Saint Mungos Hospital was unusually quiet. Lily sat in one of the far corners of the waiting room, with a cup of cold coffee in her hands. She was on high-alert, watching every move a person took. At one stage during the night, the Healers wanted to give her a calming potion but Lily refused it.

A man with large ugly, pulsing boils covering the side of his face and hands sat down a couple of seats away from her, and started humming to himself. Lily turned to him as she recognized the lullaby he was humming- it was the same song she heard every night while putting Harry to sleep and it was the song she hummed to calm the toddler down.

Lily started to hum along, the man looked around in surprise at her but his face broke out into a smile. Lily smiled back while still humming, and for the first time in hours she started to relax, her body falling back against the chair.

The window at the side, started to slowly get brighter as morning approached, and one by one the levitating candles around the Hospital extinguished themselves.

As the clock behind the reception desk read nine in the morning, more people started arriving, they sat down onto the chairs and Lily watched as one-by-one they were called by a Healer.

Lily went into a 'numb' state of being, as tiredness and hunger took over. She rested her head back against the wall and closed her eyes, but her mind was still being flooded with horrible images of the bleeding James, she opened her eyes, to see a curly, black haired Healer walk her way.

“Miss?” she asked, as she saw that Lily's eyes were opened. Some of the in the waiting turned to watch what was happening. “Do you want to have something to eat? You haven't eaten all night.”

Lily shook her head.

“They will call you when they are finished with him,” she said, a friendly smile coming onto her face. “You need to eat.”

Lily stood up from the chair she had been sitting on and followed the Healer, down the corridor and then she took a right and descended down a flight of stairs. At the end was a single elevator.

The two of them stepped into it. Lily was silent as the Healer pushed in the button with the number five, and the lift started to rise, Lily could feel herself rock slightly on her feet with tiredness.

When the doors opened again, Lily was filled with the strong aroma of coffee. The floor which the doors of the elevator had opened up onto, had restaurants lined against the three walls, and in the middle of the room was hundreds of tables. Queues of people had already formed and most of the tables were occupied.

“The toilets are over there,” the Healer said pointing to the right, she turned around and stepped back into the elevator. “Oh!” she said surprised, and began rummaging in the pockets of her suit. “Here,” Lily took the little slip she was handing to her. “Just hand that in and you get your food for free.”

An hour later a well-fed Lily was back down sitting in the waiting room, the full stomach along with the exhaustion now made her feel physically sick.

“Miss Potter?” Lily looked up from her gazing of her knees to see a dark-haired, sturdy looking Healer, the look of bewilderment on his face. “I thought you were called,” he said. At this the busy receptionist piped up.

“She was, but she was gone to get something to eat.” she said, before turning back to the waiting man.

“Oh, right,” and he ran a hand through his hair. The same way as James.

“I'm Mister Anderson. I was wondering what happened to you. Do you want to follow me?” he asked, Lily stood up from her seat, her legs nearly collapsing underneath her and followed the Healer down the corridor and into an office.

“Sit.” he said pointing towards the chair in front of the desk. Lily sat. She waited for him to be seated, and when he was- his expression had changed. It was now strained and serious. “We patched him up and we stopped the bleeding,” Lily felt elated, he was still alive, “but that doesn't mean he's out of harms way,” Lily nodded her head, to say that she understood- but she didn't, if he was still breathing and the blood had stopped, that would mean he wasn't going to die.

He closed the folder which was opened up on his desk and looked back at Lily.

“We have given him a bottle of Sleep Potion, hes been asleep for a while now and we don't know what hes going to be like when he wakes up. OK?” he asked, Lily nodded her head.

Anderson stood up, and walked towards the door, which he held open. Lily walked out, neither of them said anything to one another as he led her down the corridor and then up four flights of stairs.

He walked nearly half-way down the corridor before he stopped beside the door.

“I will leave you here, if you need any help there are Healers in the adjoining room,” he said with a wink, he turned around and walked back down the corridor. Lily waited until he had turned the corner before opening the door.

Everything in the room she had just stepped into was white, a set of curtains was blocking the bed from view. Lily walked up to them, her heart in her throat.

James was lying on a bed, looking more dead than alive. The only giveaway that he was still breathing was the constant rising and falling of his chest. Lily wiped away a tear, before sitting down onto the visitors chair beside the bed and taken hold of his hand in hers.

“James. It's OK. I'm here now.” she said her thumb massaging the back of his hand.

“When you get out of here. I'll let you move back in and I'll kick Richard out..” Lily looked around the room, to find that they were all alone. “I shouldn't have written you that letter, telling you about Ireland. It's all my fault your here.” Lily fell silent tears brimming her eyes, the silence was deafening. She lifted James's hands and kissed it softly. “Your my soul mate and nobody will ever replace you. Even if they are good looking and rich.” two tears fell down her cheeks. That was when she remembered the deal they had made. She pulled out the locket from underneath her coat and clicked it open, the laughter echoed around the room as she plucked out the silver ring from inside before closing the locket.

“Here,” she said, lifting his hand in hers and twisting the ring onto his finger.

She walked around the bed and found his clothes and belongings in the cabinet beside the bed. She opened up his wallet and found the little silk pouch inside one of the pockets, she opened it up and found her ring tucked safely inside.

Hours passed with no movement from James, Lily staid beside his bed for the whole time. She would guess that it was either late evening or night-time. But she had no clock to tell her.

Lily had her eyes half closed, when she saw James moving for the first time.

“James?” she said, sitting on the edge of her seat and grabbing his hand.

His forehead creased and his eyes blinked several times against the brightness of the room.

“Where am I?” he asked, and Lily turned to see a Healer stroll out from the room.

“Nice to see your awake mister Potter,” she said happily, taken hold of his wrist and counting his heartbeats. James looked at her perplexed.

“How are you feeling?” Lily asked, trying to start conversation and wanting to ask him a billion questions about what he had been up to. But the look she received from James was the look that she never wanted to see... confusion.

“It's me Lily,” she said, laughing slightly trying to keep her hopes up. James turned to the Healer as if for some explanation. The Healer stopped her examination of him and stepped back, her face turning a shade of pale white. Lily stared at her, her heart racing. James didn't know who she was.



“Yes James?” Lily asked. They were walking down a dark corridor of Hogwarts, hand-in-hand, after just having their very last meal in the Great Hall. Both of them were wearing their graduating cloaks.

“Will you promise me something?” he asked, as they stepped outside and walked towards a stone bench. The stars twinkled down upon the two of them from the dark sky.

They sat down on the bench.

“What?” Lily asked, James gave her hand a small squeeze. She smiled at him, but he didn't smile back, his face was serious but sad.

“When I'm three hundred years old, and my mind starts to deceive me... When I cant remember your name, if I look at you but I know who you are... will you take me out of that empty life,” he paused and for a second Lily thought he had forgotten to finish his sentence, but then he took a breath and whispered so softly that Lily wouldn't of noticed he had said anything if it was not for his lips moving. “Will you kill me?”

Lily's body stiffened and she looked into his hazel eyes to see that they were filled with tears.

“James! Where is this coming from?” Lily said, shocked. “We're not even out of school, and you're already planning on how your going to die,”

James ignored her statement. “Will you promise?” he asked kissing her hand. “My life is nothing without you,”

Lily fell silent and stared at James biting her lips, this wasn't a joke, James was being serious.

“I promise.”

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