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A/N Sorry for the late update- I’ve been really busy. (Just turned 16!!!! Yay!) I know this chapter is a bit short, but I hope that you enjoy it anyways! 

The world was still as the sunrise painted the sky in vibrant oranges and reds. The rays reached beyond the trees and beyond the little village of Hogsmade onto a lone building. Well, one couldn’t really call it a building…or a house for that matter, for it had been long out of repair. 

No one had ever lived in it, but as far as legends go, It is said to be haunted by the most notorious monkey men ghosts who were headless and they screamed their heads off every full moon and sunrise and sporadically during the day because they never got the bananas that they wanted from the queen of monkeys. “But have no fear,” the villagers say to any newcomer, in this case a little kid with a brand new Lolli-pop from Honeydukes, “It’s just a rumor.” Then they wink all too innocently and whistle their way away.

Then the lolli fell to the ground as the boy went and screamed to his mommy what the mean man had told him.

The mother of the child shook her head disapprovingly in the mans direction and took her son’s hand. “I’ll just prove to you that this silly rumor isn’t true.” she cooed. 

The son’s eyes opened wide. “But momma, NO! The monkeys will EAT ME!!! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND??!?!?” he exclaimed, slapping his face with both hands and wailing..

The mother scolded him sharply. “Stop! You’re causing a scene!” and rolled her eyes as she trudged him along the pathway towards the shrieking shack. The child shrunk to the side of his mother, and deciding that struggling would sap his strength, and that strength he’d need later to run away from the cannibal monkeys, he decided to stop struggling and walk along with her.

Slowly and deviously the old, run down abode crept into view. The boy whimpered, whilst his mother rolled her eyes. She saw nothing wrong with the shack itself. They walked up to the barbed-wire fence that separated it from the world. She put one hand on it and surveyed the haunting, yet harmless looking residence.

The boy reached out to the fence, touched it, then shrank away. “Momma, if this place isn’t haunted, then why do they have this fence here?”

“To keep naughty little boys away.” she said to him, then muttered, “Stupid rumors about monkeys. Ridiculous.” she said indignantly.

“Momma.. You’re going to make them mad.”

“Oh shush. There is no such thing, I repeat, no such thing, as headless monkey men who got mad because they didn’t get their mangos.

Bananas--” the boy said, his sentence cut off by a slam of a shutter from the house. He tugged on his mother’s coat.. “Momma…I think you made them mad.”

She rolled her eyes once more as opened her mouth to reply when…

A violent chorus of shrieks erupted from the shack and the shutters began slamming violently. The couple looked at the house for a moment, then at each other. Then the chorus of shrieks coming from the house were joined by their own.

They couldn’t get out of there soon enough. The mother refused to stop running until they were back in the village. She huffed for air, her heart beating frantically. 

Her son looked at her with wide eyes. “Told you so.”

Sirius laughed as he watched the couple run away, tripping over their own feet. Ayra rolled her eyes as she rolled out of the bed, her hair disheveled. 

“You sure do set up a great damn wake-up call, Black.” she said sarcastically, rubbing her blue eyes open. “Next time we’re in a hotel together, remind me to set the alarm myself.” 

Sirius ignored her comment and continued on with his rantings. “You should have seen their faces, Woods!” he shot a grin her way.

She threw him a look. “ And you should see yours. There’s a mirror over there on the wall,” she said, gesturing to the silver plaque hanging forlornly, “But it’s already cracked. Sorry.” she finished, still irritated by his brilliant wake-up call.

“Oh right!” he said, a twinge of amusement in his voice, “You looked in it yesterday, didn’t you, little miss I-need-my-beauty-sleep.” he smiled cheekily and walked over to the window, yanking it open, sunshine hitting Ayra square in the eyes. She groaned.

 “Shut them back, Black. Besides, won’t you wake up Remus?” she said, pointing to the sleeping figure in the corner.

“Nope.” He replied, nonchalantly. “He’ll be out for a couple hours yet. Since, he’s transformed back into a human when the sun rose, he went straight to sleep. Being a werewolf isn’t exactly easy, you know.” he said happily.

“No, actually, I don’t know. I’ve always heard that it was a piece of cake.” she said. “If you don’t happen to remember, I was one last night.”

Sirius advanced towards her. “Yeah. I forgot. And it was stupid of you to do that.” he retorted.

“Well, just cause you aren’t genius enough or--”

“Don’t you dare insult my IQ. I’m very proud of it, and--”

“What IQ, Black? Oh!” she said, irritation mounting to the size of mount Everest, “You must be talking about your sub-zero IQ, you know, the one with that’s non-exista--”

“HA! You have room to talk?” he said accusingly, stepping closer to her. “Little-Miss-Phsyco who hugs insane trees- including one that stole my underpants last year! Anyone with an IQ of -900 would know not to go near that thing, besides--”

“Oh! And you should know not to go near it, because you’re IQ is -900? Tell me, Black, do you learn how to be so stupid from your little idiotic friends who wouldn‘t know a pigmy puff if it hit them in the face, or where you just born with--”

“For your information, I do know what a pigmy puff is, and they don’t go around hitting people in the face- in fact, they happen to be very cute.” He said, almost in an absurd way. “Another thing, don’t insult my friends, because they aren’t here to defe--”

“Defend themselves? HA. They sure have a great friend, who can’t even defend them. I wonder what your mother--”

“What about my mother?” Sirius said, his voice cutting her word short, her sentence lost, falling over the edge of a cliff that seemingly had no bottom. His tone became instantly chilled- loosing all the heat that it had just a moment before.

Ayra backtracked quickly. His reaction was not what she had expected. “I’m sorry,” she flustered slightly, “that was a low-blow, just forget that I ever said anyth--”

“Sorry?” he said quietly, stepping towards her. Ayra stepped back. He was getting too close. “You’re…sorry.” It was a statement in which sarcasm dripped from every syllable.

“Yes, Black, now could you please go back to norma-”

“Normal?” His head flew back as he let out a bark of laughter- filled with no warmth at all. “You’re sorry, and you’re asking me to be normal? Since when have I ever been normal? Since when have you ever been sorry?” He asked, incredulous.  Never.” he whispered that last word, taking another step towards her.

And thus began the great War of Thou-shall-not-Blink. Or you shall die. Game over.

Ayra, being the optimist that she was, took another step back to find her back at the wall. Crap. “Well, there’s always a first time for everything!” she said overly brightly, pushing some hope into her voice.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sleepwalking can’t save you now Ayra! You‘re dooooomed. said voice, happily rubbing the fact into Ego’s face.

Shut up Voice, this jealousy just has to stop. said Ego. Jealousy destroys lives.

I’m not jealous--

Yes you are.

Am not.

Are too.

Am. Not.

Are toooooooooo…..


Are NOT!


Ego grinned cheekily. Voice, if it had eyes, would have glared. This isn’t over Ego- Just you wait.

Ego smirked, but feel silent.

Sirius’s eyes probed her hopeful, but slightly challenging ones. He couldn’t go on any further. “How’s your back feeling?” he said softly.

Ayra was taken aback by the change of subject. “It’s fine, thanks to you--”

“And my sub-zero IQ?” he said, slightly amused, pushing back memories of the past. “Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” he said, pushing himself away from her and walking over to the window. Now is not the time to tell her. he thought. 

“It’s…fine?” she said, hesitantly, stepping towards him.

“I don’t speak with my mother anymore.” he said with no emotion, as if he was reading text from the dark-arts book for class. “I severed all connections when I turned 15. I’m living with James over the summer.” he said plainly.

Ayra’s brain tripped over this information. “I’m…so sorry.” she said, unsure of what to say.

His neck snapped her direction, and his eyes looked straight through her. “You’re never sorry.” he said, then broke the gaze and stared back out the window. “You’re never sorry, you don’t care about what you say to anyone, and you could give less than a shit about anyone outside of your little posse, and you do things that are unreasonable and irresponsible--”

“Irresponsible?!” Ayra said indignantly, her tone disbelieving of what he was saying. “Are you kidding me?”

“And you still act like you’re perfect.” his gaze flew from the mirror to hers, and once again he was advancing in her direction, but Ayra stood her ground. He continued, “I wonder, Ayra,” he said in a tone that degraded her name to a mere grain of sand from the dune that it really was, “What your mother thinks about you.” 

Ayra’s face blanched, until her cheeks were the only part of her face in which color resided. 

“So you can dish out the heat, but you can’t take it, can you Woods?” he said, taking another step forward.

“I…You…my parents..” Ayra stumbled- stunned that he would attack her family…her non existent family. She opened her mouth to get a word in when she looked at his lips for help…a big mistake on her part.

Sirius looked at her, as she stumbled for an answer, a comeback, but couldn’t think of one. He held her gaze until it dropped slightly…To his lips. Sirius felt a rush of heat course through his body. Her eyes came back to him, slightly dazed. He looked at her lips, tilted his head slightly, and leaned in.

Ayra turned her head quickly, his lips brushed her cheek. Her gaze snapped at him, she put her hands on his chest and pushed him away. “You were never normal.” she said, vengeance lacing her words with a sharp edge. “You only cared about your ‘boys’ and the next way you could get Severus into the girls loo and lock him there until some poor helpless girl found him. Then you would throw dung bombs at him when he walked through the door- ruining his homework for the next week. You don’t care about all the girl’s hearts you break- you don’t care about anything. You never did and you never will.” she finished, turning her head from him and leaning against the edge of the broken piano. “I pity you.” 

Sirius said the only thing he could think of. “And I hate you.”

Ayra’s gaze snapped back to him. “Are you telling me that? Or are you trying to convince yourself?” she retorted, pulling out a slip of paper from her jean pocket. It was slightly bloody, but other than that in perfect repair. He looked at it curiously. 

“What’s that?”

Ayra looked at him nonchalantly, and smirked. “It’s a list.”

“A list of what?” he asked, patience growing thin.

“Things that you are, things that you do, that contribute to why I dislike you severely. Happy Idiot day.” she said, handing it to him. “Thought you’d enjoy a present on the day that the globe has dedicated to you.”

Sirius barked a laugh again, and smirked cruelly. “You were just a game to me, Woods.” he said, cause her fierce grin to walk straight off her face. “Don’t you see?” he continued, “You were my little bit of entertainment.” he said, black humor coursing through his voice. “A game. And while I do admit that it was fun, it’s simply boring me now, I think I’ll go get a new one.”

Ayra pushed herself off the piano and stepped towards him until she was nose-to-nose with him. The slap echoed through the house, a sharp, cutting sound. “I hate you Sirius Black.” she said, pushing him into the wall. “Hate you.”

And she promptly walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her. He put a hand to his cheek, on which a red mark was blossoming like a rose of summer. A mischievous gleam lit up his eyes….

Time to move to phase two of The Plan.

Ayra fumed as she walked into the Hog’s Head and ordered a butter beer. She drummed her fingers impatiently as she waited for the waiter to bring it in. How could he just go and say that? After he tried to kiss me!?! she thought, infuriated. She let out a frustrated sigh and took a sip of the butter beer that had just appeared on her table. He asked for it. She said, justifying herself, and taking another sip of her delicious drink.

She mused further on their conversation, and found that even though it was productive, she really learned nothing new about him…except for his family life. She finished off her third butter beer, paid the cashier and walked back to the shrieking shack, ducking under the barbed wire fence to enter the grounds.

She walked through to door to….silence. A single piece of paper resting on the paino caught her eye. She walked over to it and picked it up, unfolding it so she could read it. Her black hair fell into her eyes. She pushed it away.

Ayra recognized the messy scrawl immediately as Sirius’.

Gone to the castle. Dumbledore gave him a potion so that he only had to turn once.

He didn’t even bother to sign it. Ayra rolled her eyes as she burned the note with her wand. She left without another glance to the room and trudged through the tunnel leading back to Hogwarts.

After cuddling a little bit with her favorite tree, Ayra trudged through the Hallways of corridors until she reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

 "Password…” she said, a magnificent sight to behold with all the pink lace that someone had vomited all over her. She looked like a true advertisement model for Madam Puddifoots.

“Cannibal Headless Monkeys.” Ayra stated. “Now could you please just let me in?”

“Fine! No need to talk to me!” the Fat Lady replied, irritated. However, due to the charms placed on her she opened, Her grumbling slightly muffled. Ayra walked through the common room, ignoring the familiar figure sitting near the fire and walked up to the common room. She opened the door and threw herself on her bed. Her eyelids began to droop, and she was entering a world of imagination, when a bang erupted on her window.

What in Merlin’s Moles is it now!? she thought, irritated, as she pulled her body out of the bed. She walked over to the window and threw the curtains that she had just closed earlier, open. To find the tear-stained face of James Potter.

Ayra quickly undid the hatches of the window and yanked it open. “What’s wrong?” she asked immediately. Tears on James’s face were a big deal.

James took a deep breath. He composed himself, and his gaze turned cold, his stance rigid. He looked her straight in the eyes.

“I have a problem.” he stated, straining to keep the anger out of his voice.

“What is it, James?” she asked, concerned. She may not have been the best of friends with him, but she did care.

“They’re going out - just announced it in the common room. They snogged.”

“Who?!?” Ayra asked, leaning forward to catch his voice. 

James took another deep breath, before he growled, “Sirius and Lily.”  






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