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I dont own the characters. Duh.

WARNING: Draco Malfoy is incredibly out of character... so much... its creepy.

Chapter 1:
 Life as we know it.


Children. I don’t like them. Who does? And I'm serious. Who can even love these trouble causing maggots? In fact, I don’t even like babies. ‘Cause that’s how the children start out as. As babies. If there were no babies, they’re would be no children. Perfect.


Oh! No no! I dont plan to secretly remove them from the Earth so there wont be any children!! Although… nevermind.


Oh jeez. But only that decision of choice landed me where I am today. And where I am today is with a baby its self.


Confused? Then let me explain my self.


I am Draco Malfoy, a wizarding doctor (healer) in St. Mungos. And it all started out by the mystery client.




T’was a rainy day. I decided not to take it as a bad omen. *ahem*


I was pacing my room absent-mindedly when my phone call came from Nicole. She whined that there was one of my clients appointment today and I hadn’t checked in for it. Did I mention she whined? Her nerve!


But wait- I had no clients today after 4!! Heh. Stupid Nicole right? YEP!


“Wrong person,” I said back very annoyed and snapped my phone shut.


Before I even get the chance to breathe, before I even get the second to think evil thoughts about Nicole, my cell phone rings. I pick it up.


I hear her whiney voice.

“ No, Dr. Malfoy. I was not talking to the wrong person!” I think she pauses to check if I'm listening.


I breathe loudly into the phone.


I bet 99.9% of my money she rolled her eyes.


She groans. “Dr. Malfoy would you please check in? Your client should be coming in 10 minutes… please?” she is such a whiner.


But, I could tell she was very annoyed with me. So that made me very annoyed with her.

“I don’t like you very much.” I growled.


“Lovely.” She replied in mono-tone. And hung up. What a freak.


So I decided to go check in.




I head towards the counter desk.


“Nicole.” I state in acknowledgement.


Yet she is jabbering away on her cell phone as if she’ll die in 2 seconds if she doesn’t get all the information out in a mili second.


“Nicole!” I burst out.


Still in the middle of her jabbering she hangs up and glares at me.


“Nice of you to show up, Dr. Malfoy. But you may go back to your room. I already checked in for you.” She faked a smile.


I mustered the most sneery glare I could give her. She did one equally back. Nicole was one of those girls who weren’t like the other girls. She thought I never deserved attention. She was never after me like the other nurses. She reminds me of another girl… from Hogwarts perhaps? I knew that girl very well maybe too well……-


“Hello?!! Dr. Malfoy! You need to go to your room she is arriving soon!!!”


Stupid Nicole. Never lets me think. I doubt she does it herself!


“Whatever” I grumbled back.


I walked in to my room and sat on my desk. I must wait. I turned around to look out the window. My back at the door.


A light and soft knock at the door. Only once. Not Nicole.


I sighed, “Come in.”


The soft click of the door opening and the soft click again of the door closing, informed me she was in.


“Ermm… Dr. Schkeign?” a soft-firm voice questioned. That’s not my name.


“What...?!” I spun around and froze.


And there in my view of sight was a young lady. Her hair was a soft mass of flourish swirls. Hey eyes, were a lush of caramel. I never knew I had this type of vocabulary. I looked further down. She was wearing a tank top with green shorts. She looked nervous. But she stood firm of her stance. But most of all she was familiar. I knew her but from where? I had this feeling that I knew her maybe too well?


“Er…” she started.


“I'm not Doctor Sckeign” I blurted. She blinked.


“Oh?” she squeaked, her eyes went huge. “Uh. The receptionist told me Rm. 203 and umm … yeah. I just want a doctor, any doctor.” She finished lamely. She blushed. Then went back to a firm face.


I raised an eyebrow.


She raised an eyebrow.


I raised my other eyebrow.


She raised her other eyebrow.


I raised my eyebrows higher.


She scoffed and rolled her eyes. Some attitude.


I knew by the way she changed position: hands crossed, leaning on one leg, staring directly into my eyes, she was not going anywhere.


“Okay, uhh..” I started, she made me feel nervous. “I’ll just ask Nicole- the receptionist, I mean. About this.” I said. Stupid Nicole she probably really hated me to put me into this situation.


I turned around to look out the window and ringed up Nicole.


“Oh. Dr. Malfoy.” She whined. “She was informed she was to go to Dr. Schkeign. Why don’t you just tell her NO?” Nicole cried. “By the way her name is…”


And what Nicole told me after that made me drop my phone. That name brought back lots of memories.


I turned around slowly.


“Umm. You are …. er….. Hermione Granger?” I almost stuttered.


Still in the same position. Her face hardened.


“Hermione Krum” she confirmed. And I looked down at her huge stomach.


I smirked.


And her eyes widened.


“Malfoy?!!” she half shouted.


Dr. Malfoy.” I confirmed. “And I shall be your doctor during your entire case.” I confirmed more.


And just to make it better, she screamed.

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