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P.S. Wanna Start A School?

Disclaimer: ALL RIGHT! I admit it! I own Harry Potter! Yes, you may bow down to me. Ok, guys (and gals) do you really believe that I would own Harry Potter and still be writing stories on here? I don’t think so (nooo!).

A/N: Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t updated my other story. I’m writing some chapters now. Anywho, this is my little one-shot of Helga and Rowena and how they got the idea to start our beloved Hogwarts. I might add another one for Godric and Salazar to. Not sure. But I hope you guys like this!


Dear Rowena,

 How are you? I'm fine. Do you remember Vincent? Well last night he asked me out! And, just out from being under Daddy's watchful eye, I said YES!

Oh, I just love this feeling! Now I’m forgetting why I’m writing this letter . . . . Oh yes! Now I remember! Last. . . . . Tuesday! Yes Tuesday, I received an owl from Godric. Same old same old really, but at the end of the letter was a P.S. saying, and I quote, "Wanna start a school?"

I felt confused and wanted to write him back immediately and ask what he was talking about but instead I decided to write to you instead since you’re the smart one out of the group. What do you think it means? Is he being serious or being his usual trickster self? And have you found yourself a man yet? Your starting to worry me Row.

Sincerely your Confused Blonde,

Helga Hufflepuff




Dear Helga,

I’m fine as well and I want to congratulate you on Vincent. Ok, now I’m starting to sound like I’m a host on some Muggle caveman show saying "Congratulations!! You have won our prize of Vincent!" I’m sorry I just got a little side-tracked. I’m not sure why Godric would say something like that. And, moments after I got your letter, I received one from Godric and another from Salazar.

It seams Salazar is in on the joke as well! Well, in my liking of Salazar more then Godric (don’t tell him that!) I wrote him first and asked him what he was talking about and he said, that Godric said, he really did want to start a school! I nearly fainted when I saw this!

I mean come on! Sure we may have been the top of all classes and voted most likely to make a difference in the world, but we’re just kids right out of school! Only people old enough to be all of our great-great-great grandparents who can’t even hear a train if it was right next to them start schools! Please tell me you’re on my side Helga! I have an idea!

Why don’t we all meet in our secret hide out that we made when were younger, and talk about there! Ok and send word to Salazar and Godric. And hey, if Vinny (sorry, I have to give all of your and the guys boyfriends/girlfriends nicknames) doesn’t work out I think Godric has a little chrushy on you. –hint hint- Ok so meet us on. . . . . Saturday, at . . . . Midnight. Y'know, Saturday is a full moon! My favorite of the cycle!

Sincerely the Book Worm Gal,

Rowena Ravenclaw


Dear Row,

When I got your letter, I was in a bit of a slump, Daddy says he has his eye out for someone named Gregor Diggory. . . . Ugh!! Who names their kid Gregor?! And plus, he’s like, twice my age! Can you say eww?

And also, Daddy intends for me to marry him!!! I couldn’t believe him! Also, right before that happened? Vincent says he doesn’t wish to ‘court’ me as he puts it. So when I saw that I had a letter from you, I immediately ripped it open and when I was done reading it, I was a bit, to say the least, was shocked.

And all I have to say to that idea is this: I LOVE IT!! It’ll be perfect to see the guys again. And I agree, people our ages don’t build school. We try and destroy them.

But think about it this way, if no one our age has ever built a school, that just means we should and we’ll be the youngest people to ever teach and build a school!! Oh it sounds so fantastic! I can’t wait to see you and the boys this Saturday! Oh what will I wear?

And also, before I forget, (we know how easy that is) you still haven’t answered my question on if you fancy anyone! Stop beating around the bush and tell me for Merlin’s sake!

Sincerely your Giggling and Wondering Blonde,

Helga Hufflepuff

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