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Um...Hey guys! Yes, it’s me again. And I am soooo sorry for abandoning this story for like three months or something. Please forgive me? I promise, I’ll try and update quicker next time. Anyway, on to the story...


“Moony?” Remus sighed.

“Yes, Sirius?”

“Were you honestly being serious when you said Ray likes me?” Sirius asked for what felt like the 50th time. He lounged back in his armchair by the fire, staring thoughtfully at the ceiling. It had been two weeks since the ball, and he and Liz were a happy couple. But he couldn’t help but think that there was something missing.

“For the millionth time, yes!” Remus replied, frustrated. Beside him, James snickered.

“Really Sirius, it’s like you can’t stop thinking about her! Did you ask Liz out just to make her jealous or something?” he prodded him, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Hey! What kind of idiot do you take me for?” Sirius exclaimed. “If I liked Ray, I would have just asked her out. I mean, the girls practically swoon over me.”

James rolled his eyes. “You really are very modest Sirius,” he said sarcastically.

“Well, I have a right to be arrogant! I am after all, the handsome, perfect, dazzling-“

“Oh great. Here he goes again,” Remus cut in tiredly. Sirius sent him a glare.

“Don’t you know it’s rude to interrupt people?” he cried, annoyed.

“Yes, but you’re an exception,”

“Guys!” James interrupted suddenly, “Look, we’re straying completely off the point. The point of this conversation is to put a stop to Sirius’s continuous questions about Ray. I mean, if I hear her name one more time, I’m gonna puke,” Sirius rolled his eyes at his friends immature antics.

“I’m guessing things went well with Lily then?” Sirius asked deviously, satisfied when James blushed profusely at the mention of her name.

“Yep!” he exclaimed proudly, “Last night in Hogsmead was amazing. You know, she’s not just beautiful and extremely smart, she even has a sense of humour! Isn’t she amazing? I think I’m even more in love with her! We were definitely meant to be!” James was almost bouncing with excitement, causing Remus to groan and ask,

“James, have you been eating sugar again?” James continued to smile giddily and began to giggle- or hiccup.

“Actually this time it was this muggle drink called coke,” he admitted.

“Coke?” Suddenly Peter Pettigrew climbed through the portrait hole, heading over to the other marauders. “Have I missed something?” he asked, sitting down in the remaining arm chair.

“Not much, apart from James and Sirius being their usual arrogant selves,” Remus informed him. “So how did your date go?”

“Great,” Peter replied, smiling.

“Did you kiss?” James piped up, while Sirius backed him up by making strange kissing sounds in the background.

Peter turned bright red. “Do you guys have to be so gross?”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Peter, that’s something a first year would say! We are men! We have to act manly!” he declared.

“You should take your own advice, Padfoot,” Remus muttered under his breath, although a sly grin tugged at his mouth.

“Hi,” All four boys suddenly turned around.

“Oh, hi Ray,” Sirius greeted. Behind them stood Ray, her silky black hair tied up at the nape of neck. For once she wasn’t wearing makeup. Both of these differences however were very strange. For one, Ray never wore her hair up (because she thought it made her look bald) and the marauders had never seen her without makeup, even in the short time they had known her.

“Um...going for a new look?” James asked cautiously. Sirius seemed to be avoiding her, and refused to meet her eyes, even when James gave him a very obvious kick in the leg. It wasn’t that he was angry, he was just worried about how he would regard her now, knowing that she liked him. How could he still just stay her friend? Every time he looked at her, he would be consumed by guilt. And then suddenly a thought came to him. Were James and Remus right? Was Liz really the one he had fallen in love with? Had he been wrong all this time? Was it really just guilt he felt when he looked at her?

He mentally shook his head at himself. He was letting Remus and James influence his thoughts way too much. After all, he had known Liz ever since first year. She was pretty, smart, and funny. She was perfect for him. And she was his girlfriend now. He had absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. Absolutely nothing.

“Yeah,” Ray replied to James’s comment. “But I didn’t think you would notice,” she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, her eyes automatically darting towards Sirius. She realised he was trying to avoid looking at her, and wondered why. Had the others said something? Then suddenly a horrible thought came to her...had they found out?

“Ooo, out looking to impress a certain someone?” James wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at her. She rolled her eyes. He couldn’t have made it any more obvious that they knew something.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said, quickly continuing on as James opened his mouth to tease her. “And I came here because someone told me that Madame Pince wants to see you lot in the library,”

“Really?” Remus raised an eyebrow. “I’m pretty sure I don’t have any overdue books,”

“And I never even read,” Peter added.

“Well, it’s probably about something else,” Ray said, “She said she wants to see us as soon as possible, so we should all probably go now,”

“She wants to see you too?” Sirius asked in surprise. It was probably the first thing he had said to her since the night of the ball. She looked a little taken aback, but quickly regained her composure and replied to his question.

“Yep, me too. Not sure why, but she said she wanted to tell all of us at the same time,”

“O.K,” the boys murmured in agreement, heaving themselves up off the armchairs. Then the five of them marched out of the Gryffindor common room and down two flights of stairs towards the library.

They were nearing the library corridor when it happened.

James, who was leading the group, saw it first and stopped dead in his tracks. The others, not noticing turned the corner. And there they were. Right in front of them, just a few feet away, was Liz and an unknown boy, their lips locked together.

To Sirius, time had stopped. As he stood and watched, his feet rooted to floor, he tried to take in what was happening. Liz, his girlfriend, was kissing another boy. It wasn’t possible. She would never do something like that, would she? Well, she was now. Sirius stared at her in disbelief. She definitely wasn’t protesting. So it was true. Liz, the kind, caring, and pretty girl he had known since first year- the one he thought he had fallen in love with- wasn’t who he thought she was. Had she just been stringing him along this whole time?

The moment seemed to stretch on for an eternity. However, if anyone had turned to look behind them, they would have seen the small smirk on Ray’s face, because the boy wasn’t just a stranger. This whole incident wasn’t just a coincidence. The boy was Oliver. And she had planned this.

“Liz?” Sirius finally managed to gasp in disbelief. He ran up to the couple who had broken apart from the interruption, pinning Oliver against the wall. James followed Sirius, resting a hand on his shoulder. For a moment, Sirius simply stared at Oliver with pure hatred in his eyes, Oliver staring back indifferently as Liz and the others watched in astonishment. Finally James managed to pull Sirius away and Oliver shrugged him off, quickly fleeing down the corridor. Then Sirius turned his anger on Liz.

“How could you?” he yelled at her, watching with satisfaction as tears welled up in her eyes. “You- you traitor,” he spat, showing no remorse as she began to cry silently.

“S-Sirius, I-I didn’t mean for it to happen,” she stammered, sinking to her knees. “I-I’m sorry,”

“Yes? Well enlighten me Liz, what did happen? Because as far as I could see, you seemed to be enjoying yourself,” she shook her head violently, and Ray actually started to feel sorry for the girl. And then a new feeling washed over her. Guilt. It was her fault this was happening... She shook the feeling off. Since when did she care how her actions affected other people?

“S-Sirius,” Liz sobbed, “It isn’t what it seems. me,” It seemed the other marauders and James were frozen in place, no one daring to interrupt.

“TRUST YOU???” Sirius exploded. “You’ve just betrayed my trust. How can I possibly trust you?” Liz finally seemed to get a hold on herself and her tears stopped. James, who finally seemed to have come back to his senses, grabbed Sirius by the arm and started to try and lead him away.

“I’m sorry,” Liz murmured, staring up at him as a single tear slid down her cheek. He glared back down, his dark eyes cold and merciless.

“I think I actually loved you, Liz,” he whispered.




“How’s she doing?”

Lily sighed heavily, collapsing into an armchair beside James.

“Not so well,” she admitted. It had been approximately four hours since the infamous Sirius-Liz breakup, and Lily and James had both been trying- and failing miserably- to comfort their friends.

“I’m not surprised,” Remus said from the opposite armchair, “Sirius and Liz were pretty much the perfect couple. It must be hard to lose something like that,”

“I agree,” Peter chimed in, “They were practically soul-mates,” The others nodded in agreement, everyone solemn, even Ray who was sat in the armchair furthest away from the fire. She hadn’t said a word since the incident, and had spent the past few hours in deep thought. She couldn’t believe it, but she was actually feeling...guilty. After all, she was the one who had organised the whole thing. She felt horrible, a terrible person. But then again, she was a terrible person. She was famous for it. Well, maybe infamous would be a better word.

She wished she had never done this. She didn’t know why, but over the weeks, she had developed a sort with Lily and Liz. It was crazy and irrational- because had never had a true friend in her life, but she realised now that she had grown to respect the red-headed perfectionist and the blonde airhead (which wasn’t true now she thought about it, because Liz was almost always near Lily at the top of the class). She sighed inwardly. Was this really worth it? Ruining two people’s lives just so she could prove a point to herself? Wasn’t that selfish? Yes, that definitely was selfish- very selfish. And yet she had still gone through with it. She had broken Sirius and Liz up, ruined their relationship forever, just so that she could go and trample on the shattered remains of Sirius’s already broken heart- just so that she could prove a point to herself. Well, that was the only reason...right?

“Ray...Ray,” Lily waved a hand in front of her friend’s face, however the blank expression on her face didn’t budge. “RAY!” She finally shouted, succeeding in snapping her out of her thoughts.

“W-what?” Ray stared at Lily, surprised. “Did you have to yell in my ear?” she complained, annoyed. Lily shrugged,

“It was the only way to bring you back down to earth,” she explained, “You completely zoned out there,” She looked around the room to see all of the marauders- minus Sirius of course- staring at her.

“What were you thinking about?” James questioned curiously. He was much too nosy for his own good.

“Yeah,” agreed Peter, “You seemed really into it,” ok, so apparently Peter was nosy too.

“Uh,” Ray’s eyes darted around the room, taking in everyone’s expectant faces “You know...I was just thinking about...rainbow ponies,”

Everyone either snorted or burst into laughter. Ray mentally hit herself on the head. Why didn’t she just tell them all to bugger off and mind their own business? But no...she had to go make a fool of herself. Rainbow ponies? Where the hell did that come from?

Eventually James calmed down enough to speak, “OK, what were you really thinking about?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. Ray cursed inwardly. She couldn’t tell him. She’d just have to think up a believable lie. Or then again, she could just change the subject.

“You know James, I think you’re developing a moustache,” she said, voicing the first thing she could think of to change the subject. Where was this stuff coming from? Maybe all the thinking she had done recently had punctured a hole in her brain or something. Then again, at least she was making the others laugh and cheering them up a bit.

“Ray...” Lily sighed, “Your hilarious, but try telling us the truth this time,”

Ray looked nervously towards her. She knew that the joking was over. She had to be serious. And she didn’t want to lie anymore. But they couldn’t know the truth either.

“Look guys,” she finally settled on, “It’s just...I can’t tell you, okay?”

“Why?” Remus asked.

“Because...I just can’t tell you yet. Please understand,” she really hoped they would buy it. But what was there to buy? It was the truth, maybe not the complete truth, but it definitely wasn’t a lie.

Lily sighed, giving in. “OK then, if you don’t want to tell us...then we won’t press you any more,” Ray gave them all a genuine smile, and this time she wasn’t just acting.

“Thanks guys,” she said, “But there’s something I need to go and do now. Do any of you know where Sirius is?”

“Astronomy tower I think,” James replied immediately, “But if you’re planning on going to talk to him, be prepared,”

“Oh don’t worry, I will be,” said Ray, then got up and left the common room.



Heya guys! Does anyone even remember this story? It’s been such a long time...

Anyway, I’m finally back (with a brand new PINK laptop!!!) and I’m ready to write, lol. Oh yeah, and I was just wondering...Does anyone reading this story actually like Liz? And if you do, would you prefer Liz/Sirius to Ray/Sirius ? I just wondering, because it could determine the outcome of this story because I have two ideas for an ending.





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