Blaise was waiting in the locker room, trying to calm the outrageous pit of snakes that stood before him. He sighed a sigh of relief as he saw Draco and Hermione enter the room.

The noise stopped abruptly and the team stood watching their captain holding hands with the Gryffindor mudblood.

The venomous eyes were searing through Hermione’s skin, making it crawl. They clearly wanted to strike both He and Draco on the spot.

Draco thinking fast bent his head down and whispered in Hermione’s ear. She nodded and turned to walk out the door. As soon as she left Draco took a step forward. Gathering all the confidence he had, he started his improvised speech.

“What I am about to tell you is top secret. I have not come here to apologize for what you have just witnessed. I am but a servant to the Dark Lord, and as we all know, I mist do his bidding.”

“So your telling us that the Dark Lord, what do you say... bid you  to have fun and fuck a mudblood!”  Yelled Montague. He had always been jealous of Draco as he wanted to be Slytherin’s Quidditch captain after Marcus Flint left.

“No you fool it is but a mere process that I go through to complete my mission.” Draco spat. Honestly the brains of these guys must be really small. Draco thought rolling his eyes.

“Well why is it then” yelled one of the chasers, Miles Bletchley. He was probably one of the smartest in the team. He had a talent for jinxes and often played pranks on people in the library for fun. He also had a short temper and was starting to show it.

“Do I have your word that after I speak you will not interfere with anything that has anything remotely to do with my mission?”

Heads strated turning and a small discussion between the players started in a few seconds they had come to their conclusion. They all nodded their heads.


“I have been given the privilege to break up the Potter gang. This may sound simple, and may sound irrelevant to Potters downfall, but I assure you it plays an important role in the prophecy if it is to become true.”

Blaise shot Draco a warning look but Draco brushed it aside and continued. There was no other way out of this one unless he was going to erase the memories of all his players and become a future target for angry Death eaters.

“I’m going to ruin their friendship by dating the mudblood granger. This will cause a rivalry between her, The Weasel and Potter.” Draco paced the room his eyes following his feet and his hands together lightly tapping his mouth, while he was thinking.

“Afterwards I shall deviate a plan to ruin the trust between Potter and Weasley. After that Potter will be weak, with no friends shall we say...unloved.”The Slytherin team jeered. Draco on the other hand felt sick,  He couldn’t believe they were finding this amusing.

Wait a minute, I used to be like them. I used to crave the downfall of Potter Weasley and, Hermione. Shaking his head at the thought he finished off his speech.

“The Dark Lord can then attack Potter at his weakest and the prophecy will be fulfilled. “ They all turned and hi fived each other and banged the handles of their brooms making a loud clacking noise.


Hermione couldn’t believe her ears. He was standing against the door listening to Draco betray her and her friends. How could I have been so blind, he never really loved me.

Tears were rolling down her face and wetting the wooden door she was leaning on. She hear footsteps behind the door and quickly moved away. Draco walked out with a grin on his face.

“Well I sorted them out” He said Hermione walked right up to him and without thinking, slapped his face. Draco’s smile disappeared.

“What was that for!” Draco asked. He was so confused. Then he looked at her angelic face. It was scrunched up and her eyebrows were in a frown. He suddenly knew what he had done wrong. He forgot to put a silencing charm on the door.

“For being a complete jerk” She screeched between tears. She raised her hand again to slap him but with his quick reflexes her caught her hand.

“You were using me weren’t you? You never loved me how could you, you rotten two faced foul ferret. I knew you could never love a mudblood like me.” She broke down in tears and tried to wriggle her arms out of his grip. He let go.

Merlin how could I have been so stupid.  “Hermione please, I love you” Draco whispered.

Hermione ran. She ran down the corridor and onto the pitch. Crying so hard she could barley see where she was running. She ran and she cried, until she could run no more. Dragging herself into the common room she entered her bedroom, locked the door and fell on her bed. Curling up into a ball she cried herself to sleep.


Hermione woke up before seven am. Looking at herself she was still in her school robes. The sun was still rising. Hermione sat up regretting it afterwards. Slamming her head back on the pillow she rolled out of bead instead. Taking the rise slowly. Walking out her door and into the common room she saw Draco sitting on the armchair by the fire, his hands resting on his head.

Feeling her emotions well up inside her, she turned to leave but was stopped when she heard Draco speak.

“Please don’t go. We need to talk”

“About what, I don’t see any reason to.”

“Oh come on Hermione please I need to speak to you, about everything. Please I promise it will explain everything.”

“I think you explained it pretty well in the locker room don’t you?” She said folding her arms. She would stay strong. In front of him at least. When the time came she would isolate herself and cry her heart out.

“You might want to sit down,  I’ll start from the beginning.” He patted the spot on the sofa next to him. Hermione walked over the fireplace and sat on the armchair across from where he was sitting. A look of sadness swept his face when she sat on the armchair and not near him.

Draco told her everything, right from the start. How he was abducted by the Death Eaters and returned late for dinner. How he was given a mission, but fell in love with her and couldn’t complete it. How his mother was being tortured and why he needed to get her out of there. Draco explained about the other plan he told the Quidditch team, and how it was better at least that he didn't have to commit murder.  Hermione slowly started believing Draco and loosened up. She sat back and soaked up all the new information.

“Why couldn’t you tell me about this?”

“Because I was afraid, that if you knew you wouldn’t love me and you would tell Dumbledore. I couldn’t risk my mother’s life. If my father of even the Dark Lord found out she would have been killed immediately and I would have been tortured to my death.” He stood up and walked to her seat. He took her hands in his and looked in her eyes.

“Please Hermione, I made some mistakes but I needed to protect my mother, she’s the only one who ever loved me or took care of me. She doesn’t deserve what's happening to her. Blaise and I had devised another plan to take action. I was never going to harm your relationship with Potter or Weasley. We found a way to fix this whole mess.”

“We also want to join the order Of the Phoenix. What they are doing is wrong, and all its taken is a few years of age and some eye opening experiences.”

Hermione sighed. “I understand why you did what you did to protect your mother , but what I don’t understand is why you didn't tell me sooner?”

“I wanted to but I never found the time.”



“Are you a Death Eater?”

Draco let go of her hand with his right arm and pulled back the sleeve on his left arm. Hermione sighed as she saw flawless skin. Smooth to the touch. She caressed the skin with her free hand.

“I love you Draco I really do but I don’t know if I can trust you anymore?”

Draco put his hands on her face. “Please I don’t expect you to trust me straight away, but let me earn your trust again. I Love you Hermione”

Hermione stood up, and walked to her room. “Until I can trust you again Draco I will be hanging out with Harry. I love you Draco but you have broken my heart and I'm going to need time to fix it.”

She disappeared behind the door and left Draco alone. As he sat on the carpet a single tear ran down his check.  There was a small crack sound, coming from the fire, Draco turned his attention to the flames and there staring back at him was his mother.


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