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Chapter one, The Broken Dummy “Concentrate Harry.” Dumbledore seemed to be saying for the thousandth time. Although Harry was sure he would never be able to get this; Dumbledore seemed confident. They were in Dumbledores office. It was around six’ o’clock and Harry was about ready to give up on Occlumency. For weeks now he had been working on these lessons with Dumbledore and they had gone smoothly, until now. They had moved into a section of Occlumency Harry just could not grasp. “Entering into the mind of another; with out there knowledge.” Dumbledore had called it. Harry had a much shorter and to the point title for it, but he was not about to mention that aloud. Harry was convincing that the problem was with the old dummy they were using. Dumbledore had constructed what looking like the mirror image of a man with build in memories. Harry was supposed to be able to retrieve these memories out of the dummy without it feeling anything. If the dummy did feel anything, he would scream. The scream was what was really starting to get to Harry. It was not just a normal, “Ahh!” but a blood curdling screech. It was starting to give Harry a headache. Dumbledore seemed unaffected by this. He continued to smile as coax Harry on. “Try again.” He would simply say every time Harry made a mistake, and Harry would try again. Carefully, slowly, Harry closed his eyes and stretched forth his wand. He was determined to make it this time. Going through someone’s mind looking for memories was a lot like a mental game of pickup sticks. Harry crept through the mind of the dummy until he found the one he was looking for. The fuzzy cat one. Mentally grasping it Harry took it in his mind and began to gently pull it back. A shriek rose from the dummy making Harry’s eyes snap open and his head throb. Throwing his hands up and giving an exasperated moan, Harry turned to Dumbledore. “Why is this not working?” He said through clenched teeth. Dumbledore smiled. “You must concentrate harder. Your going very well considering how much practice you have not had. Try it again.” Harry sighed and turned back to the dummy. He closed his eyes and began concentrating. A sudden shriek came from the dummy. It caught Harry by surprise. He hadn’t even raises his wand yet, and already the thing was screaming. The thing in front of Harry continued to scream, its limp body bouncing up and down, smoke began curling from the neck of it as if whapped hard against a nearby shelve. Objects went flying everywhere. Dumbledore had his wand out. “Acourtious Repara!” he said giving his wand a wave. Within seconds, the dummy was dead on the floor. Stepping over to it, Dumbledore heaved it onto a nearby chair and pulled its head off, which connected to the neck by a small hinge at the back. Dumbledore studied the inside neck of the man doll. He replaced the head and turn back to Harry. His face looked grieved, “It seems my old friend is dead.” His frown changed to a smile as he dumped his “old friend” on the floor. “No matter, you will continue your practice on me.” He sat in the chair. Harry did not care for this idea. He now wished that it were Snape teaching him again. If something went wrong and Harry messed up Snapes brain, he would not be as heart broken. Harry’s face didn’t cover his worries. “Its alright,” Said Dumbledore, “Just concentrate.” He closed his eyes and folded his hands in front of him. A sly smiles sat on the olds wizards face. Harry hesitated, but then he figured Dumbledore would not probably let him do this if he did not have a way to stop things if they got out of hand. Harry closed his eyes and began concentrating. Dumbledore let out a shriek making Harry jump. “Just kidding,” He laughed, his gray eyes sparkling. “Please, continue.” Harry, now sort of annoyed, closed his eyes again. Dumbledores mind was much more complexes than that of the dummy. Memories and images were stored in what seemed to be mile and miles of piles. So many years of experience sat in front of him. Passing Dumbledore short-term memory Harry continued back toward his long term ones. He stopped when he saw one of himself. As a small first yeah Harry saw himself trying on the sorting hat. Harry looked terrified, His glasses big and buggy on his face. “What a nerd!” Harry thought jokingly. Moving even farther back, he found memories of his own parents. He stopped and watched these. He didn’t want to stay to long. He didn’t want Dumbledore to feel he was prying too far into his mind. He turned to look for a memory to draw when he saw something catch his eye. The goblet of fire, Harry was seeing the goblet of fire. Dumbledore stood over it. Surrounding him was what seemed to be a tall grove of silver spikes. Dumbledore was a fourth year claming the goblet of fire. He had never mentioned this before. Harry had found Dumbledores school years. Briefly Harry watched Dumbledore as a seventh year getting his first kiss from a brown haired girl with buck teeth. This made Harry laugh, How shy they looked together. Like a cute sort of puppy love. Harry did wonder who the buck toothed girl was as he moved one. Other Memories had Dumbledore sneaking out of the Gryffindor tower at night with a group of boys. So, even the wise old wizard had a rebellious streak in him when he was young. After shifting through several images of young Albus Dumbledore getting in trouble, getting detention, flirting with girls, Harry found one that looked safe to try and remove. Young Albus Dumbledore, sitting in a classroom in Hogwarts. He looked no older than eleven. He was bent over a large textbook and his parchment and quill. His brow furrowed as him mouth moved, wording the essay he was writing. Harry studied him for a moment. He was fascinated on what he saw. Albus Dumbledore looked, well, small and nerdy. His blues eyes, however, were bright with life and vigor. Harry wished he could have met this boy. So unknowing of the things that would happen to him. Suddenly the door to the room Young Albus was sitting in burst open. A group of boys walked into the room. One of them had bright red hair and freckles scattered his face, which was round and pudgy. His deep brown eyes scanned the room, looking for trouble. He wore a Ravenclaw crest on his robe. “Hey Albus, Whatcha doing?” He said, about four boys grouped around him. The Redheaded boy snatched the parchment up from under Dumbledores scribbling quill. His brown scanned the paper. “This is terrible!” he said. Young Albus tried to make a snatch at it but he held it away from him. “Look at this boys,” he voice changed to that of a baby mocking one. “Widdle Albus is writing his potions essay.” “Give it back.” Young Albus tried to make another snatch at it. “Thaths mine!! Jacob…pleaths!” Young Albus spoke with a very bad lisp. He stood while the taller boy held the paper high over his head, making the small boy jump for it. Young Albus spoke with a very bad lisp. The group of boys all laughed in unison. They continued there torture for awhile then the red headed boy said, “You write just as bad at you speak.” The boy said turning away with the paper. “You suck a looney Albus.” With that, he crumpled the parchment and tossed the half done essay into the unlit fireplace. All the boys laughed again and walked out the door. Tears burnt in the young boys eyes as he turned back to his desk, “I hate you Jacob Weasley!” he whispered. He went to the fireplace and pulled out his crumpled black parchment from it. Harry felt bad for the poor boy. Compared to the other boys, he was much smaller than they were. It was not fair. Harry had the urge to go after those boys and make them come back and apologies, but then remembered this was only a memory. He decided he wasn’t going to take this one back with him. He did not want to bring an unhappy memory back to Albus. Harry turned to find another memory when all that stood before him was a stone wall. “What the…!?” Harry said in shock. The small first year at the fireplaces head shot up. His face was tear-streaked. He looked at the strange black haired boy in front of him. “Who are you?” he said wiping the tears off his face. Harry didn’t say anything, he just looked back at the boy in shock.

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