Harry got off without another word. Then went and got a carriage to themselves. This ride was as silent as ever. Then when Ron and Harry got into the entrance hall, Peeves dropped something on Ron’s head .

“What the bloody hell was that,” yelled Ron.

But unfortunately Professor Snape was right there when he said that.

“Peeves, get out of here or ill have to call the bloody baron,” Snape said.

And with a bang Peeves shot out of the entrance hall, and went to the trophy room while blowing loud raspberries. Then, Snape turned to Harry.

“Potter, get into the great hall. Or perhaps I’ll have to take 50 points from you.”

With a hint of cheek Harry said,” Yes sir.”

And with that Harry and Ron entered the great hall, and to find that the sorting had finished. Harry and Ron asked Hermione who had been made Gryffindor. She, of course, was still giving them the silent treatment. All of the sudden Harry heard this noise, and it was saying his name.

“Ron, can you hear that voice?”

But of course Harry knew he had, because of the look he had on his face.

“Yah,” Ron mumbled.

Then Harry saw it, a pale translucent person. It startled Harry so much that he wet his robes. He lept up and went to the common room, to change his robes. But, on his way he saw a figure going to the dungeons. So Harry followed, however, when Harry got down there he saw nothing.

Harry swore so loudly that when he finished Professor Snape came gliding down the steps.

“Why are you down here, Potter? Do you really think that you can catch the Dark Lord single handedly? No! And do you know why that is?”

“Ah, because Voldemort’s going out with Belletrix,” Harry said very sarcastically

“No, my master isn’t but I am.”

Snape looked murderous; Harry could even see his jugular vein. This was throbbing as if it might explode.

“Get out of here now, thirty points from Gryffindor,” Snape said.

And that reminded Harry why he was actually there but he didn’t dare ask Snape because of his temper. So Harry trudged back up to the common room. And when Harry pushed the portrait aside Hermione let out a shrill scream as she saw Harry.

“What happened to you,” asked Hermione as she eyed his wet robes.

“Don’t ask,” Harry said.

He just went up to the boys dormitory to change. As soon as he got done he went to tell Ron and Hermione what he had just witnessed. When he finished Hermione looked confused, but Ron knew what Harry was talking about.

“Let’s go see Hagrid,” said Harry, very keen to change the subject.

“But Harry,” Hermione persisted.

Harry yelled, “No!”

And with that he stormed off making some rude hand gestures that made Hermione cluck disapprovingly. But Harry didn’t care, then a thought occurred to him that he had seen this person before. Well, only in a book so it didn’t matter if it was imagination. Ther it was again the voice.

It said, “Harry Potter come into Moaning Mertle’s bathroom or suffer the wrath of Salazar Slitherin!”

Harry suddenly got up and went back to the common room, grabbed Ron and strode to Moaning Mertle’s bathroom.

At the sight of them she said, “Oh hi Harry, I wondered when you would be back.”

Harry asked,” Hey Mertle, have you seen anyone in here.”

But he didn’t have to wait for her reply, because a ghost came out of the corner of the bathroom. And yes it definitely looked like Slitherin.

Harry said, “What the hell are you doing here!”

“I’m here to coax you into the Dark Lords army to destroy the ministry. But you have to promise me that you will not kill the Dark Lord.”

“Alright, I won’t be in your army because you are skum you Half breed.

And with that Harry and Ron ran out of the room.

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