Ella Beauchamp sighed and got up from her desk. She rubbed her left forearm lightly then Apparated to the Dark Lords house.

Once there she walked to his office door and knocked softly.

"Come in." Lord Voldemort said.

"My Lord, " Ella said as she opened the door and then turned around to close it. "I just got a letter from Lucius."


"And he has asked me to marry him."

"And where is Lucius?"

"I have no idea. I just got this letter from him." she stated as she held out the parchment.

Voldemort grabbed the letter from her hands and read it over, "Give me your arm."

Ella sighed and held out her left arm for the Dark Lord to see.

He placed one hand underneath her wrist and pushed his wand into her dark mark. "He should be here soon." He replied handing her the letter back and letting go of her arm. Leaving her to nurse it from the pain that was now shooting up and down it.

"Yes my Lord." she said in between her teeth.

"Do sit down, Ella."

Ella nodded her head and took a seat in one of the two armchairs in Voldemort's office.

There was another knock on the door. "Come in." Voldemort said.

Ella turned around and saw it was Lucius. She nodded her head in his direction and then turned to face the Dark Lord again.

"Lucius, do you know why you're here?"

"No I do not my Lord." he replied.

Voldemort nodded, "I thought so Ella give him the letter."

Ella stood up and walked over to Lucius. "Here you are." she said as she handed him the piece of parchment.

Lucius grabbed the letter and quickly read it over a look of confusion took over his features. "I didn't write this."

"Well, some owl delivered it. I thought it was one of yours since you have so many." Ella stated.

"I didn't, I'm being forced to marry Narcissa and you said you would never marry." Lucius said. "Do sit down." Voldemort said calmly.

Both Lucius and Ella sat down in front of the Dark Lord.

"So could Miss. Black have written this letter?" Voldemort asked them calmly.

Ella snorted, "Either her or Orenda."

"Then could someone call Miss. Fier in? She knows how to get off the school grounds." Voldemort said.

Ella rolled her eyes and looked over at Lucius. Lucius sighed and pulled up his sleeve and pushed his own wand into his mark.

"Thank you Lucius." Voldemort said. Within moments there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."  Orenda opened the door still blinking back tears a few traces of them evident on her pale cheeks.

"Good evening Orenda." Ella chimed. "You look awfully happy!"

Orenda smiled calmly, "Good evening my Lord. May I ask why you need me?" "Lucius give her the letter." Voldemort said.

Orenda looked over the letter and then smirked at Ella, "So you got the letter?"

“It appears that way." Ella said.

"Orenda who wrote this letter?" Voldemort asked. 

"Narcissa." Orenda replied quietly.

Ella jumped from her seat, "Ha! I knew she would write something like that." Lucius just rolled his eyes and looked at the Dark Lord.

"Ella, sit back down. Lucius?" Voldemort said.

Ella nodded her head and sat back down in her seat. "Yes My Lord?" Lucius asked.

"Is there a reason why you haven't yielded your sit to Miss. Fier, she's obviously distressed." Voldemort said.

Lucius nodded his head and stood up from his chair. Then he motioned for Orenda to have his seat. She walked past him and sat down, "Thank you Lucius."

"Miss. Beauchamp, is your problem all solved them?" Voldemort asked.

"Yes my Lord. Is there anything else you'll need from me tonight?" she asked.

"No you may go." Voldemort said.

"Thank you my Lord." Ella said as she stood up from her chair and walked out of the room.

"Now Orenda why would Miss. Black write this?" Voldemort asked, "Lucius you may sit down again."

"Because Narcissa doesn't want to marry Lucius." Orenda stated.

“So I've been told, but she's to marry him in July whether she wants to or not." Voldemort said.

"I know my Lord."

"Then tell her to get over this, I will not be bothered by her feelings again."

"Yes my Lord."

"You are both free to go." Voldemort said.

"Thank you my Lord." both Lucius and Orenda said before walking out of the room.

Once out of the room Orenda sighed and rubbed her arm.

"Get over it. Once he calls you more it won't hurt anymore.”

"It's not bothering me." Orenda snapped.

"Then why are you rubbing your arm?" Lucius asked.

“It's something to do." Orenda said before rubbing a spot on her collarbone.

"Ah, you and Lestrange had a busy night, eh?"

"No." Orenda said looking away.

"Yes you did."

"What him breaking up with me?"

Lucius took a step back. "He broke up with you?"

“Yes, it's my own fault though."

"What the bloody hell did you do? I hope you know the Dark Lord will not be pleased to hear of this." Lucius stated.

"I shagged MacNair." Orenda replied, "Don't you think I know that."

"MacNair? I thought even you could do better than MacNair." Lucius shook his head, "I suppose I was wrong though."

Orenda slapped him, "I was only going to tease him, and it just got a bit further then that."

"Oi! Don't you ever slap me again." Lucius demanded. "Don't you know not to tease Slytherins? I suppose you learned your lesson though."

Orenda narrowed her eyes, "I've teased them before, and I let it go further. What are you going to do if I slap you again?" Orenda said hands on her hips.

"I will use the Crutacius Curse on you."

"Wouldn't be the first time." Orenda said moving closer.

"And I doubt it will be the last."

"Why are you such an arse?"

"Why are you such a whore?"

"Touché." Orenda said glaring at him.

Lucius smirked, "No need to glare at me, Love."

Orenda sighed, "You know I don't hate you. God I don't even dislike you."

"I know." Lucius replied.

“You don't want to marry Narcissa do you?"

"I really don't care. Who ever my father tells me to marry, I'll marry."


"Because I can't have the woman I want to marry."

"Who is that?"


"I thought so, why?"

"Why can't I marry her?"

"Why do you want her? I know she doesn't want to get married."

"I want her because she's beautiful, funny, she's a pureblood, she comes from a rich family, and she's everything I've ever wanted in a woman."

"Do you think you could ever love Cissa?"

Lucius shrugged, "I don't know. Possibly. She's beautiful, she comes from a wealthy family, and she's a pureblood. But, she doesn't have the same qualities as Ella."

"Have you ever spent more then ten minutes with her?"

"Nope, she always storms out."

Orenda laughed, "She great, but she's going baby any kids you may have like crazy."

"I only want one child. A boy, so he can carry out the Malfoy name." Lucius stated.

Orenda laughed again,  "No girl? Why not?"

"A girl will waste all my time and money."

Orenda hit him lightly, "But she'd be yours and pretty."

Lucius shrugged. "Well, I think you may need to get back to the school before something bad happens."

"I don't want to." Orenda whined.

"Then where are you going to go?"

"I don't know I can't go home."

Lucius rolled his eyes, "So stay here. He has about a million rooms upstairs."

"Yes and what do I tell him about why Dumbledore wants to know where I went off to." Orenda said rubbing her arm again.

"What the bloody hell is wrong with your arm?" Lucius asked.

"Nothing." Orenda replied quickly.

"Orenda Fier, you tell me right now."

"Christmas break my dad broke it."

Lucius sighed and grabbed a hold of her other arm. He then brought her into the Dark Lord's office again. "My Lord, Orenda has something wrong with her arm and she won't say what."

"Lucius." Orenda whined.

"Orenda?" Voldemort said.

“Yes my Lord?"

"What's wrong with your arm?"

Orenda sighed, "Nothing. My father broke it over Christmas break. That's all," she said quickly.

Voldemort sighed, "Again. Give me your arm."

Orenda looked down at the floor as she walked over to Voldemort. She held out her arm and her gaze continued to stay on the floor.

Voldemort held onto her arm and waved his wand, "There fixed. Ribs okay this time?"

"As far as I can tell," she replied.

Voldemort sighed and waved his wand over them anyways, "Any change?"

"Change in what?" she asked.

"Your ribs. Do I need to check your skull for damage?"

"No my Lord."

"You both may go now." Voldemort said waving them out.

"Thank you my Lord." Orenda said as she left the office. When she turned around she slapped Lucius. "Why the bloody hell did you do that?"


"Tell him I hurt my arm."

"Because you did. Don't slap me again."

Orenda took in a deep breath. "But I told you I was fine."

Lucius glared at her, "But apparently you weren't. What did he mean by again and this time?"

"My father has broken my bones before."

"That explains a lot."

"What do you mean?"

"Nice home life, nice at school." Lucius said sarcastically.

"Shut it Lucius."

"Go back to school."

"Fine, you stupid arse." Orenda stated.

Lucius smirked, "Don't forget what he said."

"About Cissa? How could I forget?" Orenda asked sarcastically.


Orenda waved goodbye to Lucius and then went outside the front door. "That was oh so heart warming," a voice said to Lucius.

Lucius turned around.

 “Why do you care about her?” Ella asked raising an eyebrow; she walked up to him smirking lightly.

"Because she's one of us. We have to look out for our own, Ella." Lucius replied.

Ella laughed lightly, "If you say so."

"I thought you left."

"As you can see you are wrong."

Lucius smiled, "Why are you still here then?"

Ella laughed, "Who knows. All though I never knew you thought so highly of me."

"You heard that, eh?" Lucius grinned sheepishly.

"I did."

"Well, it's nothing you didn't already know, Ella."

"That's not true." She replied wrapping her arms around his waist.

Lucius smiled, "Really? What part didn't you know?"

"Hmm… never knew I was everything you ever wanted, and when did I become funny?"

Lucius chuckled, "You've always been funny."

"Ha." Ella said kissing his jaw line.

"Ella, we can't do this in the Dark Lord's house. He'll kill us." Lucius pointed out.

Ella pouted, "Oh come on. Live a little."

"I am living. And I want to keep it that way. Why don't we go to your place or something?"

Ella pouted, "Scared?"

"He is a very powerful man Ella."

"I know that." Ella smirked, "What the most dangerous sexual thing you've ever done?"

"I don't know if I should discuss it with you. You might faint." Lucius chuckled.

"Try me."

Lucius smiled, "In fourth year this girl and I shagged in McGonagall's office."

"You're weak."

"What have you done?"

"Let's see during detention and in the headmaster's office, and that's just in school."

"What've you done outside of school?"

"For one, I've shagged here before."

"With whom?"

"That is for me to know you and you never to find out."


"I'm proud you know my name."

Lucius rolled his eyes and said, "Fine, you don’t have to tell me. I've also shagged in the Hog's Head."

"Way to show your age Lucius." Ella replied pulling away from him.

"What?" he whined.

"I almost forgot your younger then me." Ella said walking down the hallway.

"By like two years." he stated following her.

"You're still younger and so far not ready to play real games."

"Why don't you teach me these 'real games' then?"

"Shag me upstairs, then."


Ella smirked before grabbing his hand and pulling him up the stairs and into on of the many bedrooms.

Lucius closed the door and locked it before walking over to the bed.

"Lucius." Ella said standing on the bed pulling off her black jacket and tossing it on him.

"Yes Ella?" he replied while catching her jacket and setting it down on the chair next to the bed.

"You sure you're ready for this." Ella said letting down her long red hair.

"I'm positive."

“Come prove it."

Lucius smirked and sat down on the bed.

"I said prove it." Ella said dropping down behind him wrapping her long arms around his chest her mouth against his ear.

Lucius' smirk got even wider as he quickly turned around and pinned Ella to the bed. "I'll prove it," he said before he kissed the crook of her neck softly.

Ella grinned wrapping her arms back around him, while sucking on his earlobe. Lucius ran his hands down the side of her body and stopped when he reached the hem of her shirt. He slid his hands under Ella's shirt and ran them up her stomach. Ella pushed on his chest before wrapping one leg around him and rolling over so she was on top. Lucius ran his hands to Ella's back and slid his fingers up and down her spine slowly. Ella groaned and pulled him up and stripped him of his shirt. Before running her nails up and down his chest. Lucius smirked and slid his fingers up to Ella's bra. He outlined her bra for a couple seconds before unhooking the clasp.

"You haven't proved much yet." Ella said removing her bra and leaning back down onto his chest biting into his neck.

After a while the two were finished and were lying on the bed. Ella had her head on Lucius' chest and Lucius had his arm wrapped around Ella's shoulders. "So, I guess you are old enough to play these games." Ella stated.

"Yes I believe I am." Lucius said brushing some of her hair out of her face, "As bad as this sounds I need to leave soon. I'm expect early in the morning to go over things." he said kissing the top of her head.

Ella sighed, "I know." she said while running a finger over his chest.

"Why don't you want to marry?" Lucius asked her.

"I'm not sure. I guess I don't like the fact of being tied down for the rest of my life." she replied.

“What do you mean by that?"

“I have so much I still want to do. And if I get married all that will have to be put on hold because my Aunt wants my father to be a grandfather, soon. I'm not ready to have children."

"Why couldn't you do the things you want to? You have a brother out of school leave it to him have children."

Ella shrugged, "Because getting married automatically means I have to have children with in the first year of marriage."

"You could always tell them you physically incapable to have children and then if and when you do say it's a magical miracle.”

Laughed, "I guess I could."

"I'm brilliant." Lucius said, "I've got to go in about ten minutes. I need to get some real sleep before morning."

"Alright. I need to leave anyways. Aiden will be looking for me." Ella said before sitting up.

"You know that sounds kind of creepy."

Ella laughed, "I know. But, we were working on something before I left."

"Alright." Lucius said standing up and pulling his clothes back on.

Ella got completely dressed and walked over to Lucius, "You know, we won't be able to do this once you get married."

Lucius sighed, "I know."

"I'll miss you."

"And I you." Lucius said pulling her against him.

Ella giggled, "Really? I don't see why. I'm nothing special." she said before kissing Lucius.

Lucius kissed her back, "I believe you know that's not true."

Ella smiled, "You're going to make Narcissa a really lucky lady."

"Other then the fact that she hates me with a passion." Lucius said.

"Once you start to woo her, she'll come around."

"After she stops running from the room when I come in. You know I'll probably have to sleep in a different room."

"You will not." Ella replied.

"Do you really believe that?"

"Yes. That's what Aiden and I have been working on."


I can not say anymore than what I already have."


"Lucius?" she asked sweetly.

"You're mean, but I've got to go." He said kissing her again before leaving the room. He walked down the stairs and out the door and went home.

Ella sighed and slowly made her way down stairs.

"Done abusing my house, Miss. Beauchamp?"

"Of course not my Lord!" Ella replied.

Voldemort chuckled, "I'll see you next meeting."

"When is that again?"

"You'll know." Voldemort replied tapping his left arm.

Ella nodded her head. "That's right. I suppose I'll see you later then."

"You will." Voldemort said before walking down the hallway his snake Nagini sliding along floor behind him.

Ella smiled and then walked out the front door. She then apparated to her home in Italy. "Aiden! I'm home!" she yelled when she landed in her home.

"Good, where were you?" Aiden called out from her kitchen.

"His humble abode." she replied as she walked towards the kitchen.

"Of course, what took so long dear cousin?" Aiden asked before taking a bite of the sandwich he made.

"Oh, Lucius was there too."

"Ah, have fun?"

"But of course!" she replied. "You didn't even bother making me a sandwich?" she asked.

“Hell no make your own. You won't be able to do that much longer."

"I know." she stated while walking over to the refrigerator and taking out the jelly.

"Calandra sends you her love."

"Oh, that's great. Did you go see her this evening?" she asked while spreading the jelly on a piece of bread.

"Yeah." Aiden said walking over and grabbing a bag of chips before seating down at the bar again.

"Did you have fun?"


"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Why?" Aiden asked his mouth full of chips.

Ella looked away in disgust. "That's appalling," she stated.


"No problem. Have you heard from Nathaniel or Raine lately?" she asked.

"Nope, why?" He asked getting up again to get something to drink.

"Just wondering." she said before taking a bite of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "What about Donnalyn?"

"Yes, she says she needs you as usual." Aiden replied.

"What for this time?"

"She thinks she's getting fat again and is worried her dress won't fit." Aiden said.

Ella rolled her eyes. "Oh Merlin. What is her problem? I think she's just getting cold feet."

"No really. I've got to pee." Aiden said standing up.

"Isn't that just grand?" Ella asked sarcastically.

"Yeah." Aiden replied walking off towards the bathroom.

Ella rolled her eyes and walked out of the kitchen and into one of the many living rooms.

Aiden walked back out of the bathroom and dropped on to the couch.



"Did you wash your hands this time?"

"Yes, bloody woman."

"Just making sure! Jez."

"I'm going to move out, if you don't start being nicer."

Ella smiled sweetly, "Okay dearest cousin of mine. I'm so sorry."

"I'm so sure."

Ella sighed.



"Yeah and I changed my name."

"I bet you did."

"Oh yeah. I'm going to bed."

"Good night." she said softly.

"Night." Aiden said before walking off towards his room.

Ella jumped up and ran after him. "Aiden!" she yelled before jumping onto his back.

“Hi Ella. Did you want something?"

"I don't think I want to lose Lucius."

“I knew this was coming. I think it's to late though. Neither set of parents will back out now." Aiden replied.

Ella sighed, "I know. But…"


"But, we could bribe each parent or something."

"With what?"

"I don't know Aiden. You're pretty smart. You figure it out."

Aiden chuckled, "I know my body's amazing but I can't split myself in two ways..."

"That's not what I'm talking about, git. Let them have a large sum of money or something. I don’t know."

"I don't think that's going to work. You should have realized this earlier in their engagement and then you could have just taken him."

Ella scoffed, "I thought you were on my side."

"I am, but I don't know what to do anymore then you do."

"Whatever. When is their wedding again?"

"July 21st."

"Whoops! I can't go!" Ella exclaimed.

"Plastic surgery again?"

Ella glared at her cousin and slapped him, "No! Donnalyn's wedding, silly!"

"June 21st is Donnalyn's wedding."

"Damn. You're a party pooper, Aiden de Luca."

"Thank you, but come on did you really think they would be on the same day. Could you imagine the what the guests would do?"

"I believe they would lose their minds. But, that would be fine with me since most of them are crazy anyways."

Aiden chuckled, "That they are. I am taking you to your room or are we just going to keep standing in the hallway with you on my back?"

"Hmm, I guess you should take me to my room."

"Thanks." Aiden said before heading off in the direction of Ella's room.

"Oh, just out of curiosity." Ella said once they were in her room. "Have you heard from my dearest brother?"


"Yes. I've already asked you about Nathaniel."

"No, he knows anyway." Aiden said opening the door to her room.

"Knows about what? There are a ton of things going on around here. You have to elaborate, Aiden."

"That we're death eaters, Ella." Aiden said dropping her onto her bed.

"Oh yes. I knew that. He told Raine on Christmas. So, she knows now." Ella replied.

"Thought as much, and that would explain why we haven't heard from her." Aiden said sitting down on her bed.

"You know maybe she has a lot on her plate right now. Nathaniel told me she is hanging out with Slytherins now instead of those blood traitors in Gryffindor."

"So she's finally gotten smart." Aiden said, "What made her make the change?"


"Are we sure she's not one of us?"

"I'm positive. Why would the Dark Lord let a mudblood be a Death Eater?"

Aiden sighed, "Because she's not to bad."

Ella rolled her eyes, "You aren't turning into Walter are you? I think I'd have to kill you."

"Does it look like it?" Aiden asked.

"I'm not sure. But, if you keep talking like that about mudbloods you will."

Aiden sneered at her.

"Get out. You're beginning to bug me." Ella said as she walked over to her wardrobe and got out her pajamas.

"I don't want to walk to my room." Aiden stated.

"Then apparate." she stated before walking into her bathroom.

Aiden groaned and apparated to his bedroom.

"Good night Aiden!" Ella shouted as she stepped out of her bathroom with her pajamas on and walked over to her bed.

"Night Ella." Aiden yelled back before shutting his door.

Ella got into her bed and snuggled deep into her sheets. She soon fell into a deep slumber and slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

Someone knocking loudly on her door the next morning awakened Ella.

"What the bloody hell do you want?" she yelled.

"Get your lazy arse up. Your dad's coming to visit." Aiden called back.

Ella groaned and rolled over onto her stomach. "Oh well, I'll see him later." she mumbled sleepily.

"You might want to clean up a little bit." Aiden said.

"Get the bloody house elves to do it. I'm sleeping."

"Ella Leila Beauchamp, get up!" Aiden yelled opening the door.

Ella just groaned and kept her eyes closed.

"Up." Aiden said walking over to the windows and opening the heavy curtains.

Ella squinted her eyes and tossed the covers over her head. "I don't feel good."

"And may I ask why?

"My inner thighs hurt really bad."

"I'm not surprised. Get up."

"I have a migraine."

"We have potions for these things."

"I'd like to cure them naturally today thank you."

"No, your dad will be here in twenty minutes." Aiden said sitting on her bed.

"Why is he coming?"

"I don't know. He said he was bring someone with him."

Ella groaned and turned so she was lying on her back. "Go make me breakfast."

"Excuse me."

"You heard me. Go make me breakfast." Ella said as she threw the blanket off of her face.

"You're eating this morning?"

"I'm hungry. So what?" she asked as she sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"That's a shock, shower now." Aiden said standing up, he was already dressed in a pair of black jeans and a green shirt.

"Why is that? I can get hungry. I just don't have a normal appetite like most people," she stated as she got up from her bed and walked towards her bathroom.

Aiden rolled his eyes and walked out of her room in search of one of the house elves.

About twenty minutes later Ella got out of the shower and got dressed into a plain black, strapless dress. When she walked down stairs she headed towards the kitchen. She looked around and noticed her breakfast wasn't on the counter. "Aiden, Where the bloody hell is my breakfast?" she yelled.

"I ate it." Aiden replied he was sitting on the counter drinking some juice.

"You stupid prat." Ella said. "Well, I'm not hungry anymore anyways."

"That's why I ate it." Aiden replied grinning at her.

Ella rolled her eyes and took his glass of juice and finished drinking it. "You're a pig," she announced.

"Thanks your dad's here."

"Really? Where?"

"In one of the living rooms, I think."

"That helps a lot. Which one?"

“I don’t know.”

Ella flicked Aiden off and then walked out of the kitchen in search of her father. Ella walked into the first living room and didn't see anyone. So she continued her search until she walked into the living room that was on the second floor. "Daddy?" she asked.

"Ella." Marius replied standing up and walking over to his daughter hugging her.

"What's up with this surprise visit Daddy?" she asked.

"I am I not aloud to visit my only daughter?"

Ella smiled, "Well, I don't know. It depends on whom you brought with you." she said when she saw the other person in the room.

"Oy, Ella this is Czarina Grigóryev." Marius said as the woman walked over.

"Hello." Ella said cautiously.

"Hello Ella." Czarina replied sweetly.

"Pleased to meet you." Ella said while holding out her hand for the woman to shake.

Czarina shook Ella's hand firmly. "Ella." Marius said hesitantly.

"Yes Daddy?" Ella asked as she smiled sweetly up at her father.

"Ella, Czarina and I are going to be married."

"What? Daddy, why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

"I'm sorry dear." Marius said, "It never really seemed like the right time to tell you."

"When's the lucky day?" she asked happily.

"The day after Nathaniel gets home." Marius replied.

"When is that? Hopefully July 21."

"No dear, you're still going to have to go to Lucius' wedding June 16th." Marius said.  Aiden then strolled into the room.

Ella turned around, "You knew about this didn't you?" she asked Aiden.

"Possibly." Aiden said.

Ella glared at Aiden. "Daddy?"

“Yes Ella.”

"Why did your nephew know about it before your only daughter? He's a little prat."

Marius laughed, "I believe his mother told him, Ella."

Ella continued to glare at Aiden, "What's your bloodline like Czarina?" Ella asked.

"Pardon." Czarina said.

"What is your bloodline like?"

"Ella, its now the time?" Marius asked.

"Yes Daddy. Are you a pureblood, halfblood, or mudblood?"

Czarina looked appalled, "Ella English is not her first langue, and she's a pureblood." Marius replied.

Ella rolled her eyes, "She knows exactly what I am talking about."

Marius glared at his daughter, "Czarina, Aiden, would you excuse us a moment?"

Ella sighed and walked out of the living room. While Czarina and Aiden both nodded.

"Ella Leila Beauchamp. Where are your manners?" Marius demanded once they were out of earshot.

"Ask Aiden. He took them away from me." she said sarcastically.

“Ella.” Marius said.

"Yes Daddy?" 

"Leave Aiden out of things, what's your problem?"

"Remember that promise you made me?"

"What promise, Ella?"

"Oh, never mind. That happened along time ago when Mum died. I knew you wouldn't keep it." Ella replied.

"Ella, tell me." Marius said.

"You promised me you would never get remarried because it would hurt Mum's feelings." Ella stated.

"Ella you were young. Your mum would like to see me happy again." Marius said.

"And I thought you were happy. With Walter, Nathaniel, and myself."

"You're all growing up and moving on with your lives."

"You still made that promise. And you still have Nathaniel and Raine. I doubt Raine will ever grow up. She's such a little baby." Ella sneered.

"Ella, Raine isn't mine and Nathaniel and Raine are both growing up and soon enough they will both be out of the house to."

Ella shrugged, "If you want to marry her you can. But, I won't talk to her."

"Ella, do you not want me to be happy?"

"I do daddy."

"Then why can't you be nice to her?"

"Because she doesn't speak English." Ella said.

"She does to, she just has a little trouble with it and it's not like you don't speak Russian."

"Well, I haven't spoken Russian for a while. I'll yell curse words at Aiden but that's it."

"Ella, please."

"So, you want me to curse at her? Father, that's a tad impolite."

"Ella, I can't marry someone I know you don't like."

"It doesn't matter who it is, I won't like her."

"Ella, she's not going to replace your mother. She doesn't even want to try."

Ella rolled her eyes, "Okay. I'll get to know her. But, if I don't like her I'm not talking to her."

"Thank you Ella."

"You're welcome." Ella replied.

Marius and Ella then walked back into the room.

"I'm going to murder you." Ella mouthed to Aiden. But then she smiled at her father's fiancée.

Aiden chuckled. "Is everything okay, Marius?" Czarina asked smiling at Ella.

"Everything is great." Ella interrupted her father.

"I'm glad." Czarina replied.

"Me too." Ella said. "To bad for Aiden he won't have a bed to lay in tonight."

Czarina laughed and Aiden glared at Ella.

Ella smiled sweetly at Aiden and then sat down on one of the couches. "Come on, have a seat will you?" she asked everyone.

Aiden grumbled something before walking out of the room. Marius sat across from his daughter and Czarina next to him.

"So, how long have you two been dating?" Ella asked awkwardly.

"On and off for a few years." Czarina replied.

"Please don't tell me my father has broken up with you?"

Czarina laughed sweetly, "It wasn't really like that things just kept coming up."

"Oh. What is your last name Czarina? You seem so familiar."


Ella's eyes got wide. "Please excuse me for a moment." she said before rushing out of the living room. "Aiden?" she asked while walking around the second floor.

"What?" Aiden yelled from his room.

Ella ran into his room, "Aiden. Didn't Czarina seem familiar to you?"

"Yes why?"

"Didn't the Dark Lord order us to kill her and her family?"

"I don't think so. Her son Alexis is one of us." Aiden replied.

"Yes, but, before Alexis joined us. He ordered us to kill her and her family because her late husband had double crossed him."

"Well I don't know we'll have to talk to him about it." Aiden replied.

"We can't talk to him about it. I told him that we finished them off!"

"Well I think he's going to figure it out sooner or later. Tell him you sent me to do it and I forgot and told you I did it then."

"Then you'll be punished."

"I know." Aiden said.

Ella rolled her eyes. "Well, I'll just go tell him it was me. I don't want to nurse you back to health again."

"No, it's fine, he'll punish you worse for lying to him."

"Oh well. He likes me more than you because I'm best friends with Bella."

"Yes well that will just make it all worse, and we can't afford you to lose your place."

"I'll be fine Aiden. I'll just sweeten up to him before I tell him."

"And by that you mean?"

"I'll sweeten up to him. You know exactly what I mean. He'll never go for it. But, I can try."

"Good luck with that." Aiden said.

"Or course." Aiden said standing up and walking back towards the living room.

Ella closed her eyes and pictured Voldemort's house in her mind. With in seconds there was a pulling sensation and she started spinning. A couple seconds later she stopped spinning, and opened her eyes. She saw the door to his home in front of her. Ella took in a deep breath and knocked on the door. A woman with shocking green eyes and extremely pale blonde hair opened the door.

"Hello. May I come in?" Ella asked her.

"I suppose." The woman replied, "Has he called you?"

"No. But I have some important matters to discuss with him."

"He's busy at the moment would you like to wait or can I help you?”

"I'll wait." Ella stated as she walked into the house and sat down in a chair that was on the opposite wall to his office.

The woman followed, "Would you like anything?"

"No thank you. I'm fine."

"Alright, I'll tell him you're here." She said walking to the door knocking lightly before opening it and closing it behind her. A few moments later she walked back out.

"What did he say?"

"He'll see you when he's done with Dolohov."

"Great. What did he do now?"

"Nothing dear, good news for once." The woman replied.

"Really? That is surprising."
            "Yes it is."

"Do you know what this news is?

"Yes but I'm not to discuss it."

Ella sighed, "Come on. You can trust me."


"Fine. You can be a party pooper. Just like Aiden."

"Feel as you must."

Ella rolled her eyes, "So, what are you doing here?"

"I'm always here."

"Why is that again?"

"I'm not to discuss that either."

"You're no fun. What's the point in being his follower if you don't break the rules a little?"

The woman chuckled, "I'm more then a follower."

"What else are you then?"

"I'm not to discuss that either."

"And why not?"

"I've been told not to."

"By whom?"

"By him."

"By Dolohov? I wouldn't ever listen to him. Stupid wanker."

"By the Dark Lord." The woman said rolling her piercing green eyes.

Ella smiled, "I knew that."

"I know you did."

            "So, what's it like living here?"


"Why is that?"

"You know some of what goes on here."

"Not really. Care to elaborate?"

"Not really."

"Fine. What do you do during the day? I feel it would get awfully boring."

"Depends on what I'm told to do."

"You never do stuff while he's out of the house?"

"He's seldom out with out me."

"Oh okay. Are they almost finished in there?"


"And is it just Dolohov in there with him?"

"No, why?"

"Who else is in there?"



"I think you'll find out soon enough." She replied an evil smirk on her face.

"What are you talking about?" Ella asked.

She laughed as the door opened and Dolohov and Sonya both exited the room. Sonya seemed very familiar. "Colubera, would you come here a moment." Voldemort called out. 

The woman walked into the room and closed the door. A few minutes later she came back out "He'll see you now. He also asks that you keep the door open for now. You'll know when to close it."

"Alright." Ella said as she stood up from her seat and walked into his office. "Good afternoon my Lord." she chimed.

"Ella, do you know who just left?"

"Not particularly. She did seem familiar though."

"That was Sonya Grigóryev."

Ella's eyes got wide. "Really?"

"Yes, do you have anything to tell me about this?" He said as Nagini slid into the room and slid up his chair.

"My father is getting re-married!" she exclaimed.

"I've heard."

"I bet Aiden told you didn't he?"

"No he did not."

"My Lord, I'm sorry." Ella said as she hung her head.

"I believe that you are."

"I thought we had killed all of them. I am so sorry."

"As you can see you missed not only Czarina but her two children."

"I know. But, Alexis is one of us. Well, at least that's what Aiden told me."

"He is. He's sister Sonya is marrying Dolohov and Czarina has proved to be rather useful."

"I'm sorry my Lord. I should've made sure everything was the way it was ordered to be." she said softly.

"I knew when you told me that you had not completed what I asked of you."

"I know."

"Why did you not complete it?" He asked Nagini hissed quietly.

"I don't know my Lord."

"Hush Nagini, I already know that." Voldemort said to the snake. "And how do you think I should take care of this betrayal, Ella?"

"How ever you wish my Lord." Ella said as she looked up, into Voldemort's eyes.

"I believe the Cruciatus curse would do nicely what do you think, Nagini?" The Snake hissed again quietly.

Ella took in a deep breath. "Of course my Lord." she replied.

"Nagini take care of the door won't you." Voldemort said pulling out his wand. The Snake slid from his chair and pushed the door closed with her heavy body. Voldemort pointed his wand at Ella. "Crucio."

Ella yelled out in pain but tried to remain in her seat. Voldemort held his wand on her as Nagini slid back over and up his chair once again. Small tears started to run down Ella's face as the pain became even more excruciating.

"I suppose that's good for now. You're free to go Miss. Beauchamp." Voldemort said removing his wand.

Ella sat up in her chair and wiped away the tears that had escaped her eyes, "Thank you my Lord."

Voldemort nodded. Ella carefully walked out of the room Nagini following on her heels. Colubera nowhere in sight.

Ella stopped walking when she reached the front door. She swatted away more tears that fell. "Goodbye Colubera." she said quietly.

Nagini hissed at her. Ella rolled her eyes and walked out the front door. Nagini slid back down the hallway and into Voldemort's office once more.

Ella closed her eyes and pictured Aiden's room in her mind. A couple seconds later, she was standing on Aiden's bed. She slowly lay down on his bed and softly started to cry.

Aiden stood up from his desk and walked over. "Take it didn't go to well."


"You going to be okay?"

"I should be. But, it hurts."

"Here." Aiden said handing her a small vial. "Tell me about it."

"No, I can't take this." Ella said while pushing the vial away.

"Why not?" Aiden demanded.

"He'll know. You've obviously never been punished. You can't take any sort of pain relieving potions."

"It's not for that."

"What is it for then?"

"I know you to well. It's for you adventures last night."

"What are you talking about Aiden?"

"What did you do last night Ella."

"I shagged. So what?”

"And do you ever remember to take safety measures."

Ella rolled her eyes and sighed, "No."

"Because becoming pregnant with Lucius’ child is not going to help matters."

"I know. Maybe that's why he let the curse go on for so long. Maybe he already knew I was pregnant so he tried to give me an abortion."

"Maybe take this anyway." Aiden said.

Ella sighed and drank the entire bottle. After she finished she handed it to Aiden, "There are you happy now?"

"Yes know tell me what happened."

"Well, when I got there Colubera was there and Voldemort was in his office. Talking to Dolohov." Ella started.

"Colubera is strange."

Ella nodded her head, "Well, Dolohov had good news for once. Or at least that's what Colubera told me."

"I heard something like that last night."


"I heard someone mentioned that last night. I think he finally completed a mission and his getting married."

"He was in the Dark Lord's office with his fiancé."

"Not surprised.”

"Do you know who is bloody fiancé is?" Ella demanded.

“Umm… No.”

"Sonya Grigoryev." Ella stated.


"Really? I thought since you and Dolohov were so close he'd tell you who his bloody fiancé was!

"I didn't know!"

Ella growled, "Well, since the Dark Lord already knew I had lied to him I got crucio-ed for like twenty minutes."

"Told you to send me."


“What do you mean no?”

"I can't send you to the Dark Lord. You've done nothing."


"Why do you want to get punished for something I did?"

"Because your my cousin."


"We're family we have to stick together."

"So let me get punished and you can just stay out of it."

"Then don't yell at me for getting tortured.

Ella glared at him, "Did my darling father and his fiancé leave yet?"

"Yes they did."

"Thank Merlin."

"He asked me if we would like to go out to dinner with them tonight."

"What do you think my answer is?" she asked him sarcastically.

"No, I told him we would send an owl with our answer he gave me the-you-better-make-her-come-look."

"Do you really think I'm going to go to dinner if I can barely stand up by myself?"

"I know. I think he's going to really hurt if you don't go though."

"I'll go," she said as she sat up by herself.

"Alright, I'll send him an owl and I'll be there to keep you standing."

"Thanks." she said before trying to get out of bed.

Aiden sighed picked her up and carried her to her room and placed her on her bed before walking to her wardrobe, "What do you want to wear?"

"The pretty little green number. It's all the way in the back."

Aiden sighed and grabbed the dress and handed it to her, "I'm going to send the owl and get ready call if you need me."

"Will do." Ella said as Aiden walked out of her room. Ella got her dress on and then slowly walked over to her mirror and looked at herself. She sighed and then put on a pair of black pumps. "Aiden?" she yelled.

"Ella!" Aiden yelled walking into her room.

"What?" she asked.

"You yelled for me first."

"Oh, I'm ready."

“I am too.”

"When's dinner?"

"Twenty minutes might as well go early."

"What if I'm not hungry? Do I have to eat?"

"You get just pick at my food so they don't worry."

"Why would they worry?"

"You never eat."

"I'm just not hungry."

"I know we don't need your dad thinking your anorexic though."

Ella sighed, "Let's go then."

"Alright." Aiden said grabbing her arm.

A couple seconds later they landed in front of a fancy French restaurant. "Why does he always bring us here?" Ella asked.

 "No idea." Aiden replied, "Oh Walter is suppose to be here with Ophelia and both of her children are coming."

"What? Aiden, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"I knew you wouldn't come if I did."

"I hate you."

"I don't want to be here anymore then you do." Aiden said leading her into the restaurant Marius was already seated in the back with Czarina, Walter and Ophelia.

Ella smiled and sat down next to her father. "How are we this evening?" she asked.

Walter raised an eyebrow at his sister while their father said, "Good, are you alright Ella?" Aiden sat next to her.

"I'm fine." Ella replied. "Why do you ask?"

"You look a little paler then this morning."

"I'm just feeling a tad sore. I ran a mile after you guys left." Ella lied.

"Alright, dear." Marius said as Sonya and Alexis came into view.

Ella glared at Sonya from behind the menu.

Sonya sat next to Ophelia and Alexis next to her, "Sonya where's Antonin?" Czarina asked. "Busy mother." Sonya snapped brushing her hair from her face.

Ella snorted but then regained her composure. "Walter, how have you been?" she asked.

"Busy, what about you Ella?”

"I've been better. Have you heard anything from Nathaniel or Raine?"

"From Nate yes."

"And how has he been?"

"He's fine." Walter replied.

"Oh! Ophelia! I have to thank you for steering our little Raine in the right direction." Ella stated.

Ophelia raised and eyebrow, "What do you mean, Ella?"

"She is becoming friends with the Slytherins!"

"Friends right." Walter said sarcastically, "I'm not sure friends do that to each other."

"Do what?"

"Rosier tried to rape her." Walter said Ophelia turned paler.

"What?" Aiden asked, shock written all over his face.

"Nate wrote me about it, she didn't want anyone to know." Walter said.

"Well, you know it was because of Ophelia." Ella stated.

Ophelia turned even paler. "Don't blame her!" Walter said dangerously.

"Well, she's the one who told her to start hanging out with Slytherins." Ella replied coolly.

"I never said that." Ophelia said.

Ella shrugged, "We should ask her when she gets home from school."

"Well let's change the subject." Marius said.

"I agree." Aiden said. "What school did you guys go to?" he asked Alexis and Sonya.

"Same as you." Alexis replied.

"Oh. Well, I was just trying to make small talk."

Sonya smiled elbowing her brother, "Your younger sister is getting married is she not."

"She is. Why?" Aiden asked.

"Just asking, I've met her." Sonya replied brushing her hair away again.

"I'm not surprised."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Alexis demanded.

"I'm not surprised you've met my sister. She's very, popular."

Sonya smiled again before elbowing Alexis, "Yes she seemed very sweet."

Aiden snorted, "You must not have known her very long."

"No, only met her for a moment." Sonya said frowning slightly.

"I figured. She's a little brat who always has to have it her way."

"Oh." Sonya said, "Well..."

"What?" Aiden asked.

"Nothing sorry." Sonya said.

"Okay. So, who's into Quidditch?" he asked excitedly.

 Ella groaned, "Aiden, no one here wants to discuss Quidditch."

"I do." Alexis said, "I play you do as well right?"

Ella rolled her eyes.

 Aiden smiled, "I sure do."

"Alexis plays for the Bulgarian team." Sonya said.

"Really? That's impressive."

"Yeah I haven't been playing with them very long."

"Oh." Aiden said while nodding his head, "How long have you been playing?"

"Playing? Or playing with them?"


"Well I played in school and Sonya played with me over summers, and I've been with them for the last two years."

"That's awesome." Aiden said.

 Ella sat up in her chair and shouted, "Here comes the food!"

Alexis grinned and the food was placed in front of everyone. Ella didn't eat her food, instead she watched everyone else eat.

"Ella pick at it." Aiden said quietly, "You're going to make him worry."

Ella sighed and picked up her fork and stabbed a green bean with it. She looked over at her father and ate the green bean.

Aiden groaned. "Ella is there something wrong?" Marius asked.

"No Sir." she said as she started to eat the croissant that was on her plate.

"All right then." Marius said; Ophelia and Sonya were talking.

"Aiden, how much longer do we have to be here? They're talking about me." Ella whispered.

"No they're not." Aiden said, "And until Uncle Marius tells we can leave."

Ella sighed and ate a little bit of her bread.

"Well Ophelia and I have some news." Walter said since the conversations had pretty much died.

Ella looked up from her plate as well as everyone else. "What would that news be Walter?" Marius asked.

"We're going to have a baby." Walter replied holding Ophelia's hand under the table.

Marius smiled and said, "Congratulations my boy!"

 Ella just rolled her eyes and went back to looking at her plate.

Aiden chuckled, "Couldn't even wait to be married?"

“Nope." Walter smiled.

Aiden chuckled again "Well congrats." 

"When's the baby due?" Sonya asked.

"Sometime this summer." Ophelia replied with a huge grin on her face.

“That’s fantastic.” Sonya replied, “I am so happy for the both of you.”

Alexis nodded his agreement.

Ella groaned, “Daddy I’m not feeling well.”

Aiden rolled his eyes, "Can't you stick it out for one more hour?" he whispered.

"Why?" Ella demanded.

"Because you're acting like Donnalyn. If the spotlight isn't on you, you leave. Are you not happy for your younger brother?"

"Partly, their child won't be pure."

Aiden rolled his eyes, "Oh well. Be happy for him. It's his first child."

"I'm happy, but I don't like her and I'm in pain remember."

"Well, I'm staying here. You can go home or over to Bella's."

"Thanks, Daddy I don't feel good." Ella whined again.

Marius sighed, "Why not?"

"I went running and I have a headache..."

Marius stood up from his seat and walked over to Ella with his arms out. Ella stood up and gave her father a hug. "Don't be a stranger. Owl me sometime. I hope you feel better." Marius said.

"Thank you Daddy." Ella said, "You know it works both ways."

Marius chuckled, "Alright. I love you sweetheart."

"I love you to Daddy." Ella said.

Ella said her goodbyes to everyone else and then walked out of the restaurant and apparated herself to Bellatrix's house. When she landed in Bella's entrance way she yelled, "Bella? Rodolphus?"

"Bella's out." Rodolphus replied he was in the process of walking down the stairs.

"Do you happen to know where she ran off to?" Ella asked.

"Her Mother's."

Ella rolled her eyes. "Okay, do you know when she'll be back?"

"Who knows they're going over wedding plans."

Ella nodded her head. "So, what are you going to be doing this evening?"

"Lucius was going to come over. He says he has some news of my brother."


"Yes, that would be my brother."

"I know I was just making sure. I know this news. I over heard him and some another person talking about it. It's going to upset some one of very high power."

"And what would this news be?" He asked walking into his office.

"I'm not sure I should be the one to tell you." Ella smirked as she followed him into his office.

"Fine, Lucius should be here soon enough." Rodolphus replied, as there was another crack from the entrance hall.

Ella sat down in one of the armchairs, "You're going to be quite mad at your younger sibling." she stated.

"Hello Lucius, as you can see Ella stopped in for visit." Rodolphus said as Lucius walked into the room.

"Why hello Love!" Ella exclaimed.

"Hello Ella." Lucius said sitting down in the vacant sit.

"How are you doing today?" she asked him.

"I'm alright yourself?" 

"What's going on with my brother?" Rodolphus demanded.

"I'm really sore." Ella replied.
            Lucius chuckled.

"Is someone going to tell me?"

"What? Tell you what?" Ella asked. "Oh, I was sore this morning for what you’re thinking of. But then, something bad happened. So, I became mega sore."

“If you two are done talking now. Would someone like to tell me what's going on with my brother?" Rodolphus demanded.

Ella rolled her eyes, "Well, let's see your brother tore Orenda's heart out of her chest and broke it into a million little pieces."


"You heard me! He broke up with Orenda."

“Why?” Rodolphus demanded.

"Because Orenda was being a little harlot and slept with MacNair." Ella stated.

"Shite." Rodolphus said sitting back into his chair.

"You bet. Do you know how upset our master is going to be?" she asked.

"Sounds like we better go tell him. The sooner the better." Rodolphus said standing up.

"You think I'm going to tell him after what he did to me this morning!" Ella demanded.

"And that was?"

"Well, he made me sore."

Lucius and Rodolphus chuckled, "Care to elaborate?"

"Well, he put Cruciatus Curse on me for about twenty minutes." she replied.

"What did you do for that?" Rodolphus asked sitting back down.

"Oh, you remember that little mission he sent us on? The one where we were supposed to kill all of the Grigóryevs'?" Ella questioned.

"Yes I remember." Rodolphus replied.

"Well, he found out that we didn't kill all of them. Because Sonya is marrying Dolohov and my father is marrying Czarina."

Rodolphus cringed, "Great. I'm staying here."

"Oh no you're not. He won't torture you. Because I was in charge of that mission he only tortured me."

"He might after I tell him about Rab and Orenda."

"I'll tell him then." Ella replied standing up. "I don't want to sit here all night and do nothing."

"Let's do it tomorrow." Lucius said.

"Let's not and say we did." Ella stated. "What else do you two plan to do tonight?"

"Nothing." Lucius said.

Ella rolled her eyes. "Fine. Then I'm going over to his house and seeing if he has anything he wants done."

"He's busy." Lucius said.

“With what?”

"I'd rather not get into it."

"Fine." she said as she crossed her arms over her chest. "I can't go home, there's nothing to do."

"So." The two men said together.

"Are you sure there's nothing to do?"

"Yes. Go help Bella or something." Rodolphus said.

"No. I don't like her mother too much. After what happened about two years ago."

"Well leave then." Rodolphus said.

Ella glared at Rodolphus, "Why are you so eager for me to leave?"

"Because if you don't you two will disappear and go shag upstairs."

"That's not true." Ella stated.

"That's what you did last time."

"Times have changed my dear." Ella replied.

"I'm sure."

"If you two are going to argue all night I'm going to leave. My father wanted to talk to me anyways." Lucius said.

"I'm going home. I'd rather be there by myself than here with Lestrange." Ella said as she stood up from her chair.

"I'll see you later Rodolphus." Lucius said standing up. "I'll see you later as well, Ella."

"Bye Lucius. Toddles Rodolphus." Ella replied as she started walking out of Rodolphus' office.

"I'll see you another time, Lucius." Rodolphus said as Lucius walked out of the room.

Ella walked to the entryway and started to think of her bedroom.

"I'll see you Ella." Lucius said.

"Bye Lucius." Ella replied before she disappeared and landed in her bedroom.

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