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“I don’t know what to tell you children. There seems to be no medical diagnosis or remedy for this problem.” said Madam Pomfrey expressing her concerns for the four teenagers standing before her. “These ‘dream scars’ seem to be invulnerable to any healing potion or spell that I cast upon them. I’ve never seen anything like it before!” added the elderly woman in a tone of half amazement and worry.

The school nurse of Hogwarts had been puzzled for the last three weeks after Harry and his friends had come forward with the cuts on their stomachs. When they told her that it happened in a dream she was truly and utterly floored by such a notion. No spell book or healing guide she possessed had any answer to the problem. This was something very rare even by magical standards. The wounds themselves were quite remarkable.

The blood flow would eventually subside like most cuts, but the scars remained. No healing charm or fading spell could remove them, which should have been the easy part. As for the dreams, they too would not go away. Sleepless Dream draughts were no help at all considering every few days Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny would again have the same dream of running through the forest and being hunted down by the wolves. Each time the pain seemed more real and powerful than the last, until at one point it got to be excruciating. To Harry it almost felt like the pain he got from his scar, which had not bothered him since Voldemort fell.

“Isn’t there another Healer or expert you can contact on this sort of thing?” asked Harry as the nurse finished wrapping the cuts from another fresh set of claw marks on his chest. Ron, Hermione and Ginny had also been wrapped after they too had the same dream. Whatever was happening, it was happening to all four of them.

“I’m sorry Mr. Potter, I’ve contacted everyone I can think of and they all tell me that there is nothing even remotely close to this in the Healer community. No one has ever seen this before.”

“I sent word to a friend of mine in America to see if he has any ideas about this type of thing.” added Professor McGonagall who had stayed to observe the problem Harry and the others had informed her of just weeks before.

“Who would that be Professor?” asked Hermione as she traced her fingers on the gauze wrapped on her stomach. She had researched just about everyone she could think of in the Wizarding world who might have some clue as to rid them of these dreams. This other source was totally foreign and unknown to her.

“He’s a professor of potions at a wizarding school over in America and a very good friend of mine. He’s also been one of the school most generous benefactor’s for the past eight years. If anyone has a clue to solve this problem, its him.” exclaimed McGonagall in a very trusting manner. “I’ve sent a letter to New York that should reach him some time soon. You should have an answer back by next week.”

The demeanor of Harry and the others had been relieved somewhat after the little comfort McGonagall had given them. At least one person might have a clue as to how to get rid of their nightmares. Still, for the time being, they had to take the chance of reliving the same horrible moment each time they went to sleep. There was no telling what would happen when they closed their eyes. Some nights they slept like babies, but other nights they awoke to the same scream and searing pain in their chests.

“In the meantime I would advise all of you to try and relax. It is a Friday afternoon after all. Why don’t you all go into Hogsmeade and find some peace and quiet?” suggested McGonagall in the most comforting and maternal voice she could muster.

Although they did not quite feel in the mood, an afternoon relaxing seemed like just the cure for the worry and questions that clouded their minds.

The Three Broomsticks was just exactly the type of place they needed to be at this point. Nothing felt more comforting than a nice drink and a cozy booth away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Hogsmeade. Things had got rather busy around town since the beginning of construction to add on several more shops. It became quite hectic with all the coming and going of builders and supplies through town. What was to be built was still a mystery.

“I don’t think I can take much more of this!” said Ron hastily as he put down his butterbeer.

“What are you talking about Ron?” asked Harry who knew where this was going because he had gone there many times in the past three weeks.

“I can’t even put my head on the pillow anymore without thinking I’m gonna wake up with another slash across the chest. All I want is to go to sleep and have nice peaceful dreams like I used to.” exclaimed Ron as he rolled the bottle in his hands.

“We all want that Ron.” added Hermione. “We just have to wait for McGonagall’s friend to write her back. Then we might have a chance to figure just exactly what is happening to us.”

“Maybe William might have an answer to what is going on?” suggested Ginny who knew just what to expect.

“No.” said Harry simply. “There is no way in hell he’s going to do anything to help us after what Ron and I did.” exclaimed Harry after remembering the day on the dock when he had saved Ginny.

For the past three weeks, neither one of them had spoken to William. The only time they had seen him was during class and in the hallways. Even then he spoke very little, only answering when he was called. Meals were the same. He made it a point to sit as far away as possible. It seemed that he was listening to Harry and Ron’s request for him to stay away, however misguided it was. His nights and most mornings were spent in the forest with Ruby. To others, it seemed a bit odd that he spent so much more time with a dragon than with other people.

“But he has 25 years of knowledge on us! Don’t you think there is at least some hope that he might be able to help us?” pleaded Ginny. Like her older brother, the pain and the dreams were getting to her more with each time she experienced them.

“For all we know he could be the one who gave us these dreams!” yelled Harry bringing the entire bar’s attention to his table. After several moments the bar went back to its business and Harry’s table went back to talking amongst themselves.

“What do you mean Harry?” asked Hermione. “Why would someone who was sent to protect us give us such a dangerous nightmare? Even more so, how could he do it?”

“I don’t know but like Ginny said, he does have 25 years of knowledge on us. Who knows what he could do. He was pretty angry after Ron and I told him off.” As wrong and unlike William as it seemed, Harry’s statement made sense to them. Angering a person like William could have provoked this terrible dream they were having.

Harry and Ron felt somewhat guilty upon contemplating this. Could all of this be their fault for hitting William and accusing him of stealing Ginny and Hermione? The only thing they were certain of was that they had to get rid of the dream or else they would go mad.

Harry lazily stared out the window of the bar trying to search his mind for some solution to handle the situation. He was deep in thought when across the street a strange red bird sitting on a lamppost caught his eye.

He knew it was the very same bird that he had seen numerous times in the last few weeks. The others had noticed it too and had begun to suspect that it was following them. On previous occasions if they acknowledged it then it would promptly fly away as if it knew it was caught.

“Don’t look now but that damn bird is back.” whispered Harry as he turned back toward the table hoping that it had not noticed him looking. They of course knew exactly what he was talking about.

“Where?” asked Ron as he turned his head out toward the street in a sudden jerking motion. Upon catching it on the lamppost, the bird quickly flew away. “Sorry.” said Ron knowing he had made a mistake to go look for it. “That’s not the only thing I saw out of the window.” added Ron hoping to redeem himself.

“What did you see Ron?” asked Hermione wondering what had provoked him to speak up. After finishing her query, she looked toward the door and knew just what he was talking about.

Harry and Ginny knew as well after seeing the newcomer enter the bar. Apparently they were not the only Gryffindors in town for the afternoon.

William Black stepped into the Three Broomsticks for a much needed drink after nearly getting pummeled in the candy rush at Honeydukes. The bag full of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans was nearly crushed from the crowd of students piling into the store to stock up on a weekend supply of sweets. The increased amount of tourism since Voldemort fell didn’t quite make it easier either.

Much to his dismay, the group of people he had steered clear of for the past few weeks was occupying a booth. It was pretty clear that they had seen him enter because he had the feeling of all eyes on him. William had grown used to this in the time he had spent in the past so far, but still, like a faded scar he could always tell it was there.

He would have to make this a quick drink.

“Just get in and get out,” William said to himself, “they don’t want to see you.” He repeated this to himself several times hoping to fool himself into believing it. It was in fact that he did want to see them, but now knowing how they felt he was sure the feeling was not mutual. “Rather than completely ignoring them, I should at least acknowledge their existence.” William thought to himself. With the best nonchalant face he could muster, he gave the group sitting in the booth a casual nod of his head.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that.” Ron added after coming out of a moment of disbelief. “I thought for sure he’d act like there was a Concealment Charm on us.”

None of the others could believe it either. Ginny and Hermione knew what Harry and Ron had said to him. Most people would completely cut a person out of their life after that. Harry was more shocked than of them. He knew for sure that he didn’t even deserve to be acknowledged, being the only one to take a swing at William.

'Ok, they know you’re here and you know they’re here. Now just sit down at the bar and get a drink.’ William thought to himself. He promptly took a seat on one of the stools and ordered his favorite, an ice cold butter beer.

Madam Rosmerta quickly made her way to the bar to serve William after seeing him come in. Whenever he was in town, William always made a point to stop in and see her.

Now not many people know this, but a bartender and business owner like Rosmerta is an unofficial center of a town like Hogsmeade. They always know what is going on and who’s new to town.

Aside from that, he enjoyed the company and having a person to talk to. That was something he was lacking in the past few weeks. “Any idea what they're putting in those new shops?” asked William after taking a sip from his bottle. He did know what those shops were in his time, but before that they had changed ownership several times before and this mystery had always intrigued him.

“I keep hearing different things, but the general consensus is that one of the shops is probably going to be a blacksmith of magical metals. As for the other shops, I have no idea. There’s a rumor that George Weasley might put in another joke shop.” replied the kindly women as she leaned over the counter. “By the way how’s Ruby been doing?”

“She’s good, almost ready to pass the egg. It should be a few more days, maybe sooner. That’s why I stopped in today. I had to get her some more treats. Apparently she likes candy. Who would’ve thought, a dragon that prefers sweets?” laughed the boy as he took another sip of the butter beer.

Just then, another group of students entered the bar. The couple at the bar and the group sitting at the booth in the back knew that something would be said or done that would break the stability of the moment. It was a well known fact that this was exactly what would happen when either Harry or William were in the same room as Draco Malfoy.

By the looks of it he and the two other Slytherins he was with, had also stopped in for a drink before returning to the castle. When his eyes caught sight of William he couldn’t resist a chance to chide the new thorn in his side.

William could tell that much by the way Malfoy strolled up next to his place at the bar. “Ugh! All I wanted was a nice quiet drink.” he thought to himself as Malfoy took the stool on his left side.

“Well if it isn’t the great Dragon Tamer?” said Malfoy with a snicker. The two other flunkies with him laughed slightly as well. Their laughs were not as hearty considering they were fully aware that William was no joke.

“Hello Malfoy.” replied William with no enthusiasm in his voice. It could not be spared for his mind was filled with inventive ideas of what he’d like to do to this arrogant wizard.

Harry and his group in the booth could only watch as a confrontation was almost surely about to ensue. The only question was; who would take the first shot?

“I didn’t expect to see you in town today. Isn’t that beast in the forest getting lonely? What happened, did she send you here to get her another meal for that thing growing in her stomach?” He and his friends could not help but laugh after striking a key aspect in William’s life.

“Why? Do you not have any plans for later?” said William with a slight smile as he took another drink.

Harry’s booth was just in earshot and tried to hold back a laugh after catching the witty remark. Needless to say it was not very successful as the boys at the bar heard them as well.

“Figures that Scar-Head and his friends like you.” quipped Malfoy as he redirected his attention back to William. “Then again, you haven’t exactly been friends with him for some time.”

This was no secret in the castle. It had been a well known fact that something had happened between the Harry and William and that they had not talked or even recognized the other’s existence for the past few weeks. The other students could tell that the two of them were going out of their way to avoid one another.

Malfoy then turned toward his cronies, “I wonder what can be said about a man who prefers the company of dragons than that people?”

William had had just about enough at that point. He slowly put down his bottle and looked at Malfoy with complete seriousness. “Do you think a quality like that makes a person less dangerous or more dangerous?”

That idea had not occurred to Draco. It was a very good question, one that he was not prepared to learn the answer to.

“All I know is that Mudbloods, freaks, and dragons make an interesting circle of friends.”

That was it. William could take no more of the insults. Because he was currently on the outs with his friends and his only company was a pregnant dragon, insults were easily the best way to rile his temper. That meant wands would be drawn.

Only two people in the room knew what could happen next and they were Harry and William. He had heard what transpired at the bar and knew that William did not respond well to insults to his friends, even though he was not currently one of them. Other than that, Harry was the only person to see the wand slowly slide down and out of William’s right sleeve and into his hand.

“Were you born an asshole or did you have to work at it?” replied William as Draco finished laughing. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were now the only ones laughing. Even Rosmerta had to suppress a chuckle after hearing this. Malfoy was less than pleased upon having nearly the entire tavern laugh at him.

Finally after several long moments of laughter, Malfoy leapt from his tool with his wand drawn. William, having had his secretly drawn already, was just a quick to strike. The bar then fell silent as the two angry young men stared daggers at each other.

“Gentlemen!” yelled Madam Rosmerta trying to restore order to her shop. “I will not have open duels in my bar! Take this fight outside!”

“Don’t worry about it Rosmerta, I was leaving anyway.” replied William as he lowered his wand. He had neither the desire to fight or cause unrest in one of the few peaceful places at his disposal. “Sorry for the trouble.” He then placed two galleons on the counter and quickly finished the rest of his butter beer.

Malfoy and the rest of his friends resumed their seats. The look on his face carried a slight smile. It was as if he thought he had won where William decided not to fight. Unfortunately for him, William caught the look.

“Screw it!” William thought to himself. Before placing his wand back into his sleeve, he quickly made a silent movement with it. Then after collecting his bag he turned toward Harry’s booth and gave them a knowing wink. He then left the bar in his solitude and entered the falling daylight of the afternoon.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny had each seen the movement he had made with his wand and the wink and wondered just what he had done to Malfoy. The only way to find out was to wait and see.

Madam Rosmerta hated the fact that the Malfoys were still intact in the wizard community. She knew how Draco and his father were among the higher ranks of the Death Eaters at the time of the Second War. Some of her most loved friends were among the dead at the Battle of Hogwarts. The one thing she hated even more than Death Eaters was to see her friends insulted. William Black was no exception.

“Drink quickly and get out!” said Rosmerta as she slammed the butter beer on the counter. Every notion of anger and vengeance was running through her mind as she turned back toward the bar. The only thing that stopped her was the spell she saw William silently cast on Malfoy. Because William was a wizard of such honor, it was bound to be a good spell.

Malfoy decided to ignore the angry barmaid and just enjoy his drink. As his hand went in to grab the bottle, he pulled it back after receiving a minor shock. It was nothing terribly painful, but it still took him by surprise nevertheless. He simply disregarded it as static. After trying for a second time his hand received another shock.

It was until three more tries that he decided to give up and just leave the bar, but not before receiving another shock from the handle as he went to open the door.

The tavern burst into laughter yet again after Malfoy’s departure.

Hermione then veered her eyes from the door and back to the group in the booth. “Okay. Why would someone give us a self-damaging nightmare and then publicly defend us? Something doesn’t add up.”

Ginny couldn’t agree with her anymore. Harry and Ron couldn’t think of any logical reason either and conceded that Hermione was right.

“Alright, I guess William might not be the source of the nightmare. But it still doesn’t explain where it came from.” replied Harry. He had given William good reason to want payback or vengeance, but after seeing him defend them it didn’t seem like he wanted any.

“Maybe he can help us then!” added Ron with a sudden shock, which was quickly dismissed. “But you’re right Harry he’d never talk to me or you.”

“But he would talk to me or Hermione.” chimed in Ginny with a knowing smile that she had found a solution. Her resolve and determination was evident by the way she looked at Harry and Ron.

Harry knew better to argue with her when she set her mind to something. It would only lead to a fight or a long silent treatment. “You two should go now to see him. Just be careful.”

Ginny and Hermione were relieved knowing now that the boys felt it might prove useful. William might not talk to either of them but he would talk to the girls. They were the only ones he had no gripe with.

“Thank you both.” said Ginny as she leaned in and gave Harry a sultry kiss. “We’ll go see him right now. All we need is the Marauder’s Map.”

“And the Invisibility Cloak.” added Hermione with a knowing glance.

“Why would you need those?” asked Harry feigning curiosity.

“We don’t need the two of you following us under cover or watching our every move on the map.” Harry and Ron each relented being that that was just what they were planning to do.

“Just be careful!” exclaimed Ron as he leaned in and gave Hermione a kiss.

“We’ll be fine, we promise.” said Ginny as she and Hermione collected their belongings and left the bar. Harry and Ron decided to stay and have a few more drinks.

The best guess that the two girls could make was that William was going to see Ruby. That and the fact that they had the guidance of the map made it easier to find him since the sun was starting to set. They would have never found him in the darkness of the forest without it.

After about ten minutes of walking through the forest, the two girls finally came to the clearing in which Ruby had made her nest. From the edge of the trees they could tell that she was not alone and spied the solitary figure of William.

He was standing face to face with the massive creature. By the looks of it he was feeding her bits of something that they could not make out. After stepping out of the tree line, the dragon caught sight of them and raised its head in their direction. William knew by the way she moved that they had visitors.

“Easy girl, easy!” said William trying to calm down the dragon before him. Several long strokes on her snout settled her with little ease. When she was relaxed William turned and welcomed the girls. “Ginny, Hermione, it’s nice to see you both. Come and say hi to Ruby!”

The girls looked at one another and wondered if he was serious or joking. It was as if he was treating the dragon as a harmless pet to show off. Such notions could be given to a kitten or puppy, but never to a dragon.

“Are you so sure that’s a good idea?” asked Hermione as she and Ginny inched closer and closer.

“It’s perfectly fine.” reassured William as he continued to rub Ruby’s snout. “Just walk nice and easy. If she thinks you’re nice then she’ll let you come forward.”

“And if she doesn’t?” asked Ginny with a concerned look.

“Well then she’ll – just try not to think about that.” said William catching himself before he said something to make them panic.

Ginny and Hermione could only listen to him and slowly and carefully walked forward. Ruby looked at the both of them waiting to find make a mistake to give her reason eat them. It was until they were standing right beside William that she realized they were friendly. She then extended her neck between the two girls as if waiting for them to do something.

“You can pet her if you like?” said William as he took a step back.

The two girls looked at each other nervously but decided against running and possibly angering the dragon. They unsteadily put their hands on her snout thinking she would bite them off. Instead she welcomed their embrace and let out a content sigh.

Hermione and Ginny smiled at William knowing that he had made further progress with the dragon. In the time he had spent with Ruby, he had taught her to behave and control herself.

“You tamed her didn’t you?” asked Hermione in utter disbelief.

William had a modest look on his face and simply said, “All I did was give her a little love. That and a hell of a lot of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans!” laughed the boy as he produced a candy box that was half opened. “I think it has something to do with taste buds.” said William as he stepped back and admired his work. “The average human has about 10,000 taste buds on their tongue whereas dragons have over 100,000. I think she likes the taste of so many flavors at once. I guess its soothing for her.”

He then took a handful of the candy out and held them in front of Ruby. She darted her forked tongue out and gobbled them up with much fervor. “Here, you try!” said William handing Ginny the box.

Ginny then took a handful as did Hermione. Upon holding them up to Ruby, she took each one serving and swallowed them up in an instant. The feeling of her tongue on their tickled greatly. Ruby then gave each girl a quick lick on their neck. 

The girls laughed after each enthusiastic thank you they received from the dragon. The content dragon then lied down in her nest and rested after feeling very full from the food and the warm company.

“We wanted to say that it was pretty cool what you did to Malfoy in the Three Broomsticks!” exclaimed Ginny who was not yet ready to reveal their true purpose for being there.

“That was some trick you did to him. What was that by the way?” asked Hermione.

“That would be a Static spell. Another fine spell to use if someone gets on your nerves.” laughed William as he imagined just how annoyed Malfoy would be at this point.

“Does it hurt that much?” asked Ginny hoping that Malfoy would get what he deserved.
“No, but it’s really annoying. He won’t be able to touch any inanimate object without getting shocked for at least a few days!” said William trying to hold back laughs with little success.

Ginny and Hermione were slightly disappointed after learning Malfoy would feel little pain. They could only be so forgiving to the enemy after the war and to them he was no different than anyone else.

“Why didn’t you use anything stronger?” asked Hermione. “He certainly deserved it.”

William had seen this coming. This was not the first time that he realized that his methods would be questioned from time to time. “You mean like an eye for an eye?” asked the boy as Ginny and Hermione both nodded. “A wise muggle once said that if you take an eye for an eye, then eventually the world goes blind.”

“You know all about the things he did in the war don’t you?” said Ginny with a touch of anger in her voice.

“Yes, I do, but he’ll receive his just punishment in time I’m sure. Then who knows what kind of person he'll become.”

“What are you talking about?” exclaimed Ginny who was now clearly frustrated.

“All I’m going to say is that people change. Some can start over and right the wrongs they made in life. I know what he did but I also know what he will become.” William now had their full attention. “Believe me when I say this; anything can happen between now and my time. Not everything turns out the way you expected.”

Ginny and Hermione thought this over in their minds. William had a point. Who knows what would happen in the next 25 years. For all they knew, Malfoy could be a friend, as hard as that was to believe. Still, there were doubts about what might happen now that William had come back to help them. Things could change completely.

“I guess I didn’t think of it like that.” said Ginny as she went over his words in her mind trying to absorb their wisdom.

“Just mull it over. I’m not asking you to be Malfoy’s best friend, but don’t discredit the possibility that people can change after doing things they regret.” said William as he took a seat under one of the trees.

“Is that how you feel about Harry and Ron?” asked Hermione knowing she had cut him to his core.

William was not prepared for that and searched his mind for the right words. “They wanted to protect the ones they loved. I can’t blame them for that. All they had to do was told me how they felt. He didn’t need to hit Me.” said the boy as he rubbed his face where Harry had landed a hard right hook.

“I just don’t like being called a murderer or a careless wizard because I’m neither. I’ve done nothing but help all of you. It would be nice to see some gratitude from time to time. I’m alone in this and all I have are the people who know my reason for being here!” William calmed himself down after realizing he was getting ahead of himself. “I mean, can you understand how I feel?”

“I think we can.” said Ginny trying to imagine just how isolated and alone he must have felt.

“Ah well, forget it. Enough of my problems. What brings you to out here at this time of day? You could get lost out here you know?”

“Lucky for us we have the Marauder’s Map to help us find our way.” said Hermione pulling it out of her pocket for a glance and then quickly putting it back.

“That would help you out very well.” said William as he wondered just how long they and Harry had been watching him in the past few weeks.

“We came out here to ask for your help with something. Because you’re from the future we thought you might have a better insight.” said Ginny trying to get back to the main reason they had gone looking for him.

“Before you say anything else, let me get myself better equipped. Accio Phantom trunk!” said William as he waved his wand into the air. “I’d be of much greater help if I had my bag of tricks with me!” said William putting on a childlike smile.

About fifteen seconds later, the same black trunk from under his bed came soaring through the woods as if it was on some magic set of rails. It then gracefully set itself down by his feet. It was the same trunk bearing the sword and wand symbol no one could place.

William then kneeled beside it and placed both of his hands on each strap to the left and right. Without warning he tapped the left strap four times and then the right one five times. Finally he tapped the center lock with both hands two times and with a sudden click the trunk lid unlatched itself, but William didn’t lift it.

“The two of you have to understand that the things in this trunk are some of my most valued possessions. I’ll see what I can do with them to help, so tell what it is that you need help with.” said William as he rested his hands on the lid waiting to see just how and if he could help them.

“We need your help in removing a dream. A nightmare actually.” said Hermione hoping that William had an answer to their troubles.

William looked up from his trunk with a concerned expression. “What do you mean ‘we’? Are you saying that you and Ginny are having the same nightmare?”

“Actually it’s me, Hermione, Ron and Harry who are having the same dream.” exclaimed Ginny who cringed at the absurdity to the situation. What on Earth could have done something like this to a person, never mind four people?

“Four people with the same nightmare?” exclaimed William, who even with a generation of unknown knowledge, had never heard of such a thing. “Let me check it out.”

He then reached into the trunk and produced a large eight by eleven inch book with a blank cover. From the outward appearance it looked like nothing special, but like William Black that was not the case.

He then held it up to his mouth and said, “What’s new in the world?” The book then opened itself and letters began to appear on the page giving the current date, September 30, 1998. After they held settled into place he turned the pages to a random spot and said, “Dream Sharing.” Nothing happened as the page continued to read as blank. He tried several more times with different ways of phrasing it but turned up with nothing. “No news is good news.” said William, which then made the letters disappear and the book close itself.

From Hermione and Ginny’s point of view they gathered that the book was some sort of dictionary version of the Marauder’s Map. Instead of blueprints to a castle, you received information about what the reader wanted to know. Hermione would have to ask to borrow this later.

“I can’t seem to find anything right now. Maybe if you tell me the nature of this dream or anything that makes it so bad then I could find something useful.” said William as he placed the book back in the trunk.

“I don’t know how to say this but every time we get the dream it feels so real as if we are actually there.” Hermione was trying to choose her words carefully as to not come off as crazy. “I speak for Harry, Ginny, Ron, and myself when I say that we feel pain before waking up. And then we end up with these.”

Hermione then pulled up her shirt to reveal the wrapped wounds on her stomach. Ginny did the same but then unwrapped one of the bandages to show William the set of claw marks. His eyes went wide after seeing this. It was a strange look of horror and wonder.

“I need to know just what exactly happens to you in this nightmare.” exclaimed William as his expression went from horror to worry. “Just tell me what you see.”

The girls then covered up their chests knowing that William knew just how serious the situation was. Ginny opted to tell the story first.

“It always starts the same. We are running through a forest in the middle of the night and there is always a full moon in the sky. There is a group of kids, maybe a little younger than us, who look like they’ve been badly hurt. One of them can’t walk and tells the others to leave him behind. The oldest one, a boy name Pete, tries to make him leave but ends up going with the rest of the group. The before the dream ends as a pack of wolves trap the boy slash his chest.” Ginny produced several tears from recalling the dream that had plagued her and her friends.

William instead pounded his two fists on the trunk. His look was now one of complete fury.

“Do you know what it is?” asked Hermione who was shaken from her recollection of the dream by his anger.

“Yeah, I know exactly what it is. There was only ever one reported case.” exclaimed William whose voice still had a minor trace of anger but was now mostly frustration and sadness. “It’s a nightmare that follows the lunar cycle. Whenever the moon makes a significant movement it activates, if you will, the nightmare in the person’s subconscious. How long have all of you had the nightmare?”

“About three weeks now? Why?” asked Ginny who was slightly relieved now that William had answers.

“The pain from the nightmare gets more severe after each time, but it is the most excruciating under the full moon.” Hermione and Ginny could not imagine anything more excruciating than what they had already experienced. “Tomorrow night is the full moon.”

The girls had to find a way to beat this thing before it was too late. They could not go the rest of their lives being tormented by something that wasn’t even tangible.

“Is there anywhere to get rid of the nightmare or heal our wounds?” asked Hermione who desperately hoped William had an answer.

“I’ll check my books for a spell to remove it, but I think its best that I do that tomorrow night when the dream shows itself again.” said William debating with himself to decide if this was the best course of action.

“Is there anything else?” asked Ginny praying that William had more information to sort of the mess the nightmare had created.

“There is a potion that can heal your wounds. I have a sample now if you want it, but I’m afraid it won’t do much because I have so little. If I get started right now I can have more ready by tomorrow afternoon.” William words were a godsend to the girls’ ears. There was finally some hope on the horizon.

“Please let us have it!” said the Hermione and Ginny simultaneously. The desperation was thick in their voices.

Accio Dreamscape!” said William with a light flick of his wand. The sample would arrive shortly.

“How do you know all about this anyway?” asked Ginny whose mind was filled with questions.

“The Ministry did a case study at Hogwarts in my third year. They were trying to understand the origin of the nightmare and if there were signs of it in children in an attempt to prevent it at a young age.” said William trying to decide if he had said too much. “They formulated a potion that would heal the cursed scars. Some of my friends and I helped create the potion.”

“Did they find any signs of it in other people?” inquired Hermione. Thoughts had already crossed her mind of how she could help people afflicted by the same condition if she had a twenty year heads up on its outbreak.

“No, there was only one subject who had the dream. There was no one else.” exclaimed William with a touch of sadness in his voice.

Just then a blue glass bottle flowed steadily through the trees until it placed itself in William’s hands. The bottle itself was much larger than needed for a sample but the girls did not care for they finally found some light at the end of the tunnel.

William then picked up four stones from the ground and laid them on the lid of the trunk. With another sweep of his wand, they quickly transfigured into small jars with compressed lids.

The cerulean viscous fluid in the bottle was just enough for four doses. William slowly and delicately poured an equal amount into each transfigured jar. Ginny and Hermione took each one and gently placed them into Ginny’s satchel.

“Is there anything we have to do? You know, say a spell or put a charm on the jars?” asked Hermione having never dealt with anything like this substance.

“No, you just take it before you go to bed and sweet dreams.” said William trying to keep their worries to a minimum. “You shouldn’t have any dreams because the Dreamscape, that’s its name, hasn’t been charged yet. I help you with that tomorrow. In the mean time I need to go see Professor Slughorn about using a potions lab overnight.”

As if on cue, Ginny and Hermione each grabbed William and pulled him into a crushing hug. After several moments he hugged them back in a comforting manner. “Everything’s going to okay. You won’t have to have that nightmare anymore.”

When they finally released each other, both groups knew they each had a job to do. The girls had to get the potion to Harry and Ron. William’s job was the most important; he had to make more of it and figure out a way to remove it. That would truly be a test of strength.

“He has a way to help us!” cheered Ginny as she embraced Harry in a tight hug. After letting him go she planted another sultry kiss on his lips; the same kind of kiss that they always shared when they were most happy.

The girls had found Harry and Ron waiting for them in the Gryffindor Common Room as soon as they had entered. Each one had the same inquiring look on their face as to whether William had given them any answers. Their smiles and kisses were all the answer they would ever need.

“So what did Wonderboy say he could do for us?” chimed in Ronald. His snide remark quickly received scowls from both Ginny and Hermione.

Wonderboy has an intimate knowledge of the nightmare from a study conducted during his time!” quipped Ginny in a sarcastic manner. “He took part in a similar case study in his time and was able to cultivate a healing potion, which he is working on as we speak.”

Harry and Ron were most impressed by this statement for it seemed that their troubles were over. Still it seemed a rather odd coincidence that he would have the antidote for such a rare affliction.

“Can he get rid of the dream?” asked Harry hoping that the answer would be yes.

The years he had spent with a connection to Voldemort’s mind had been a weight lifted off of his shoulders when he had died. No longer would he have to suffer from the sleepless nights of the past. The resurgence of nightmares made it seem as if that he would never be happy. Everything in his life was great now, but he did not deserve the images that had plagued his mind for the past few weeks.

“He’s working on that as well. He says that the spell and the potion should be ready by tomorrow afternoon. In the mean time he gave us a sample to help us sleep tonight.” said Hermione providing the much needed answers.

Ginny then produced the four jars containing the Dreamscape. Each person took one of the jars and looked over the blue fluid which would be their salvation. One could quite literally dream of what it could do.

Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione decided to skip dinner as the night moved on. Instead they spent the time listening to Hermione and Ginny’s account of what he had told them. They covered every detail from the lunar cycle, the Dreamscape, and also the hope that William would find a way to help them.

When the group was done talking and discussing William’s solution, they realized how much time had gone by as the clock on the mantel above the fireplace read eleven thirty. Ron then let out a long yawn signifying just how tired everyone else must be. The softness and warmth of a bed was very tempting at that time of night. The one thing they had to do before sleep was to take the potion William had provided.

The four Gryffindors each uncorked their jars and inhaled the oddly sweet aroma of the Dreamscape. The hope of a well rested night was just a sip away, yet no one was willing to be the first one to drink.

Harry decided that he had better break the ice and said, “Cheers!” He then swallowed the thick potion in one gulp. The others looked on trying to see if looked different in any way.

“How does it taste mate?” asked Ron who was still looking at the questionable substance.

“It’s hard to describe, but for some reason it tastes like happiness. Try it!” commanded Harry as he tried to hold on to the feeling.

First Ginny, then Hermione, and lastly Ron took the potion. Each of them instantly recognized what Harry was feeling as they swallowed it. It was as if nothing could shake their peace and happiness. It was like the day after Voldemort fell all over again.

After saying goodnight, the girls and boys each returned to their respected dormitories. Neither couple wanted to separate, but they both decided it would be best to see if the potion worked. They wanted to sleep because they could and not because they were up doing other tiring activities.

Harry awoke several hours later. This was not because of a nightmare but because of the door squeaking as William entered. The clock next to his bed read 1 a.m.

William slowly walked to his bed as to not cause any squeaks in the floor. After starting the process for the Dreamscape potion, he was very tired. A warm bed was just what the doctor ordered at this point. The night air felt good as he took his boots and heavy clothes off, as he slipped into his night shirt and sweatpants.

Harry watched from his bed as William put up the Silencing Charm around his bed. The glowing line it left slowly faded out of sight but could still be made out.

William slowly slipped under the covers a yet another long night lay before him. This time he would have to make it without the thing that had kept him going for all those years. These thoughts were interrupted as he heard stirring from Harry’s bunk.

“William, are you awake?” whispered Harry hoping he would not ignore him.

“Yeah, I’m awake.” answered William as he closed his eyes trying desperately to fall asleep.

Harry searched his mind for something to say. ‘An apology, a sorry, anything!’ Harry yelled in his mind. Instead he simply said, “Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” whispered William as he turned on his side away from Harry. All he wanted now was sleep.

A few hours later, Harry woke again to a sound coming from the common room. Deciding he should go see what it was, he hopped out of bed and went down to investigate. Upon entering he found Hagrid jammed halfway in the portrait hole trying to get in.

“Hagrid what are you doing here?” asked Harry groggily as his eyes adjusted to the light from the fireplace.

“Well I was on my way in to get William when I got stuck as you can see!” exclaimed the half-giant as he finally loosened his way and fell back out into the corridor. “Sorry to wake you Harry, but would you mind getting William for me?”

“Sure, but what do you need him for at this hour?”

“Well Ruby’s ready to pass the egg and I thought he should be there!” exclaimed Hagrid. 

Upon hearing this, Harry went back up to his room to get William.

He looked over and saw William in his bed tossing and turning. Upon moving closer he could see a fine sheen of sweat covering his body. As he moved in further passing the barrier of the Silencing charm, Harry expected to hear a steady snoring but instead heard troubled breathing.

He then stood over William’s bed as he continued to toss and turn. Finally, as if he was done, William laid down flat on his back and his breathing returned to normal.

Harry decided now was the time to wake him. He reached for ward to nudge him went sudden the white bed shirt he was wearing was instantly cut across the chest. It was then followed by a second and then a third. Each tear made a cut on the skin below the shirt until the once white material was now red from the blood stains.

Harry jumped back in horror at witnessing this sight. Suddenly after the sixth slice, William suddenly woke with a frightened gasp. His eyes met Harry’s after he found his bearings and realizing the nightmare was over. He knew in that instant that his secret was out. He too suffered from the same dream.

“Are you alright?” asked Harry not knowing what else to say. He had experienced these nightmares personally but had never witnessed them affect another person.

“I need a wet towel and some bandages.” replied William who then started to cry after realizing just how bad the nightmare had been this time. Even after all of this time, it still hurt worse than before.

Harry rushed over to his bed to get what William had asked for. He only had it by chance after using it to clean himself up during the night. Ron then joined him after being awoken by William’s gasp. Upon looking at him, Ron knew just as much as Harry did.

The two boys took over the material to very quickly as to take care of him as soon as possible. When they reached his bed, he took the towel and began to run the wet cloth over his wounds take the blood with it. He winced in pain as the porous material rubbed over his raw wounds. Once they were done bleeding and after wrapping the wounds, he discarded the shirt and put on another from his dresser.

Harry and Ron could not help but feel remorse for him. They now knew just why he knew so much about the nightmare. Before they could confront him he spoke and said, “Why did you wake me up?” in a very curt manner.

Harry did not want any conflict after witnessing the nightmare take full affect and simply said, “Hagrid wanted me to get you because ruby’s ready to pass the egg.”

At the mention of this William grabbed his coat and boots and ran out into the common room were he quickly exited with Hagrid. When Harry and Ron followed, they found Hermione and Ginny waiting.

“We have news! You might not like it.” exclaimed Ginny who had a very worried look.

“William’s having the same nightmare as us!” replied Ron. “I just saw his chest get torn up!” 

"We figured as much." replied Hermione unsurprised.

“What do you mean and besides, what are you two doing up anyway?” asked Harry as his mind briefly centered on the two girls.

“We heard Hagrid try to come in and then we heard the commotion from your room.” said Ginny. “We figured he was having the dream too after what Hermione told me.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Harry trying desperately trying to get a handle on the situation.

“Show him!” Ginny nudged Hermione on the shoulder.

Hermione then handed Harry the book she was carrying, the same book William had given to her just weeks before, Magical Objects of the Wizarding and Muggle World.

“Turn to page 452.” said Hermione as she reminisced about what she had found earlier. “I was up reading when I found something very peculiar.”

Harry turned to page 452 and read the title, “The Legendary Sword Excalibur.”

“Hermione what does this have to with anything? I’m telling you he is having the same nightmare about Doc that we are having!” exclaimed Harry trying to knock some sense into them.

“William said his friend gave him this book when it was brand new. Read the note at the bottom of the page and you’ll see what I’m talking about!” replied Hermione.

His eyes diverted to the bottom of the page and found the handwritten note:

Sorry Doc, I saw it first! –Pete

“You can’t mean- It can’t be possible!” stammered Harry who could not believe what she was telling him.

“It is.” said Hermione in all seriousness. “Harry, William is Doc!”

A/N: The quote about an eye for an eye is by Mahatma Ghandi in case anyone was wondering. The line about being more dangerous or less dangerous was an adaptation of a similar line used in the movie Shaft. I thought it was a nice compliment to William's personality. By the way Dreamscape is a name i thought of. If there is a company who has it then it is just a coincidence. Please leave a review. i need feedback for my next chapter.

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