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A/N -- Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter and all it’s characters are the creation of J.K. Rowling, they belong to her not me. I’m just borrowing them to tell a little story that would not leave my mind until I wrote it down. The song in this fan-fiction is quite possibly one of the most beautiful love songs ever written and recorded. It is titled You and was written by Bob Thiele, Jr., John Shanks and Tonio K and was recorded by Bonnie Raitt. I’ve given credit so please don’t sue me. I highly recommend listening to the song while reading to give the right atmosphere. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
* * *

Ginny sat on the porch steps to her family home, The Burrow, watching the sun set on a beautiful summer day; the remaining light in the sky a mixture of amber and gold hues. A warm breeze played in her hair and carried the scent of flowers. It was a tranquil moment that let her mind wander and drift.

The war was over, had ended several months ago in the spring. Things were finally looking right in the world. For Ginny personally life was looking brighter every day. It took some time to heal old and new wounds but with the more time that passed the pain of losing loved ones eased. There was also rekindled love to take joy in. With Voldemort defeated the greatest threat had passed. Harry had returned to her, bringing joy back into her life. But now, as she sat here on these steps, she couldn’t help but remember how it had all started between them.

Ginny had had a crush on Harry since the first day she met him at platform 9 ¾. Only ten years old then, what she felt could only be described as puppy love, a girlish crush. Then he had saved her life the following year at Hogwarts from Lord Voldemort. It only made her like him all the more. She laughed to herself at the thought of how she was always so afraid to speak to him. A few years passed and she had almost given up hope that Harry would ever notice her. Hermione had given her some sound advice that if she could open up and be herself maybe Harry would take notice. The nerves went away as she gained more confidence in herself. She managed to have a few good laughs with Harry, but he still only saw her as Ron’s sister. Harry started dating Cho Chang and it hurt to see him with someone else. Ginny tried to move on, started dating other people, but her heart still remained Harry‘s even though he still did not know it. In her eyes he was still her world. 

Nobody else could make me happy,
No one could hurt me like you do.
You were the only one that mattered.

Then finally he started to look at her in a way that made every fibre of her being sing with joy. She knew it was something true when he finally kissed her after a triumph in Quidditch. It wasn’t just a quick kiss, no, it was a kiss of pent up passion and hunger and of elated joy. A schoolgirl crush developed into something stronger, the feelings of a young woman in love. And he loved her too, she knew it; in the way he kissed her and spent time with her, in the way he would look at her across a crowded room. They had a short amount of time when they were blissfully happy together. The joy they found had ended too soon when Dumbledore was killed and the threat of Voldemort and his Death Eaters grew stronger. Harry felt it was necessary to cut ties with Ginny in order to protect her from harm. She understood why Harry did it, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

Then you were gone,
love had moved on.
Left me alone thinking of you. 

Ginny was tempted on Harry’s seventeenth birthday to love him fully, the way a woman loves a man, a gift for him to remember her by. Instead they shared one last kiss of unbridled passion until they were reminded of the reality that they were not together because of Harry’s decision. It was a decision, she realized, that was hurting Harry as much as it was hurting her. Then her world came crumbling down further. The threat of war at their door came crashing in. A whole year she waited wondering where Harry was and if he was safe. She returned to Hogwarts and ended up fighting the war on a different front. Ginny stayed true to Harry, she dated no one else. She hoped and prayed every night that they would both make it through the battles they faced and would be together soon. 

There was never any other.
You and I were created to be true.

Every night she was reminded of Harry’s strength and of his courage. She didn’t know what they would have done if he had not taught them to fight, to defend themselves. It was the love that she still harboured in her heart for him that kept her going, to live, to fight another day. It was as if she knew the greatest purpose in life that anyone could have was to know a love such as theirs.

Isn't it love that keeps us breathing?
Isn't it love we're sent here for?
Wasn't that love that we were feeling?
(That was something baby)

The more time that passed the more she thought of Harry. She often found herself awake and alone in the Gryffindor common room remembering the stolen moments they used to have together. Moments of passion, moments of long conversation, moments when they would sit in silence and simply enjoy each other company. They were times that strengthened the bond between them. They were memories that kept her going. 

Deep in our soul, deeper than we know.
Keeping me holding out for you.
There was never any question.
You'll be forever on my mind. 

Then the final battle came. So many friends, so many kindred spirits and hearts laid down their lives for the sake of goodness. Her brother Fred, Tonks and Lupin, Colin, so many…too many. For a brief time she thought she had lost Harry as well. It was as if her world ended. Living through the battle didn’t seem so important anymore. Ginny fought zealously, with no fear of harm. In her mind, if she died then that would mean that she would be together with him again.

You and I, we were meant to be together.
True hearts in a world where love is dying.

Then he revealed himself to still be alive. Harry defeated Voldemort, had won the war for the side of light, of goodness and of love. It took time to recover from all that had happened. Mourning the loss of so many had taken time and left all of their hearts hurting. Then finally Harry had come to her, when the time was right, to talk. He had hopes of dating her again, hopes that were reflected in her own heart. They found the love they thought they might have lost. Together their hearts were beating in time. If it was even possible their love grew even stronger. They felt alive again. 

I might as well have been dying when we were apart.
When you came back I felt the beating of my heart. 

That was how Ginny found herself here, now. Several weeks had passed since they rekindled their romance. They no longer had to hide the love they felt for each other from anyone. Her family couldn’t be happier in her choice of a boyfriend, much to Harry’s relief. She watched him from across the way as he came walking toward her, breaking away from Ron and Hermione. Just the sight of him took her breath away.

You and I, there was never any question.
You'll be forever on my mind.
You and I, we were meant to be together.
You, it was always you. 

“What’re you thinking about?” Harry asked her as he sat down on the step beside her.



“Mmhm, you and us. I was just thinking about how happy I am to have you in my life.”

“I’m happy to have you in mine as well,” Harry said as he pulled Ginny in for a hug and a kiss. “I love you, Ginny.”

“And I love you.”

You...Always you. 


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