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Life Collides Chapter Three:

The Show

The car ride over to Michael’s wasn’t long, and when they pulled up to the underground bar, Harry already was laughing at the antics of Alan, Georgia, and Adam. He had no idea what to expect at this concert, and was wondering what kind of music he would be listening to. He already knew that Teddy’s band was a rock band, but that still didn’t tell him much. Growing up he had never paid much attention to music – he didn’t have the time for it. He was too busy trying to dodge punches from Dudley, and then trying to dodge spells.

“And we are here!” Alan exclaimed.

“Finally,” Georgia said, opening the door dramatically. “Come on, it’s going to be starting soon!”

They left the van and walked down the sidewalk a little and came to the club. It was a restaurant above, and then there were a set of stone steps that led down to the lounge where tables and chairs were set up in the center, standing room on the edges. He could see various instruments set up on stage and the place was crowded and full of excited audience members.

“Our table is over there,” Georgia pointed to a table at the front of the room, but off to the side. There was a sign on top that said reserved, and a man was standing nearby guarding it. They got to their table and Georgia thanked the man for watching.

“Enjoy the show,” he said hopping on to the stage and disappearing in the back.

“That’s Bill, his brother is the guy that owns this place.” Alan told Harry, and he nodded, and glanced back at stage.

As he did this he caught the face of Emily as she grabbed a guitar, and put the strap over her head. She was talking to someone, and as she did the lights dimmed. The crowd started cheering, and Emily came out on stage, followed by a few others who sat the different instruments. When Emily stepped up to the mike it was still noisy, but it died down enough to here her.

“How is everyone doing tonight?” she asked to have loud cheering in response. Laughing, she went up to the mike again. “That’s great! I’m Emily Thorn, and this song is called Bleed.”

As she said it the drums started, and Harry watched in complete fascination. She moved where she stood, playing the guitar before finally raising her head back to the mike, and she began to sing in a voice that Harry could not believe was coming from her mouth.

Well it’s been almost a year to the moment
When I finally realized it was over
And I knew that love wasn’t good enough of a reason
For me to stay
Well I saw you yesterday, you were driving
And I tried so hard to forget your were alive
And as you passed by I began to cry
Over things that I did not say

And hiding beneath my blankets and sheets I’m finally free
I’m killing the ghost of you and I’m close to awakening me

So I’m taking my heart and I’m getting me out
And loves something that I wouldn’t want to live without
So I’m taking my heart and getting me out on my own

Well it takes all of my strength to be stable
And I face your insults under the table
And if you were wise you would compromise
And allow me to live my way
Cause I’m not a force to be reckoned with
And you can’t see to the best in me
Cause it’s more than your heart can take

And hiding beneath my blankets and sheets I’m finally free
I’m killing the ghost of you and I’m close to awakening me

So I’m taking my heart and I’m getting me out
And love’s something that I wouldn’t want to live without
So I’m taking my heart and getting me out on my own

I’m taking my heart and I’m setting me free
And baby now you’re just another song to me
And you can’t see the best in me
For me to bleed.

Harry clapped with the rest of the crowd, unable to believe how good Emily was. He looked at Georgia who seemed to be just as cheerful, though he thought it had more to do with his own excitement. Emily was laughing, and switched her electric guitar for an acoustic one, and began to tune it while talking.

“You guys are too great,” she laughed. “I’ve got just one more song before Odd Man Out comes on, so sit tight. This song is called Wreck of the Day,” she spoke into the mike, and stepped back and started to play, the crowd silencing.

Driving away from the wreck of the day
And the light's always red in the rear-view
Desperately close to a coffin of hope
I'd cheat destiny just to be near you
If this is giving up, then I'm giving up
If this is giving up, then I'm giving up, giving up
On love, On love

Driving away from the wreck of the day
And I'm thinking 'bout calling on Jesus
'Cause love doesn't hurt so I know I'm not falling in love
I'm just falling to pieces

And if this is giving up then I'm giving up
If this is giving up then I'm giving up, giving up
On love, On love

And maybe I'm not up for being a victim of love
When all my resistance will never be distance enough

Driving away from the wreck of the day
And it's finally quiet in my head
Driving alone, finally on my way home to the comfort of my bed
And if this is giving up, then I'm giving up
If this is giving up, then I'm giving up, giving up
On love, On love

The crowd went wild again, and Emily quickly thanked them before running back stage with her guitar. Harry didn’t know what to think, the song seemed so out of character coming from Emily. She always seemed so happy, so sure of herself. But he didn’t have time to dwell on these thought. The crowd was getting louder, and started to chant ‘Odd Man Out’ over and over.

“This is getting wild,” Adam shouted over the noise.

“Got to love rock shows!” Georgia agreed smiling, and looked to Harry. “What did you think of Emily?” she asked, talking directly in his ear.

“She was fantastic – I had no idea what to expect, it was great.” He told her, talking just as loud.

As he turned to look back at the stage, he could see Teddy and some other guys he recognized as regulars at the café. They were all talking, laughing, getting ready for coming on stage. At once the lights went out and for a split second there was confusion until they flashed back on and Odd Man Out was on stage, Teddy up front. He was gripping his guitar with one hand, while pushing back his blond hair with the other.

“Let’s hear some noise!” he said into the mike and every screamed, some jumping in the air. “Do you want to hear some noise?” he asked the crowd next, and got a resounding scream of yes. Laughing, he and his band jumped right into it with a fast paced song, and the lights and other things going wild.

Are you dissapointed?
And have we destroyed it I
But I've been stumbling down this long and winding road
And these times are changing
And it's complicated I
Well I don't wanna know

And I ....
Don't ask why anymore
And I ...
Don't ask why anymore, anymore

And is it getting better?
Can we live forever I
And I'm not sure what the hell we're fighting for
And does the money make us?
And will the future blame us I
Oh I don't wanna know

And I ...
Don't ask why anymore
And I ...
Don't ask why anymore, anymore

When you're tired and alone
And you feel like letting go
Come home

When you can't take anymore
When you're beat up and ignored
Come home

The sun's inside a hole
The faster you don't know
A long, long way from home
There are things you need to know
The answers leave you cold
You're a long, long way from home
And the summers coming back
And it brings a second chance
If you're not part of this
Then I don't wanna know ...

And I ...
Don't ask why anymore
And I ...
Don't ask why anymore, anymore

When you're tired and alone
And you feel like letting go
Come home
Oh when you can't take anymore
When you're beat up and ignored
Come home
I'm coming home

The crowd was still screaming, and Georgia was standing in her seat, Adam, Alan, and Harry quickly joining the throng of screaming fans. It was complete insanity for Harry, but he loved it. Teddy and his band went through a whole set of ten songs, had the crowd singing and cheering. Harry couldn’t believe that this was what his friends did every day, and when he thought it was all over, the crowd cheering for an encore, Teddy came back on stage along equipped with a very large guitar.

As he stepped up the mike the crowd was quiet enough for him to speak. “As a special treat, since Todd gave away all his drum sticks, I said I would come out and give you guys one of my songs called Come’ in Home.” The audience cheered and Teddy started playing a slow soft tune.

Harry looked to Georgia in excitement at hearing his friend play, but was surprised to see her frowning. She caught Harry looking at her, and gave a faint smile before saying to the guys that she was going to see Emily. Harry had no idea what was going on, but he saw that both Adam and Alan nodded as if in some kind of agreement with her idea. Harry could have asked if Teddy’s voice hadn’t interrupted him.

Well I’ve been down to Georgia
I’ve seen the streets in the west
I’ve driven down the 90, hell I’ve seen America’s best
I’ve been through the Rockies, well I’ve seen Saskatoon
I’ve driven down the highway 1 just hop’ in to see you soon
‘Cause I’m come’ in home, I’m come’ in home

Harry turned to Adam in surprise and asked, “Is he really being serious?”

Adam smiled, “Yeah, Teddy can manage to be serious every so often. Especially when it comes to his music.”

“Wow,” Harry muttered, turning back to Teddy. It was strange seeing Teddy look as serious as he stood forlorn on the stage, strumming his guitar and singing. It was no surprised why there were so many girls at the concert, all swooning to see Teddy, to speak to him. It was another side of Teddy Harry had never seen before, and Teddy hadn’t lied to him when he said the show would be a great surprise.

I’ve never been to Alaska, but I can tell you this
I’ve been to Lincoln, Nebraska and hell you know it ain’t worth shit
I’ve been through Nova Scotia, Sydney to Halifax
I’ll never take any pictures, cause I know I’ll just a be right back
‘Cause I’m come’ in home, I’m come’ in home
I’ve seen palaces in London; I’ve seen a castle in Wales
But I’d rather wake up beside you, and breathe that ol’familiar smell
I never thought you could leave me, I thought I was the one
But I understand your sadness so I guess I should just hold my tongue
‘Cause I’m come’ in home, I’m come’ in home
I know that were takin’ chances, you said life was a risk
I just have on last question…
Will it be my heart, or will it be his
‘Cause I’m come’ in home, I’m come’ in home

Teddy finished his song to a loud applause and cheers. Harry watched as girls struggled to touch teddy’s hand on stage, and could barely hear Teddy’s voice as he thanked the crowd for being such great listeners.

“Let’s go into the back, before this place gets anymore wild.” Adam shouted to Alan and Harry. Nodding, Harry followed Alan as he led the way to the edge of the stage where they jumped up, and went backstage. It was dark, but Harry followed Alan with ease into a hall where there were many open doors. Alan turned into the first one.

Inside Odd Man Out stood talking and laughing with the band members from Emily’s performance. But Emily and Georgia were no where to be seen, and Harry glanced at Adam and Alan. Alan was already busy talking to the others while Adam seemed to notice the disappearance of the others.

“Teddy!” one of the band members cheered and Harry turned to see Teddy entering the room, a sullen look on his face, and beads of sweat on his forehead. He put his guitar against the wall and stood up straight breathing deeply.

“Great show tonight,” he finally said putting a grin on his face. He went to Harry, and slapped his shoulder. “How was your first concert?” he asked genuinely.

“Fantastic!” Harry told Teddy, “Emily was great, the band amazing, and you alone…”

“You weren’t expecting it were you?” Adam input.

Harry nodded. “No, I wasn’t.” He agreed looking back at Teddy who was smiling and scratching his head. He seemed to be looking for someone, and gave one last smile to Harry.

“I’ll be back,” he told them and left the room. As he did Georgia entered, taking a moment to glare at Teddy who seemed to ignore her and keep going. She came over to Adam and Harry, frowning deeply.

“I can’t believe him.” She huffed to Adam, who put his arm around her. “He just had to go pull a stunt like that.” She went on flustered. “And he’ll probably use the excuse that she started it, and that it was only fair he’d get to perform his song blah, blah, blah.” Georgia looked to Harry, who was completely confused.

“Could you please tell me what is going on?” Harry asked looking from Georgia to Adam and back. Adam seemed to be completely aware of what was going on and completely control of himself. Rather then letting Georgia vent, he quickly went through it.

“A couple of year ago Emily and Teddy dated. She was just starting to bud with her music, and they met at his friend’s record label. They got really serious, but he was touring a lot then, and let’s just say things weren’t good for a while. She told him she couldn’t do it anymore, started dating an ex of hers, and he was left in England – where he was when she told him she was ending things – trying to keep the tour going smoothly while trying to fix a relationship back here. Needless to say he came back and they stayed separated. They just decided to be friends, and that’s how it’s been since then.” Adam told him, in hushed tones.

“And what about the other guy Emily was dating?” Harry asked, finding this development surprising.

“They broke up fast. He was an abusive guy; he never had a kind thing to say to Emily, and she just couldn’t take it anymore and dropped him for good. Thankfully she’s managed to stay away from guys like that since.” Georgia said, seeming to keep her temper intact.

“So those songs were about each other then?” Harry concluded.

“Exactly,” Georgia replied. “And that’s why Emily is now in her own dressing room crying, and throwing things around angrily. He promised her that when ever they preformed together he wouldn’t play that song because it always gets her down. Of course Emily did choose two songs that cause Teddy to get a little upset, it isn’t to the extreme that Emily gets to.” Georgia explained, sighing.

“We should probably round every one up and get going. I doubt Emily wants to stay for the after party.” Adam said, pulling Georgia along.

“Yeah, Harry, go with Adam and I’ll go see to Emily and Alan.” Georgia said pulling away from Adam and going over to Alan who was chugging a beer.

“Never a dull moment, I say.” Adam told Harry once they left the club. Harry nodded, understanding and wondering what it would be like living with these people for the next few months, or possibly years.

“Is it always like this?” Harry asked, curious.

Adam shook his head. “No, it’s not the usual. It’s just escalated since Teddy moved in with us. He didn’t live with us up until three months ago when his roommate – Matt from the band – got married and moved out. I think he just got lonely, and the apartment was the only place he could find suitable for himself.” Adam explained as he got to the van and opened the side door for Harry.

“Oh,” Harry answered, getting into the van. “I just hope Emily isn’t too upset when she gets to the van.”

Adam laughed getting into the front seat. “That’s highly unlikely. She likes to keep things to herself, so she’ll probably come in here with a ready made story of how she was feeling sick or something, and then will ask you what you thought of the concert. She’s a good actress.”

Harry didn’t have another second to ask Adam another question before the side door slammed open and Emily climbed in, wearing a grin. “Hey Harry!” she exclaimed, plopping down next to him, pausing a moment to grab her guitar from Georgia and putting it into the back.

“You were great tonight Emily,” Harry said, hoping it would cheer her up.

“Really?” Emily said, seeming pleased with his reaction. “I was a little worried you would find it all boring.”

Harry shook his head. “No, you were great. I liked your songs; they were, er, catchy.”

Emily laughed, and hit Harry playfully in the arm. “You are so hilarious Harry.” She laughed, and leaned against the back seat as Georgia got settled in the front next to Adam and he turned the ignition. The van roared to life, and Adam started on their way home. “But I am really happy you liked it. Georgia told me you were probably cheering the loudest out of everyone.”

Harry’s cheeks tinged pink, and shrugged it off. “I don’t know she was pretty loud.”

Emily grinned, and leaned on Harry’s shoulder tired. “Well, I don’t care. I am just happy you enjoyed it. But now I would like to sleep; I am so tired.”

“Go to sleep then,” Georgia said from the front, smiling in the rearview mirror.

When they arrived home, Emily was fast asleep on Harry’s shoulder, with Adam’s help they helped her up the many stairs and to her room on the top floor where Georgia then took care of the rest. Harry quickly saw what Teddy had meant earlier that day. She did have her own mini home. She had a separate bedroom, main room where a sofa and chair sat with an old television set, and in another corner were a group of bookshelves cramped with colourful books. In another she had a small fridge and microwave, and table set. The walls were covered in black and white photographs of people and musicians alike, as well as her many guitars that all hung on the wall. It seemed she was prepared for never leaving her room if she could.

“She likes to record up there sometimes.” Georgia told Harry as they went into his room to sit down and talk, Adam having gone to bed early. “She’ll bring all the gear she need, clear the center and just start recording. She did it with her first album, all acoustic stuff.”

“She likes to be alone then,” Harry assumed.

“She likes to feel safe.” Georgia countered.

A/N: There you have it, the revised version of chapter three. I have kept many of the same elements from the original, while adding my own little twist. I eliminated one of the performances (Georgia and Adams) because I just thought it was too much. I wanted to make it a little more realistic. I hope you liked it, and thanks for reading!

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