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Serena was back in her room that night, after a long steaming hot shower washing last night’s drunken stupidity out of her hair. She sat on her bed, staring at her hands in awe. I had hooked up with Sirius Black. I had soberly hooked up with Sirius Black, she thought. I hooked up with my ex-boyfriends older, hotter brother. She was in shock. Lilly Evans walked into the room with all of her schoolbooks.

“I have a note for you.” She caught Serena’s attention by waving a piece of parchment in front of her face. “Something from some little first year. Are you doing some sort of extra curricular that I haven’t heard of?” Serena shook her head at Lilly and grabbed the parchment.

Love, Spend the night?

“I’ve got to go.” Serena glanced at the clock realizing it was three to ten.

“Okay…” Lilly mumbled. “Hey where were you this morning? Did you get up early or something?”

”Yep…” Serena muttered as she wandered off towards the common room.

When she reached the common room the first thing she saw was Alice and Frank snogging on the couch. Disgusting. Even when she had a boyfriend, Serena didn’t go around snogging him in public. Private, yes. Snogging and loads more. But they saved it for private. That’s what ladies do, Serena thought to herself.

But doesn’t everyone think you’re the school slut? A little voice said inside of her. Serena looked down at her feet, pissed.

I suppose you’re right. She thought. I could start snogging someone in the middle of Potions and people wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

Serena stormed out of the common room and began to wander the halls. Curfew was at midnight, so she had two hours to explore and find something to get her mind off the chaos that was her life at the present moment. She was walking with her head down, thinking about what had happened this morning when suddenly Serena walked straight into someone.


She recognized the voice at its grunt. Shit, shit shit. Serena looked up into the blue eyes of Regulus Black. His black hair was messy and sticking out in all directions. His eyes seemed cold and his tan skin made his intense cheekbones protrude strongly. He was attractive, but goddamn it she hated him.

“Sorry, Reg.” Serena spoke up momentarily. He looked surprised to see her.

“Serena… hi.” He smiled slightly at her and she looked back at him confused.


“What are you doing here?” He questioned, looking around.

“I’m walking.”

“I see that. You look upset.”

“Not particularly more than usual, Reg.” She piped. He looked down, ashamed.

“Listen, Serena..” She interrupted him.

“Really, Reg. Not a big deal, the whole school thinks I’m the biggest slut. It’s okay; you know I’ve only got two more years here. Really, it’s cool.”

”I didn’t mean to say those things about you!” He exclaimed. “I didn’t realize that the other girls that my friends dated were as big of prudes as they were!” Serena stared at him blankly. Was that pathetic statement supposed to be an apology?

“Ok. Well. I’m going.”

“Serena, wait!”

“Um. No. No, I’m going.”

“Please, Serena, talk to me.” She looked back at him; his blue eyes seemed to be pleading with her.

“I slept with your brother last night.” She said looking at his face react with shock. Serena dashed off before he could respond.

Shit. Shit shit. Shit. SLEPT WITH. Oh Jesus. This was a catastrophe. There was no doubt in her mind that Regulus was going to take that naughty little bit of information straight to his Slytherin common room. It would be all over school tomorrow morning with the help of super skanks, Narcissa Black and Patty Parkinson.

Serena sulked through the hallways; picturing how horrible the next few days were going to be. She suddenly hit the softest wall ever.

“Ouch!” The wall grunted and looked up to realize that it wasn’t a wall in fact, but more like James Potter. And next to him was Sirius.

She didn’t even really realize what was happening; she just felt tears crashing down her face. James and Sirius looked at her, then each other, in shock and confusion before each taking one of her arms and quickly leading her somewhere. They took shortcuts that Serena had never even heard of and were suddenly in their dorm room. The Lion’s Den. OH Christ.

Sirius quickly carted Serena inside his covered bed and waved a quick Silencing Charm over them. He looked at her in concern as she continued to sob. The most she could do was curl up in a ball in his lap. He stroked her hair and wiped away tears with the rough yet soft skin of his thumb. Why was I sitting here, crying on Sirius Black’s bed? She thought. Sirius Black is the reason I was crying. I lied and told Regulus I slept with Sirius! She thought to herself. Tomorrow morning someone would confront him and he would deny it, because it wasn’t true! Then I would be the pathetic, lying slut, she realized. The one who wore turquoise minidresses and those brown boots everywhere.

Serena didn’t think she could handle it.

“Please, Serena, tell me what’s wrong?” Sirius ushered quietly. “Serena, please.” She looked up at him, tears welling up in her purple-sparked eyes.

“I didn’t sleep with you!” Serena dragged out through sobs. Sirius looked confused.

“I didn’t tell anyone you did.” He attempted to defend himself.

“I KNOW!” She sobbed, cutting him off. “I did!” Sirius looked at her confused.


“I saw Regulus and he just, he just made me so mad!” Serena spat, looking at her thumbs passing through the blankets. “I told him I slept with you, but I didn’t mean like, SLEPT.” She sighed heavily, lungs shaking with sobs. “He's going to tell everyone I did! And I’m going to be the pathetic girl who didn’t sleep with you.”

Serena looked up to see Sirius grinning at her.

“Serena, love, why would you ever think that you’re pathetic?” He smiled at her.


“What do you reckon’s going on inside, Mooney?” James Potter asked, not taking his eyes off his best friend’s closed bed.

“None of our business I would assume.” Remus said, jotting down notes onto a piece of parchment.

“C’mon mate!” James looked over at his friend. “Aren’t you the least bit interested?” Remus sighed and looked up from his work to speak to his friend.

“Slightly. But I’m sure Sirius will tell us in due time.”

“That girl, Serena, she slept here last night!” James exclaimed with a confused excitement. It wasn’t very often that something went on in Sirius’ life that James didn’t know about. Especially with girls.

“I know Prongs, I was here when you woke them up.”

“Do you think…”

”No. Padfoot said they didn’t.”

“You believe him?”

“I don’t have any reason not to.” Remus said, returning to his work. Suddenly the curtains opened and Sirius stepped out.

“Hello mates.” Sirius said cheerfully.

“What the hell is going on here Padfoot?” James questioned. Remus looked up from his homework.

“Well. Serena’s in there.” Sirius began. Remus and James looked on with dumbfound amazement.

“Yes, I know that Padfoot! I helped you get her settled!” James yelled.

“She used to go out with Reg.”

“WHAT?” James yelled and Remus looked down at his book quickly.

“Yeah, I was surprised too.” Sirius smiled and continued. “But they broke up, and apparently he spread some rumors about her.”

”Your brother is a real git sometimes, I wouldn’t put it past him…” James butted in.

“Well she ran into him tonight.” Sirius continued with his story, interrupting James. Remus listened intently while James bobbed on his heels eager to hear more. “And they got to talking, they had a fight and she said some things about last night.”

“What’d she say?” James butted in.

“Well.. It seems she said… she eluded to the idea that…”

”Out with it Padfoot.”

“She told him we slept together.” Both boys looked at their friend in surprise.

“This would be a good time to talk about what did actually happen between the two of you last night.” Remus spoke up, thoughtfully.

“Did you sleep with her?” James asked. “She’s pretty bloody hot when she’s not crying all over the place.” Remus and Sirius glared at him.

“No. I don’t take advantage of girls!”

Sirius received two blank stares from his friends.

“Um, really mate?” Remus piped up. James looked confused.

“What about those girls from the beginning of the year? And over the summer? And that one time on Christmas vacation?” James began to count on his fingers.

“Alright, alright.” Sirius snapped. “I have been known to take advantage, but the girls were always willing!” He smirked. “I wouldn’t take advantage of Serena though.”

“Reckon you fancy her?” Remus said and James gasped.

“Bloody hell Padfoot! You fancy her?” Sirius shushed them and pointed at the bed.

The stupid silencing charm. Serena couldn’t hear a thing that was going on outside the bed. What the hell were they talking about? They’re probably talking about how much of a psycho you are and how long it will take to get someone to escort you out of their dorm room, a voice said inside her head. She scoffed.

Sirius Black does not want me out of his dorm room. At least I think so. Serena thought wistfully to herself. He seemed pretty pleased that I was there this morning. Though… he was a Marauder, and he was a Black.

Serena sighed, stretching her arms out and yawning. This had been a long day. Though she had slept into the late afternoon with Sirius, she found herself exhausted. Everything that had happened today, what with Sirius, Regulus and even slamming into James, it was all extremely tiring.

Sirius’ blankets were old and worn, but the softest and most comfortable things ever. Serena curled up in a dark blue blanket and let her blonde hair fall onto his pillow. Within seconds she was fast asleep, dreaming of sugarplums and puppy dogs.

Sirius opened the curtains of the bed and to his and his friend’s surprise saw Serena passed out underneath a blanket, snoring softly.

”Rough day.” Remus muttered. “You should take off her shoes.” He ushered to the brown boots on her feet. Sirius nodded and quickly slipped them off. Serena grunted and snuggled deeper under the blankets.

“She is pretty hot.” James mused. “I mean, she’s no Lilly. I think she fits with you though, Padfoot.”

“Thanks Prongs.” Sirius smirked. “Well I guess I might as well turn in. See you mates in the morning.”

Remus gave Sirius a hesitant look and Sirius threw his hands up in defense.

“It’s different this time, Mooney! I swear!”

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