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A:N: Thanks for all the reviews and reads, remember to let me know what you think, the first chapter of my new fan fic is up, if you like dramione then you'll love this one! Go on give it a little read! xx

'Are you coming to this rally next week?' came a small voice near me at the Slytherin table.

Looking down I noticed two young boys talking together over their dinner. They barely looked more then thirteen years old.

'Yeah I'm definitely there' spoke the second boy, 'This is going to be so cool.'

I was shocked as the boys spoke freely of wanting to join the deatheaters. They surely didn't know what they were getting themselves into. Both of them looked so innocent and young as they spoke excitedly. I felt disgusted at the thought of these boys being forced into fighting a war that they probably didn't understand what it was all about in the first place.

I kept my eyes upon them for the rest of evening as we ate dinner, I couldn't bear it, these kids were getting brainwashed into thinking that they were fighting for good. I was desperate to tell them the truth but I knew that it was to late, they would never believe me.

I knew exactly what I had to do. Rushing up from my seat as soon as dinner was over I followed a small crowd out of the doors of the Great hall.

'Neville!' I called.

The whole group turned to face me. None of them looked particularly impressed to see me apart from Neville who wore a massive grin across his face.

'What do you want Van Luton?' sneered Ginny Weasley placing a hand upon her hip.

I rolled my eyes in frustration, I almost turned away from them but my feet didn't seem to want to move.

'If you want to know Weaselette I'm here to speak to Neville, if you don't mind' I replied feeling a little annoyed.

'Neville?' asked Ginny turning to him a little confused.

'Ginny leave her alone she's all right,' replied Neville, taking me by the arm and walking me off down the corridor.

'Is everything okay?' he asked finally as we stopped a little further down the corridor.

I took in a deep breath as I mustered up the strength to finally say what was on my mind.

'I want to join Dumbledore's Army' I said quickly.

A big smile spread across Neville's face, before I could say anything else he suddenly picked me up into a massive hug spinning me around. nausea kicked in slightly, I was totally taken a back as he put me back in my place.Finding my feet i quickly brushed myself down, still slightly dizzy I couldn't help but return his smile.

'I knew you would come around' he said excitedly.

'Yeah so did I' I replied letting out a small little laugh. The burned in which had been resting upon my shoulders seemed to disappear in a heart beat.

'I best go before someone spots me' I advised as I noticed Draco glance over as he left the Great Hall.

'Thanks again, I'll let know about well you know' whispered Neville before I turned to walk away from him.

Walking towards the Slytherin common room I tried to avoid Draco's eyes acting like everything was normal. Normal as I possibly could be anyway.

'Marianna' He called as we entered the common room.

I stopped instantly as he walked over towards me.

'What's going on?' he whispered

'I have no idea what you're talking about' I replied

'Don't act like that with me, I saw you talking to Longbottom' he snapped shaking me by the shoulders. His hands held me tightly as pain from his fingers dragged through me.

His reaction shocked me slightly, taking a step back I removed myself from his grasp not taking my eyes off him once.

'What is wrong with you?' I whispered

It then sank in, he realised what he was doing.

'I'm sorry' he said trying to take my hand in his.

'No, get off me,' I replied taking my hand back and walking away to my dorm.

'Marianna!' he called after me but this time I didn't stop.

I sat down upon my bed staring down at my school work, there was a pile of late assignments sitting in front me. I sighed as I realised that I had completely neglected my work. I wondered whether there was any point on doing it as at all. Education seemed like a waste of time, especially with everything that was going on outside of the school.

I heard a knock on my door, shuffling all the papers out the way I ran over to answer it.

'Draco just get lost' I said about to shut the door in his face.

'No wait' he pleaded placing a hand against the door stopping me from shutting it completely.

'I want to talk' He spoke calmly.

'That's all anyone wants to do nowadays but it ends up turning sour, nothing gets resolved' I said still holding onto the door.

'Please' he begged looking me in the eyes.

Why couldn't I resist him? Why did I have to let him in?

He took a seat down on my bed. There was silence for a moment as we just stared each other.

'I'm sorry,' he apologised again, 'I was just running away with my suspicions, I saw you hug him and well you were smiling, I haven't seen you smile in a very long time, It was silly but I thought that maybe you and him were together or something.' he stammered. 'I mean it's Longbottom, I've never lost out to him.'

I couldn't help but smile at this point, I simply couldn't believe what I was hearing.

'Are you trying to say that the great Draco Malfoy was jealous?' I laughed slightly.

'Well don't jump to any conclusions or anything remember I do have that reputation to with hold, no one needs to know that I was jealous of a Gryffindor especially Longbottom.' he laughed running a hand through his hair.

'There's no reason for you to be jealous anyway, you're Auria's fiancée after all' I replied coyly.

Draco shrugged trying to find words to answer me, he leaned back on my bed casually staring up as I stood by the door.

'I think that maybe you should leave, Auria wouldn't be to happy to hear that you were talking to me' I said flatly.

Draco rose from my bed, not once did he break our gaze. My skin started to feel warm as my cheeks began to flush red. My heart started to pound in my chest as he walked towards me, I wanted to kiss him, to run my fingers through his perfect hair. To feel his skin under the palms of my hands. He kept edging closer.
Draco stood over me staring deeply into my eyes. His body pressed against mine pinning me firmly against the door. Even if I did want to move I wouldn't be able to, but I knew that I really didn't want to anyway. One of his hands met my cheek as his fingers brushed softly against my skin, I let out a small gasp as electricity flowed through my body. Draco smiled at my reaction as he lifted my chin with his other hand.

'I have every reason to be jealous, you're perfect, everything about you is amazing and I can't have you and I don't know whether I would be able to watch any other guy kiss you or touch you' he whispered softly his warm breath sweeping over my face.

'I can't help but take my eyes off you, whenever you're walking down the corridors or in class, I've always wanted you but only now have I noticed that you feel same way, but I can't have you now,' he spoke sending butterflies straight to my stomach.

He lowered his head to the base of my neck, kissing it softly streams of pleasure ran up and down my spine. I grabbed onto him tightly not wanting to let go. Meeting his lips I kissed him with everything I had inside of me.

'I love you' he whispered between kisses.

My heart almost broke at that moment as I realised that I was never to have him as my own. He was going to be someone else's, someone that didn't deserve him.


My heart almost broke at that moment as I realised that I was never to have him as my own. He was going to be someone else's, someone that didn't deserve him.My heart almost broke at that moment as I realised that I was never to have him as my own. He was going to be someone else's, someone that didn't deserve him.


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