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Lost Memories 12
By: Gryffindorgirl153

‘I can’t believe I’m standing here, dancing with you right now,’ He whispered in her ear. ‘It just seems too good to be true,’ Hermione laughed. ‘I must be dreaming,’

‘How is this too good?’ Hermione asked him.
‘Only in my dreams,’ Draco replied. ‘I am with you,’

give me strength so I stand tall
Within this bed of earth

‘Hermione?’ Draco asked as the song was about to end.

‘hm?’ she asked.

‘Thank you,’ he told her.

‘For what?’ Hermione asked him.

‘For being in my life,’

Just like a rose….

‘You’re welcome Draco,’ she whispered.

He kissed her.

---Next Morning---

Hermione heard hushed whispers when she walked into the kitchen, still in her purple pajamas as she found Ginny and Draco arguing with low voices. She stood by the door, leaning against the door frame as she listened to their conversation.
‘You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into Malfoy,’ Ginny stated. ‘And you’re bringing Hermione down with you as well,’

She heard Draco growl in great annoyance and anger. ‘Look Potter,’ He said. ‘I know a lot more than you do, I’ve seen everything he can do. You don’t think I know what he’s capable of?’

‘Then why are you still doing this?’ She screamed louder. ‘Why are you still walking towards a path when you know how it will end,’ The twins cries could be heard from the second floor, and Ginny averted her eyes towards the ceiling, but pushed them out of their thoughts to focus on Draco.

He sighed and ruffled his uncombed hair. ‘It just feels right,’ He answered. ‘Do you remember everything I’ve told you back when I was still at St. Mungos?’ Ginny nodded hesitantly. ‘That empty part in my life, I feel like it’s whole again,’
Hermione knit both her eyebrows together, and her hand went to her neck and held onto the gold locket tightly. ‘I just,’ he paused. ‘With her,’ He attempted once again. She heard a scream and then something falling on the floor. ‘Forget it,’ He gave up. ‘You win,’ He told Ginny. ‘I’ll back off,’ Draco turned around, and strode out of the room and up the stairs not even noticing Hermione who was standing by the doorway perplexed.

She walked inside the dinning room and found Ginny sitting on one of the chairs as she rubbed her temple. ‘Ginny,’ Hermione said softly. Her head shot up as she looked into the eyes of her best friend. ‘Do you want me to get the twins for you?’ Hermione asked when she realized that Ginny had a lot to deal with at the moment. Ginny smiled at Hermione then shook her head and walked out the door.
Hermione sat down and pondered over Draco’s words. ‘That empty part in my life, I feel like it’s whole again,’ after a short period of time, Hermione figured out that the locket which she wore around her neck could only be opened by Draco and not by anybody else, unless the spell is broken by magic. Hermione remembered opening Draco’s locket while he was still in St. Mungos which revealed her memories.

Hermione touched the golden locket which was still hanging on her neck. Hermione knew the circumstances they were in, but she couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like t be with Daco once again. Hermione wanted to feel love again without anyone holding her back.

‘Hermione?’ Harry appeared in the doorway.

‘Oh, Hello Harry,’ She said.

‘What’s on your mind?’ Harry asked her. ‘You seem troubled,’

‘Harry,’ she began. ‘What was I like in 7th year?’

Harry frowned upon her question. ‘Don’t you remember everything?’ He asked.
‘Why are you asking this?’

She shrugged. ‘I just need to figure something out,’

‘You were,’ Harry started. ‘Not yourself,’ he said to her. ‘You were distant from us, but we were still together,’ Hermione nodded. ‘You were freer, more fun and you were always smiling. I guess, you shined brighter when Draco walked into your life,’ Hermione laughed. ‘I remember Ron was furious when ever you were with him, but Ginny and I restrained him from clawing his eyes out since we saw how happy you two were,’

‘You supported my decision?’ Hermione asked.
‘At first no,’ Harry responded truthfully. ‘But in time,’ Harry continued. ‘I realized how it wasn’t my choice on who you are to date and that I should be supportive since I know that you wouldn’t date just anyone,’

‘How about Ron?’ Hermione asked.

Harry laughed. ‘He couldn’t stand the thought of you two together,’ he said.

‘Do you think I really loved him?’ Hermione asked.

‘No one could tear you two apart,’ Harry said. ‘Not even the threats that you were receiving from death eaters. Draco was scared to death for your life,’ Harry told her. ‘He wanted to end your relationship for your sake, but no one would let him,’

‘No one?’ Hermione asked.

‘No one,’ He responded. ‘We all knew how broken both of you would be if you didn’t have each other,’

Silence came over them. ‘I really loved him didn’t I?’ Hermione asked. ‘He wasn’t just any other boy to me,’

‘He still isn’t,’ Harry said to her. ‘Am I right?’ Hermione nodded slowly and Harry smiled. ‘Don’t hold back,’ He said. ‘Life’s too short to be afraid of anything. Fear doesn’t bring you anywhere. It’s the courage that people have, and the confidence they have in themselves and others,’

‘Thanks Harry,’ Hermione said as she began walking back up to her room.

‘Anytime Hermione,’ He responded when she walked out the door. Hermione walked up the one throwing things around. Hermione opened the door slowly and found him sitting on the floor leaning against the bed with a pained expression on his face. There were various items on the floor, papers ripped off the wall and furniture were also overturned. 'Draco,' Hermione said, stepping inside the room. Draco's head turned to hers and she noticed that he was breathing heavily. She took slow steps towards him, and Draco turned his head back and stared at the ceiling. 'Are you alright?' she asked.

'I'm fine,' the coldness in his voice caused Hermione to stop walking towards him. What had happened to the man she had danced with just last night. 'I just need to be alone,' he said to her, his voice still icy.

'No,' Hermione said to him, dropping down on the floor next to him. 'I'm afraid you'll jump out of the window and kill yourself i you're this angry or depressed,' she said.

'You really are one stubborn witch aren't you,' he said. Hermione gave him a small smile, then looked around his room again. Once she was inside the actual room, she saw there were more clothes on the floor, more papers, more shoes and a lot of different books. 'What happened?' she asked quietly. Draco shook his head, and mouthed 'nothing'. 'It's obviously something Draco,' Hermione said. 'Look at your room! She exclaimed.

'Granger,' Draco said slowly. 'Please get out,'

'Not until you tell me what's going on with you,' Hermione said standing up.

'There's nothing going on with me,' Draco said and forcefully pushed Hermione towards the door but she pushed his hands aside. 'Get out,'

'I'm not a naive girl Draco,' Hermione said sternly. 'And judging you by your actions the last night I know that something's definitely wrong with you,'

'That was a mistake,' Draco shouted. 'I should've never kissed you in the first place,'

'What are you talking about Draco,' she asked.

'I should've never danced with you, I should've never kissed you, I should've never said any of those things to you,' he exclaimed. 'It only made matters worse,'

'What matters?' Hermione cried.

'The dark lord wants to kill us Hermione!' Draco bellowed. 'He's after us. He wants us dead. Why do you think he sent my father after us,'
Hermione scoffed at me. 'Since when were you afraid of consequences Draco?' she asked softly. 'When were you ever afraid of doing what you wanted? The Draco I knew was fearless,'

'You didn't know me for very long Granger,' Draco said. 'The real me,' he added when Hermione opened her mouth. 'How would you know if I was fearless or not,'
'I just know Malfoy,' Hermione said.

‘Well I wasn’t fearless Granger,’ Draco said looking down on the floor with a hurt expression. ‘I was nowhere near fearless. I ran away from everything thinking that it would make things better,’

‘You’re not a coward Draco,’ Hermione said to him. ‘You may have ran away, but did you have a choice?’ she asked. ‘Did you have another choice other than one which led to immediate death?’ he didn’t answer her, and she didn’t expect him to. ‘Sometimes, there’s nothing we can do but to run away. It might not solve anything, but it takes us somewhere- anywhere for refuge,’ she made a move to walk towards him but he took a step back.

'No,' He said sternly. 'Have you been listening to anything i've been saying? We can't happen. I should've never kissed you in the first place,'

Hermione had an angry expression on her face. 'I kissed you back didn't I?' she asked him. 'I accepted your hand when we danced did I not?'

'Yes you did, but you have to listen to me,' Draco said. 'We can't happen Granger, you know we can't,'

'Why not Malfoy,' Hermione asked, not believing a word he was saying.

'We come from two completely different worlds Granger,' he said. 'It's just common knowledge that we're not meant to be together,' Draco said. Hermione walked towards him, not saying a word.

‘Do you really mean that Draco?’ she asked him seriously. ‘Do you really meant it?’ she asked again. Draco nodded while he glared at her. Hermione, furious at his cowardly actions, she snatched the locket off her own neck and dangled it in front of his face. ‘Open it,’ she ordered. Draco stared at Hermione as if she was crazy then he stared back at the locket, which she was holding, in front of his face. ‘Open it yourself,’

‘Why?’ he asked wearily.

Hermione took his hand and shoved the locket in his palm. ‘Because you’ll see why this is all happening,’ she said before walking out of his room and slamming the door angrily behind her.

Draco opened his hand and looked at the locket as if it was about to murder him. He took a seat on the messy bed and held the small gold heart in between his fingers. He slowly opened it and saw a glowing silver string emerge from it then went inside his head.

He suddenly saw a memory and he did not know whom it belonged to.

‘Don’t touch me Malfoy,’ Hermione shouted at him icily. They were in the corridors late at night, and the small glow of the torch lights were their only source of light. ‘Don’t touch me,’ she snapped after withdrawing her hand from his grasp.

‘Hermione,’ Draco said in a desperate voice. ‘Please, Hermione, just please listen to me,’ Draco stretched his hand towards her hand which rested on the cold stonewall, but she took a step back from him with a hard blazing look on her face.

Hermione turned and began running back down the corridor. ‘Hermione!’ Draco shouted. ‘Hermione!’ Draco shouted again. ‘Please Hermione! Don’t walk away,’ Hermione didn’t pay attention to the screams which were emitting from Draco, and she just continued running down the corridor not knowing where she was going.

Draco didn’t know where she was running too, but all he knew was that he had to follow her. They had been fighting ever since dinner because of Pansy Parkinson. Pansy had been following Draco to dinner, and she eventually had him up against a wall with her attacking his mouth. Right before Draco was going to push her away, Hermione comes down the corridor; wide-eyed, staring at her boyfriend and the girl she hated snogging.

He continued running after her as she ran out into the courtyard and towards the quidditch pitch when she fell on her knees, on the damp grass below her. Draco stopped running and was soon standing a few feet away from her. Hermione was gasping for air and was trying to catch her breath. ‘Hermione,’ Draco whispered as he kneeled down in front of her.

‘Please,’ she begged. ‘Just please stop,’ Hermione lifted her head and Draco saw her tear-stained face. ‘Please Draco,’ Hermione said softly. ‘Leave me in peace,’ Draco ignored her request and softly placed a hand on her cheek and wiped away her tears.

‘I’m sorry Hermione,’ He said sincerely. ‘I truly am sorry,’

The memory slowly changed.

Draco’s fist collided into Theodore Knott’s nose and he fell to the floor, his face filled with blood. Hermione could be seen struggling out of Harry’s hands as he tried to hold her back letting Draco beat Knott to death. ‘Don’t ever come near her again!’ In between every word, which slipped past his mouth out of anger, his he rammed his fist into his opponent’s stomach or face.

‘Draco!’ Hermione shouted. ‘Draco stop!’

Many people were crowded around them in a circle as they watched Draco Malfoy beat his former friend into a pulp. Draco finally dropped the bloody Slytherin to the ground and stepped away from him. ‘Don’t ever go near her again,’

Draco quickly turned around and then grabbed Hermione’s hand then pulled her out of the crowed to go somewhere quiet. Hermione pulled her hand out of his and stopped walking. ‘What is it?’ he asked her.

‘You almost killed him,’ Hermione said to her boyfriend. ‘You didn’t have to go that far,’

‘Yes I did,’ Draco replied. ‘He threatened you,’ he said to her. ‘And almost sexually harassed you if I hadn’t came to look for you,’

‘But you didn’t have to bring him close to death,’ Hermione replied quietly. Draco sighed and pulled her close to him, wrapping his arms around her waist and tucked her head under his chin.

‘I wasn’t going to kill him,’ Draco said to her softly. ‘You know I wasn’t,’

‘But you were close to,’ Hermione whispered. ‘You wanted to,’ she said. ‘I saw it,’

‘I wanted to Hermione,’ Draco said to her. ‘I wanted to so badly. I couldn’t stand knowing what he almost did to you,’

‘I know,’ she said softly. Hermione wrapped her arms tighter around his torso and pressed herself against his chest.

‘But I cold never kill anyone,’ Draco said to her.


He watched as they slowly walked together to do their nightly rounds. Normally, it was Draco who was assigned with Hermione since they were both heads, but this time- Ron Weasley stepped in and offered to do the rounds with Hermione since she refused to do them with Draco.

He had been watching her for quite some time now, and had noticed many small things about her. Draco noticed how she always looks at her feet when she walks alone, how she always looks towards the direction of where the wind came from and how she quietly sang to herself in between classes. He also saw how her curly hair had turned into soft loose curls, how she developed dangerous curves throughout the summer and how she somehow looked even more beautiful in his eyes than ever.

He watched as Ron walked her to their common room and said goodnight to her on once they had reach the portrait hole. Draco ran inside before it closed and cornered Hermione. ‘Had fun with Weasley?’ he asked before she could reach the staircase leading to her dormitory. ‘I bet you did,’

‘Malfoy!’ Hermione shouted. ‘Don’t sneak up on me like that!’ Draco chuckled. ‘What does it matter to you if I had fun with Ron or not,’ Hermione retorted. ‘What are you even doing up this late anyway. It’s after hours,’

‘I’m head boy Granger,’ Draco said to her. ‘I can be out after hours if I want to,’

‘Typical,’ Hermione replied. ‘Taking advantages of your position,’

‘It’s right in front of me,’ Draco said to her. ‘So why not take the chance instead of waste it,’

‘Whatever Malfoy,’ Hermione said. ‘I could care less what you say or do. Now please move aside so I may go upstairs and get some rest,’

‘I don’t think so Granger,’ Draco said.

‘And why not Malfoy?’ Hermione asked as she began to get annoyed. Hermione tried to walk around him, but he blocked her each time she tried. ‘Malfoy, I have no time for this,’ she said in annoyance. ‘Would you please move aside?’

‘I’m afraid I can’t Granger,’ he replied. ‘I actually find it so tempting to drive you insane with annoyance,’ he smirked at her.

Hermione groaned. ‘Would you stop it!’ she exclaimed. ‘It’s late and I would just like to go up to my room and sleep,’ she tried to walk around him once more, but he was too quick for her, and blocked her way to go upstairs. He smirked at her once again. Hermione opened her mouth, about to yell at him but was abruptly stopped when Draco’s lips landed on her own. Hermione’s eyes went wide as she roughly shoved him away.


Draco watched as a carriage pulled over and his father stepped out with his serpent cane and black robes. ‘Draco,’ he said blankly.

‘Hello father,’ Draco replied.

His father frowned at him. ‘So,’ his father started. ‘You have fallen in love with the mudblood,’

‘Yes,’ Draco answered. ‘I have,’

Lucius Malfoy looked absolutely furious when his son admitted it. ‘I will not allow it,’ he said sternly.

‘I do not care,’ Draco replied. ‘Your permission is not needed in our relationship,’ he snapped. ‘Now if you don’t mind, I have a date in 5 minutes,’ Draco proceeded in walking down the street but Lucius stopped him.

‘Draco,’ he said with a flat tone. ‘You know better than to turn your back on me,’ he spat.

Draco shook his head furiously. ‘Father, I will not follow you in your footsteps any more,’ he said. ‘I cannot-‘ Draco paused and corrected himself. ‘I will not be a death eater like you wanted,’ he said. ‘I won’t ever become one of Voldemort’s followers,’

‘The nerve of you boy,’ Lucius Malfoy exclaimed. ‘Fine,’ he said. ‘Go ahead Draco,’ Lucius said. ‘Do what ever you wish to do, but you will suffer the consequences,’ Draco turned his back on his father. ‘You are a Malfoy Draco!’He exclaimed. ‘It’s something you cannot run from,’

The locket fell from Draco’s hands and onto the carpeted floor. He now remembered everything- he remembered Hermione. Does that mean she remembers him too? Draco raced for the door and ran towards Hermione’s room but all he found was an empty bed as well as an empty room. ‘Hermione!’ he shouted. Draco ran down the stairs and was about to exit the manor when Ginny came inside.

‘Draco?’ she questioned. ‘What are you screaming about?’ she asked.

‘Where’s Hermione?’ he asked her urgently. ‘Where is she?’ he shouted.

‘She went to Hogwarts,’ Ginny replied with a confused tone. ‘The headmaster called for her,’ Ginny looked at Draco suspiciously. ‘Are you alright?’

‘I remember now,’ Draco said to Ginny.

‘Remember what?’ Ginny asked nervously.

‘Hermione and I,’ Draco slowly answered.

A/N: yayy. chapter 12 is finally here ^_^. please enjoy and review :)

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