seemed the hundredth time. He would’ve liked the tuxedo if the tie weren’t trying to suffocate him. He breathed deeply and ran a hand through his hair before going down to the drawing room where Jasper and Gabriella were sat. 

Gabriella looked stunning, almost angelic, in a beautiful long white dress that fell to the floor, accentuating her willowy figure attractively and twinkled with several diamante patterns. Her long blonde hair was pulled up at the back in an elegant up-do whilst a delicate diamond headband sat amongst the blonde tresses. She had very little makeup on, her natural beauty shinning through and the only evident makeup that she was wearing was a sweep of lip-gloss that made her lips glimmer in the light. She was giving off an angelic golden glow that beautified everything it fell on. 

“You look stunning,” he smiled at her. She smiled happily and replied, “You don’t look too bad yourself.” 

Draco turned to Jasper and stared at him. He was sure many females would be drooling after him tonight. He looked handsome and debonair in a black tuxedo similar to Draco’s. 

“Is Hermione still not ready?” he asked. 

“Draco, you know she hardly goes to events like this like the rest of us do. Give her some time.” 
He sat down in an armchair and stared into the fire, waiting. Would she look as good as she had done on their visit to the Eiffel Tower? He had finally given her his mother’s dress to wear, which quite conveniently, was black. If she looked half as good as Gabriella did, he would be more than content.

Gabriella went to check on Hermione and when she did come back, a mischievous smile swam across her lips. She stood with her back to the double door, her arm extending gracefully.  
“Gentlemen, I proudly present, Miss Hermione Granger!” she pulled the doors open and stepped aside. 

Draco’s breath hitched in his throat and Jasper stood up, a hungry gleam in his eyes. Hermione stood there, coy and beautiful in the doorway. The dress fell to the floor, a perfect compliment of satin and lace, contrasting delectably against her pale skin and accentuating her lissom body delightfully. Her cheeks were rosy, eyes wide and glittering, and her teeth nervously biting on the lips shining in the light. Most of her hair was pulled back into a loose design, the remaining dark curls falling at the back of her neck and Draco could only imagine how provocative her neck must look. 

“Hermione, you look gorgeous.” Gabriella beamed and looked pointedly at Draco and Jasper. 

Jasper recovered first. He moved towards Hermione and bent to kiss her cheek. “You look so beautiful,” he breathed, his lips lingering on her cheek and moving to her ear before pulling back, his eyes smouldering. Hermione closed her eyes and savoured the warmth of his lips on her skin and once he pulled back, she said quietly, “You look very handsome. I’m lucky to have you as my date.” 

Her eyes then flickered to Draco, stood by the fire and her pulse quickened, her breath catching in her throat. His pale skin and platinum hair were contrasting perfectly against the black of his tuxedo and he looked so much more beautiful than she had cared to notice. 

“You look…nice” she said meekly. 

 “Thank you. So do you.” 

Understatement, his mind snickered. He watched with growing envy as Jasper gave Hermione a black corsage and helped her put it on and she allowed him to kiss her again and he noticed how Jasper’s lips moved much too quickly from her cheek to the corners of her mouth. 
“Shall we go then?” Gabriella asked placidly. 

“Yes, please.” Hermione replied. Draco went over to take hold of Gabriella’s hand so he could apparate alongside her to the right venue. He closed his eyes as not to see Jasper take hold of Hermione’s hand and soon he felt his breathing being constricted, meaning that they were Apparating. And as quickly as it had come, the constricting sensation faded and they stopped, his feet on solid ground. He turned to look around him and saw himself in the reception area of a large and beautiful building, several large, golden and magnificent chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling. Through the glass doors he could see the harbour outside, several lights reflected in the black water and he smiled against himself. He had always found that harbours were beautiful, calming places to be at, especially at night. 

They went into the large assembly hall and glanced round in amazement. It was a great hall and had been decorated lavishly for the event. The walls seemed to be made of solidified metallic glitter so that they were reflected in them, oddly distorted. The tables had been decorated in silver and white and magnificent chandeliers, similar to the ones in the reception, although black in colour, hung from the ceiling. And of course, everyone else was wearing black and white and that was decoration enough in itself. 
“This is beautiful,” Hermione whispered to Jasper. 

“Not as beautiful as you.” He replied with a smile. Hermione felt some red colour her cheeks, but she managed to keep her blush in check. She turned and saw Draco and Gabriella. They didn’t look as impressed as she felt; clearly they had been to numerous other soirees to not be as impressed as Hermione and possibly ones much more extravagant. Draco grabbed a glass of champagne from a nearby platter held by a waiter and sipped, sophistication oozing from every one of his little movements. 

Gabriella was simply looking around radiating so much beauty; it was almost painful to look at. Several young men and even some older wizards were eyeing her lasciviously and she suddenly felt a little protective. She did not want Gabriella to speak to those who were clearly after more than just her company. 

“Would you care to dance?” Jasper asked, bowing suavely and extending a hand to her. She smiled and set her hand in his and felt his warm fingers wrap themselves around her hand protectively. 

“It would be my pleasure.” 

She settled her other hand on his chest whilst his arm rested at her waist. Slowly they moved around the floor, Jasper whispering several compliments in her ear and cracking jokes that made her giggle, some quite rude. 
“I’m sorry I haven’t been spending as much time with you as I should have. I was just busy at times and confused most of the time.” She apologized regretfully, realizing how much she had missed him. 

“That’s quite all right. I understand. I’ll miss you once you go back to England. Why don’t you come back here over the summer holiday?” he replied, dropping her hand and wrapping his arms around her waist. Hermione bought her hands to his shoulders, pulling him closer. She loved this, feeling this close with him and she’d loved the times he had kissed her, evoking a warm, pleasurable glow in her but she also loved what Draco did to her. She sighed. 

“For you, I’d come here every holiday.” She smiled. 

He smiled an uneven, devastating smile that left Hermione breathless before he leaned in and captured her lips with his in a slow, deliberate kiss. Hermione kissed him back, her hands curling round the back of his neck and lost herself in the sweetness of his lips. Ecstasy overtook her body and she moaned into his mouth, pulling him closer, her hands running through his hair wildly. 

Have you gone insane! There are hundreds of people here and Draco is probably watching you! Her mind screamed ridiculously loud whilst she tried to enjoy Jasper’s kisses but when she heard it and fully took it in, she gently, slowly and unwillingly pulled away, hoping not to hurt Jasper. She tiptoed and whispered in his ear, “I’ll miss you too. A lot.”  The words were true, but she took the opportunity to steal a glance around and find Draco. He was talking with an official looking wizard and didn’t seem like he had noticed anything, but Gabriella had. She met Hermione’s gaze and scowled, nodding in the direction of Draco. Hermione grimaced and half-shrugged as to say, ‘What could I do?’ 

“Would you like something to drink?” Jasper asked, breaking her train of thought. Hermione planted herself firmly back on her feet and smiled, “That would be perfect.” And she kissed his ear before he went, inhaling the smell of his neck deeply. Jasper left, and she stood there looking around at the dancing couples, whilst lost in deep thought. 

I shouldn’t be doing this, toying with their emotions. Both of them. She thought with a deep sigh. She liked Draco, even though it would never work out between them and Jasper just made her feel so special and he was so nice and…uncomplicated. Perhaps if she waited to get back to England, then things would return to normal between her and Draco and when she came back here to visit Jasper, she would yield herself to him? It seemed like a satisfactory route to take but she was still unsure. 

Jasper returned with two glasses of champagne and they slowly made their way out of the hall towards the harbour. Hermione watched the lights of the city reflected in the dark water; this was perfect. 
“It’s beautiful here.” Hermione sighed. 

“It is.” Jasper agreed and sipped on his glass. 

“You know, despite all my time here, I’ve never really gotten to know you that well.” Hermione mused. 

“Really?” he was amused and it showed in his velvet voice. 

“Really. Okay, so what is your middle name?” 


“March 10th.”

“Okay. Favourite colour?” 


“Apart from healing?”

“Yes, apart from healing,” she chuckled. 

“Quidditch, Piano and I speak three other languages.” 
“Quite talented then. Weaknesses?” 

Jasper considered this for a while before replying, “Falling for pretty English girls by the name of Hermione Granger.” 

Hermione threw her glass into the water and turned to look at him, her breath catching in her throat. She’d almost forgotten how exquisite he was, but now, his face basked in moonlight… without realizing what she was doing; she leaned in and initiated a deep, slow kiss. He responded, kissing her back hungrily, fingering her hair and his tongue darted out to meet hers in a battle for dominance. She moaned into his mouth, her hands travelling underneath his jacket before they curved round his shoulders to pull him closer. His mouth left hers to kiss her jaw and neck and she moaned again. It was hard to compare who kissed better, Jasper or Draco. 

After a few minutes of feverish kissing, they pulled back panting heavily, sweat beads on their foreheads, their lips swollen. 

“I think we should go in, they’ll be wondering where we’ve gotten to.” Hermione said breathlessly. Jasper nodded and Hermione made to turn and walk in but he pulled her back, kissing her fully on the mouth for a minute before pulling back, leaving her even more breathless. 

“If I’m not going to kiss you for a while, at least that will help me get through.” He said and took her hand pulling her in. “Fix your hair a little,” he muttered to her. His hands had done a poor job of ruining her hairstyle but it still looked mussed up. Immediately, Gabriella rushed to greet them. 

“Where were you?” she asked. Her voice was friendly, but her eyes narrowed suspiciously at Hermione. 

“We just went for a walk by the harbour,” Jasper lied expertly. 

“Okay,” Her eyes flickered to their entwined fingers and she immediately turned to Jasper and said, “Jasper, would you like to dance?” 

Jasper turned to Hermione and she shrugged, “I don’t mind.” 

He let go of her hand and walked away with Gabriella to the floor. Hermione was left to stand there, staring round at the hall and its occupants once more. A gentle tap on her shoulder made her turn around. It was Draco. He bowed and extended his hand to her. This must be some sort of tradition amongst the rich young men when they asked girls to dance with them at soirees. 

“May I have this dance, Miss Granger?” he asked in his smoothest voice. Surprised but delighted, Hermione curtsied and set her hand in his. 

“It would be my pleasure, Mister Malfoy.” 

He smirked, happy that she was playing along and settled his hand at her waist and they comfortably swayed to the music, travelling round the floor. 

“Do you remember the Yule Ball in our fourth year?” she asked softly, unaware that the song had ended and was now drifting into a slower melody. 

“Yes, But for all the wrong reasons.” He sighed. 

“Let me guess…Parkinson?” she presumed impishly.

“Pretty much, yes. So, where’d you get off to with Lesair a few minutes ago?” he asked casually but there was an edge to his voice. 

“Just a walk around the harbour,” Hermione said in what she hoped was a nonchalant voice, but her burning cheeks were starting to betray her. She screamed for her brain to tame the blush and it did, leaving her cheeks rosy.  

“Who were you talking with earlier?” she asked, not wanting him to interrogate her further. 
“Just an old family friend. You know, this isn’t so bad really,” he chuckled. 
“It isn’t, you’re right. I can’t believe we’re going back to England tomorrow.” 

He shrugged. Her arm was getting tired of being held at the side, so she dropped it out of his hand and snaked her arms around his neck whilst his travelled to her waist and he pulled her closer. She felt his taut chest against her body and she sighed, content. It was amazing how her body seemed to mould perfectly into his.

“This is probably the last time that we’ll get to be us,” he sighed. 

“Us?” Hermione asked, confused. 

“You know…this. When we return to England, they’re going to expect us to hate each other again and if we get along they’ll think something happened, which in turn will lead to rumours, which will reach my aunt and then we’ll be dead.” He said cheerfully. Hermione snickered, aware of how true and ironic it all was. She stared up into his crystalline grey eyes and melted; they were warm, warmer than she had ever seen them before, almost smouldering. 

“What happened to our ‘nasty indiscretions’?” she pouted and he chuckled. 

“You want to continue with our ‘shortcomings’ back in England?” 

“Why not?” 

“Oh, only for a million and one reasons that I could name but just can’t be bothered to.” 
They remained silent for another short while, just comfortable with the intimacy. Draco stared down at her, drinking in her beauty and he remembered something. 

“You know, I never really got to tell you how gorgeous you look tonight. I think nice was a bit of an understatement.” He breathed into her ear, pulling her close. She felt his warm breath on her skin and shivered with pleasure. 

“Yes, it was. You don’t look nice, you look charming and…” she was aware the song had ended and broke free of his hold before tiptoeing to breathe her final word. “Irresistible.” 
And then she walked away, leaving him gaping after her. Was this really Hermione Granger, muttering to him that he was irresistible? He pinched himself. It hurt. This was real. Chuckling to himself, he made his way across the floor, dodging several waltzing couples before he moved out of the hall, out of the assembly foyer and out onto the harbour. He walked round, lost in thought. This was his last night being himself with Hermione and he was wasting it watching Lesair flirting with her. He could see why she would like Jasper; he was not blind. Jasper was charming, rich, handsome and didn’t care about the purity of blood or his family’s status…Jasper was uncomplicated. He was jealous of how Jasper could get any girl he wanted, regardless of her blood and class. And Jasper wanted Hermione.
He could hear voices getting louder and louder as he approached a corner. One of them was familiar: Jasper’s voice. A twinge in his stomach told him to stay still and listen carefully. He pressed himself against the wall of the building, taking note of every word being said. When he finally understood what the topic of discussion was, only a wave of pure fury kept him rooted to his spot.

A/N: I realized that I hadn’t been putting much focus on Hermione and Jasper’s relationship even though it is there and there is chemistry between the two. Hermione has kissed Jasper before but I just haven’t written it before. Reviews are very much appreciated. I made a meet the author page at the forums so if you guys have any questions, then I'd be happy to answer =)


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