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It had been three weeks since Billie had arrived at the Potter Manor and since then she had gotten the chance to hang out with the guys more, they went flying, swimming and played pranks. James had become a good friend almost like a brother figure which made her wince inside, she still didn't trust Sirius and was sure to show it around him. Ever since her and Aces row she hadn't talked to him, he was usually in his room, the library or aff tell the odd hours of the night but this didn't face Billie she was used to him leaving.

It was monday afternoon and James and Sirius were in James room awaiting the rest of the 'Marauders ' to arrive, which was rather odd. James,Sirius and their other two friends had a groupe called the Marauders and they all had these odd names that Billie had completely forgotten. One night while the three of them were laying on the balcony James was trying to explain to her there groups and the pranks they pulled but it was late at night and the next thing she knew she was asleep.

Seeing as the guys were being all secretive Billie put on a bathing suit under a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt, she grabbed a towel and went outside. The sunburn she had had faded away eventually and it was now all gone, she walked into the kitchen where Edward was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper at the table and Amelia was cutting vegetables, the woman seriously never stops cooking.

"Billie, are you going out for a swim ? " The mother like woman asked.  Amelia Potter reminded her  so much of her own mother, she was kind, caring and was exactly like a mother should be. Ever since Billie had arrive at the potters home she had treated her as her own and she was thank ful for the kind gesture.

"Yea, the guys got all secretive seeing as there friends are coming over"Bille said with a small smile.

"Well don't worry, this weekend were having a party. Just a little fancy and i had invited James friend Lily Evans over to keep you company for the rest of the summer, she had exepted, such a kind girl, anyways you two can go  and get dresses this thursday." she nodded and walked outside to the pool. She decided that it would be best not to  tan seeing as she couldn't anyways, she could tan for hours but she would still be as pale as a ghost, so she took off her  jeans and shirt and folded them beside the towel. Dipping her toe in the pool she checked if it was too cold, a shiver went through her body but she ignored it as she dived into the pool

I dipped my foot in the pool to see how cold it was, i shiver went through my body. Taking a deep breath i dived into the pool and stayed under for a minute or so before coming up on the other side. For reasons unknown i looked up to the balcony only to see Sirius looking down at me while James was laughing with two other guys, they were all to far from me so i couldn't see what they looked like but i did know that the Marauders were here and learning stories from James it didn't seem like the best thing.


There was a loud knock on the door and before Sirius or James could reach it a short blond boy with blue eyes walked in followed by a tall fair haired green eyes boy with a smile on his face. Sirius and James soon greeted the two and brought them upstairs to the balcony where they could talk.

"How has your summer been ?" Remus asked the question directed to his friends.

"Well we had some unexpected visitors, this real jackass Ace and this girl, she's are age you'll meet her later. She's pretty cool - "  James was cut off my Sirius snorting. " What?"

"She is not cool, she's a total bi - "

"They don't like each other very much "

"The chick bloody hates me just because im a Black - " Sirius ranted.

"You aren't sure of that " James said exasperated. James turned back to Remus and Peter and asked how there summers went and as James and Remus laughed as Peter explained his terrible summer , Sirius moved over to the Balcony. Looking down at the pool her noticed a small, pale body in a black bathing suit which made her stand out even more. Oh, how much Sirius despised the girl, he smirked wickedly as he thought over all the ways he could prank her for the rest of the summer.

"My parents are throwing a party this weekend in which we all have to go to but the good news is Evans is coming and i know for sure i could work my charm. " James was saying happily.


" Foul git " i muttered under my breath as i grabbed my towel and clothes and started my way back in the house. I walked into the kitchen as i tried putting my pants on causing me to fall flat on my face. Mr Potter who washing him cup bursted out laughing causing me to turn red and also start laughing my head off, he helped me up  and with a pat on the back left me feeling quite embarassed. I let out a chuckle and tried to dry my hair with the towel as  i made my way to the third floor and back to my room where i wouldn't have to deal with the guys.  But to my unluck as i was about to pass Sirius's door it opened and four guys who were taller then myself walked out laughing.

"Oh, hey Billie" James called happily. " I'd like you to meet the other two Marauders, Wormtail, Peter and Moony - "

"Remus!" I shouted recognizing the boy in the back, his eyes grew wide and he pushed past Sirius and ran up to me giving me a large hug and lifting me up in the aire. Tears poured from my eyes, i didn't care who was watching as i hugged the taller boy.

"Billie i didn't even recogniz you.. What happened to you. " He was holding me at arms length, i bowed my head. "Billie, why are you here ?"

"Somethings happened. "

"Remus you know her?" Sirius asked furious, i turned to the other two guys and could see that they were also confused.

"Eugh guys, i'd like you to meet my sister. " Both Peter and James gasped and Sirius screamed "WHAT!"

" Remus you've never mentioned a sister before?"  James said walking over to his friend.

"I know, it just...... its confusing - "

"You'd better give us a damn good explanation moony ! " Sirius said, Remus sighed and led his friends and sister into Billies room where they all sat on her bed.

"Well, i really don't understand it either but when i was younger i lived in Canada with my parents and twin sister.... At around the age of five me and Billie were out in the forest in the back of our house, which is when i had gotten bit and thats when our family first learnt of death eaters.  We hadn't really bothered ouselves with the problems in Britain  but our mother would call my aunt once a month to get updates after i was bitten. When i turned eleven the school in canada wouldn't take me, we were going to move to London because Dumbledor was the only one to take me but it would have meant that my father would have to quite his job so i simply moved in with my aunt. During every holiday i'd come back home to visit." he finished not looking at his friends.

"Why didn't you tell us mate?" James asked.

" I don't no, it was one of those things. Before i left for London my dad made me promise not to tell a soul, so i promised and took up my aunts last name." he looked at me and i looked at my hands  guitily, i had an idea why. " Billie are you okay. "  i shook my head, Remus furrowed his brow.

Whats happened ? " he asked but before i could answer the door was opened to reveil Ace.

"Remus? What are you doing here?" Remus glared at the man.

"I"m visiting my friends and sister, why haven't you contacted me and said you were here? "  he asked angrily.

" It isn't any of you business, this is all about Billie kid not you. " he through Billie a white bottle and left.

"Whats that ?" Remus asked worried.

"Nothing " Remus grabbed a hold of my arm, it seemed he had forgoten who was there.  "Its just medication i need to take. "

"Why ? "

"Remus - "


" Somethings happened " he looked at me, signalling me to go on. Tears poured from my eyes. " There dead Remus "

A family of three was seated around a neatly placed table, they were all smiling.

"Dad, when is Remus arriving ?"

"Sorry darling, he owled this morning and said he'd be staying at Hogwarts, you'll see him during the Summer Darling. " the teenager girl nodded a little broken hearted that her brother rather stay with his friends then her.  All of a sudden there was a large bang and the front door was blown off its hinges and  a large groupe of death eaters entered there home. The mother and father quickly got up and started fighting the death eaters.  Everything was going by too fast and the girl was confused, finally coming to her senses she took out her wand and froze two death eaters about to throw curses at her. She looked around for her parents when all of a sudden she tripped over a heap on the floor, looking at what she triped over she noticed a body, the body of her father. She touched his cold face, eyes wide open and kissed his cheek, she would have stayed there forever but a death eater came up and as he was about to shoot a curse at her she froze him and ran off into the kitchen and down the hall.

Wheres mom ? she wondered, she kept running she could here the death eater behind her but she didn't stop until she heard voices in the next room. She walked in and spotted her mother, her wand out pointed at a woman with taned skin, dark black hair and gray eyes. She was sure she'd never forget the face.

"Black, what a pleasure. "

"Not really" the woman, she quickly muttered a spell under her breath.

" Mom!" she called running over to her.

"Billie get back !" her mother yelled. The blue jet passed by the teenage girl, scraping her shoulder and going straight into her mothers chest.

"Like mother like daughter, both stupid. " with a pop the woman apparated and at that moment Aurors arrived. But they arrived to late. The young girl looked at her mother, but it wasn't her, the woman had dark black hair, white blue eyes and as pale as ever. Her blonde hair, taned skin and brown eyes were gone. A red haired woman and dark haired man grabbed the girl and took her out of the room and as they passed a mirror she seen her reflection, the one of a devil.

"Its all my fault" Remus said but i shook my head.  " Yes it is if i wasn't a werew- "

"They were after me Remus... They've been after me ever since, i don't no why. I wasn't hit by the spell but it still touched me, it killed mom and it changed me.... i aint the same person and for what ever reason they're after me. " I closed my eyes as more tears fell.

"Who was it.. the woman, you said mom said her name what was it ? " Remus asked frantic. I sighed and looked up at Sirius with cold eyes.

"Black.. Walburga Black "

They all gasped.

After that Sirius had retired to his room and James went to see if he was alright, Peter sensing that the siblings wanted to be alone left to go ask Mrs. Potter if supper was ready and most likely tell her what had just happened. I was in my closet, i grabbed a shirt and pulled it over my bathing suit before joining Remus on my bed.  As soon as  i sat down he wrapped his arms around me and i cried in his chest.

"I hate this Remus..... i feel like a monster..... Why do they want me so bad ?"

" I don't know Billie, but we'll find out. My friend Lily's coming over, you'll love her. " and then he went on talking about the hate relationship  Lily had with James even though james says she loves him on the inside and for the rest of the night he talked about school, friends and basically his life until they were called down for dinner.


I had left supper early not feeling that hungry, Amelia had seemed delighted about me and Remus being twins and didn't mention our parents death but i could see it in her eyes. Sirius hadn't been at supper and as much as i didn't want to i went to see why he wasn't. I stopped at his door and argued with myself, maybe he'll be a jack ass and wont talk to me , sighing i knock but there was no answer. I opened the door and peeked inside, he was no where in sight, sighing i walked in and closed the door behind me. Sirius's room was identical to mind accept his bedding and carpet were blue and  it was much dirtier with his clothes everywhere.

A door opened at the far end of the room and Sirius walked out wearing only a towel, gasping i turned around red in the face. I heard Sirius groan from behind me and i heard shuffling, he was most likely looking for clothes. When i finally turned around hesistantly he was on his bed, wearing only jeans and reading a magazin, taking a closer look i remarked that it was one of 'those' magazines, i grimaces.

"Bla-  Sirius ? "  i called walking over to his bed.

"Your blocking my light. " i notice that i actually was and sat down at the end of his bed, he still didn't say anything.

"Why weren't you at supper? "

"Like your one to ask, are you anarexic or something." I gasped, how rude.

"Whats wrong with you ?" i asked exasperated.

"Me! Whats wrong with me! Your one judgmental bitch you know that,you think your all perfect, your an attention seeker thats what you are! " he angrily flipped the page causing him to rip it, he growled.

"Sirius - "

"Are we on first name basis now? " he glared coldly at her.

" Can you just liste - "

"No! I wont, leave me alone i don't like whores in my room!"  He threw the magazine and rolled over. I had completely lost my breath, i didn't know why i was acting in such away but i was hurt by the boys words. " Would you like me to throw you out like the skank you are " harsh. I shook my head, not saying anything and left threw the  bathroom in which we shared. Closing the door i  started the shower, once it was nice and hot i got in fully clothed and as i sat in the tub, my clothes soaked i cried.

I must have fallen asleep. for i woke up ( duh!) still in the bathtub, the shower pounding coldly against my skin as i shivered. Sighing i turned the water off and left the bathroom, i felt like crap and where did i usually go when i felt this way..... The pool. Changing into a blue bathing suit i left my room only in that, i made my way to the kitchen in the dark where i spotted Peter in the fridge causing me to giggle.

"Sorry, i didn't think anyone was awake" he said eyeing my wet hair and visible body.  " Why are you wet?"

" Fell asleep in the shower. .. "

"Why are you going swimming its like 12:30 at night ? "  he asked visibly confused.

"Why are you eating. " with a small smile i left threw the back door, out side was freezing even though it was summer, there was a strong wind in the air and as i diped my toe in the water  a vilent shiver went through my body. I am so going to catch a cold.  Going against my better judgment i dived into the pool, when i came back up i spotted somone sitting on the diving boared.

"Your going to get sick you know that ?'  Sirius said his face glowing blue from the lights in the pool.

"Oh, so now your all talkative. "  i said swimming over to him as i glared daggers. If looks could kill.... or at least blow stuff up Sirius would be in a million peices.

"Well, i felt sorta bad after i heard you crying and then you were in the shower for so long, i thought you drowned. "

" I was not crying! and i fell asleep. "

" what ever you say. Why don't you get out your gunna catch a cold. " he said offering me a hand, with a grin on my face i took his hand and pulled him in. After coming back to the surface he glared at me. " What was that for!"

"For being a wanker and a unsuferable git!"  he growled and quickly swam over to me, grabbing my shoulders he dunked me under water.

"What the hell!"  i choking on water. " Trying to drown me. "

"Thats for being a stupid whore . " i glared at him and swam to the side of the pool, but before i could get out he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back in. " I'm sorry for being a jack ass... i really don't think your a whore or skank.... i couldn't think of anything else and well.. eurgh .. thats what it said in the magazin and ya.. " I let out a giggle at his awkwardness.

"I'm sorry for being judgmental, for you being a Black and all  you aren't that bad. "

"I'm not like them you know - "

"James told me about the blood traitor and running away thing "  he nodded and looked down at himself, he took off his shirt and pants.  "What the hell dude! What are you doing. "

"Well you know the only way im going to get any action is by getting naked. " i shook my head and smacked him gently across the head.

"You perve. "

" No, i'm totally kidding, its easier to swim without the heavy clothes and i guess i wasn't as prepared as you " he said checking me out.

" Ugh" i pushed him away and started swiming to the diving boared where i pulled myself up.  He got out also and joined me on the diving boared and grabbed my hand. " Sirius? "

" Jump!" giggling i jumped at the same time as him, the water twirled strongly around us but he kept a tight hold on my hand. Coming back up to the water we were both laughing.

"So the family in the picture is yours? " he asked as we floated on our backs.

"Yea... "

"But i caught a glimpse of the photo, the girl... your total opposits. "

"The spell that your...... mother hit my mother with scarred me " i said rubbing my shoulder " my mom died but before she did she changed just like i did. " smiling sadly he turned to me and grabbed my hand once more.

" The dark type are always the kinkiest " i giggled and slapped his arm but our laughter was short lived for we heard someone clear there throat. Looking up we spotted Peter with a sandwich in his mouth, James laughing and Remus red in the face.

"Err.. .Hey guys, wanna come for a swim  " I got out of the pool and walked over to Remus. " Come on Rem, we haven't caused mahem in a long time -"

"WHAT!" we all turned to James. " You've been pranking without us! I am appauled. " we all laughed, James, Remus and Petter went down to there boxers like Sirius and all at once we all Jumped in the pool.

That was the first night when me and Sirius's friendship started.


Lily Evans had arrived Thrusday afternoon, she was the total opposit girl of what i had imagined. Instead of a whorie bimbo who wouldn't stop staying 'Like', Lily was beautiful with long red hair and bright green eyes. She reminded me of me before ... before i turned into a monster...Not to be conceited or anything but i knew i was beautiful but i didn't flaunt it like a idiot like everyone made out like i did. She was also very kind and smart causing us to click instantly. When Lily arrived we had went to my room seeing as i was still in my pijama's, seeing my huge closet she couldn't resist going through it.

"Lily, we're practically the same size accept in the.. eugh bust area" it was true i had a rather small chest. " but if you want you could wear something" Lily nodded happily and we both picked out killer outfits to go shopping in.  Lily chose a floral spaghetti strap dress with faded jeans and her pink runners while i wore a white lace dress with black converse. Smiling i grabbed my gringotts key and me and Lily left my room, unlucky for Lily she triped and fell landing on none other than James Potter. Red in the face she got up with me and Peters help.

"Lily, you look hot! " i snorted and shook my head, this guy totally didn't know how to sway Lily and i could see that after meeting her only an hour ago.

"sorry to bust your bubble but me and Lily are going shopping, cya James" and with that we both left a smiling James. We arrived in the sitting room and grabbed a handful of green powder which was in a can beside the fire place, we both stepped in at the same time and dropped the powder before yelling " THE LEAKY CAULDRON". In a matter of minutes we had arrived at the grubby pub filled with drinking witches and wizards. After Lily said hello to the barman ' Tom was it ?' we arrived at a brick wall, i was completely confused until Lily started tapping random bricks which starts to move, it soon created  and entrance to Diagon Alley. I gasped at the sight of the wizarding town filled with witches and wizards shopping, smiling at Lily we quickly raced to Madame Maulkins.

"Hello Dearies what can i do for you? " An older woman with curly blond hair asked, she had on way to much makeup which kinda freaked me out.

"We're going to the Potters party tomorow and we're in need of dresses " Lily informed her with a polite smile but i could see the same thoughts were going through her head.

"Ah, i've heard about it. Follow me, i have something perfect!" She grabbed a green dress and a animal pattern one and handed them to me and Lily. Once we both go out we fell to the ground laughe receiving a glare form Madame Maulkin, lily was wearing a strapless emerald green dress that went exageratedly pouffy after the waist and had big embroidery around the bust emphisising her already big chest. I had tried on a halter top dress that went to low and was animal print, it also had a cut that went up all the way to the thight, i looked like a cheetah. Glaring at us the woman took the dresses and came back with several more, most of them terrible. Lily had tried on a bright yellow silk one which reminded me of a banana and i tried on a green sequined mini dress obviously for a club. After trying on atleast ten each Madame Maulkin gave up on us and decided to help another costumer, we giggled as we looked at more of the outragous dresses in the store and only found ours atleast an hour after. I was walking around tieredly, it was taking so long to find a decent dress when i spotted two perfect ones for me and Lily right the hands of a blond skank around my age, one was brown  and white the other silver they were both silk. Smiling i quickly grabbed it from the girl who shrieked and handed Lily the brown one, we went to try them on.

Lily came out in a silk  deep v-neck brown dress with thick straps, it had a white corset and went out to the floor gracefully. I wore a silver silk strapless dress with a scrunched bodice and gently draped out after the chest. Smiling at each other we quickly paid with the money we had gotten from gringotts and left the store. Lily brought me into a very expensive looking jewelery store where we bought matching jewelery for our dresses.

Before leaving Lily wanted to go to the bookstore and buy a book, i kindly joined her in the book searching. I had already bought three books and i was waiting for Lily who was now at the register. I was looking out the window at the people outside, shopping and talking, i smiled at how happy everyone was and thats when i noticed from the corner of my eyes i person in a black cloak hidden in the alley way.

"Billie i'm ready. " Lily said coming up from behind me but i kept my eyes glued on the cloaked figure, i soon as it turned around i gasped for the person was wearing a silver mask. Death eater. Keeping my eyes on the death eater i spoke to Lily urgently.

"Lily, when i say run, run!"  The death eater made a gesture with his hand.

"Billie - "

"RUN!" Without question she fallowed me out the door and down the street of diagon alley, we passed people who looked at us rudely and only noticed what we were running from when they noticed the large groupe of death eaters. Everyone in the town was running and screaming, shop owners were locking there doors and hiding, people were grabbing there kids and apparating and some were fighting. I grabbed Lily's hand and stopped her as a Death eater walked out from a alley way right in front of us.

"Wilde, we've been looking for you !" Said a feminine voice coming from behind the death eaters mask "and with a mudblood. "The deatheater hadn't notice Lily take her wand out and silently she cast the freezing charm, without looking if the spell hit its target i grabbed Lily's hand and pulled her behind me. I heard several shouts of ' theres Wilde, after her!' but i kept going making sure neither me nor Lily got hurt.  Finally i stopped infront of the brick wall.

"Do your thing Lily!" i yelled and she frantically started tapping bricks . " Hurry!"

"Got it!" before they were completly out of the way we ducked into the pub and ran to the front, Lily was about to go to the fire place but i stopped her.

"They could follow us" she nodded and we left out the front door and kept running passed muggles until we were atleast ten blocks away in an alley. "Do you think we lost em" i asked her but we soon heard shouts and both of us went wide eyed. " Lily you've read about apparation right? "

"I haven't got my licence yet!"

"Well i think this is a case your gunna have to excuse the rules, hold my hand and think of the Potter manor " I pictured the potter mansion clearly in my mind and right as i spotted the deatheaters me and Lily disappeared with a deafening 'pop!'. Looking around us we were in some kind of forest.

"Thank god we have all our limbs, now where are we?"  i pointed to the clearing up ahead which showed the Potter manor not to far off. "Pretty close " Lily said as we began running toward the house.

We barged in and slammed the door behind us before collapsing on the floor in a heap. We heard shreiking coming from the kitchen and in know time Mrs Potter was there looking down at us worried.

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