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Victoire went to bed as soon as she got home. She was exhausted from the day and her head hurt just as much as her heart did. She was so frustrated for putting her heart out on the line like that. It bothered her so much that he couldn’t return the same feelings. She screamed into her pillow once or twice just to let out the frustrations.

Over at the Burrow Victoire’s absence almost went unnoticed by everyone. Everyone except for Teddy, he was so upset that he screwed everything up. He needed to go and apologize to her, hold her and try to make things better. Teddy never really had any idea on what love was. He didn’t understand Victoire’s feelings when she said it. They have only been dating three months. I mean how can you truly love someone in three months?

The more he thought about it though he realized that maybe instead of her being the immature one, he was. Then he started thinking about how great she was. How gorgeous she was. How much he wanted to be with her, even after he just saw her. Every time they had to part, he would rush home and think about owling her that same night. Maybe that was love. He had no idea, though.

He thought about it for a while after she left in a storm, and then realized that he had to see her, and that’s where he found himself at the Burrow. James was the first to spot him and he quickly convinced them to play Quidditch. It was nearing dinner time and he hadn’t spotted Victoire anywhere.

When they all sat down at the dinner table there was still no sign of Victoire.

Teddy turned to Lily and asked, “Hey, Lil- have you seen Victoire,”

She took a bite of her green beans and chewed it over for a little bit, and then she replied, “Teddy- she said her head hurt her, so she went home,”

“Oh, okay-” he said, “If you excuse me I will be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Lily asked

“Taking a walk,” he replied.

Teddy went outside and apparated out to shell cottage. He knocked on the door but there was no answer. He paced outside for a little bit, before making the decision just to go inside.

“Hello Victoire?” he said while sticking his head through the front door.

No answer-

“She must be upstairs,” he said out loud and he went upstairs to see. He found her in her room sleeping, he almost didn’t want to wake her up but he just had to. He lightly placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Victoire-” he whispered

She slightly opened her eyes, and then all of a sudden her eyes got really big.

“What-” she said pulling herself away from his touch.

“I really need to talk to you-” Teddy said

“I’m not very interested on listening-” she replied coldly.

“Alright- I’m still gonna say, whether you listen or not-”

“No I think you should leave,” she said while cutting him off.

“Victoire you’re being a baby right now,” he replied

“Well, I’m young, Teddy.” She said bringing up what he told her earlier

“Victoire!” Teddy said raising his voice. He looked mad, and her eyes got wider. “I thought about it, I have no idea what love is, absolutely no idea. But then, I was thinking about it, and believe me I thought about this long and hard. I miss you as soon as you leave me. Like, I want to go home and owl you as soon as possible after you leave. I think you’re beautiful inside and out. The way you laugh makes my heart do a flip, and I love that…”

“What are you trying to say Teddy?” She asked

“Victoire- I think that I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” He replied

She looked even more hurt, “You came all this way to tell me that you love me as a person, but nothing else?”

“Well- yeah, I thought that’s what you wanted to hear…” he said scratching his head.

“What I wanted to hear… Really, Teddy? You are only saying all this because that’s what I want to hear? ”

Teddy bit his tongue he just made it ten times worse,” Well, no… I mean everything I said was sincere,”

“Teddy, when I said I love you, I meant it. Not because that’s what I thought you wanted to hear. And I’m in love with you, not just as a person. I would do anything for you. And maybe I’m just naïve, but Teddy, I still know that that’s how I feel… God, I can’t believe you. I can’t fucking just have you love me as a person, that’s not enough.”

“Victoire- I had no idea.”

“And I don’t think you ever will Teddy.” She replied

“What are you saying?” he said holding his heart.

“It’s for the best,” she said barely above a whisper, to convince herself.

“Victoire, what’s for the best?”

“We’re done, Teddy.” She replied holding her head up high. Teddy could see the tears streaming down her face.

“Victoire- please don’t…” He replied

“No! If I can’t have all of you I don’t want you,” she responded

“But, your breaking up with me because it takes more time for me to fall in love with you. Don’t you think that that’s irrational, and unfair to me?”

“Don’t you think it’s unfair that you told me you loved me as a person, because that’s what you thought I wanted?”

“I meant what I said though…” Teddy said trying to stop back the tears himself.

“I mean what I say too,” she replied looking away.

“Fine!” Teddy said walking toward the door.

“Just leave, Teddy!” She shouted

“Victoire, you don’t mean that. You don’t mean any of this!” he said running his hand through his hair.

“Yes! I do, I’m not just saying this.” She shouted.

“Then I was right, how could I love someone as immature and unreasonable, as this. God sometimes I wish-”

“Wish, what Teddy?” she asked her voice getting madder

“I wish I could take this all back.”

“It’s too late now,” she responded wiping away her tears.

“Fine, whatever.” Teddy said while walking out of the room.

Teddy went outside and disapparated to Albania. He was in his room, pacing back and forth thinking about everything that happened. He was so mad. He wanted to yell at Victoire, he wanted to yell at himself. He felt weak, and vulnerable. He couldn’t believe that Victoire just broke up with him, even though less then 12 hours ago, she told him she loved him.

Teddy Lupin was heartbroken, and for the first time he truly knew what love was. Not to love someone as a person, but actual love. He understood what it feels like.

He only hoped it wasn’t too late.

But little did he know, Victoire already had her mind made up. She was done, and she was surprised that she actually had the strength to do it. She knew Teddy would owl her in the morning apologizing.

So she went to bed. She woke up to the tapping on her window. She knew him to well. She took the letter off of Teddy’s owl and read it. She read it over and over again. Soon she ripped it up.

Her eyes were brimmed with tears; she was over with Teddy Lupin. She couldn’t be with someone who would say something so powerful just because he thought it was what she needed to hear. She had no question that she loved him, but she had no question in her mind that she didn’t want to be with him.

She let his letter go unheard. Same with the next one he sent, and the one after that. She didn’t even read the letter that came to her a week after the fight. Or the one that came after that, or the one after that.

She let everything go unsaid, just like she should have that day.

She knew that she wouldn’t regret it as much as he did.

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