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Ginny didn’t know when exactly she had woken up, but it wasn’t long before she blearily opened her eyes. She lay still for a few moments, her mind trying to process what was happening. She could smell something strange, though she couldn’t seem to place it. She closed her eyes tightly for a moment, breathing deeply before opening them again.

She was lying at the mouth of a seemingly deserted alley way, concealed somewhat behind quite a number of wooden crates. Ginny gently pushed herself into a sitting position, her head spinning and her heart pounding nervously in her chest. She looked around for a few moments, trying to comprehend where she was. Her legs felt as though they were made of jelly as she stood up, and her body did not feel like cooperating with her brain. She stumbled a few steps as she tentatively stepped towards the mouth of the alley. She stood frozen, looking around at the shops surrounding her, most of which seemed to sell dark wizarding items.

She cast her eyes around for a moment, and a sign hanging overhead told her she was in Knockturn Alley. She stood motionless for a moment, trying to understand what was happening. She stepped forward onto the deserted street, realising she stood outside Borgin and Burkes. Ginny stared through the dusty glass at the window display, curiously fascinated with various dark objects. She stared, motionless for a moment before suddenly shivering.

She tore her eyes away from the display, folding her arms across her chest. She looked around, feeling as vulnerable as she had felt the previous night. She closed her eyes as moments of that night flashed through her mind at warped speed, and she breathed in nervously. Ginny opened her eyes and began walking up the narrow street, hoping it would take her to Diagon Alley. The stone was cold beneath her feet as she slowly walked, quickly realising she was still in her pajamas.

She stopped and looked in the window of one of the stores, and saw on their clock that it had only just passed six-fifty am. The brick wall didn’t let shoppers in until seven, which was why she so far had encountered nobody. She continued up the path, praying to whoever was listening that she was going the right direction. Suddenly the entrance back to Diagon Alley seemed to appear out of nowhere, and her heart seemed to leap into her throat. She dashed towards it, full of relief.

She slowed down as she stepped onto the familiar street, the early morning sunshine filling the alley. Feeling as though she could now breathe fully, she set off towards Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, barely noticing as various shop owners bustled around in their shops, preparing for another day of work. She quickly found the shop, the colourful window displays catching her eyes easily.

She slowed down as she stepped onto the familiar street, the early morning sunshine filling the alley. Knowing where she had to go, she set off down the street, finally feeling as though she could breath unrestricted. She barely noticed the various shop owners bustling around in their shops, preparing for another day of work. She quickly saw Weasley Wizard Wheezes, their colourful displays easily catching her eye.

Ginny dashed towards the front door, ignoring the ‘Closed’ sign, she twisted the door handle, trying to let herself in. She looked into the shop, and saw that there were no lights on. The whole shop stood motionless, and quite obviously deserted. She took a few steps backwards and looked up, seeing the empty windows of the flat the twins lived in. She could see light in one of the rooms, and she almost began calling out to them, before realising that the window was closed.

She stood motionless for a minute or so, not entirely sure of what to do now. Knowing she had to do something to get in, she approached the door again, shaking the door handle ferociously. She jumped with a gasp as the door handle suddenly burned her hand, and she remembered the anti-burglar spell that the twins had cast over the store.

She sighed and reluctantly sat down, leaning against the front door. She fidgeted as she waited for one of her brothers to enter their store. She found her mind drifting back to what had happened, even as she tried to distract herself. The flash of green had seemed to burn itself into her eyes, even though she had only seen it briefly. But there was no doubting the loud cry of ‘Avada Kedavra,’ that was still ringing in her ears, even now.

“He’s not dead,” she muttered to herself. “He’s not dead.”

She could still remember the look on Harry’s face when he saw her, and how he had immediately submitted to Voldemort when he did. She closed her eyes as she remembered the agony of the cruciatus curse, and how she had screamed louder than ever. She was crying softly as she thought of how much pain she had been in, of how much pain Harry had been in.

She realised that it was Monday morning. It had been just over a week since Harry was taken. Her birthday was quickly approaching, and this thought dampened her spirits even further. She didn’t to sit through forced celebrations, especially if Harry wouldn’t be there.

She wiped away the tears on her face, as a light flickered on inside the store. She barely saw it, given that the sun was shining, but she immediately jumped up, forgetting her train of thought. She looked through the glass in the door and saw her brother bustling around inside, carrying a heavy box, his face grim and withdrawn.

She drew a pair of fists, and pounded on the door loudly, getting her brothers attention immediately. Fred looked up, and his eyes widened in shock and relief. He stood frozen for a moment, before dropping the heavy box he held, its contents shattering loudly. He dashed towards the door, withdrawing his wand from inside his orange robes. He jabbed the door handle furiously, and flung it open.

“Where the hell have you been?” he asked, almost angrily as he grabbed Ginny’s elbow, pulling her inside. “Are you okay?”

Ginny nodded, unable to answer properly as her throat began to tighten considerably. Hot tears spilled down her face, fiercer than before. Filled with relief, Fred pulled Ginny towards him, enveloping her in a tight hug just as George entered the front of the store.

Ginny nodded, unable to answer properly as her throat began to tighten considerably. Filled with relief, Fred pulled her into a tight hug that rivalled their mother’s. Crying, Ginny wrapped her arms around her brother, as though afraid he might disappear.

 “Ginny,” Fred said. “Ginny, is Harry alright?”

“I don’t know,” she choked out through her sobs.

“What do you mean?” Fred asked in earnest, releasing her from his tight embrace. “Was he there?”

Ginny nodded, as she tried to stop her tears.

“Well was he okay?” Fred asked again, taking her firmly by the elbow.

Ginny fell silent for a moment, not knowing how to answer. She shook her head. “No, he’s not okay.”

Fred nodded as his heart sank. He let go of Ginny momentarily as he took off his robes, slinging them around her shoulders as she shivered slightly.

“Come on, let’s get you home.”



“Hello Ginny,” the head Auror Corey greeted her warmly. “Take a seat.”

Ginny sat down nervously, fidgeting her fingers as she looked around. The small interview room consisted of only a table and two chairs, one of which she now occupied. She swallowed nervously, as the overwhelming events of the last few hours seemed to dawn on her. She took a shaky breath just a Corey sat down in front of her.

“Would you like something to drink?” he offered, genuinely concerned.

Ginny shook her head. “No, thank you.”

Corey nodded, smiling at her gently as he opened the folder he had brought in with him. He took out a brightly coloured quill and a small roll of parchment. The colourful quill caught Ginny’s eye, and she smiled momentarily. Seeing this, Corey too smiled.

“This is just another model of the quick quotes quill, Ginny. Don’t worry though, it only writes down everything that is said. Word for word.”

Ginny nodded, the last thing she wanted was to have her words blown out of proportion. She was suddenly glad that her mother wasn’t present. It would be easier to hold everything together without her there. Besides, she wasn’t quite sure she wanted everybody knowing exactly what had happened, at least not yet.

“Down to business Ginny,” Corey said conversationally. “Your mother tells us that they heard a struggle just after everyone went to bed. You were making biscuits right?”

Ginny nodded, fidgeting. “Yeah, I was trying to make jam drops.”

“What time do you think your mother went to bed?”

“Um,” she began. “I’m not really sure. It was not long after eight I think.”

Corey nodded, the quick quotes quill skidding across the parchment at great speed. “Why did you go outside last night?”

Ginny tucked a strand of hair behind her head, clasping her hands together in her lap. “Mum and I had been bickering, and she told me to put the chickens back in the hen house. I went outside to put the chickens away.”

“Did you stay out there long?”

“Yeah, I sat down on the grass for a few minutes.”

Corey nodded gently. “Let’s talk about happened when you were attacked. Did you see your attackers face?”

Ginny shook her head, taking a deep breath. “No, they came at me from behind.”

“Did you manage to fight back at all?”

“Yes, I started screaming, and trying to get away. He was too strong though.”

“Can you tell me what happened next?”

She nodded. “I think we apparated. Everything felt really tight, and that’s what my brothers said it was like.”

“Where did the attacker take you?”

Ginny closed her eyes for a moment, breathing deeply for a few moments. “I’m not sure. It was some kind of house. It seemed huge.”

“Were you inside or outside when you arrived?”

“Outside,” Ginny replied confidently. “We were on the front porch, or something like that.”

“Okay Ginny, this is important. Could you see anything around you?”

“No,” she replied after a moments hesitation. “It, it happened really fast. I didn’t get a chance to see much on the outside.”

“Can you tell me about the weather?”

Ginny thought hard for a moment. “Um, I’m pretty sure it was raining.”

“Raining you say? Was it warm rain, or cold?”

Ginny said nothing, not knowing how to answer. “I’m not sure. Cold maybe.”

Corey frowned, before continuing. “Ginny remember, if you don’t know an answer it’s okay. But you can’t just say anything, even if you think it will help. Just tell me what you remember.”

 Ginny nodded, somewhat sheepishly. “I don’t know really. But I’m pretty sure it was raining.”

“Okay, so what happened next?”

“Um, they took me inside. It was really big, like a mansion.”

“Where did they take you specifically?

Ginny wrung her hands together nervously. “To a lounge room I think. You know who, was there.”

Corey looked up sharply, even though he had been expecting this. “Did he say anything to you?”

“Yes, but I don’t remember what he said exactly.” She suddenly wished she had accepted Corey’s offer of a glass of water. “I asked him where Harry was, and he said he had escaped.”

“Escaped?” Corey asked sharply, shock and disbelief evident on his face. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Ginny emphasised. “But he said they were getting him back. He said he wanted Greyback to do it. Fenrir Greyback.”

“What happened next?”

“Nothing, really,” Ginny admitted. “They sort of put me to the side of the room and ignored me. There was one guy with his wand on me though.”

“How many death eaters were there? Were there just a few, or lots of them?”

“Lots,” Ginny replied, sure of her answer. “They were standing in a big circle, just waiting.”

“How long did you wait before something else happened?”

“I’m not sure. It wasn’t too long.” She took a deep breath, unsure of whether she should continue. “I just sat there and didn’t do anything.”

Corey hesitated before asking his next question, as though he already knew the answer. “What happened after the waiting?”

Ginny didn’t answer for a few moments, her throat tightening as she again regretted not taking the glass of water. “They brought Harry in.”

Corey watched as a tear rolled down Ginny’s face, and looked down. “Ginny, I know this is hard, but we need to go into as much detail as possible.”

Ginny nodded, trying to compose herself as much as possible. She wiped the tear that had fallen as Corey shuffled through the folder he had brought in with him. He paused at a particular page, then looked up at Ginny.

“We know that the night Harry was kidnapped, he was wearing a white tee-shirt, and a pair of old jeans. Do you remember what he was wearing last night?”

Ginny paused, trying to remember. “I don’t know,” she said. “I wasn’t really paying attention.”

Corey nodded, leafing through the folder again, before closing it with a small thud. He looked up at Ginny again, smiling comfortingly. “I know this is hard, Ginny, but I need you to tell me everything you remember. Start from when they brought Harry in, to when they brought you back to Knockturn Alley.”

Ginny nodded, but said nothing. She looked down at her hands, clasped firmly together in her lap. She suddenly wished her mother had been allowed to come in with her, even if she would have coddled her into near insanity. She knew she should start talking, but didn’t know where to start. Everything that had happened seemed to merge into when whenever she had tried to think about it. She drew in a shaking breath, trying to sort out the mess inside her head.

“I think there were about ten more of them, when they all came in. Death Eaters,” she clarified sheepishly. Her heart was pounding in her throat, making it hard for her to speak.

“He was struggling against them, and they sort of just threw him on the floor, in front of you know who.”

“Did anyone speak at all?”

Ginny nodded. “I can’t remember very much of what they said. Everything happened so fast.”

 “Was Harry injured at all?”

She swallowed thickly, trying to hold back the impending tears. “He was bleeding a lot.”

There was a pause as Corey waited for her to continue. When she didn’t he prompted her.

“Did he seem to be in any pain?”

Ginny nodded, unable to respond properly. Her eyes stung as they filled with tears, which she quickly wiped away, her face burning red.

“So what happened next?” Corey continued, pretending not to see her tears, unsure of how to act.

“Um,” Ginny began, her voice shaking. “They were talking, I can’t remember exactly what was said, but he was trying to make Harry tell him something. He was using the imperious curse.”

“Did Harry tell him anything?”

Ginny shook her head, as a few more tears fell down her cheek. “Not at first.”

“So he did tell you know who something,” Corey confirmed.

“Yeah,” Ginny continued. “Harry kept saying no, he didn’t say anything until,” Ginny voice trailed off slightly.

“Until what, Ginny?” Corey prompted.  

Ginny’s voice shook, and she stared at her lap as she spoke. “He wasn’t going to say anything, until he saw me.”

“What happened when he saw you?”

“He completely freaked out,” she replied, remembering clearly the terror on Harry’s face when he saw her. “And then some of the death eaters had to hold him back.”

“What happened next?”

“He used, the cruciatus curse on me. You know who did.”

Corey looked up at her, perplexed, but not completely shocked. This too was not unexpected.

“Okay Ginny, this will sound kind of obvious, but how did the curse feel?”

“It hurt,” she muttered. “It hurt so bad.”

“Do you have any idea why he used that curse?” Corey asked.

Ginny’s eye caught the brightly coloured quill, which was zooming back and forth on the long roll of parchment. “I think he did it, to force Harry to confessing something.”

“And did he?” Corey said. “Did Harry tell them anything?”

Ginny nodded slowly. “He and you know who, came to an agreement I suppose. Harry said if they let me go, he’ll tell them anything they want to know.”

“What did he tell them?”

Ginny looked down at her lap, unsure of how she should answer. She knew everyone would want to know what Harry had told them, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell them, not after she realised how hard Harry had tried to keep it secret. She wrung her hands together as she tried to think, tried to reason with her conscience. She couldn’t tell them, not when Harry had been trying for so hard to keep it a secret from everyone else.

“I don’t know,” Ginny lied. “He was talking quietly, only to you know who.”

Corey raised his eyebrow, not sure whether or not he should believe the girl in front of him, He set this thought aside, knowing he needed to continue this interview as quickly as possible.

“So, what happened next, Ginny?”

Ginny breathed a gently sigh of relief before answering, glad that the interview would soon be drawing to a close. “You know who, he said I could go home.”

“Did you leave by yourself?’

“No,” Ginny replied, confidently. “One of them took me outside. I think it was Rodolphus Lestrange. Anyway he cast some spell, and that’s all I remember until I woke up this morning.”

“Do you remember the incantation he used?”

Ginny shook her head, as the thing that had been worrying her so much, resurfaced in her mind.

“Alright Ginny, I’m going to let your parents take you now. You’ll need to take a stop at St Mungos, just so they can give the all clear for you.”

Ginny nodded, as he continued. “You’ve done well today, thank you.”

 Ginny nodded again as she watched him packing up his things. She opened her mouth and began speaking, just as he put away the quick quotes quill.

“There’s something else,” she blurted out. “Something I should tell you.”

Corey looked up at her sharply, his curiosity aroused. Her eyes were wide with anxiety as she continued.

“As we were leaving, you know who had his wand on Harry.”

Corey nodded, but stayed silent, his instincts telling him that she would continue.

Ginny cast her eyes toward the ground, feeling suddenly uncomfortable. “As Lestrange and I were leaving, I heard you know who casting the, the killing curse.”

Neither of them moved, as the news sunk into Corey. His mind suddenly was going at a hundred mile an hour, trying to reprocess everything she had said throughout the interview, now that he knew the boy might possibly be dead. He put his elbow on the desk and leaned his head on it, rubbing his tired eyes as he tried to think.

“Could you see Harry, when you heard this?” he asked, barely lifting his head.

“No,” Ginny admitted. “But I’m sure it was that curse.”

Corey lifted his head, feigning confidence.

 “Ginny, if you didn’t see it, then you don’t know that Harry is dead,” he lied, trying to assure her. The last thing he needed was a hysterical girlfriend talking to the media.

“But I heard it,” she implied. He could see tears glistening in her eyes, and wanted to avoid her getting too upset.

“If you didn’t see it, then you don’t know it happened.”

Ginny nodded as tears began to fall, not believing one word he said. Corey watched her for a moment, before gathering his things, and stepping outside the room. He closed the door behind him as Molly and Arthur Weasley rushed to his side.

“How is she?” the couple inquired almost immediately.

Corey tucked the folder he was carrying firmly under his arm, as the long scroll of parchment magically rolled itself up in mid-air beside him.

“She’s fine,” he assured them both. He took a small piece of parchment from his folder and scribbled something on it. He handed the parchment to Mr Weasley.

“You’ll need to take her to St Mungos, just to make sure she’s okay physically. Give this to the clerk, and they’ll know what to look for.”

Mr Weasley nodded as his wife stepped into the interview room to comfort their daughter.

“We’ll be in touch,” Corey said as he began walking down the hall, heading towards his office.

“Mr Corey?”

Corey turned around, looking back down the hall at Arthur Weasley. Worry and fear was etched across his lined face, emphasised by his balding hair, and somewhat shabby appearance.

“Any news of Harry?” Mr Weasley asked, somewhat timidly.

Corey paused, knowing he should be speaking to the boys godfather about anything concerning him, not to the Weasleys.

“We’re not sure of anything yet, but we’ll be in touch.”

Mr Weasley nodded, and was almost immediately diverted as his wife and daughter exited the interview room. He ushered them both down the adjacent hall as Corey turned and kept walking.

Giles rubbed his eye with his free hand as he marched down the halls, heading towards the area where the cubicles were situated. He sighed as he thought of what the Weasley girl had told him, knowing that their whole strategy may have to change, now knowing that the boy could be dead for sure. He silently passed through the various cubicles, avoiding any memos that strayed near him. He found the cubicle he needed, and knocked gently.

“Hey boss,” Andrea Hadden said, turning around in her chair to see him. “What do you need?”

“I need you to look at all the areas, muggle and wizard, that have had rain in the last two days. Cross reference them with the areas that have had unusual amounts of magical activity in them.”

“How soon do you want it?” Hadden said, turning back to her desk, riffling through some papers.

“I want it now. It’s for the Potter case, so it’s now your highest priority.”

Hadden paused as she heard the reason behind the task, but quickly set to work.

“Shouldn’t take very long.”

Corey nodded, and left the cubicle, making his way through the crowded and busy area as he headed towards his office. He passed through a set of large doors, entering into the quieter area of the auror department. In his mind, he sorted out the things he needed to do, trying to find a way to squeeze everything in. He fiddled with his goatee nervously, wishing that this investigation was over.

He approached the secretary’s desk, and handed her the transcript from the interview.

“Yvonne, would you make a copy of this transcript for everyone involved in the Potter case, and get it to them as soon as you can?”

“Sure thing, Corey,” she relied, barely looking at him as she took the parchment.

“Is Black still waiting in my office?”

“Yes,” she replied dryly.

Ignoring her lack of conversation he continued towards his office, opening the door gently and stepping inside. Sirius Black sat in the chair in front of his desk, nervousness and anxiety filling his lined face. He looked up immediately, desperate for any news regarding Harry or Ginny.

“How is she?” he asked quietly.

Corey sat down at his desk as he answered. “She’s going to be fine. No long term damage, or anything nasty.”

“And Harry,” Sirius replied instantly. “Did she say anything about Harry?”

Corey held his breath as he saw the desperation evident on Sirius’ face. It had never been easy for him to tell people that they may never see their loved ones again. Pushing this aside, he began speaking.

“Yes, she saw Harry,” he said gently. “As we had assumed, you know who has been torturing him for information.”

Sirius said nothing, keeping his face blank as he leant back into his chair, anger and despair welling up inside him. He had tried to prepare himself for moments like this, but all the preparation in the world wouldn’t have helped him now.

“But, is he okay?” he asked after a few moments.

“Ginny has told me that he has been quite injured, and that he has been bleeding. This bleeding was most likely to have been over the course of the week, not just in one big hit.”

Sirius nodded, as if that last statement would make him feel any better.

“Do you know where he is? Do you have any idea?”

“I have an auror cross matching areas of rainfall, and heightened magical activity over the last few days, and with any luck that will turn up something that we can make use of.”

“That’s your way of saying, no, isn’t it,” Sirius said, not as a question, but as a statement.

They both fell silent for a moment, uncomfortably aware of the hopelessness of the situation.

“What else did Ginny say? Why did they take her, and then let her go?”

“From what Ginny has said, Harry has been refusing to give up information to you know who. I believe they took Ginny, to threaten Harry.”

“Threaten to kill her, if Harry didn’t talk.”

“Yes,” Corey nodded. “But when they brought her into the picture, he made a bargain with you know who. Her life, for the information they wanted.”

“What did he tell them?”

Corey sighed and leaned back into his chair, rubbing his eyes. “Ginny says she couldn’t hear what he was saying, that Harry only told them very quietly.”

“Right,” Sirius said shortly, immediately disbelieving Ginny’s story. “Is there anything else I should know?”

“Yes, there is actually,” Corey replied gently. Sirius nodded, listening intently.

Corey hesitated before speaking, unsure of how to say this. “Until we have solid evidence proving otherwise, there is no reason to believe that Harry isn’t alive.”

“What do you mean?” Sirius said, Corey’s tone telling him that something else was wrong.

Corey paused before answering, unsure of how to word his sentence. “As Ginny was leaving, she heard the killing curse being cast.”

Sirius’ breath caught in his throat as Corey said this, knowing immediately what Corey suspected.

“You think he’s dead,” Sirius stated, his voice toneless. “Don’t you.”

“Until we have proof, there is no reas-”

“But that’s what your saying isn’t it? You think they killed him.”

Corey said nothing for a long moment, before confirming his belief. “Yes, I think it’s highly probable.”

Sirius nodded, his throat and chest constricting, no matter how hard he tried to keep his composure. He stood up to leave, and was halfway to the door when Corey spoke again.

“Rest assured, Mr Black. Dead or alive, we will not stop searching for Harry until he is found.”

Sirius ignored him, and quickly left, his composure slipping the more he thought of Harry. Corey put his elbows on the desk, leaning his head into them. It was barely nine o’clock and already he couldn’t stand work much longer.

He lifted his head and leant back into his chair, picking up a quill and fiddling aimlessly with it. He knew he had a stack of things he needed to be doing, but he couldn’t seem to bring himself to do them. Absentmindedly, he turned the quill in his hands, spreading ink all over his fingers as he thought.

He jumped slightly as Yvonne knocked loudly on his door, entering his office.

“Media wants a statement about the Potter case,” she said, slapping a stack of papers on his desk. “You have an appointment with the minister at twelve, and your wife left a message.”

“What did she say?” Corey replied, not even looking at the stack of papers on his desk.

“She said if you’re not home by eight, she’ll drag you home herself.”


Yvonne left without another word, leaving the door open behind her. Normally this would have annoyed him, but he barely noticed, so absorbed in the dreaded day ahead of him. However Yvonne had barely left when Hadden entered, not even bothering to knock.

“I have those cross references you asked for,” Hadden said, raising a piece of parchment upon which she had scribbled the names of various towns.

“Go on,” Corey said, looking up at him slowly.

She sat down. “They all seem to check out. Some areas in Kent, Cornwall and Hogsmeade have had slightly lower levels of magical activity over the last few days, and have had small amounts of rain. However Little and Great Hangleton have had higher levels of activity, and high rainfall over the weekend.”

“How high?”

“Not much more than usual. Great Hangleton is full of wizards, and there are a few wizarding families in the area around Little Hangleton.”

Corey nodded. It would be worth having Little Hangleton investigated, especially if there were higher levels of magic. Something about the name Little Hangleton seemed to stick out in his mind, as though he had heard of investigations there previously.

“How high was the magical activity around Little Hangleton?”

“There’s a definite spike in activity, but it’s the school holidays. That always happens.”

Corey said nothing, debating furiously within his mind. It could be worth having the areas checked out, tracking down where exactly the magic had come from.

“Do you want me to look into it?”

Corey frowned, stroking his goatee, an old reflex for when he was put under pressure. He could see Hadden growing impatient, so he answered.

“No, I’m sure it’s nothing.”


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