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Buy Me Love by xXsilent_tearsXx
Chapter 10 : Familiar Faces
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Author's Note: I'm so terribly sorry for taking so long to update this. I've just seem to have lost my muse for it. I'm searching for it, but I don't honestly know how soon the next update will be. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing, 'cept my own characters.

Antoinette yawned as she dragged her feet behind Hermione and Ginny towards the car. Hermione had informed Ginny earlier about the situation, and Ginny being Ginny, she wanted to tag along and possibly help with what they were doing. After all, it was practically planning some of the important parts of a wedding, and Ginny found it to be extremely fun to help with those things. No, Ginny wasn't the girliest of the bunch, but it is fun going around trying on dresses and everything for the fun of your friend to pick one. Even Hermoine had to admit that it was going to be a bit fun, and all the girls were getting an opportunity to spend time together.

It was a good thing she had a driver, since Hermione and Ginny weren't used to her car (or much of driving them, being without them for so long) and she was far too tired to drive it. Climbing into the back next to Hermione, she fell into the seat with a gasp. She leaned back, relaxing, as she sunk into the leather interior. Of all mornings, Hermione had to choose one when Antoinette was wanting to sleep in, and this early at that.

Usually, stores didn't even open this early! Well, Antoinette didn't think so. Either way, Hermione said they did, she didn't know if her cousin had pulled some strings to get them to open early or not. "So, which would you like to do today?" Hermione asked her, as if it were just a casual day out. Antoinette looked from side to side.

"We could look at the flower shops today?" Antoinette suggested lightly, figuring it to be rejected. It wasn't as if she didn't love her cousin, it was just that Hermione could get a bit...bossy at times, and not even consider what Antoinette thought. Well, she more than likely did, it being Hermione, but she didn't usually see it as the right way. Or in other words, she didn't see it as her way, as Antoinette used to describe the situations.

"You can choose anything, you do need all of these, after all. Though, we can do flowers first if you'd like, but I don't exactly know how long we'll be out. We'll have to check at least a few stores around town. But I don't know...what if you choose bridesmaide dresses and they don't match your choices?" Antoinette just nodded along, not bothering to stir up anything that was unecessary. Though, when the last comment was spoken, she stopped for a minute, contemplating the decision.

"....I'm pretty sure I know what color dresses I'd like...I'd just need to pick them out, and find flowers to match them."

Hermione was thankful that Antoinette had already picked out the colors of the bridesmaide, it gave them one less thing to do. "We could try to get it all done today, and get it done with,"

Antoinette shook her head furiously, "That would be impossible," Hermione looked at her a bit confused. "You'll see when we get to town. We'll have to space it out into days, I'm pretty sure. Hopefully Draco, Oliver, and Harry can manage the house while we're out." She joked.

Hermione and Ginny laughed nervously. "Yea, I erm...hope so too. Maybe the house won't be burnt to the ground," Hermione attemped to return in a teasing manner, but was seriously hoping that a house of ash wouldn't be what they would come returning home to. Harry and Draco would have hell to pay if they did. Thank Merlin Ron wasn't there, or Harry wouldn't be able to control all of their tempers with his combined, the house would probably explode if that had happened.

"So, Ginny, how long have you and Harry been together?" Antoinette asked. Hermione mouthed an apology to Ginny, she did like to butt into things a lot. And she didn't really beat around the bush either. Ginny smiled back at Hermione. Who could blame her? She was that way sometimes, too, so there was no reason to be upset.

"A little away from being two and a half years," Ginny's smile went ear to ear as though she were just realizing it herself. Hermione was in awe at the love between the two of them, it was unreal. She just hoped she could find someone that she could share something like that with. "I've known him since I was ten years old, fancied him from the moment I saw him." Ginny finished beaming, she liked to gloat a tad just as much as every girl. "How about you and Oliver?"

Antoinette's smile almost rivaled Ginny's. "We've been dating almost a year now," Ginny's smile faltered slightly. She had been with Harry much longer, and yet here Antoinette was, almost about to be married. She wondered when, or if, Harry was going to propose to her. Thankfully, Hermione noticed her expression and was trying to subtly chang the subject away from proposals.

Of course Ginny had her doubts about a future of marriage. Every girl has their thoughts, their questions about the subject. Even if someone was in a completely amazing relationship where everyone could tell they were in love, much like Ginny and Harry's, one would still have some doubts as to if a proposal of marriage was fit into the future. Surprisingly, Antoinette was the one to change the subjects. Hermione wasn't very surprised, her cousin was never one to stay very long on topics. She was very easily bored, Hermione learned that as they grew up.

"Finally!" Antoinette gasped in relief. "I didn't think we were going to get any time to just spend with everything going on, but then I figured that this was the perfect opportunity for us all to get aqquainted," She smiled warmly and turned to Hermione, "Or in our case, reaquainted, it sure has been a long time." Antoinette sounded like someone who was loving to shout 'girl time!', which Hermione didn't like to refer it as. The idea of those words for some reason made her want to gag. She was glad that Antoinette had chose to rephrase it though.

"So, Gin-ninny?"

"It's Ginny,"

"Oh, sorry about that." Antoinette apologized to the red head. "So, how is your life in the magical world? Is it much more exhilarating than this boring old place?" Antoinette asked. Ginny glanced at Hermione, making sure that it was alright to talk of the magical world. After all, she did seem to know enough anyways.

"The muggle - erm, sorry. The non-magic world is brilliant. All the contraptions, all the technology. We once had a flying car once, my father had enchanted it." Antoinette looked amazed at the idea of an enchanted flying car as Ginny continued her tale. It went from her father finding the car all the way to the boys crashing it into the Whomping Willow.

"Oh, my! Antoinette giggled. "I sure bet your father was a bit furious. It must have been a lot of work to get that car to work," Hermione was pretty sure that Antoinette was more insulting the model of the car to Arthur's abilities, but Ginny didn't catch on. If she did, she at least didn't show it and continued to smile. Hermione knew it wasn't anything huge, it was just how Antoinette was. She was pretty sure Antoinette did it unconciously a lot by this time with how much she done it as a child, so she was more than likely unaware of her doing it half the time.

"Yea, he was a bit mad. More at Ron, though. They completely got over it after they pretty much saved my life," Ginny joked. Antoinette still looked in awe. Apparently, she didn't fully realize how ....busy the Wizarding World was during Lord Voldemort's returning. Being Antoinette, she just had to pry into the story, though Hermione didn't really think Ginny minded it. So Hermione heard the story once more of how her best friend's risked danger once again while she had been resting in the hospital wing paralyzed.

"Hermione! Goodness! How did I not know of this? You were hurt!" Antoinette sounded hurt that she wasn't informed about the situation. Hermione looked away, this was why she hadn't. Antoinette's reactions to things were a bit dramatic a lot of the time. Hermione just didn't want to have to worry with the bombarding of questions about it, seeing as how it was many years ago.

Hermione hadn't realized how close to town Antoinette lived. Though, it did cut her interrogation from Antoinette a bit short. It hadn't taken but fifteen minutes tops to reach the city. The size of the place startled Hermione as she hadn't been to the city in such a long time. Just looking down the crowd-filled street, Hermione already noticed two seperate florist shops. Today was going to be a very, very long day, that was for certain.

A squeal was heard from Antoinette's voice to show her excitement. Hermione groaned when Antoinette grabbed her hand (in which Hermione grabbed Ginny's as if for some help), dragging her into the large crowds of people making their way down the street. Ginny clung on, being dragged down clumsily along after her friend. Hermione hoped - and figured for that mature - that Antoinette new where each store was, seeing as how she lived near here for so long and Hermione hadn't been in years. "This is why you need to finish the important parts without procrastinating!" Hermione groaned as Antoinette somehow forced their way through the crowds and drug them into the first shop.

Draco sat on the small hill overlooking the pool and jacuzzi, or that's what he was told its name was. It gave a very nice view of the rest of the yard as well, which looked even better with the sunset. He was surprised at how long women could take shopping.

A little tiny clover stuck from the ground. Draco plucked it from its root grinning before jumping up and running towards where Harry was sitting at the small table on the patio. "Potter! Come here! I've found something the size of your dick!" Harry looked at the clover before glaring.

"Wow, Malfoy, I didn't know you'd been thinking that way about me. But I only prefer Weasleys," Harry said grinning, obviously thinking about Ginny.

Draco smirked, "Well, Potter, that's a broad generalization." The two continued their joke, neither realizing they were actually having a civil conversation. If Hermione or Ginny had been there, they would have wanted to mark this moment to remember. But, being boys and too entertained, they took no notice of it. Though, their bickering was interrupted as Oliver Wood came up to them.

"Oye, you two. Harry and er, Malfoy. Would you like a tour of the house?" The boys nodded eagerly.

The two couldn't help that they were curious. Especially when offered a tour of the house by Oliver Wood. Apparently Harry hadn't taken the quality of the jobs Hermione's family had, or the amount of pay in them. Because obviously the family wasn't bad off. He knew they were dentists, but he never really took into thought how much they actually made in their salary. He guessed they just didn't flaunt it around or brag about it. If her parents were dentists, he could only wonder what the rest of her family did.

Oliver began by showing them the ground floor, with Harry looking in awe at the delicacy of the house. It had all the right carvings and detail put into the mantlepieces, everything, in Harry's opinion. Harry stopped when he almost collided with another person, earning a "Smooth, Potter." from Draco. Apologizing repeatedly, Harry laughed to face the stranger, realizing it was no stranger at all.

Shaking his hand, Harry's grip strained after recognizing the person. "...hello, Theo."

The man named Theo smiled, obviously unaffected by the recognition. "Hello, Harry. It's been a while, hasn't it?" The expression on Harry's face remained unchanged, he simply nodded. Draco raised his eyebrow, beginning to come up with some gay theory between the two. Obviously, they knew each other, but how? Wasn't this boy a muggle? Suddenly, Theo turned his attention to Draco, scanning him up and down. Oddly, Draco felt a bit violated. "And who is this fellow? I don't believe we met,"

Draco glanced at the man's extended hand for a moment, wondering where it had been before taking it. Slowly, he shook Theo's hand as Harry beat him to the introduction. "This is - Draco," he obviously seemed strained to speak Draco's first name. "He's Hermione's boyfriend." Harry smirked.

Theo looked apprehensive once Draco was introduced as Hermione's boyfriend. Ah, Draco thought, so this man has a history with Granger. This should be fun. "Yes, Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius and Narcissa."

"Your parents' names...they sound very odd, but so does yours, they sound very aristocratic." Theo observed.

"Practically royalty, I'll have you know," Draco smirked. "Hermione just happened to catch my eye a few months ago," Harry rolled his eyes, the last thing Draco needed was another moment to inflate his ego. "Pretty little thing, just couldn't stay away from her," Draco sure knew how to put up a good act when he had to, even when it came to Hermione, surprisingly.

Before Theo could respond(which didn't seem like it would be anything nice, looking at his expression), Harry interrupted the two before another argument erupted. "Well, we would chat," Harry said through gritted teeth. "But we have to get going, Oliver's showing us the house." Theo nodded, as Harry and Draco followed Oliver down the hallway. Draco glanced back, giving another look at this Theo character.

Harry glared at Oliver. "What's he doing here?" he asked the older boy.

Oliver merely shrugged. "It was Ann's request," he used a nickname for his fiancee, "She said she knew him and that he was an old friend."

"Old friend all right," Harry mumbled.

"What, Potter? An old lover?" Draco sneered.

Oliver sighed. "After all these years, and you dating Hermione, you two still can't get over the bad blood?" he asked. Both boys merely shrugged.

By the time the tour was over, the boys were avoiding speaking to one another. More, Harry refusing to respond to Draco's remarks and constant prying about Theo. "It's none of your damn business!" Harry said to Draco, approaching their houses.

Looking to the left, they noticed Ginny and Hermione walking their way, seperating from Antoinette with a wave. Antoinette stood where she was, watching the two approach the boys. Harry embraced Ginny with a kiss, and Draco took Hermione by the waist, catching her by surprise. "Just wave, and I'll be able to let go of you already." he mumbled to her, she gave him a small elbow jab.

"I think we need to go to the Guest house for a moment," Harry said. The girls nodded, confused, but followed anyways.

Draco glared. "Who's to say I'm going to do what you tell me to?"

"Malfoy, it's about the little incident today. You're bound to get all worked up," The girls, still confused, didn't notice Draco's sudden interest to follow them.

Hermione sat down next to Ginny on the couch, and Harry on Ginny's other side, as Draco sat on the chair across from them, eager to hear information. "So, Hermione, you'll never guess who we ran into today." Harry said lightly.

"Who?" Hermione asked him curiously.

"I believe it was an old lover of yours, Granger. Or something or other, because I don't know what would take you as a lover." Draco shrugged, and Hermione threw a pillow at him.

Harry caught her attention again and looked at her sternly. "I think you have some explaining to do."

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