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Stacy looked unsure as to what to say about the name she got.

"What? Who do you have?" I asked her.

"I have to kiss a Hufflepuff." She said.

"Ha ha. Which one?" Daina asked.

"James Harris." She said.

"Well, he is really cute." Jill said tring to make her feel better.

"To tell you the truth, if I weren't dating Draco I would so date him." Pansy said.

"Yes. Whatever. Let's go find him. He's on patrol right now." I said.

We walked around the hall untill we turned a cornor next to the libary. We saw James
walking towards us. James is really cute. He is 5' 10", very muscular, plays quittage,
has light brown hair, and blue eyes. Overall, practicly every girl loves him. But he
isn't a player like Draco. We walked up to him while he was telling a first year something. After the first year ran away, he tuned to us.

"Well, well, if it isn't the girl who can't patrol." He told me.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever Jammes. Do you know my sister Stacy?" I asked him.

"Yes, I do." He said.

"Well, she's got something for you." I told him.

"Oh yeah. Like what?" He asked.

"Like this." Stacy said and kissed him.

At first, he looked like he had just seen a goast. Then, he got into it. After a few minutes they pulled away from each other.

"What was that for?" James asked.

"I just wanted to do what every girl in this school dreams of." Stacy said.

"Ok." He said and walked away.

"I can't belive he fell for that." Pansy said.

"Yeah, well I couldn't think of anything to say." Stacy said with a laugh.

"Well, this should be interesting. Pansy its your turn." I said holding out the bag of names.

"Do I have to?" She asked with a puppy dog pout.

"You know the rules Pansy. Once you start the game you have to finish." I said.

"Fine." She said and pulled a name.

If we thougt Pansy was mad. Man, were we wrong. When she read the name she looked like she could kill.

"Who you got?" Jill asked.

"I got.......Harry." She said.

Thank god all I had in my mouth was gum. But, I swallowed that when she said who she had to kiss. After I choked for a good 20 seconds. I stared at her.

"And you said something about me having to kiss Seamus. Ha. And what are you gonna say if you have to kiss him in front of Draco?" I asked.

"I don't know." She said.

"Well, lets go look for him." Stacy said.

We walked out of the dungens and into the great hall. Harry was there. He was having a row with Draco. I looked at all the girls. We pushed everyone out of the way so we could be right next to them. After listening to them yell at each other for a good 5 minutes, with no end in sight I decided to take action. I walked inbetween them.

"Will you two please stop actin like two year olds for like a second. Pansy needs you Harry." I said like it was normal. I think Draco caught what was really going on because when Pansy walked up to Harry he looked like he would kill if she would
really kiss him. Pansy turned back to me and all I did was stare at her. She new the rules, and I new her. She would kill before she would have to get a pimple she couldn't get rid of. She turned back to Harry and kissed him. When she pulled away she looked at Draco, waiting for him to yell. Suprizingly, he didn't yell. He just looked like he would.

Next thing I new I was being draged backto the dungoens by Draco. He grabed me by one arm and had Pansy with  the other.

"Uhhh....Draco. Where are you taking us?" I asked, kind of scared.

"Back to the common room. You two will tell me whats going on here." He said.

I heard the other girls running to keep up with him. When we got back to the common room he put me and Pansy on the couch and he sat on the table. The other girls came in and sat down.

"Now, what are you all playing?" He asked. I figured that it would be best if I told him a little of the truth.

"We are playing a game. But that is all I am telling you." I said.

"Fine, Pansy tell me why you kissed Harry." He said. You could here the hate in his voice.

She looked at me and I raised an eyebrow. Then she looked at Draco.

"I kissed him because it was part of the game." She said.

"Really, well, what ever." He said. He got up to walk away then he turned back and looked at Pansy.

"By the way. It's over." He said. We all gasped. I didn't think he would give up that easly.

"Ok." Pansy said. She looked kind of sad but then she had this weird look on her face.

"Pansy are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah. Just because he broke up with me doesn't mean I will cry over him. Let's keep playing. Jill, it's your turn." She said.

We just kind of all looked at each other for a little while, then Jill pulled a name.

"I got....."

A/N: Sorry about the long wait but I had my other story in waiting and it wouldn't let me put up this one too. Hope you liked it.
Tell me what you think so I can try and improve. Lots of Love......BNB.

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