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i guess i should say: i don't own harry potter or any of the characters you recognize! thanks for reading!


The next morning, Sunday morning, Sirius wandered down to the Great Hall with James, Remus and Peter. Serena was still soundly asleep in his bed, the smile on her face made it impossible for him to wake her. He would bring her some food from the kitchens later on, if she were hungry. Whatever she wanted, he would give it to her. She had been through so much, she seemed so alone, and she needed him. Sirius thought to himself. He would gladly be there for her, whenever she needed him.

When he entered the Great Hall, it was just as Serena said it would be. One could sense the rumors flying. Sirius spotted his brother, Regulus at the Slytherin table. He stormed over, flagged by his friends. Lilly Evans sat at the Gryffindor table with Alice Franklin, shaking her head.

“Did you hear the rumors, Lil?” Alice asked. Lilly shook her head; she didn’t keep up with gossip. “Well, you know Serena, she’s our roommate. She went out with Regulus Black all last year and they broke up this year. Supposedly, now she’s shagging Sirius.”

Lilly snorted. She had been roommates with Serena for five years. Serena was always different, with a more laid back and carefree attitude. It had surprised Lilly when Serena started dating Regulus until she realized that Serena saw him as a boy, not as a Slytherin, not as a Black. He was just a guy, a cute one at that.

Lilly envied the way that Serena had lazily avoided the Marauders for the past five years. It was something that Lilly herself could never do because of James Potter and his stupid OBSESSION with her. Serena was gorgeous; Lilly didn’t understand why one of the boys hadn’t tried to hit on her earlier. Lilly looked over at James where he stood behind Sirius. While he was attractive, and the whole school raved about how charming and friendly he was, there was no way she was going to fall down and kiss his feet any time soon.

Suddenly, Lilly remembered something. Friday night in the Common Room. The party had been fun, but not as fun as the ones that the Marauders usually organized. She was retiring to her bed when she passed James and his friends. Serena had been sitting with them, in between Sirius and Peter. She seemed highly intoxicated. Though Lilly believed the Marauders were all somewhat useless, save for Remus Lupin, she was impressed to see that all of them realized the state Serena had gotten herself into.

While Lilly and Remus tried to get Serena to retire to bed with Lilly, Serena politely but sternly refused, clinging to Sirius’ arm and raving about goblins and Alice Franklin. With a yawn, Lilly wandered off to her bed but she remembered that when she woke up the next morning, Serena was nowhere in sight. While Lilly had assumed that Serena had just gotten up early, something clicked in her mind when Serena awkwardly avoided her questions later that night.

However, Lilly Evans was not one for gossip. She nodded along to Alice’s story but kept her eyes focused on her food. She did scan the Hall quickly to see if she could spot Serena but the girl was nowhere to be found.

“REG!” Sirius yelled. Regulus Black looked up from his breakfast with a grin.

“Hello brother.” He smirked. Sirius felt his blood boil.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Talk then.” Regulus demanded. Sirius felt his face get red; he didn’t want to talk in front of the entire great hall. “Is it about that little slut?” Regulus prodded.

“SHUT UP!” Sirius yelled, pointing his wand at his brother. Regulus didn’t look at all surprised.

“Come on, Sirius. You can’t believe that you can actually have anything with her.” Regulus looked into his brother’s furious eyes, so much like his own. “I mean, from what I saw, she’s basically the female equivalent of you.”

“I didn’t think you were that kind of family, Reg.” James Potter spoke up, smirking. Sirius looked like he was about to kill someone, while Remus Lupin slid into the seat beside Lilly.

“’Ello Lil.” Remus said, cheerfully. Lilly nodded to him with a smile.

“Hello Remus. What’s going on over there?” Alice prodded the conversation. Remus turned to look at Sirius and James. He shrugged.

“Brothers, you know.”

“Serena told me something interesting last night, Sirius.” Regulus spoke up. Sirius glared at him.

“Oh yeah?”

”Yes, yes.”

“Well, that doesn’t mean you have to tell the whole school and ruin her reputation.” Sirius answered quickly. There he hadn’t denied it or lied about it. Regulus smirked.

“Too late.”

“You went out with her for a year, Reg, why are you messing with her like this?” James spoke up. Sirius still had his wand pointed directly at his brother’s forehead.

“Can you put that away, everyone knows you won’t use it.” Regulus said in a bored tone. “What can I say, Potter, I get certain qualities from my brother.” He turned to Sirius and smirked.

Suddenly Regulus was cast back across the hall, and fell to the ground in a full body bind. The Slytherins started yelling while the other houses seemed to cheer. Lilly, Remus and Alice quickly turned to see what the commotion was about. James slapped Sirius on the back, proudly.

“Excellent show of nonverbal spells, Padfoot!” He said cheerfully and dragged his friend to the empty seats near Remus.

“Hello there Lilly!” James smiled at her. Lilly rolled her eyes.


“Hey Alice!” James continued. Alice smiled at him, waiting for them to give her something she could report to all her friends. “Hey Mooney, did you see that over there?”

“I did.” Remus sighed. “But as a prefect, I’m going to pretend I didn’t.”

“What a pal.” James smiled. He looked over at his friend, only to see Sirius staring at the doors to the Great Hall.

“Pads? You okay?” James asked. Sirius continued staring, not speaking.


Serena had woken up to an empty bed, the events of last night flooding back to her. Next to the pillow was a note

Love, I’m at breakfast. I’ll be back soon.

She felt color rise to her cheeks. She quickly dashed out of the room and to her room to jump in the shower then run down to breakfast. She threw on a navy blue satin dress and her brown boots with a moth-holed sweater that once belonged to her older brother, Stephen.

She slowly began to walk down to the Great Hall, and she could hear a commotion inside. As she opened the door she saw Regulus Black fly across the hall in a full body bind while Sirius glared furiously at him, wand pointing. James Potter whooped in delight and Serena thought that Lilly Evan’s head was literally going to spin off judging on how fast she spun her head around.

She watched James and Sirius walk back to their table, while Bellatrix Black quickly, with a bored expression, helped her cousin. Serena shivered. When she had gone to the Black’s for New Years over Christmas Break Sirius was surprisingly not there, but Bellatrix and Narcissa Black were, along with their sister Andromeda. While Andromeda had always been nice to Serena, the other two girls gave her the creeps. Their strange blind loyalty seemed pathetic and weird.

She suddenly felt eyes on her. She looked up and saw Sirius staring at her where she stood in the doorway. She saw Regulus look up and glare at her.

SHIT. She thought to herself, turning around and slipping out of the Hall before anyone else noticed she was there.


“What are you looking at mate?” James asked Sirius, turning his eyes in the direction where Sirius was staring to see a closing door. Sirius didn’t say a word but rose and quickly exited the Great Hall.

As Serena wandered around the castle and found herself at the top of the astronomy tower. She sat there for a moment, thinking about what had been going on the past few days and thinking about what she would do in the next few months. She mused thoughtfully while playing with a frayed edge of her dress. With a flourish of her wand, she caused a small pack of French cigarettes to appear. She placed one between her lips and lit it with a lighter that was in her pocket.

“Ahem…” She heard someone clear their throat. Thinking it was a prefect; she quickly stubbed out her cigarette. Pity, she thought. To her complete surprise, it was one of the farthest things from a prefect.

Xeno Lovegood was currently stuck on the side of the Astronomy Tower. Due to a surprisingly advanced sticking charm. With his frizzy, white blonde hair and thick, brown-rimmed glasses that magnified his peculiar purple eyes – it was quite a sight to behold. Xeno was the “resident nutjob” at Hogwarts, a peculiar Ravenclaw whose two favorite subjects were Care of Magical Creatures and Astronomy. Most students steered clear of him, making remarks about his strange personality behind his back. Serena however, had befriended him when she noticed first year that he had the same color eyes as her. She had stopped hanging out with him when she started to go out with Regulus, the Slytherins were just too mean to him.

“Xeno! What are you doing?” Serena exclaimed, running over to the frazzled looking boy.

“Hello there, Serena! Well, you see, it’s quite a funny story actually. I was up here trying to finish up my star charts…”

“But, Xeno, it’s noon.” Serena stated. “The sun’s out.”

“Yes, I know that.” Xeno shushed her as best he could from his uncomfortable position on the wall. “I came here last night you see,” Serena gasped. “And unfortunately for me, I stumbled upon Bellatrix Black in a compromising position with none other then Lucuis Malfoy.”

Serena thought for a moment to take this in. Lucius was currently dating Bellatrix’s younger sister, Narcissa. And Bellatrix in return was dating a very peculiar boy by the last name of LeStrange. Serena’s head was muddled with a combined curiosity and disgust. And people were saying that she was slutty!?

“Ahem.. Serena, I know that it’s quite a mind-blower, but if – infact, you could perhaps help me down? This sticking charm is quite strong – Bellatrix is rather handy with her wand…” Xeno mumbled as he struggled to free himself. Serena gasped again and quickly ran towards her friend.

“Sorry about that.” She mumbled after she had freed him. Xeno smiled over at her and shook his head.

“Not a problem, if you hadn’t come up here I probably would have been stuck until the next Astronomy class!” He giggled peculariarly.

“Or until the next couple came up.” Serena mumbled, causing Xeno to laugh again.

“I suppose you’re right, one or the other.” He smiled. “Well, I don’t mean to be rude but I think it’s best I retire to my room. It was an awfully long night.” Serena smiled at him and handed him his forgotten star charts, that had fallen onto the ground.

“Hope you feel better!” She called after her retreating friend, who waved her goodbye.


so this chapter didn't really focus a lot on serena/sirius but don't worry! more to come! thanks for the reviews, they really mean a lot!

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