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Chapter 15 part 1: Looking Through the Mirror


The following morning Harry woke up in a particularly happy mood. There were several possible reasons for this - the fact that his poisoner had been caught, even if it was an unlikely person; he had been to see his godson the day previously; or the fact that he had finally proposed to Ginny, the last of the three being most likely. Harry climbed out of bed and slipped on his clothes, then walked into the common room. Ginny was writing a rather long letter, and when she saw Harry she jumped up and ran over to him, giving him a rather large hug.


“Harry! I was just writing a letter to Mum and Dad!” she said enthusiastically.


“Awesome,” he said, smiling.


“I am so excited!” she exclaimed, beaming. “I can't wait to be married.”


“Nor can I,” he said, looking into her eyes. He shook his head, guessing his vision was messing up. “Ginny, why are your eyes purple?” he asked, when the strange colouring did not fade.


“What are you talking about Harry?” she asked, looking at him worriedly.


“Your eyes Ginny, they’re purple,” he said, attempting to get his point across quickly.


Ginny walked over to an end table and grabbed a mirror out of her purse, looking in it curiously. “Wow, what the heck is going on? My eyes are purple!” she said, taking a second look in the small mirror.


“Told you,” said Harry in a smartalecy tone, but then it faded and he spoke in a normal voice. “I wonder why.”


“I don't know. I was thinking about changing my appearance a bit, but not my eyes,” she said thoughtfully.


“Oh you were?” he asked curiously.


“Yes, I was thinking about piercing my nose,” she said happily, completely ignoring the fact that her eyes were now a bright violet. “Wouldn't Hermione have a cow?”


Harry laughed lightly, still concerned over Ginny's eyes. “Yes, I'm sure she would. Guess what.”




“No, guess.”


“Your eyes turned blue and you are getting a Hungarian Horn Tail tattooed across your chest?” she said sarcastically.


“Ha ha… We're getting married. That’s what!”


A soft smile spread across Ginny's face. “We are,” she said quietly.


“Better finish that letter to Mum. She'll have a hay day with planning our wedding.”


“True. I’ll need to get this sent soon,” she said, looking down at the watch Harry had given her. “Wow, we're up early. It's only four!”


“Wow, wonder why we’re up so early.”


“Too excited to sleep I suppose,” she said happily, not noting the sarcasm.


Harry simply nodded as Ginny went back to writing the letter. He sat down in a chair next to her and gazed into her face, and he couldn't think of any place he'd rather be.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise just outside the window on the right. Harry and Ginny ran over to it and looked outside. Below Gryffindor tower there were streaks of light flying back and forth. Green streaks of light.


“Bloody hell,” said Harry, as somebody screamed. “Go and wake Hermione up!” he instructed, running up to the dormitory to wake Ron and Neville.


Ron was lying sprawled out on the bed as the noise from below grew louder. He really could sleep through anything. Harry shook him violently and yelled, “Ron! Wake up; we need to get down there.”


“Down where Harry?” he asked lazily, rubbing his eyes.


“Down to the grounds! Someone is attacking the school… Ron, your an auror now, we have to go help,” said Harry, glancing over to see Neville hurrying to get out of bed.


“Bloody hell! I'll be there in a second,” said Ron, wide awake.


Harry ran down the stairs to see Ginny and Hermione coming down the opposite staircase. “Ginny, be careful!” Hermione said loudly, attempting to talk over the ruckus going on below them.


“Accio Firebolt!” Harry yelled, and his Firebolt came flying towards him just seconds later. He got on it and motioned for Ginny to follow. “Come on, I want you to stick near me,” he said. He would have preferred that she didn't go at all, but he knew her well, she wasn't about to just sit there.


Ginny ran up and jumped on the broom, her red hair blazing behind her. “Hermione, wait for Ron,” she said in response to her friend’s anxious expression.


Hermione merely nodded and the two took off out the window on the broom, and down to the battle.


“Who the hell is attacking the school?” asked Ginny, breathing hard


“Who do you think it is? Death eaters,” he said, swooping down over someone who looked strangely like Lucius Malfoy. “Stupify!” he screamed, causing the death eater to fall over.


He aimed his wand over his back, pointed at someone who looked suspiciously like another Malfoy, and yelled a curse.


“Ginny, be careful!” Harry shouted to let her hear him over the awful racket as they landed. “I love you,” he added, though it was masked by a large explosion a few feet away.


Ginny glanced back at Harry quickly, before running in the opposite direction, to where George was attacking a masked death eater she didn’t recognize. She aimed her wand at the death eater and cast a spell. “Expelliarmus!”


Just as George’s stunning spell and Ginny’s disarming jinx hit the death eater, her mask flew off and she was knocked back, revealing the face behind the disguise. The two siblings’ eyes widened in surprise.


“Bloody hell!” George shouted as he cast a spell at a death eater coming up behind Ginny, knocking him back. “That’s Lavender! What the hell is she doing on their side?”


“She’s got to be under the Imperius curse, George!” Ginny shouted, looking for Harry, but seeing him nowhere. “Drag her up to the castle, she’s unconscious,” she added as she ran off in the direction she had last seen Harry. “Harry! Where did you go?”




Harry had ran towards the explosion to see if anyone was hurt, and was not surprised to find Luna in the middle of it all with something that looked suspiciously like the remains of an erumpment horn. She was sitting off to the edge of what was the center, still in the large cloud of dust that was forming around it, watching what was going on around her as if at a theatre. There was a large cut on her forehead as well as several cuts up her legs, where Harry guessed the bottom of her robe had been torn away by the blast. Around her lay three unconscious bodies of death eaters.


“I suppose Daddy was wrong. They hit me with a spell and the horn exploded. It was in my bag. At least it went the other way and backfired on them. I really should write to Daddy and tell him about it when this battle’s over and everything is back to normal,” she said in an amazingly calm voice.


Harry reached out a hand and helped her up, glancing over his shoulder when he thought he heard a voice. “Go back up to the castle, you’re bleeding pretty badly. Do you think you can make it by yourself?”


She nodded, and hobbled off in the opposite direction. Harry was sure he heard her mumble something about nargles, but turned around to aim a shot at an oncoming death eater without much thought on the matter.




Ginny finally saw Harry standing in the middle of the battle, curses flying everywhere. She ran up to him and started to help him fend off the curses. “Ginny, I’ve got this. You’re going to get hurt. Go!” he shouted desperately as a curse grazed the side of his face, leaving a small cut.


“I. Am. Not. About. To. Leave. You!” she screamed in between each curse she sent at the death eaters. Nothing seemed to be hitting anybody.


“Ginny please, nothing is hitting them anymore. I don’t know what is going on. It must be some sort of shielding spell,” he yelled, as they were about six feet away from each other now.


“I don’t think so,” said a voice Harry had expected to be Ginny’s. He glanced to where Ginny was standing to see Draco Malfoy right behind her, looking worse for the wear.


Draco poked his wand to Ginny’s head and gave Harry an evil look. “Drop the wand, or I’ll kill her,” he said with a stern face.


Ginny quickly pointed her wand back at Draco, a straight look on her face. Harry suddenly noticed that all the curses flying at him had stopped. He quickly pointed his wand at Draco, not about to drop it. He knew Draco was afraid to kill.


“Don’t do it Har-!” Ginny screamed as a death eater put a tongue tying curse on her.


Harry looked around. There were still people fighting all around them, but no curses were flying at them anymore. He shook his head and lowered his wand a bit, seeing the other death eaters holding out theirs. He tried to stare them down.


Draco laughed madly in a voice that was not his own. Harry looked back at him to see another person standing next to Draco. It was a tall slender girl around the age of eighteen; she had waist long black hair and piercing black eyes. He recognized those eyes. They belonged to Bellatrix Black, but that was not Bellatrix. Bellatrix was dead. Then he realized where he’d seen them before; they were those of Lorianna’s.


Harry held his wand out higher as he noticed everything slowing down around them. After what seemed to be only seconds, Harry and Lorianna were the only ones moving.


“You can lower you wand. Nothing will take place until time starts again,” said Lorianna in a cold voice. She walked up to him and looked him straight in the eyes.


Somehow Harry had known anyway that he could lower his wand, even without Lorianna’s word, and so he stared back into her eyes rather blankly. He didn’t want to break eye contact and his eyes were starting to water. He was itching to blink. “Why are you here, and what do you want?” he asked in a strong voice.


“I am here to inform you of your doom,” she said seriously, then gave a forced girlish giggle. “No, not really, I just thought I’d like to cause a little havoc. You know, just for a bit of fun,” she said, but in her cold voice.


“You don’t know what you’re doing. I defeated your father and your mother is in prison. You’ve got to realize that you’re going to lose,” he said confidently, glancing nervously at Ginny, who had a scared look frozen on her face.


“Really? Is my mother in prison? I thought she was out here. Isn’t that her over there?” she asked, again in the forced girlish voice, pointing to Bellatrix frozen somewhere in the crowd.


“But, you’re mother is Alecto Carrows,” he said, his stomach doing flips.


Lorianna smiled at him sweetly. “Amazing what a bit of Polyjuce Potion will do,” she said, narrowing her eyes.


Suddenly, everything clicked in Harry’s mind. No way could Lee have poisoned him, this was the same thing… “So, Voldemort and Bellatrix. What an interesting couple,” he said, his voice changing from his own confident tone to that of one closer to Lorianna’s.


“Ah yes dearest sister. We meet again,” said Lorianna in her coldest voice.


“Oh yes we do. Did you expect to be able to keep me from showing up?” asked Harry, in a voice that was not at all his own.


“No, I just didn’t think you would yet. You are rather good at doing things when you are too late to do anything successfully,” said Lorianna in a powerful voice, not at all unlike that of her father’s.


“Don’t!” Harry said as he saw Lorianna reaching for Ginny’s cheek.


“Why not dear sister? It’s not like you would care. You even managed to possess someone right. Starting to act more like you should, more like father,” she said, slicing Ginny’s cheek with her long fingernail.


“I only did this to talk to you, and inform you that you will not win,” Harry said in a more girlish voice then Lorianna’s, but it was still cold.


“Goodbye dear sister. You will lose, and you know it…” said Lorianna shrilly. She waved her wand in a circular motion, and the battle around them started raging once more.


Harry closed his eyes and then opened them. He had no idea what had just happened, it was almost as if he had blacked out. He turned to Draco, who was slowly backing away from Ginny, and held out his wand. “Stupefy!” he shouted, less than a second after Draco started firing his spell right at Ginny.


Harry’s spell missed, Draco vanished into thin air.





Chapter 15 Part 2: Reflections


Harry ran to Ginny, just after all the Death Eaters had vanished out of nowhere. She had been hit with the entrails-expelling curse, and Harry had never thought of anything like it happening before. He yelled out for help, not wanting to leave her.


Ron came rushing over, shortly followed by Hermione.


“What the hell happened?” screamed Ron at the top of his lungs.


Hermione flinched and turned for the castle. “I’ll go get Madame Pompfrey,” she said, beginning to run off, not quite with it.


“No,” Harry said quietly, before vanishing with Ginny into thin air.


Hermione turned back around and walked to Ron, who was staring at the spot where they had Dispparated.


“He’ll have taken her to St. Mungo’s. Come on, let’s go,” said Hermione, putting her un-injured arm around him, and they Disapparated together.




Harry appeared in the lobby of St. Mungo’s carrying Ginny’s fragile body. The receptionist at the desk spotted them and her eyes opened wide. She immediately pressed a small button on the counter, her face filled with shock. A team of healers appeared right there in the lobby, and two of them immediately magiced Ginny’s body onto an invisible stretcher and rushed her out of the room.


Harry slid down against the wall, covered in blood.


“Merlin! Are you alright, sir? Where are you hurt?” asked one of the healers walking into the room, seeing Harry against the wall.


Harry made no response to that healer, but quickly answered the one standing in front of him, who asked, “How did she get like that?”


“She-she got hit by a curse,” replied Harry quietly, choking up.


“What kind of curse?” asked the healer enthusiastically.


“How the hell should I know? I didn’t do it,” he said, not at all calmly.


“Since you also answered my next question, I’ll be going. We will be out as soon as we have any information for you,” he said, before walking off.


Harry stared straight ahead, not really looking at anything. He noticed a floor-length mirror standing straight across from him, and he gave himself a nice hard long look. He was sitting on the floor covered in blood, which was unusual enough, but as he looked into his own eyes, he thought he saw something behind them, almost like a shadow.


He remembered something Ginny had said during his fifth year,”If you’ve been possessed, you don’t remember what’s happened. You lose track of time.” He didn’t remember what had happened with Lorianna. He had blacked out. Harry snapped his eyes shut just as Hermione and Ron Apparated into the lobby.


“Harry, did you talk to the healer yet?” asked Hermione in a very calm voice, though Harry could tell she was quite upset. “Harry?”


“No,” he said, looking up after several moments. “They said they’ll come and tell me when they know anything,” he explained, trying not to act like he was worried. He noticed Hermione holding her arm gingerly. “You’d better have that looked at. It looks broken to me,’ he said, gesturing to her arm.


Hermione looked down and nodded, a tear streaming down the side of her face. “I think I’d rather wait here for a while,” she said, looking back into Ron’s blue eyes, and away from Harry’s stony, serious face.


“Go,” said Ron. He was not the best at dealing with things. It wasn’t that he really did have the emotional range of a teaspoon, but that he was worried more than he wanted to show. “You’ll be back before we know anything anyway. You know it only takes a few seconds to heal a bone.”


Hermione nodded and walked away; she knew exactly where she was headed.


“You ok mate?” asked Ron, noticing the blood running down Harry’s cheek where the spell had hit him. It appeared that Ron alone was the only one unharmed.


“No,” he said, his voice quivering dangerously on the verge of crying. He glanced at himself in the mirror once more, clearly seeing a shadow behind his eyes this time. “I think I’ve been possessed by Voldemort. By an unknown Horcrux.”

A/N: You thought I was gone? Well, think again. I am too stubborn to leave. I must say, this chapter gave me a few problems. I just could not, could not, get it right. I have been busy with my real life too. You know, school, wyse, boyfriend, friends, books, and my newly aquired Twillight obsession. As well as fluteing. (Band geek!!!) 

For clarification, no, Lorianna is not a twin. Depending on how the future comes out, she will either be good or evil. The section where she calls Harry her "sister" is because, she(meaning I) couldn't think of any other word to use when she was talking to the good version of her. Yes, Harry was being possesed by her, but its not exactly a bad thing. She already indirectly saved his life once, which you will figure out later on. Also... I killed Ginny to torture Harry. Not really, but I do truthfully hate Harry as a character. He is just so, so, I don't even know. I promise I didn't kill Ginny. Still, no promise that a curse didn't. *manical laughter* Anywho, enjoy. I am almost done with the next chapter.

~Mira o Alaska

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