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A/N: First off let me apologize to everyone for taking so long to update. I honestly never meant to take this long and really it was out of my hands. I've said before and I shall say it again, my beta and I are both teachers and our jobs are not just bell to bell not to mention we have end of the year stuff to do and I've been dealing with getting prom together (which is NOT an easy job). Besides that, not only did my beta's computer crash on her (and she lost her data including the latest chapter) but literally a week later mine did. We were left with no way to email each other and had to use Facebook to communicate and different methods of getting to a computer. We are now both up and running and hopefully there are no crashing computers anymore. I really hope everyone understands that.

With that said, onward!


Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Ten – Home Again

Harry and Ginny arrived home much sooner than they expected and spent their time unpacking and opening nearly all their wedding gifts before they turned in early for bed. The next morning, Harry scrounged around the kitchen to find something for breakfast as Ginny finished opening the last of the gifts. He was able to produce toast with marmalade since there wasn’t much more in the kitchen and helped Ginny with the gifts. That afternoon Harry offered to pick them up some lunch and get their film developed so the family could see the pictures they took in Hawaii that night at dinner.

While Harry was gone, Ginny set upon sorting out souvenirs for the family. The sitting room and dining room table were covered with gifts and wrapping paper and she didn’t feel much like moving it all quite yet. So she chose to finish them in their bedroom where there was some room for her to work. She sat crossed legged on their bed with gifts all around her.

For the first time in two weeks she was alone and away from Harry. Some part of her was missing him. She knew it was silly to be missing him like this when he only planned on being out for a little while after spending two straight weeks with her, but she assumed she had become used to having his presence always around her. She had a sense of longing now that he wasn’t here.

Her heart leapt when she heard Harry’s footsteps down the hallway. He appeared in the doorway, grinning with four fat envelopes in his hand.

“Got them,” he announced, walking across the room and sitting next to her on the bed. “I didn’t realize we took so many pictures.”

“Well there was a lot to see,” she replied. She held up a plastic lei of pink flowers and showed it to him. “Was this for Fleur or Penelope?”

“Um, Fleur, I think?” he frowned and tossed their pictures on the bedside table. He ran his hand up and down her back for a moment before reaching up and gently running his fingers through her hair. “What are you doing?”

“Sorting out gifts,” she replied. She shivered when he began to kiss the side of her neck. She knew exactly what sort of thoughts were running through his head and was very keen on helping him realize those thoughts, but she wanted to get this done first before she lost her concentration. Merlin knew Harry was a big distraction at times . . . well most of the time right now. “I’m almost done.”

“Oh,” he murmured, continuing his distraction. He pulled her collar away from her shoulder and kissed her there. “Hurry up, will you?”

“Why?” she asked breathlessly trying to pull away from him. She very well knew why he wanted her to hurry.

“Because,” he muttered against her neck. “There’s something very important I want to do before we head out and we have plenty of time for it. Not to mention I really missed you.”

“Oh?” she mused, finding it incredibly difficult to keep her concentration any longer and knowing what he deemed to be so important. She was actually rather anxious if she were honest with herself. She cursed the power he had over her and his ability to make her melt by the merest touch. She pushed the bag of gifts to the end of the bed and turned to face Harry, already working on removing his shirt. “What’s so important?”

He grinned wickedly, disappearing for a moment as she pulled his shirt over his head. She tossed it somewhere behind her and pushed him on his back. She pulled hers off next, throwing it behind her so it joined Harry’s and gave him a flirty smile.

“I think you’re already attending to it, actually,” he teased and in a flash flipped them over, crushing his lips on hers.

Ginny pushed him back slightly breathing hard and trying to stay in control for a few moments longer. “What about lunch? It’ll get cold.”

“Sod lunch,” he muttered, his hands making quick work of riding her of her jeans and he effectively pushed all thoughts of food from her mind.

* * * * * *

It was ten minutes after six that night when Harry and Ginny had finally arrived in the back garden of the Burrow. They had lost track of time and had hurriedly dressed and gathered their gifts and pictures before Apparating, stomachs growling in hunger. They were very close to the back door when Ginny glanced at Harry out of the corner of her eye and caught the big satisfying grin on his face that told the whole world what they had just gotten up too.

“Will you stop smiling like that?” she hissed and pulled him to a halt. He turned to look at her.

“Like what?” he asked innocently.

“Like you just got lucky and shagged me?” she whispered, peering at the window behind him and making sure no one was keeping a look out for them. She saw a silhouette that could only belong to her mother but it looked like she was concentrating on preparing food.

“But I did just get lucky and shagged you,” he replied wryly, “twice, and if I recall correctly, you were the one who initiated the second round.”

“Rather proud of yourself, aren’t you?” she grumbled. His smile widened and she growled in frustration. “Stop smiling! I don’t want to give my brothers any more ammunition to tease us mercilessly tonight like you know they will.”

Harry held up his free hand in defeat and the smile instantly left his face. Satisfied, Ginny strode up to the back door and knocked.

In an instant, her mother swung it open and cried at the sight of them, pulling them into hugs and ushering them inside.

“Oh it’s wonderful to have you back home!” Molly cried and beamed at them. “How was your trip? Oh, you both look wonderful! I hope you brought pictures and speaking of pictures, your wedding pictures arrived a few days ago. We haven’t looked at them since we all thought you two should see them first. Now into the sitting room, dears, everyone’s waiting for you two.”

Before they had even had a chance to return a greeting, she pushed them out of the kitchen and into the crowded sitting room.

For a moment it seemed like no one was paying any attention to the new arrivals. Bill, Percy and her father were talking while little Adrian was being bounced on his grandfather’s knee and seemed to be having lots of fun. The twins were conversing in hushed tones near the fireplace, a long piece of parchment between them, each with quills in their hands no doubt discussing their thriving business. Ron was drinking from a bottle, actually looking bored as he stood next to Hermione who was discussing the on goings of her department at the Ministry with Penelope who she worked with. Ginny heard footsteps and glanced up at the stairs, spotting Charlie with little Peter in his arms. Surprised, she looked around the room once more and saw Tabitha and Fleur talking together and they seemed to be in disagreement about something.

“You know,” Harry muttered in her ear, his hand on the curve of her hip and stroking it lightly through her shirt, “I bet you anything we could have another go at it in the loo and be back before they even noticed we were here.”

Ginny slowly turned to grin at him. “I like the way you think.”

Wrapping her free hand around his wrist, she stealthily pulled her delighted husband behind her, making their way to the washroom and hoped they could get away with it. They made it to their destination with the door opened, Ginny gripping onto Harry’s shirt with one hand and locked into a deep kiss. Her other hand was trying to undo his belt buckle while both of Harry’s hands were working on her own jeans when a voice interrupted them.

“And where do you think you two are going?”

Harry jumped back in surprise. His footing failed him, and he stumbled backwards over an old rug that was in front of the door. Since Ginny had a hold of him, she was thrust forward, falling to the ground and landing on top of him.

We seem to do a lot of falling, she thought humorlessly in her head. A roar of laugher was coming from all around and she felt immensely embarrassed at being caught like this.

“Maybe not such a brilliant idea,” Harry murmured quietly from beneath her. Groaning in pain, they both looked up as a shadow passed over them and saw Bill and Charlie’s cheeky smiles above them.

“I didn’t think they’d try something like that until at least dinner was over,” Charlie teased, offering a hand to Ginny to pull her up.

“I don’t want to think about our baby sister trying things like that at all, Charlie,” Bill added, helping Harry up once Ginny had managed to get off of him. “I like to think she’s innocent.”

Harry snorted in disbelief. “She’s far from innocent.”

All three siblings turned to him. His face turned to a spectacular shade of red as he realized his comment was made in front of her eldest brothers. Ginny turned to her brothers and smiled up at them, trying to think of something to say and take the heat off of Harry. “Hi,” she said lamely. “Err . . . the rug’s a bit slippery I think.”

Both were smirking at her and holding back their laughter. As one they swooped down on her each kissing her on her cheeks. They stood straight again and resumed their smirks.
“No worries, everyone,” Bill called to the gathering of family behind him and slung her arm over Ginny’s shoulders, “the bathroom hasn’t been defiled by the newlyweds.”

Ginny resorted to little sister tactics and kicked him in the shin. He shouted out loud and hopped on one leg looking disgruntled at her. Ginny put on a sweet smile and brushed by him, tugging on Harry’s hand and pulling him with her.

Her family greeted them more or less the same way her mother did. She got hugs and kisses from everyone and was asked a million questions at once.

“What are you doing here?” Ginny asked after hugging Tabitha and picking up her squealing nephew who was very excited to see Aunt ‘Inny. “I mean, not that I’m disappointed in seeing you, but it’s a bit of a surprise.”

“Molly insisted we had to be here for your return. She said the whole family had to be here to welcome the newlyweds home,” Tabitha smiled and took Peter from Ginny’s arms. She set him on the floor and watched as he toddled off to his older cousin. Tabitha looked at Ginny again and grinned wickedly. “Though the newlyweds seem like they want to be alone. Two weeks in a hotel room not enough for you two?”

Ginny went pink and she sheepishly scratched the back of her neck. She gave Tabitha a guilty look. “That was Harry’s idea.”

“Didn’t seem like you were against it,” Tabitha commented lightly. “In fact you looked like a willing participant.”

Ginny tossed her hair behind her shoulders and decided to take Tabitha head on. “Seems more like I perform my wifely duties fairly well if he’s already trying to get into my knickers the minute we get here don’t you think?”

Tabitha laughed and nodded her head in agreement. “It seems so!”

Ginny allowed herself a laugh as well and grinned at Tabitha.

“So the two of you had a good time?” Tabitha asked.

“Fantastic!” Ginny gushed. “Harry and I are planning on going back one day. It’s just so beautiful and relaxing there. Oh, Tabs, you and Charlie should really go one day.”

Tabitha snorted. “That’s never going to happen. Not until Peter goes off to Hogwarts like Charlie wants him to – Peter, no!” She muttered an excuse to Ginny and ran after Peter before he and Adrian succeeded in knocking things off a crooked bookshelf.

Once her sister-in-law took off, Ginny settled onto a small sofa with Harry next to her, his left arm draped comfortably around her shoulders. He was talking with Ron about the recent Quidditch news. Ginny noticed that he had his right hand on her thigh and was rubbing soft circles with his thumb. Harry didn’t seem at all embarrassed by it nor was he really fully aware that he was doing it. He was too deeply engrossed with finding out how his team did in the last match he missed. Ron, however, was very aware of the way Harry was touching her and while he kept up the conversation, he didn’t seem very pleased.

Looking around she noticed that everyone was still in their conversations and weren’t paying much attention to her. It was unnerving really, that besides Bill’s little comment that no one else was making comments or teasing them like she had been sure they would do. Perhaps they were going to be nice to them and leave them alone about it.

Molly popped her head inside the room and looked around anxiously.

“Arthur, Percy, the Ministry just called. There’s some sort of raid going on in Knockturn Alley and they’ve got a load of things that belong in your department. They need you both right away,” she explained and sighed. “Of course it had to be on a night we had the whole family together.”

“Don’t worry, Mother,” Percy said after he stood up and kissed Penelope on the cheek. “We’ll try to be quick.”

With a few quick goodbyes he and Arthur Disapparated.

Molly sighed. “Well, girls, would any of you like to help with dinner?”

One by one, all the women in the room volunteered to help out and Ginny realized that she would be left completely alone with Harry and her brothers.

“I’ll come, Mum,” Ginny offered, as a funny feeling overtook her. She didn’t like the fact that her brothers were now watching her and Harry beadily.

“Oh, no, dear,” Molly shook her head. “You stay here. I’m sure you’re tired from your trip. Why don’t you keep an eye on the little ones then?”

She disappeared behind the kitchen door with her sisters-in-law and Hermione in tow.

Suddenly it fell silent in the room, and Ginny noticed that everyone was looking at her and Harry. She cleared her throat and tried to look not too uncomfortable from their stares.

“Well, it looks like they’ve got some sun,” Charlie commented lightly. “So they must have left their room at some point.”

“Either that or they weren’t sure what went where,” Bill offered, clasping his hands behind his head and settling back in the armchair. He frowned at Ginny. “I thought you both had the talk so surely you’d know the mechanics of it.”

“Oi, Harry, what’s wrong?” Fred asked frowning at him. “Aren’t you happy to see us?”


“Why haven’t you smiled at all? I haven’t seen this scowling no fun Harry for years,” Fred cut his off and continued.

“Err . . . Ginny told me I wasn’t allowed to,” Harry explained awkwardly. Ginny poked him roughly in the ribs and glared at him, noticing that while he reacted to her poke, he still did not move from her and his hand had slid further onto her thigh.

“I said nothing of the sort! You know what I meant!” she cried indignantly. She lowered her voice to whisper, “I said you couldn’t smile about that, you twit.”

“About what, sister dear?” George asked, waggling his eyebrows at her. Evidently, Ginny’s whisper was still clearly heard.

She sat up straight and held her head up in defiance despite the dull flush that was quickly springing to life in her cheeks. “Never you mind, George.”

“Now I’m curious, little sister,” George continued. “What is it that Harry isn’t allowed to smile about?”

“Bet it had to do with what they were trying to get away with in the bathroom earlier,” Ron chimed. “Oi, Harry, mind keeping your hands off my little sister’s leg?”

Ginny narrowed her eyes dangerously. She was not going to let her brothers take the mickey out of them the whole night.

“Harry can put his hands wherever he pleases,” she replied loftily.

That however seemed to have opened up a floodgate for all her brothers were pulling out more jokes and remarks about her and Harry. Ginny was not enjoying it at all. While she had expected them to tease somewhat, she didn’t expect it so soon and she sure as hell wasn’t going to sit there and take it. She wanted to nip this right away and decided to be a little blunter with her siblings. Perhaps a little shock and awe was in order.

Ginny stood up, pulling her wand out and tapped it against her leg. Her brothers immediately stopped, five pairs of eyes fixed on her slightly bouncing nine and a half inch, unicorn hair bearing, and willow piece of wood that they all knew very well can pack a punch.

“Right, let’s get some things straight here,” she announced and began pacing around the room. “Harry and I did have sex because that is what couples in love do,” she pointed her wand at her brothers in turns as she spoke. She held it up and tapped it gently on the palm of her hand. “Now, I was expecting you lot to tease us for it and embarrass us and even be somewhat defensive of me, and I have half a mind right now to drag Harry upstairs and shag him senseless,” she stopped, spotted Harry and sauntered toward him, “or maybe just to spite you lot, right here on the bloody sofa in front of all of you.”

Right in front of her flabbergasted brothers, she sunk right into Harry’s lap, wrapped one arm around his neck and gave him a long, deep, sensual kiss. He was shocked at first, but quickly played along, running one hand up the back of her shirt and the other on her leg. Distantly, she heard Ron saying something about his best mate and little sister, but his words were lost on her ears. Harry wrenched his lips away from hers and quickly reattached them to her pulse point. He seemed to have forgotten that they did have an audience and that Ginny had initiated this just to shock her brothers. She stifled the moan she wanted to let out. She had to keep in control to finish her point. Ginny raised her hands to Harry’s face and gently pulled him away. He looked up at her, clearly enjoying her act and appeared to have wanted to continue despite her older brothers around.

“Later, my love,” she whispered. She extracted herself from him and stood up again, brandishing her wand and resuming her pacing.

“Now, unless you want a reduction below the belt, I suggest that all of you stop it right now. We don’t mind the occasional joke, do we, sweetheart,” she turned and smiled dazzlingly at Harry, who looking highly amused gave a short nod, “but,” she rounded back at her brothers, “we do mind your continuous teasing, your insults and attempts to humiliate us, and your remarks of how wrong it is. If you do have more to say about it, keep it to yourself or I will definitely make sure the fool that does talk never gets to indulge in the particular pleasure of physical intimacy ever again.”

Satisfied that she had taken care of her brothers, she put her wand away and settled next to Harry again with a look of pure innocence on her face. “Any questions?”

The result was better than Ginny could have expected. Bill and Charlie had swept their sons up in their arms, both suddenly needing a bath at the same time. Fred and George tore up the stairs with their piece of parchment calling they had business to discuss. Ron, however, remained in his seat, his butterbeer titling to the side and staring at the two of them as if he had never seen them before.

“I think they’ll lay off us now,” Harry mused aloud.

“I hope so,” Ginny grumbled. “Honestly, ‘not know what went where’.”

“Oh I most certainly do know what goes where, very well if I do say so myself,” Harry grinned, kissing her sweetly. When he pulled away Ginny grabbed a hold of his shirt and brought him back to her, initiating another kiss and giggled when his hands skimmed her sides.

“No! No! Please stop!” Ron cried his hands clamped over his eyes. His nearly empty butterbeer bottle fell from his hand and rolled on the floor near his feet. “It’s bad enough that I know the two of you . . . do things together, but I really don’t want to see any evidence of it!”

“Sorry, Ron,” Harry apologized and sat back.

“Sorry?” Ron snorted and picked up his butterbeer bottle. “You didn’t look very sorry when you were so enthusiastically snogging my sister a few minutes ago. Looked more like you were enjoying it.”

“Of course he was enjoying it, Ron,” Ginny exasperated.

“But did you really have to do that?” Ron moaned and pulled a disgusted face.

“I was trying to make a point,” Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Looked more like you were trying to get leg-over right in front of us,” Ron grumbled. He shuddered. “I think I’m scarred now.”

Ginny picked up a cushion and threw it at her brother. “Keep it up and I’ll really scar you.”

* * * * * *

It was nearly eight when the family finally settled down for dinner in the kitchen and Arthur and Percy arrived shortly after.

The Weasley brothers seemed to have got Ginny’s point rather well and hadn’t made a single comment about her intimacy with Harry. Instead, conversations were centered on what they had done in Hawaii and everyone was eager for details.

“It’s beautiful there,” Ginny gushed. “It’s so relaxing and tranquil. And everyone was so nice and friendly and really welcoming.”

“Sometimes too friendly,” Harry interjected.

Ginny rolled her eyes and reached over for another roll. “You liked Francisco and he did have a girlfriend.”

“He was looking at you wrong,” Harry maintained. “And he was still looking at you all wrong even after he said he had a girlfriend.”

“Who’s Francisco?” Tabitha asked curiously and grinned widely at Ginny. “Ginny, have you already taken up a lover on the side?”

“No, I have not,” Ginny replied tartly and glared at her sister-in-law. “He was merely an employee at the hotel that we got to know a bit and very helpful.”

“Cabana boy more like it,” Harry muttered under his breath. Ginny glanced at him and saw the slight teasing glint in his eyes.

“He was not a cabana boy,” Ginny huffed. “He just worked at the tourism desk and you liked him! He helped us have a great time!”

Harry merely grunted in response and returned to his chicken. Ginny rolled her eyes and shoved at him slightly.

“Oi, keep your hands to yourself,” Harry replied and nudged her back.

“I thought you liked my hands on you,” Ginny teased and ruffled his hair with her hand.

“Oh I most certainly do, Mrs. Potter,” he grinned. He leaned down and kissed her softly. Ginny turned in her seat so she could return his kiss properly. It melted into another, deepening slightly and she giggled when Harry gently ran his tongue along her bottom lip. She was just thinking of climbing into his lap and progressing things further, when a throat cleared. They broke apart and turned very red at the assembled family. Apparently it had slipped their minds that they were having dinner at the Burrow.

“We are trying to eat you know,” Charlie said from across the table.

“I think it’s sweet,” Tabitha gushed.

“Only because she’s not your little sister,” Charlie added.

“Oh, will you stop with the big brother attitude,” Tabitha sighed and glared at her husband. “She’s allowed to grow up.”

“Sorry,” Ginny apologized and broke the small argument between Charlie and Tabitha. She dug into her steamed vegetables. “We got a little carried away.”

“No need to apologize,” Penelope smiled from down the table. “You’re both newlyweds and in love. It’s natural to show it.”

Ginny’s face was still flushed and she glanced at Harry out of the corner of her eye. She and Harry exchanged shy grins and she felt him reach out and squeeze her hand.

“So, what did you two do while you were there?” Arthur asked smiling gently at his daughter. Ginny glanced at him and noticed the slightly misty look in his eyes.

“Loads of stuff,” Ginny replied and tucked back into her plate. “We spent a lot of time on the beach.”

“Did you wear the hat, dear?” Molly inquired, gazing intently at her.

Everyone at the table exchanged nervous looks with each other, all of them clearly remembering that particular row.

“She did,” Harry answered for her. “But unfortunately the first day we were on the beach it was really windy. It blew it right off her head and straight into the ocean. We couldn’t find it.”

Ginny nodded. “Harry tried to go after it but it was way out there and it would have been too dangerous. It was a Muggle beach so we couldn’t use our wands.”

“I see,” Molly said slowly. “Are you quite sure that it got blown off your head?”

Ginny nodded. “Yes.”

Before Molly could question her even further, Adrian was squealing in delight. He had picked up his bowl of pasta and sauce and dumped it all over his head. It drew the attention of both Molly and Fleur and Ginny was saved.

“You chucked it, didn’t you?” Ron whispered from the other side of Harry.

“Damn right I did,” Ginny muttered.

“In the first bin she saw,” Harry added with a grin.

Once Adrian had been cleaned off and given less messy food, Molly returned to her seat and set her eyes on Ginny once more.

“Well, I do hope you used Sun-Shielding Charms,” she said. “Your skin burns so easily, dear.”

“I did,” Ginny assured her. She gave Harry a crooked smile. “Though that can’t be said for Harry, here, right, dear?”

Harry gave her a warning look, clearly not wanting everyone to know about that little incident. “Sweetheart, why don’t you tell them about the dolphins you saw?”

She stifled a laugh and launched into the story of the dolphins figuring she’d hint at the incident at another time.

“Well, it did look like you two were having a good time there from that picture we saw. It’s nice to hear that you both really had a pleasant time,” Penelope said quietly after Harry and Ginny had told a few more tales of their times in Hawaii.

Ginny frowned at her. What picture? They hadn’t shown their pictures to anyone yet.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked, frowning at the curly haired witch sitting across from them. “We didn’t show you any pictures yet.”

“There was an article in a few papers,” Hermione explained from next to Ron. “I mean, besides the incident in the Portkey station. You two were spotted in Hawaii.”

“What?!” both Harry and Ginny exclaimed at the same time.

Ginny suddenly lost her appetite and felt like she might lose her dinner at any moment. She stared in disbelief at Harry who looked murderous. Had that photographer really got some pictures past Harry and sold them to the press to “make a buck” as he had put it?

“Harry, I thought you destroyed those,” she whispered fearfully. All the feelings from finding that horrible man outside their suite returned and before she knew it, tears were springing to her eyes and threatening to fall.

“I did,” Harry replied clearly at a loss of what to do. “I’m going to murder that bastard! I’m going to Apparate there right now and take care of that sorry excuse for a human being.”

“Calm down, mate,” Ron said from beside him and grabbed a hold of him as Harry jumped to his feet. “It was just a picture of the two of you in some shop. Nothing to be violent over.”

“In a shop?” Ginny asked, her voice coming out in a squeak.

Molly had risen to her feet and was rummaging through a stack of papers on a nearby counter. She pulled something out and hurried back to the table, handing it to the couple. Ginny held it in her hands as Harry placed a hand on her shoulder and looked on.

It was a newspaper clipping showing Harry and Ginny browsing around a flower shop and Harry picking one up and tucking it behind her ear. The headline said something along the lines of them being in Hawaii and speculating them being on their honeymoon.

Harry let out an audible breath squeezing her shoulder gently in the process. Ginny released a sigh of relief feeling slightly better. “Thank, Merlin!”

“What were you expecting?” Ron asked with a frown on his face. The newlywed couple glanced at him as he continued. “Aren’t you used to seeing yourselves in the paper like this?”

“This, yes,” Harry replied and gestured vaguely at the article in front of them. His hand slid down Ginny’s back and he softly caressed it as she stiffened next to him. “It’s something . . . just . . . never mind.”

Ginny glanced at him and saw his cheeks were tinged red and his eyes were fixed determinedly on the table. His jaw was set and she knew he was trying hard not to let himself think about the incident. Ginny had pushed it to the back of her mind since it happened and now it seemed to have struck her full force again. She knew her family was curious about what happened to make them react the way they had. She had not wanted them to know about the situation at all, but now it seemed like she no longer had that choice.

“What happened?” Bill asked in a harsh tone. Ginny looked at him finding his face hard with anger but a hint of worry for her in his features. She hesitated, unsure of how to phrase it and wondered how her family would take it.

“Ginny,” Bill said gently and the anger disappeared from his face at once. “Please tell us what happened in Hawaii. You two don’t act like this to press things.”

Ginny stared back at him, unsure of how to explain what had happened. She felt so dirty now thinking about it, as if what she had done was immoral even though she knew nothing about it was wrong. It was that blasted photographer that had twisted something so beautiful into something horrible. How could she tell them? Either way, the kneazle was out of the bag now and she had to say something.

Harry, however, seemed to have made the decision for her and leaned forward, his hands clenched into fists and set firmly on the table.

“Bill, I don’t think—”

Ginny put her hand on Harry’s shoulder to stop him. He turned to look at her, his face contorted with anger, embarrassment and concern.

“It’s okay,” she said quietly. His features took on a look of surprise. “Just tell them and get it over with. They were going to find out anyway.”

His eyes darted around the faces of her worried and curious family members seated all around them before setting his eyes on her again. He leaned forward, unclenching his right fist and gently placing his opened hand over her left one. “You sure?” he whispered.

Ginny nodded, and as he began the tale she kept her eyes downcast and fixed on her half empty plate.

She listened as Harry explained the story from the measures he had taken to ensure their privacy to how he had destroyed the pictures. No one spoke when he finished, and the only sounds came from Peter and Adrian who appeared to be comparing their dinners in a mix of real words and babbles.

It was obvious no one knew what to say or how to react. Never had it been so awkward or silent among the Weasley family. Ginny’s brothers looked rather angry that someone had violated and demeaned their sister like that. Her sisters-in-law and Hermione appeared apologetic toward the couple. Her parents looked completely horrified that someone would do that to their little girl during what was supposed to be one of the happiest times of her life.

Everyone seemed like they wanted to say something, anything at all, yet no one could get the words out. Hating the discomfort that had descended upon them, Ginny decided to break the silence and take the matter into her own hands.

“It’s over and done with, all right?” she said, sitting up straight and set her jaw in determination to move things along. “Let’s just not think or talk about it. Harry, why don’t you get the gifts and the pictures? They’re still in the lounge and I’m sure everyone would like to see what Hawaii actually looks like.”

Harry immediately complied hurrying out of the room as if his shoes had suddenly caught fire. He returned a few minutes later with the bag and pictures in hand and began handing things out.

Soon enough, things had gone back to normal and conversation picked up as the previous tension evaporated. The family seemed to love their presents and eagerly passed pictures around as they listened to Harry and Ginny’s descriptions and stories behind them. Some time later Ron burst into hysterical laughter. Once again the room was silent and all eyes were on Ron as he beat a fist on the table while his other held a picture. His entire face was bright red and he seemed like he couldn’t breathe due to laughing so hard.

“Ron, mate, you all right?” Harry asked thumping him on the back a few times and clearly confused on what had been so funny.

Ron didn’t respond or rather he couldn’t respond due to his laughter. It was a good full minute until he sobered up enough to wipe tears away from his face and grin widely at Harry.

“Mate, why in the bloody hell are you in a grass skirt?”

Harry snatched the picture out of Ron’s hand and stared at it in horror from the sight of seeing himself in the hula class Ginny had begged him to take with her dancing in a grass skirt. His cry of outrage at Ginny was drowned out by the explosion of laughter. He rounded on her, eyes wide in surprise and disbelief. Ginny put on her best innocent face and smiled at him.

“Ginny! I – but – why?” he stuttered completely speechless.

“You looked so cute!” she exclaimed and giggled at his horrified expression. “And you were so good at it, too, love!”

Harry groaned, slumping in his chair and hiding behind his hands. The photograph fluttered to the table and George made a dive for it.

“How in Merlin’s name did Ginny get you into a grass skirt like this?” George hooted in glee and eagerly shared the photo with Fred.

Harry uncovered his bright red face and peered above his fingertips. He glanced at Ginny before clearing his throat. “Ginny’s can be rather persuasive when she wants to be.” He seemed to come to some sort of realization and turned to look at her. “You still owe me!”

Ginny smiled sweetly at him, ignoring the curious looks they were receiving. She straightened out the collar of his shirt and sighed. “Love, is that really something you want to discuss right this moment?”

For a moment it seemed like he was going to drop it but a feral grin spread on his face and he leaned back in his chair, hands behind his head and seemed like he had no idea anyone else was in the room.

“Well, you do owe me still,” he said. “And I already tried to get my payment from you once but that only resulted in you –”

“Unless you really want to spend the rest of your nights on the sofa you won’t finish that statement!” Ginny threatened.

“You were laughing about it!” Harry teased, dropping his arms and leaning forward again. He placed one elbow on the table and turned toward her. “You thought it was funny.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows at him amused. He was deliberately trying to tease her in front of her family and if that was the game he wanted to play, she was going to play right along with him.

“Speaking of funny,” Ginny countered and decided now was the perfect time to bring up his sunburn incident, “wasn’t it just hilarious when you being the silly boy you are forgot to use Sun-Shielding Charms and when I tried to make it feel all better –”

“Did I tell you lot about the tours we took while we were there?” Harry interrupted her and turned to address the family.

Ginny gave an internal cry of triumph. She sat up straight, listening to Harry as he fumbled through explaining what they had learned from the few tours they had taken in Hawaii and felt proud for winning his little game. Once he had finished his story and the family had gone back to looking at pictures, Ginny leaned very close to Harry’s ear and whispered.

“I win, Potter,” she whispered giddily. “And for your information, you were going to get your page thirty seven when we got home tonight but since you wanted to play your little game you’ll just have to wait.”

Without letting him reply, Ginny stood and offered to help her mother clear the table and serve dessert.

Harry looked thoroughly put out the rest of the night and seemed to have adapted a permanent pout on his face. Ginny knew why he was pouting and thought he was being rather childish about it. She tried to ignore him the best she could and talked with her family and even tried to get him to stop being such a baby when they returned to the flat.

“You know, everyone thought you were terribly romantic in Hawaii,” Ginny said after rinsing her mouth of toothpaste. She looked at him through the bathroom mirror. He was furiously scrubbing away at his teeth with his toothbrush. Ginny put her own toothbrush in the holder and picked up her hairbrush. “They really loved the dinner cruise we went on. I think you’ve made all my brothers get an earful about being more romantic.”

Harry spit into the sink and rinsed his mouth out. His toothbrush joined Ginny’s in the holder and without a word he left her in the bathroom brushing out her hair.

“Oh honestly, Harry!” she called. She put her brush down and marched after him. “Stop being so immature.”

“I’m not being immature,” he replied stiffly as he entered their bedroom.

“Yes you are,” she shot back following him and watched as he pulled the bedspread off the bed. “You are being an immature child right now.”

“Am not,” he grumbled and sank on the bed.

“You’re doing it right now. Why are you so persistent about that stupid page anyway?” she replied and kneeled atop their bed watching him. He lay on his side, facing her.

Harry blinked at her. “You think I’m hung up on that?”

Ginny shrugged and crossed her arms. “Well, aren’t you?”

“No,” he laughed. He propped himself up on an elbow and settled his cheek on the back of his fingers. “It’s got nothing to do with that.”

“Then what?” she asked. She mimicked his position and waited for him to answer. He sighed and reached out with his other hand toward her. He caressed her cheek but averted his eyes to the sheets beneath them.

“You were embarrassing me,” he mumbled.

“What?” she huffed. She pushed his hand away from her cheek and glared at him. “Don’t you dare accuse me of that when you were doing the same exact thing to me!”

“I wasn’t doing it on purpose,” he frowned.

“Well neither was I,” she replied crossly.

“Yeah, but you succeeded with that bloody picture,” he muttered. He lay on his back and stared up at the ceiling looking rather dejected. Ginny suddenly lost her will to argue with him as she looked at him. She moved closer to him, snuggling up against his side and placed a hand on his chest.

“I’m supposed to be the Savior of the Wizarding World, Ginny, and look like a hero, not a pillock in a grass skirt. How do you think that makes me look like to your brothers? I’m supposed to be the man who promised to take care of you and protect and take over their job – I know, I know, you don’t need that,” he added quickly when she swelled up ready to argue with him on that point. “Just listen, all right? Regardless of how you feel about being treated like a trapped princess and you know I understand that, your brothers still have this need to protect you and were damn clear about it before the wedding. They made sure I understood I was to take over and what would happen if I ever failed to be your protector. What do you think it makes them think when they see a picture like that?”

“That you love me and would do anything for me to make sure I’m happy?” she offered. She let her comments about her brothers entrusting him with their “job” slip. Gits.

He snorted and slid his arm under her. He rubbed her back in small circles. “More like my wife has me wrapped around her little finger and I’d probably do every last foolish thing in the world if you asked me to.”

“And that’s a problem how?” she grinned. “I like having you wrapped around my finger. You don’t think I don’t have each and every one of them like that? That’s how I operate, love. I bet you anything I could get all six of my brothers to put on grass skirts and go on a world tour together with you as the headliner.”

Harry laughed heartily at that. “I have no doubt of that. But that isn’t the point.”

“So all the pouting you’ve been doing is about your image to my brothers?” she inquired.

She heard as well as felt him sigh. He shifted his arm and pulled her closer to him. “Yes.”

Ginny couldn’t help but laugh. She felt him pull his arm away and noticed he was scowling at her.

“Thanks for the confidence, love,” he grumbled moodily.

“Oh, Harry, this is silly,” she sighed and pushed herself up. She looked down at him. “You shouldn’t care that they laughed at the picture. None of them can pull off a grass skirt quite as well as you can, love.”

Harry snorted. He reached up and gently tucked her hair behind her ear. “Not very comforting.”

“Harry,” she said softly. “You don’t have to prove anything to my brothers. All you need to prove is that you love me and you took care of that ages ago. Don’t let a stupid little picture hurt your pride.”

He sighed in resignation. “I suppose you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right,” she quipped. She smiled coyly at him. “Besides, you’re rather sexy in a grass skirt.”

He matched her smile and sat up. “You know, I thought the same thing when you were wearing a grass skirt.”

He reached for her hair again. Ginny grabbed his arm and pulled it away. “Did you?”

Harry nodded. He leaned forward and brushed his lips gently against hers. “Unbelievable sexy,” he murmured against her lips. He moved forward slightly and began planting feather light kisses on the underside of her jaw. His hands found their way to her waist and he pressed his palms tenderly against her.

“Harry,” she whispered as a shiver ran down her spine. She instinctively brought a hand up to hold him closer to her. He pulled away slightly and looked at her questionably. “Get the book.”

His eyes narrowed slightly but he didn’t pull away. “Really?”

Ginny nodded. “I think I ought to seal my end of the deal for forcing you into a grass skirt.”

“Ginny –” he began but Ginny quickly cut him off with a kiss. She knew he was going to protest and ask her if she was sure, but she didn’t want to hear it from him. She pulled away. “Just get the book, Harry.”

She laughed as he scrambled away from her to locate the book. He returned to the bed a few moments later with a triumphant smile on his face.

“Page thirty seven?” he asked hopefully.

She nodded. “Page thirty seven.”

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