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“When you’re dreaming with a broken heart

The waking up is the hardest part

Your roll outta bed and down to your knees

And for the moment you can hardly breathe.”


The smile coming from his lips seemed to have a hollow look to it, like someone had inserted a machine so it could smile for him. He wouldn’t have been surprised, he was sure that he wasn’t yet capable of the motion, the idea of a smile. The only reason that it was there was because of the dream. Oh yes, he had another dream about her.

The name on his lips sounded angelic to his ears, “Hermione Granger”

The leaves would change color and Hermione knew that it was that time, time for her life to go into full motion. Hogwarts was coming along. She was waiting for September first; the beginning of the term. 

“Hermione? Where are you? I’m going to find you no matter what so just come out from where you’re hiding,” Ron’s reasoning voice came from below.

Hermione looked over the ledge of the attic smirking at the face of Ron. Seeing his two of age brothers across from her she gave them a nod. Fred put his wand to his throat and shot his voice to the other side of the room, a queer sight. Hermione and George watched as Fred’s mouth moved yet his voice came out in a whisper hidden in a closet with shutter doors. Fred kept on pretending to talk to George in the ‘closet’. “Hey, George don’t you think we could give Ron some of these puking pastilles to make him get off our tail?”

The three of them watched as Ron steadily crept over to the shutter doors with one his wand hand out. Ron struck the doors open and turned his back to the three in the attic. “Petrificus Totalus” Fred shouted then screamed with joy.

“We won, we won, we won!” The three shouted. Running over and pointing her wand at Ron Hermione muttered the counter curse. “Ron, you really need to remember about magic. Make sure you scan all part of the room.”

“Sure Hermione, of course, just shove it in my face.” Ron started walking away. “Wait how did you manage to get Harry and Ginny.” Fred, George, and Hermione looked at each other each trying to hide a smile.

“Well Ron, how about next time when we play haut und geht sucht how about you tell them to hide in different places,” Hermione smirked then walked over to the door “and if they do; how about a space preferably larger then a broom cupboard.” Hermione wished that she had a camera so she could have taken a picture of Ron’s face. She liked playing haut und geht sucht which was kind of like the hide and go seek which she grew up playing. 

The wizard version however included the use of the Petrificus Totalus charm which freezes up the body, almost like freeze tag. Unlike hide and go seek the wizard version included the use of team work to capture the other team having a hider and a seeker, not to be confused with the quidditch term, seeker. One team would try to find the other team and teams would try to freeze the whole team up before their team was caught.

“Hermione come back to earth, what would you like for dinner,” asked Mrs.Weasley. Hermione had been staying at the Grimmauld Place with the Weasleys, Harry, and many order members ever since the sudden threat which was suspected to have come from the eldest Malfoy. 

The table today was completely filled with order members and Weasley family members. All who were sitting at the table had almost become family from living with everyone there for such a long time. However just like every family, they all didn’t share all their secrets. Hermione hadn’t shared hers with anyone.


“Ma’am are you alright?” Draco Malfoy reached down his hand and the young woman who had just fallen over started to get up however in the busy of the traffic on the street he was pushed over landing directly on top of the woman he was trying to help to stand up. Her eyes stared up at his into the grey abyss which were staring back at eyes of the woman he had just landed on the brown eyes were familiar the spark in her eyes captured his mind in on her, taking a chance lowered his head and kissed her lips feeling a spark shoot down through his entire body. Standing up he reached his hand down to the woman “Granger I’m sorry if I just offended you, I just couldn’t resist.” 

Word from the writer: this is my first ever try and uh i just wanna know how i did and if i should keep going with this and truthfully i have no idea where i'm going with it. But i've always been a big fan of Draco and Hermione.

Disclaimer: i dont own anything.

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