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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters, places, ideas that you recognize.

Sunlight streamed through the window of Hogwarts, as the students of the esteemed wizarding establishment woke up bright and early (a rare occurance for many of the students, especially on a Saturday). The weather was perfect for Quiddich. The pitch was a little wet, from the previous night's rain, but it didn't affect the sport, played on the air.

In the Gryfindor Tower, Rose was a tangled mess of blankets. She had not slept well last night, having stayed up late the night before, at the Pre-Game party for the Gryfindors. Her best friend Fiona probed her to conciousness, then proceeded to bounce on Rose's bed.

"Huh? Wha?" Rose shot up as Fiona very nearly landed on top of her. Fiona was like a giant ball of sunshine that morning --she wasn't the one that downed several glasses of Butterbeer last night.

"What the hell, Fiona?" Rose groaned, throwing one of her pillows at Fiona, who ducked.

"It's the first game of the year!" Fiona sang, "Get up, Sleeping Beauty!"

"Don't remind me," Rose slammed her head back against one of her remaining pillows, burying her face in it.

"Someone forgot to take their vitamins," Fiona pulled up the sleeves to her sweater, and with great difficulty (Rose had a good ten pounds on the remarkably thin Fiona), hoisted Rose into a sitting position. Rose relented and got off the bed on her own.

"What time is it?" Rose asked, slipping her Gryfindor robes on messily. She looked into a small, handheld mirror on a nightstand next to her four poster bed and examined herself. Her hair was a mess, and her face looked lifeless.

"Ten minutes before breakfast and I have to tell you --you look awful." Rose winced. True, Fiona wasn't the type of girl who sugarcoated the truth, but a girl of blunt honesty, but for once, Rose would have appreiciated a little sugar coating.

"But," Fiona added, a little more brightly, "it's nothing magic can't fix."

"Oh God, no," Rose said firmly, glaring at Fiona to ensure that she meant business, "we are not trying one of your 'patented quick fix' spells on my face. Remember what happened last time?" When they were in fourth year, Fiona had attempted to cover up Rose's zit with a spell. Rose's face remained green for an entire day before they finally saw Madam Promfrey to fix the spell.

"We were young!" Fiona threw her hands up in the air in exasperation, "let it go!"

"No." Rose said firmly, then added to lighten the mood, "I'm sure we can come back and get some foundation later."

"Your loss," Fiona relented, following Rose as she exited the dormitory.

The entire Great Hall was alive with spirit and buzz about the first Quiddich match of the year. Naturally bitter rivals, Gryfindor and Slytherin were exchanging taunts.

"Rose Weasley!" Geri Jordan, the commentator of the match greeted her excitedly, "What do you think of Gryfindor's chances of winning the first match of the season?"

Rose shrugged and took a bite of her French toast. Rose was highly superstitious and didn't want to jinx the game, even though Gryfindor had a good reputation with first games. A male voice that she now recognized instantly answered for her.

"Slim to none and slim just left the building," Scorpius said, grabbing a grape the fruit bowl perched on the Gryfindor table and took a seat next to Rose. Geri scowled at Scorpius and eyed with suspiciously. Rose, however, grinned foolishly at Scorpius.

"You think you're going to able to back that claim up?" Rose brushed one of many stray hairs off her face.

"Without a doubt." Scorpius said confidently, taking another grape in from the fruit bowl, this time tossing it into the air and catching it with his mouth.

"What happened to all the food in the Slytherin table?" Rose accused Scorpius, even though she didn't really want him to leave.

"Your cousin in his 'game mood'." Scorpius actually imitated quotation marks around 'game mood', and rolled his eyes, "you don't want to cross him while he's strategizing."

"Believe me," Rose chuckled, "I know." Albus took Quiddich very seriously --it was his life. During the school year, Albus lived and breathed Quiddich. During the summer, he also dreamt of it.

Then, as if on cue, Albus showed up beside Scorpius, furious, "I hope you're not revealing our secrets to the opposing team!" he yelled, crossing his arms, waiting for an explanation.

"Paranoid, much?" Scorpius raised one eyebrow, as Albus fumed.

"Calm down," Rose said, patting him on the shoulder sympathetically, "Scorpius didn't tell me anything."

"I hope not," Albus breathed, "and we have a team meeting. At the Slytherin table. Stat." He then proceeded to storm off. Scorpius shot Rose an apologetic look as he hopped up to follow Albus.

"Good luck," he mouthed, and then he was gone. Rose was still grinning to herself when she saw Fiona with a smug smile on her face. Rose's expression changed immediately.

"Don't even start. I mean it."

"All right," Madam Hooch's shrill voice signalled the beginning of the game. She held the red quaffle in her hands as she stared both team captains down, "I want a clean game." Both Albus and Sebastian Wood, Fiona's older brother, stood in the center of the pitch, looking at each other with disdain. The shriek of the whistle subsequently rang throughout the entire pitch.

"And they're off!" Geri Jordan announced, "Wood is in possession of the pitch but Malfoy is right behind him..."

Rose focused on Sebastian and Scorpius. It was amazing how Sebastian managed to keep hold of the quaffle as Scorpius made attempts to grab it from him. Sebastian faked out the other keeper and the Quaffle flew easily through the Slytherin hoops, scoring points for Gryfindor. The sea of red and gold in one side of the stands started cheering. It was a good start for Gryfindor, but it didn't mean an easy game, Rose knew. Rose watched Albus, now in possession with the Quaffle zip past the Gryfindor chasers, bewildered looks sprawled across their faces.

Rose was ready for him. With a game face of her own on, her line of vision zeroed in on Scorpius (which wasn't very hard for her). He tried to fake her out, but Rose was too practiced for him, too calculated. She snatched the Quaffle from midair and tossed the Quaffle to a waiting Lisa Smith. She offered Scorpius a sympathetic smile. "Better luck next time," she called out as he flew away.

Gryfindor was off to a good start. Following Rose's first save, they scored another point and Rose saved two others. Gryfindor was off to a good start, but Rose knew it wasn't over yet. Not even close. About an hour into the game, an error in judgement on Rose's part caused Slytherin to score it's first point. Pressure mounted on Rose. As Keeper, the blame that came with losing a game usually fell on her shoulders. It was a responsiblilty Rose didn't enjoy to say the least, or felt she deserved. She gripped her broom with her leather sporting gloves, her eyes fixed forward. Unfortunately, the bludger hit her on the side, catching her completely off guard.

"ROSE! ROSE!" She couldn't distinguish the voices. Her vision was fuzzy and she felt sick to her stomach. She felt herself falling, but strangely, she didn't land on the ground.

"Rose," a voice whispered in her ear, "hang in there, okay? You're going to be fine." And then she blacked out.

A/N: Okay, it took me a little longer to get this one out, but I already have chapter 5 typed so hopefully it will be subsequently entered after this. Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate them.

I know the ending of this chapter is a little girly and cheesy, but it gets better and significantly less girly. Anyways, R and R, I really appreciate them! Thanks for hanging in there :)

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