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Chapter one: The Hogwarts Express


Jackson ran a shaking hand through his dirty blonde hair, messing it up even more. He glanced around at the muggles going about their business, they all seemed rushed and weren’t paying much attention to the three people standing between gates 9 and 10.Jackson was shaking with excitement, it would be his first year actually going on the Hogwarts express, he would finally get to learn the magic that his older brother Damian had been showing off to him since he began school two years ago.


“Okay sweetie, it’s all clear, go on through and wait for us with Damian.” His mother said in a fake sweet sugary voice. Jackson shrugged her hand off his shoulder and pushed his trolley towards the gate. He ran at it, making sure no muggles were looking at him when he did so. He had been through the gate several times before, but he braced himself anyways for the impact that would never come.


When he opened his eyes the huge scarlet train was in front of him, with people crowded around it. Some wearing wizarding robes while others were in their muggle clothes like him. There were students of all ages, most of them hugging friends and talking loudly about their summer adventures as they boarded the train. Some first years were scrambling around with their parents who were trying to make sure all of there bags and the first year themselves made it onto the train safely. Damian however, was no where to be seen, but this was no surprise to Jackson, Damian had a tendency to disappear when ever his parents wanted to say goodbye in public.


Jackson felt a strong hand on his shoulder, it was his dad.

“Where is Damian?” He asked, Jackson shrugged and looked at one students snowy owl.

“Oh my goodness, doesn’t he realize he won’t be seeing us until Christmas holidays?” Jackson’s mother said in a shrill voice. Jackson rolled his eyes, not really paying attention to his parents; he was too absorbed by all of the people rushing about. At last Damian came into view, and Jackson sighed.

“There he is.” He stated, pointing at his older brother, who was talking with a bunch of his Slytherin friends.

“Damian!” His mother shouted, and Damian turned his head and saw her. He sighed and rolled his eyes and his friends sniggered as Damian pushed his way through the crowd towards his family.

“You didn’t wait to say goodbye!” His mother said, fixing Damian’s messy blonde hair up a bit.

“Sorry mom…” Damian apologized, still looking at his friends who were all laughing hysterically. She put him into a huge hug and kissed him on the head (Damian’s friends were all laughing so hard it seemed that their guts might burst at any moment) and when he managed to release himself from her grasp his father put his hands on Damian’s shoulders and said a few words to him that Jackson didn’t catch. Damian nodded and turned back to his friends and ran over to them. It was then Jackson’s turn for the goodbye’s and he wasn’t looking forward to it. His dad turned to him and gave him a stern look.

“Well it’s your first year, good luck and I hope to hear from you soon. Don’t hang out with any of those filthy mud bloods and stick to Slytherin friends.” His father said and patted him on the back, Jackson nodded, he hadn’t paid attention to a word his pureblood father had said. His mother then embraced him, smothering him in kisses. Jackson squirmed out of the hug and said a rushed goodbye before pushing his trolley towards the train.



            Jackson walked down the hallway of the train, looking inside all of the compartments, almost all of them were full, but the few that weren’t had much older students then him. At last he found one that had only a girl that looked his age in it, he slid open the compartment door and stepped in.

“Mind if I sit here?” He asked politely, she jumped in surprise, dropping the thick book that she had been reading on the floor.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you.” Jackson apologized, picking up her book.

“Oh, it’s okay, don’t worry about it.” She said, “And yeah, this compartment is empty except for me, so you can sit here if you want.” Jackson smiled and sat down; the girl had messy black hair, which was tied back in a short pony tail and a few short strands of hair that weren’t long enough to be tied back were hanging on the sides of her pale face.

“I’m Amy” She said in a shy voice.

“Jackson.” He replied and she smiled up at him. It was then that he noticed her beautiful blue eyes; they were light blue and looked as though they had waves in them, and when she smiled it looked as though they sparkled. There was a bang as the compartment door was opened none too gently and a short red headed girl walked in.

“Mind if I sit in here?” She asked and Jackson and Amy nodded, the girl sat beside Amy and made herself comfortable.

“My names Paige, what about you two?” The girl asked, Jackson and Amy were about to introduce themselves when the compartment door slid open yet again. This time it was a scrawny boy with jet black hair and green eyes that shone with mischief.

“Is this seat taken?” He asked

“Nope.” Paige answered and the boy nodded and sat beside Jackson.

“Well I’m James.” The boy stated “What about you three?” The others introduced themselves and the train began its long journey towards Hogwarts. Jackson sighed and made himself comfortable on the train seat.

“So what houses are your parents in, mine were both in Gryffindor.” James asked eagerly.

“My parents are muggles.” Amy said quietly, and James smiled.

“Don’t worry about it, being muggle born doesn’t matter at all.” He stated, Amy beamed up at him.

“My dad was in Hufflepuff but my mom is a muggle.” Paige said, Jackson looked at the floor and didn’t say anything.

“What about you?” Paige asked and Jackson panicked, what if they would hate him because both of his parents were in Slytherin?

“Anything from the trolley dears?” Came a sweet sugary voice, Jackson sighed with relief and stood up.

“Anyone want anything?” He asked

“Umm… I don’t know anything about wizard candy.” Amy answered

“Don’t worry, we can all pick out the best stuff for you.” Paige suggested, James and Jackson agreed and the three of them began sorting through the candy and decided what Amy should try.


            When they had chosen enough candy to last a month and Jackson had paid they all sat down and showed Amy some of it. Jackson bit off a piece of a licorice wand as Paige introduced her to Bertie Bott’s every flavored beans. Amy picked out a black bean and ate it, soon gagging on the gross flavor. James and Jackson were laughing as Paige explained that they meant every flavor. Amy took a bite of a pumpkin pastry and sighed with relief.

“It tasted like rubber!” She exclaimed and James and Jackson laughed even harder

“I’ve had worse, I ate one once that tasted like burnt hair.” James explained and Amy laughed, setting the box of Bertie Bott’s beans aside.

“Here have one of these.” Jackson said, tossing her a chocolate frog. She pulled open the wrapper and gasped as the chocolate frog inside jumped into her face. James was now laughing hysterically. Amy grabbed it and stared

“These aren’t real frogs are they?” She asked worriedly.

“No, of course not, just eat it.” Paige said, Amy nodded and stuffed the frog in her mouth and chewed. She shrugged her shoulders then looked at the package. She pulled out a card and looked at it.

“Hey! This card has a guy named “Neville Longbottom” on it.” She said, looking at the picture she screamed and dropped it. “It moved!” she exclaimed in horror.

“Don’t muggle’s pictures move?” Jackson asked in amazement.

“No!” Amy said, and Paige told James and Jackson how muggles pictures stayed put, both of them found it very strange and still didn’t understand it by the time the compartment door opened again.


            Jackson looked up only to see his older brother Damian standing there and he sighed.

“What do you want?” He asked

“Just wanted to see how my baby brother is doing.” Damian said laughing, “Who are these people?”

“Go away.” Jackson ordered

“Why so mean?” Damian asked in fake shock

“Just get out!” Jackson said stubbornly, getting to his feet.

“Fine, fine…” Damian said rolling his eyes and leaving. Jackson walked to the compartment door and slammed it shut after him. He then sat back down in silence beside James.

“Your brothers in Slytherin?” James asked.

“What? How did you know?” Jackson questioned.

“He was wearing his robes.” James replied

“Well we better be getting into ours soon too.” Paige said and the others agreed.


Once they had all finished changing they looked out the window and Hogwarts was already in view. They gasped in amazement at how big it was, the huge towers looked as though they scraped the sky, and a few of what seemed thousands of windows were lit up. The train came to a halt and the four of them all rushed out of their compartment and onto the platform. There was already a huge group of students outside and they realized they had no idea where they were supposed to go.

“Come on! Follow me.” James shouted and the others all trailed behind him as he weaseled his way through the crowd. He led them right to a gigantic man who was bellowing for the first years to follow him.

“Hey Hagrid!” James smiled, and the giant looked down at him

“Hello there James.” Hagrid replied beaming down “Good ‘ter see ya.” The other threes mouths were agape.

“You-you know him?” Amy asked, and James nodded happily.

“He’s a friend of my parents.”


            Soon a group of first years had gathered around Hagrid and he led them off towards the lake that surrounded the castle. James talked to him a bit as he took them to the boats and they could all barely contain their excitement. They were about to enter Hogwarts for the first time.

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