Ever wake up and have absolutely no idea where you are or how you got there?  Therein lays the problem currently faced by Oliver Wood.  Not that he minded too much.  No, the bed was abnormally comfortable, the air was fresh, and he was not hung-over.   All in all, a good start to the morning, he thought.  Now if I could just figure out where the ruddy hell I am.




Oliver shot off the bed, entangling his feet in the warm blankets that had covered him.  “Just a sec-oh damn.  I mean…geroff you dumb bugger.  Stupid blankets.” He fumbled around, crashing into the nightstand, before finally reaching the door.  He opened it, a sheepish look upon his face, ready to apologize for his undoubtedly loud tumble from bed. 


“Having a little trouble Wood?”  Piper stood against the doorjamb, one leg lazily propped up on the other.  Wide awake, and fully sarcastic.  She slowly took in his recalcitrant hair and rumpled clothes.  Smirking, she looked around him to the clock on the wall.  “If you plan on getting to Scrimmage on time this morning, you had best be getting ready.  It starts in,” she looked at her watch, then back at his wide eyes,” about eight minutes.”  She smiled wryly at his alarmed expression.


“Oh shit!  I didn’t even remember coming over here last night.”  He paused.  “Er-PJ?  We didn’t do anything, naughty last night, did we?”  Oliver turned crimson, cringing at the thought of what her father would do to him if they had done anything last night.


Piper’s eyes widened.  “Are you serious?!”  At his nod, she decided to make him pay for his outrageous question.  “I can’t believe that you don’t remember!  Gah, Oliver,” her voice turned husky,” everything we did; everything we shared.  I’ve never been so satisfied before.”


Oliver was very rarely struck speechless, but this was proving to be one of those occasions.  “But-how-wha?”  He scratched the back of his neck, considering the mess he now had on his hands.   Coach would skin him alive.  Starting with his balls.


“That was the best night of my life.  Bompski really outdid herself with those cupcakes.  And that smoothie?  Orgasmic!”  She sighed, trying not to giggle at his expression.


Which had completely fallen.  And now was very relieved.  “You shit!  I can’t believe that I believed you!”  He jogged down the stairs, going to the door and turning around.  “Thanks for the warm bed.”


Piper smiled genuinely.  “No prob.  Hey, Oliver?”


He had started out the door, but turned around at her question.  “What?”


“Kick some ass.  Later!”  She grinned rather largely.


“Later?  You aren’t playing?”  In your short-shorts?  I heard it is shirts and skins today!  He grappled inwardly with that concept, his mind never quite coming to terms with it.


“No…I’m going shopping!”  Piper skipped over to Oliver and shoved him out the door.


“You go shopping?”  He fell into step beside her.  “You’ve always struck me as more of the read lots of books, school uniform wearing at all hours girl.  A more studious type.”


Piper snorted.  “Before or after you found out who my dad is?  No, I love girly stuff.  It is the only time I really get to bond with my mum.”  Coming to the Scrimmage Field, Piper stopped.  “But don’t you worry yourself about me.  You go show my dad why we’ve wanted you here for years.”  She sauntered the other way, mentally berating herself for her slip of tongue.  ‘We’ve wanted you here for years?’  Oh bloody hell.  How about you sound a little more like an obsessed broom bunny, huh Piper?  She caught sight of her mum, and scampered over, linking arms.  “Hello, Mum!  Ready to go?  I think I know exactly what I want.”


Johanna crooked a brow.  “For once?  Merlin help me.”  The two set off in the general direction of the Main House.




“Wood!  Nice to see you this morning.”  Jason clapped a companionable hand on his shoulder, scaring him out of his current deducing.  Piper has a nice bum. Probably should keep that a secret, especially from her brothers.


Jensen had also been watching Oliver watching Piper, and had snuck up to join their group.  His rugged features beheld a mixture of amusement and foreboding.  “I like you Wood.  I’m not going to bullshit you like Jason will.”  He sent an annoyed look at his younger brother, which was deflected with a negligent wave of his hand.  Turning back to Oliver, Jensen laid it down.  “I saw the way you look at Piper, and I know you spent the night in her House.  Regardless of the fact that I think you two would make a great couple, I highly doubt that that is what my dad had in mind when he asked you to watch over Piper.  Make sure you keep your paws to yourself, and we won’t have a problem.  Capice?”  He smiled. 


Oliver stammered about for awhile.  “Er…okay.  We didn’t do anything last night!”  He cringed in embarrassment.


Jason laughed at Wood’s obvious discomfort.  “I believe you.  Piper was up at six this morning, eating breakfast with me.”  He rubbed his stomach.  “Damn, she can put away the bacon.  You could never be together.  PJ would eat you of house and home.  Damn Freaking Pig, she is.”


Oliver wryly raised an eyebrow.  “Capital Letters, eh?  Does that run in the family?  Your dad does it all the time.  PJ does every once in awhile.  Hereditary?” 


Jensen laughed.  “Maybe.  Who Knows, huh?”  He grabbed his broom.  Smiling chillingly, he mounted up and pushed off.  “Ready gents?  Prepare to get your arses handed to you sunny side up.”  He sped away from a dumbfounded Jason and Oliver.


“Jens is playing?  Bloody Hell, Wood.”  Jason grimaced.  “Hope you brought your A-game, mate.  Jens’ll grill our Chasers.”  He mounted his broom, pushing off the ground rather recklessly.  “At least PJ isn’t playing.”


Oliver was taken aback.  “What the ruddy hell does that mean?”  Jensen wouldn’t hurt PJ would he?  Oliver felt his blood boil at that notion.


“Oh, nothing.”  He waved a negligent hand yet again.  “She’d throttle the crap out of him for any hit on our team.  She gets a little overprotective.”  Jason grinned heartily.  “Funnier then hell, she can be.  You be good to her, alright?”


“Um, alright.”  What else do you say to that?




Piper sat in the extravagant showroom of Tessa Kilpatrick, completely mind-blown.  Who knew that there where so many different shades of white?  Magnolia, Ivory, Seashell, Cream, Eggshell.  It was daunting.  And who the bloody hell cared?  White is white, she thought.  Anything else is off-white.  The more she sat listening to the designer extol on the countless reasons why Piper should go with a white gown, the less she cared what she wore.  Her patience was slowly waning.  She pretended to listen, instead examining the merits of going starkers.  That would cause a ripple.  Piper smirked deviously.


“No.”  A sharp negative erupted from the general direction of her mum.


“No what?”  Unless Johanna had been brushing up on her Legilimency during the off-season, there was no way she could have known what Piper was thinking.


Johanna sent Piper a stern look.  “I know that look.  You are not, do you hear me?  No going naked!  You have to wear a dress.  If you went starkers, think of the melee that would ensue.  Your dad would have a heart attack, and your brothers would beat anyone who dared glance your way, and from what I hear, I’d have to pry Oliver Wood off of you with a spatula.”  Johanna’s blue eyes sparkled mischievously.  “Unless that is your intention.  He’s rather scrumptious.”


“Mum!” Piper’s cheeks reddened and her exclamation was rather whiney.  “There are other people in this room.”  She paused.  “He is fit, isn’t he?”


“You two didn’t do anything, did you?  Your dad doesn’t know that he spent the night at your House yet, but the shit will hit the fan if he does find out.”


Piper deflated.  Did her mum think she was a tart?  “No…I never really liked Oliver even as a friend until this year’s Training Camp started.  Not once over the last six and a half years did I ever fancy having him be part of my life.”  She blew out her breath as she descended into her past feelings.  “When I found out he was Dad’s main mark, I was jealous.  Oliver suddenly had the place in Dad’s life that I wanted.  His interest; his time.  The things I haven’t had since I’ve gotten older.”   Piper stopped talking, realizing how obnoxious it was.  It being her former dislike of Wood. 


Johanna sighed.  “Oh Pipey, don’t beat yourself up.  It’s alright to be jealous, as long as you don’t let it overwhelm you.” 


Piper turned towards the saleslady, intent on politely telling her to sod off, when she saw it.  The Dress.  Her Dress.  Well, it would soon be hers.  This dress was gorgeous. Piper made a bee-line for it, hands out-stretched greedily.  Only to be beaten to it by her mum.


“Pipe.”  Johanna spoke reverently, stroking the supple fabric of the garment like a baby.  “You have to try this on.”  She glanced at the price tag.  “We just won’t tell your father the price.  Now scoot.”  She shooed Piper towards the fitting room.


Piper stepped into the small room, placing the dress carefully on the peg.  God, what a beautiful dress.  Piper reached a tentative hand out and ran a finger down the seam.  Exquisite workmanship; the fabric, a dream.  It appeared to be made from the softest satin imaginable and was the prettiest shade of…charcoal.  Yes, I did just use the word charcoal to describe gray.  She smiled indulgently, and slipped out of her jeans and jumper.  She fingered the zipper, and then pulled it on.  Piper turned towards the mirror.  Holy Snitch.  Perfect.


The curtain was drawn back, accompanied by a breathless gasp.  “Oh, yes.  That is perfect Pipe; you look like an angel.”


Floor-length, the gown cut close to the few womanly curves she possessed, creating the illusion of an attractive hourglass figure.  The neckline was modest, no chance of a wardrobe malfunction.  Not that she had a lot to reveal.  Thick straps went over her shoulders, and skimmed down her long back, coming together in a ‘v’ above her rear.  Nothing fancy, but breathtaking all the same. 


Piper climbed up onto the round platform so the seamstress could check the fit for alterations.  The color had caught her eye, and it really brought out her eyes.  I look bloody fantastic!


The seamstress’ trained eyes took in the near-perfect fit, and she sighed.  “Miss James, you have found your perfect match.  No alterations needed.”  She smiled, dark eyes crinkling.  “Did you know that when you have the perfect dress, you will find the perfect mate?”  Her brown eyes scrutinized Piper’s incredulous expression.  “What?  You will.  I have a feeling about you.”  She winked mischievously.


Piper smirked, shaking her head slowly.  “Yeah, right.  Knowing my family, I could already have met him, be head over heels, and engaged.  Holding on to the perfect man, if he is to be found; that will be the ruddy hard part.” Walking back to the fitting room, Piper spun around, checking the twirl.  The twirl of a dress is simply the way it flairs out when one spins in it.  The twirl is the second most important thing when buying a dress.  Number one being the fit.  She glanced into the mirror.  Yes, this dress had nice twirl.



“Pipey, hun, what are your feelings for Oliver Wood?”  Johanna’s innocent voice covered the true intent behind her question.


Piper carefully placed the gorgeous gown on its hanger and shrugged.  Shimmying on her jeans, she spoke carefully.  “I don’t know.”  She pulled on her shirt and stepped out to face her mum.  “He’s a good guy.  Attractive, smart, dedicated, motivated, kind.  Oh Dear Merlin, I’ve just described the ideal man.”  Piper turned a horrified face to her mother.  “What do I do?  I can’t like him!  Jens and Jas will tear him apart!”


Johanna nodded.  “Not to mention your father.” 


Piper snorted.  “Dad won’t do anything…”  Realization dawned on her face.  “He won’t let him be on the team.  Oh shit, Mum.  That won’t fly.”  She grabbed the garment bag from the salesgirl and walked towards the shoe department.  Chewing on her lip, she thought through her problems as the two browsed the shoes.


I like Wood.  Maybe as more than a friend.  He’s completely off-limits, just like me.  She pondered that for a second.  How ironic was it that the one person who found out her secret would be the one she couldn’t befriend?  Piper grabbed the bluebag thrust at her by her mum and snorted.  Life is a bitch sometimes.

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