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Authors note: I do NOT own Harry Potter, I wasn't smart enough to invent him lol. P.s the lighter writing is a memory.

Harry was lying on his bed in his small bedroom, where he lived with his very muggle aunt and uncle and his whale of a cousin, thinking. He was thinking about how different life would be if he had his parents were alive, would he have siblings? Would he have a scar? Would Voldemort's powers still have diminished? He had been thinking about these questions all day, he didn't know why but his mind just started mulling over these questions, then with a final thought of his father he drifted off to sleep, not noticing the shooting star in the distance.

It had been many days and nights since Sirius Black's great escape, he was feeling very tired and lethargic having to go to sleep in the dead of night in a secluded area, then get up before dawn and relocate so the guards of Azkaban couldn't find him. Today he was feeling particularly tired as he had been chased out of three different villages because he looked too scruffy, so because he was so tired, he allowed himself just this once to rest in broad daylight. Settling himself down in a clear patch surrounded by thick trees he began to relax until he heard a loud thump followed by a loud groan.

Sirius bolted up into a stance, he watched nervously as the dust settled around the man, the stranger sat up and groaned again, this is when Sirius' eyes widened to the size of saucers. In front of him was the person he thought he would never see this close, the person had black raven hair that stuck up oddly, he had wire rimmed glasses and was tall and skinny, even though he was sitting, as he took in the persons appearance his heart leapt it couldn't be, but yet here in front of him was none other than his godson Harry Potter. Although the scent that he picked up as a dog was not a new one, but one that he recognized, as if on cue the stranger turned around taking in his surroundings, spotted the dog and gave a huge grin. As Sirius looked closer at his appearance his eyes, if possible, went even wider, instead of the bright, astonishing green that were Harry's eyes, he was met with equally bright hazel ones that gleamed with mischief.

But no it couldn't be, it just wasn't possible. Fearing for his sanity he started to growl and bare his teeth at the man.

"Calm down Padfoot, it really is me, you're not going insane" Laughed the man. At the mention of his nickname he changed back to human form and started stuttering at the man.

"Bu-but how?"

"I'll tell you in a minute, but first…" He dug into his jeans, pulled out his wand and walked around in a circle putting up charms so that they couldn't be found. Once he finished he transfigured two tree stumps into more comfortable chairs.

"Transform," Sirius blurted out before the man had a chance to sit down. He done so at once without hesitation satisfied he leapt forward and embraced the man in a brotherly hug.

"How?" Sirius asked again "James, Harry is the only one known to have survived the killing curse, so how can you be here".

"Well I defiantly died I remember that. Once we both died we were able to watch Harry grow up, which wasn't pleasant those Dersley’s are B*****ds, anyway after about a year or two of me and Lily watching Harry a sort of arc angel came to us saying that we have to make the most of the time we have got left together, because I was going to be called on by Harry because one day he would need me. When I asked her why Lily couldn't be called on as well, she said that because like Harry I had someone die for me and even though my protection has worn off I could still come back when my son called on me, but it had to be without his knowledge. So naturally I waited for many years until finally without knowing Harry called on me." James replied with a tear in his eyes.

"What about Lily?" Sirius asked

"Well the years we had together were some of the best, but she understood that Harry needed me, but she is still able to watch over us."

"Well you’re in luck Prongs, that's why I escaped from Azkaban, to find Harry, he's in danger at Hogwarts, I was going to head his way tomorrow"

"I know that Pettigrew is at Hogwarts, but I also know that Remus is to become his DADA teacher this year."

"No way! A marauder is a teacher at Hogwarts?" Sirius laughed a bark like laugh.

"I know crazy isn't it, anyway we got to get some sleep and we want to be awake for seeing Harry tomorrow."

"When are you going to tell him?" Sirius asked

"Same time as you Padfoot." he replied rolled over and fell asleep within minutes, excitement building in him.

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