"Shh... Dorcas, you'll wake her up." Emmeline said. It was a Saturday. January 30th to be exact. 

"Raine get up!" Dorcas whispered harshly.

"No." Raine replied sleepily.

"Get your lazy arse out of bed Raine." Marlene whispered, "It's Lily's birthday."

"So? My gift to her is allowing her to sleep in."

"It's almost 9:30 get up." Emmeline whispered pinching her.

"Ouch!" Raine yelled.

"What's going on?" Lily asked groggily sitting up.
"Raine!" The three other girls yelled, "Well anyways happy birthday Lilykins!"

Raine sat up sleepily. "What is going on?" she asked. "Why was I pinched?"

"It's Lily's birthday." Emmeline said, "And you weren't getting up." Dorcas and

Marlene had sat down on the end of Lily's bed careful to not smash any of the presents.

"I'm telling on you guys." Raine said as she got out of her bed and made her way to the bathroom.

The four girls watched Raine go into the bathroom. "Sorry she's ruining your birthday already." Dorcas said handing Lily a present that was done up in red paper that said happy birthday all over it with a bow on top.

Raine came out of the bathroom with a frown on her face. "I am not ruining your birthday, am I?"

Marlene, Dorcas, and Emmeline glared at her, "What did we plan yesterday?”

"I don't know!" Raine exclaimed.

"It was your idea!"

"To bad I forgot, eh?"

"Go take a shower." Emmeline said frowning.

"Nope. Lily has to open my present first."

"Hey Raine, can we make today about someone other then you?" Emmeline asked.

"Fine, I'll do what ever you guys tell me to. If you don't tell me to do or say something, I won't." Raine stated. "Now, I've been commanded to take a shower and take a shower I shall." Raine said while grabbing a towel, a pair of blue jeans, a plain black shirt, and her under garments. She headed in to the bathroom and closed the door.

"Bloody girl, it was her bloody idea and she bloody ruined it." Emmeline said. Dorcas put her hand on her arm, "Breathe."

"She didn't mean to." Marlene said.

"She forgets everything. Okay I'm sorry Lily open your presents." Emmeline said.

Lily nodded her head and began opening her presents. A couple minutes later, Raine came out of the bathroom completely dressed and ready for a new day. She walked over to Lily's bed and stood there, watching her open the rest of the presents.

Once Lily was finished Marlene, Dorcas, and Emmeline pushed her into the bathroom with some clothes. Dorcas then sat down and brushed out her long hair. Emmeline and Marlene cleaned up all the paper and made Lily's bed.

Raine stood there on the side of Lily's bed and didn't say a word.

Emmeline rolled her eyes, "You can talk you know." She then sat down behind Dorcas and started braiding her hair. "When are you going to cut it?" 

Dorcas laughed, "When I'm ready."  

"When will that be?" Marlene asked.

Dorcas blushed a little bit and said, "When I lose my virginity."

Raine held in a laugh. "I have a question," she said quietly.


"May I go downstairs and see my boyfriend?"

"If you want." Marlene said.

"Okay, that's where I'll be then." Raine stated as she opened the door to their dorm and stepped out side. She walked down stairs and sat down on the couch next to Sirius.

"What going on?" Sirius asked. Raine shrugged her shoulders. Sirius poked her, "You okay?"

Raine nodded her head and swatted away Sirius hands.

"Prongs! She's scaring me!" Sirius yelled.

"What's she doing now?" James asked walking over.

"She's not talking."

Raine looked up and rolled her eyes.

"Moony! She's scaring us!" James yelled.

Raine shook her head and lay her head down on the arm of the chair and sprawled her legs over Sirius.

"Moony! She's not talking!" Sirius yelled.

Raine slapped her forehead with the palm of her hand.

Remus sighed and walked over, "Raine why aren't you talking?"

"You didn't get hexed did you?" Sirius asked.

Raine shook her head no.

"Why aren't you talking? You're scaring us." James said.

Raine shrugged. Lily, Emmeline, Dorcas, and Marlene walked down the stairs. Lily was wearing one of her sweaters. It was emerald green like her eyes. Raine saw the girls walking down the stairs and pointed to them.

"What did they do?" James asked, "Happy birthday Evans." 

"Happy birthday Lily." Was chorused from around the room.

Raine just kept pointing to them and then she pointed to her throat and shook her head no.

"Oh they told you, you can't talk. I should go thank them." Sirius said jumping up and walking over to them.

Raine jolted up and walked over to Sirius and slapped him on the side of the head. Then she grabbed James hand and tapped Emmeline on the shoulder. Emmeline turned around, "What Raine?"

Raine pointed to the door and then rubbed her stomach. "I told you, you can talk!" Emmeline snapped.

Raine smirked and then said, "I'm hungry, let's go eat."

Emmeline glared at her before walking over to Lily and linking arms with her free arm. Marlene and Dorcas were sharing her other side. Raine sighed and walked out of the common room. Nate met up with them in the Great hall and came over and sat next to Lily but not before kissing her and giving her his present. Raine rolled her eyes and continued eating her eggs.

"What’s up with Raine?" Nate asked Lily quietly.

"Nothing is up with me," she said calmly.

"Okay then." Nate replied.

"So, what are we doing today?" Raine asked.

"Whatever Lily wants to do." Marlene replied sipping her juice.

Raine sighed, "Okay, Lily, want do you want to do today dear?"

"Well I have some homework I haven't finished..."

"No!" Emmeline yelled immediately, "Something fun Lils something we don't do every day."

"No Emmeline, you said we are going to do whatever Lily wants to do. It is her day."

Lily put her goblet back down stood up and stormed out of the hall. "Nice Raine." Emmeline said before she, Dorcas, Marlene, and Nate went after her.

Raine sighed, "I believe I'm going out side now." James nodded.

"Goodbye." Raine said as she started walking out of the Great Hall.

Lily had run outside and was now lying in the snow. "What do you want to do Lily?" Dorcas asked sitting down next to her.

"I want to go horseback riding, I miss it." Lily said. 

"Hagrid might know away." Marlene said.

Raine walked over to where the girls were lying down, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Lily said.

"Um, will you please come with me Lily?" Raine asked.

"Why?" Lily asked.



"Fine. Never mind then. I don't want to tell you, I want it to be a surprise." Raine replied

"Fine I'm soaked and freezing anyway." Lily said standing up.

Raine smiled a little and then grabbed Lily's hand and ran as fast as she could over to Hagrid's hut. Once they got there Raine knocked on his door.

"Who is it?" Hagrid called out they could hear barking from within.

"Raine and Lily! We're ready!" Raine shouted excitedly.

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Back Fang!" Hagrid said moving towards the door.

Raine looked over at Lily and smiled.

"What are we doing?" Lily asked.

"You'll see." Raine said as Hagrid opened the door. "Hey Hagrid! Did you get everything ready?"

"Sure did." Hagrid said Fang pushing his way out the door.

"Thank you so much! Is it in the back or...?"

"The corral in the forest, just follow the path."

"Thanks!" Raine said and dragged Lily on to the path that led into the forest.

"What are we doing?" Lily demanded.

"Lily, please trust me." Raine stated as the girls got further into the forest. Soon there was a clearing and Raine looked around for a couple of seconds before spotting something. Raine then dragged Lily over to the five animals. "Happy Birthday Lily. I'm sorry I ruined everything." Raine stated while petting one of the five horses.

"Raine but how did... Raine!" Lily exclaimed hugging her before going over to the roan.

Raine smiled. "I thought you'd like this," she said while petting the nose of one of the horses.

Lily grinned as the horse nuzzled into her shoulder.

Raine grinned, "Want to go for a ride?"

"Yes!" Lily said.

"Well, hop on then! But you have to stay on the path." Raine warned.

"So we're bare backing it?" Lily said as she led the horse to the side of the corral.

"Yes." Raine said as she got onto the paint horse.

Lily stepped on to the side of the corral's fencing and gracefully and carefully placed herself on the horse's back.

"Come on then." Raine said.

Lily shifted her weight forward and the horse started to walk.

"Happy Birthday Lilykins!" Raine stated as the two horses started walking in sync.

Lily grinned, "Raine have you ever been on horses before?"

"Yes! My family happens to own a ranch." She replied.

Lily nodded, "You never told me that."

"Well, sorry. You never asked." Raine said.

"Guess not." Lily stated.

Raine sighed, "But they don't own it anymore."

"Why not?”

"Because you do." Raine smiled.

Lily shook her head, "No."

Raine's smile broadened, "Yep! These are your horses too!"

"Raine I can't and won't accept it."

"You'd better. If not I have to give them to James and it's not like he'll care for them."

"No Raine, this is to much, and how am I suppose to take care of ranch that is probably in bloody Italy when I leave England?"

"Well, it's in England. Actually, it's down the street from your house. My family owned the ranch that was near your house. Now, you do."

"I... Merlin Raine. I don't know what to say."

"Well, you could say thank you..." Raine suggested.

Lily laughed, "Thanks Raine."

"You're welcome Lily." Raine smiled. "I hope this makes up for me being an idiot these past couple of years."

Lily laughed, "You have not been."

"I have too!" Raine smiled, "Oh, and no on else knows about this gift. I told all of them I was just going to get you those bloody earrings."

Lily smiled although they didn't know that the other girls had heard everything. Marlene, Dorcas, and Emmeline turned around and walked back to the castle, "Bloody outshined again." Dorcas snapped.

"Why does she always do that?" Marlene asked.

"She had to make sure the day was all about her still." Emmeline said.

"But, she wanted to make Lily happy." Marlene pointed out.

"Yes but so did we. She could have at least told us. I'm sure we would have been upset but we could have tried to do something a little better for Lily." Dorcas said as they walking into the castle.

"Yeah. Do you guys want to just go back up to the dorm?" Marlene asked.

"Yeah." Dorcas and Emmeline said, "Mar you won't mind if go see Sirius will you? Emmeline asked, "Be honest please if you don't want me to that's fine."

"That's fine. I have to talk to Brendan anyways." Marlene answered.

"Okay, thanks." Emmeline said hugging her, "Dor what are you going to do? Are you going to see Remus?"  

"No, he's heading home his mum isn't feeling well. I'm just going to read, he left me a really interesting book. I swear it's what I want to do. So go have fun." Dorcas replied.

"Alright." Both girls said.

Sirius was sitting on the couch when they girls walked in. Dorcas went up stairs and Marlene went in search of Brendan.

"Hey, where is Lily and Raine?" Sirius asked.

"Off enjoying Raine's gift to Lily that she didn't even tell us about." Emmeline said sitting down next to him.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault, but why the hell does she always, always have to outshine the rest of us."

"I guess that's just the way she is." Sirius said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“It’s not fair.”

"Well, she gives you gifts that out shine everyone else's. She does that with everyone's birthday presents."

"But it makes the rest of us feel bad because we can't do something just as good.”

Sirius sighed, "I know love,” he said while rubbing her arm.

"I shouldn't be doing this to you."

"Doing what?"

"I shouldn't come running to you with every little thing needing you to reassure me." Emmeline said placing her head on his chest.

Sirius smiled, "It's fine."

"Argh, why are you so great?"

"I haven't quite figured that out yet..." Sirius said sarcastically.

Emmeline rolled her eyes, "So what are you planning on doing today?"

"Nothing. But, now that you're here..." Sirius said slyly.

Emmeline laughed and turned around, "What do you want from me, Sirius?"

"You know exactly what I want," he said before kissing Emmeline's collarbone.

Emmeline moaned quietly, "Again Sirius?" She asked running her hands through his hair and kissing his jaw line.

Sirius pulled away. "Unless you don't want to." he smirked.

"Hmm, maybe I don't." She said raising one of her eyebrows smirking right back.

Sirius kissed Emmeline’s collarbone again and then pulled away, "Okay."

"Arse. I'm getting tired of your dorm though."

"Let's go to the Room of Requirement then."

"Alright." Emmeline replied standing up and pulling him with her.


Marlene still hadn't found Brendan anywhere.

Marlene knocked on Brendan's dorm door. "Is Brendan in here?" she asked.

"Not at the moment, I think he's in the library."

"Okay, thanks." she said before turning around and walking to the library. When she was in the library she looked around and finally spotted Brendan sitting in one of the back corners of the room. "Hey Brendan." she greeted.

"Hey Marlene." Brendan said, "Sit down."

"Alright." she replied sitting down in a chair across from Brendan. "What's up?"

"Not to much just doing and essay for Charms, What's going on for you?"

"Well, I was going to celebrate Lily's birthday but Raine took that away."

"Oh, sorry Love." Brendan replied putting his quill down.

Marlene shrugged, "I should be used to it now. She's done it every year."

"Oh, hmm well you want to do something?” Brendan asked really not wanting to do his essay.

"Sure. I don't want to keep you from your essay though." Marlene replied.

"I can do it tomorrow." Brendan stated.

"You sure?"


Marlene smiled, "Alright then. What do you want to do?"

"Not sure, what do you feel like doing?" He asked grabbing his quill and rolling up his essay to put back into his bag.

"It doesn't matter. I don't want to go swimming today though."

He chuckled, "Why not, Love? Perfect weather for swimming."

"It sure is isn't it?" Marlene smiled.

"Yep." He said grabbing some books off the table, "I've got to put these back."

"Okay. I'll help you," she said grabbing the books that were still on the table.

"Thanks Love." He said before disappearing behind a shelf, "You don't have to though."

"I know. I don't just want to sit at the table." Marlene replied while putting two books away

He chuckled again, "That makes sense I suppose." Once he finished he leaned down and grabbed his bag from the floor.

Soon after Marlene met him back at the table. "Yeah, suppose it does. What would you like to do now?"

"Whatever you want. I'm in the mood to please today."

Marlene smiled. "I don't know what to do. There's nothing to do around here."

"Good point. We'll let's at least leave the Library Madam Pince isn't looking to happy." He said grinning and gently led her from the Library and the evil librarian.

Once outside of the library Marlene turned around and smiled. "Alright. Now what?"

"I don't know..." 

"Hello Mr. McKinnon, Miss. Falk." Professor Sinistra said as she passed by them.  "Nice to see you Professor." Brendan called after her.

"Professor." Marlene smiled sweetly.

"Are you warm enough in that? I want to go outside." Brendan said.

"Yeah. I've already been outside today. It's actually quite warm." she replied.

"Good come on." He said and led her to one of the outside courtyards off the fourth floor.

"Do you come out here often?" Marlene asked.

"Yes." He replied dropping his bag in an area free of the snow that was littering the ground.

"It's pretty out here," she stated.

"I thought you would think so. Tell me about yourself please."

"What would you like to know?" Marlene asked.

He grinned, "Everything Love, but we can start with basics today."

Marlene smiled, "Like what?”

"First can you dance?"

"Yes. Well, a little. My mum made me take ballet and tap dance when I was younger. But, when I came to Hogwarts, I had to stop." she replied.

"Can you waltz, Love?"

"A tad. I've been to so many formal parties, I've kind of gotten the hang of it."

"Come here." He said giving her his arms.

Marlene stepped closer to Brendan and put one arm on his shoulder and the other in his hand. "Anything else you'd like to know?" she asked as they started dancing.

"Do you have any siblings?"

"No. I'm an only child."

"Hmm, what are your parents like?"

"Well, mum, she's strict and follows every rule made. But father, he's laid back and loves to play Quidditch. But they're both really nice and it's kind of hard not to love them." she answered.

"They sound nice, do you have any pets?"

"Well, I have a Golden Retriever, an owl, and three cats. My owl and one of the cats are here at Hogwarts."

"Yeah, what's your favorite animal?"

"I'd have to say an otter. They're just so cute." Marlene smiled.

Brendan grinned, "So where do you live when you're not here?"

"I live in the out skirts of London."

"What do you like to do?"

"I love to cook, I'll sometimes play Quidditch, I still love to dance, and I love to shop. What about you?" she asked.

"What do I like to do? I like to draw and read, spend time with my family, I like working with Transfiguration."

"Really? That's cool. I love to spend time with my friends and family too."

"It's definitely a worth while thing to do."

"Yep." Marlene smiled.

"Okay favorite color and why?"

"My favorite color... I'd have to say yellow. Because, it's just so bright and it makes you want to be happy," she replied.

"Favorite class?"

"Potions. It's almost like cooking except most of the stuff isn't edible," she laughed.

Brendan laughed, "Alright favorite Professor?"

"Professor Dumbledore. He treats everyone equally and doesn't choose favorites like most professors. He is also the only person in the world who You- Know- Who is afraid of."

"Voldemort, Love. Voldemort." Brendan said.

"Whatever. I don't like his name. It gives me chills." Marlene replied.

"He's just a man, and evil man. He made himself the name to do just that and I don't feel we should let it."

Marlene sighed, "I know. I just hope he gets caught soon."

“Don’t we all.”

"Yep. So, anymore questions you'd like to ask me?" Marlene asked, trying to change the subject.

"One last one for now, do you want to go down and get some lunch?"

Marlene smiled, "Of course. That would be grand."

Brendan grinned grabbed his bag as well as her hand. Marlene and Brendan walked down to the Great Hall not letting go of one another at all.

"Your friends are over there." Brendan said motioning to the end of the table. "Do you want to go sit with them or sit with my friends?"

"I'll sit with you and your friends. I'd like to get to know them." Marlene smiled.

"Alright." Brendan said leading her over to two empty seats next to the boy who had yelled across the hallway to them last time. "Hey Chris."


"This is Marlene."

"Hi." Marlene said softly.

Chris grinned at her.

"Marlene this is Christian (Chris), Marc, Matt, Allana, and Sara."

"Hello." Marlene said as she waved. "How are you guys?" she asked quietly.

The two girls smiled at her sweetly, "We're doing..." Marc started before Sara elbowed him, "We're doing fine how are you?"

"I'm good. A little chilly, but that’s all." Marlene smiled.

"Brendan don't leave her cold." Allana said in an airy voice tossing her pale blonde hair into Chris' face.

Marlene smiled, "Oh I'm fine, it was just a little bit cold where we were dancing."

Sara pouted, "Marc how come you never take me dancing?"

Brendan smiled at Marlene and wrapped an arm around her, "Sara and Marc having been together since before they even got their letters."

"Thanks." Sara replied as Marc said something in her ear. Allana rolled her eyes, "Will you two stop that it gets old."

Marlene giggled, "What are they doing?"

"Whispering things to each other again. I swear if you two don't stop right now!" Allana said.  

"Sorry mum." Sara replied sarcastically grinning at her best friend.

Marlene laughed. "So, are you single Allana?" she asked.

"No I'm dating Xeno." Allana replied.

"Xenophilius Lovegood." Brendan clarified, "Sara and Allana have been best friends longer then Marc and Sara have been dating."

"Oh. All right. I wish you two the best then." Marlene stated

Allana smiled at her, "You're sweet." 

Brendan whispered to Marlene, "Sorry forgot to tell you they're fighting again."

"Oh, sorry." Marlene apologized quickly.

Allana laughed, "It's all right we fight more then anything else."

Marlene smiled, "Okay."

Brendan whispered again, "I'll explain her later." 

"I'm bored." Matt whined flicking peas at Sara.

"Okay. Matt. Why don't you flick peas at Slytherins instead of Sara?" Marlene suggested.

"To far away and my sister would kill me." 

"Matt's sister is a sixth year Slytherin. Don’t worry he doesn't like Slytherins though." Brendan said.

"Okay. Well, will you hand me a piece of bread then?" Marlene asked.


"So Marlene what year are you, dear?" Allana asked.

"Fifth." Marlene said before she took a bite of her bread.

"I remember fifth year." Allana said, "I'm a seventh."

"Really? I though you'd be in sixth year with Brendan here." Marlene said.

"Nope, I'm the sad lonely seventh year in a sea of sixth years..." Allana said dramatically while Sara rolled her eyes and then dumped water on her.  "Love you to Sara." Allana said shaking her now wet blonde hair.

Marlene laughed, "I'm sorry to hear you’re in the same year as The Prewetts and Wood."

"It's okay the Prewetts aren't to bad. Wood's nice." Allana said wringing out her blonde hair into Chris' lap.

"Thanks love." Chris replied, "I now look like I peed myself." 

"No problem." Allana said grinning at him.

Marlene laughed, "Are they always like this?" she whispered to Brendan.

"Nope they're actually being good today, normally you would be covered in food as well as everyone in a three foot radius."

"That dangerous, eh?"

"Yep." Brendan said as Sara flung some potatoes at him, which he quickly dodged.

"Now Sara, that's not very nice." Marlene said while throwing some of her bread at Sara.

"Eep, food fight." Allana said tossing her vegetables at Matt who dumped his pumpkin juice on her. "Oy!"

Marlene laughed and threw some fruit at Marc and dodged some carrots that Chris had thrown at her.

"Children, is there a reason why you're all covered in food?" Professor Dumbledore asked a smile on his face. 

"Of course Professor just working on my thesis." Allana replied calmly before tossing some cake at Brendan, which actually hit him in the face.

Marlene stifled a laugh. "And what would that thesis be Allana?" Brendan asked.

"The effect of being covered in food has on someone's mood. I thought that the more food the better the mood. Although I may not be right." She replied before squirting him with some ketchup. Professor Dumbledore just chuckled and calmly walked off.

"Brendan, do you have a secret the rest of us need to know about?" Chris asked while pointing to his pants. Marlene laughed.

"Nope not really." Brendan replied before grabbing the jug of pumpkin juice and turning it upside down on Chris' head.

Marlene laughed and the quietly said, "Brendan?"


"Will you look at me please?" she asked softly. Brendan raised his head and looked her in the eyes.

Marlene brought her hand out from underneath the table and rubbed whipped cream that was off of a pumpkin pie, all over his face.

"Thanks." He replied before grabbing the chocolate syrup from Sara's hands that she was eating and squirting Marlene with it. "Apparently my thesis is correct!" Allana said happily whipping some ice cream off her nose.

Marlene laughed and then brought her hand up to Brendan's face and wiped some of the whipped cream off and then ate it. "Well, at least you taste good now." Marlene stated.

Brendan smiled and then Sara dumped the entire jug of ice water on him, "That was for stealing my chocolate!"

Marlene laughed and took her other hand and wiped the chocolate off of her and then flung it at Sara, "You can have it back!" she yelled.

"Oy!" Sara called out grinning, "Allana stop death glaring the Slytherins.” 

"No! I hate her. Grr... I deserve to be Valedictorian."

Everyone at the table slowly started to calm down. Then Marlene spoke up, "Who's Valedictorian?"

"I'm fighting Fier for it." Allana replied, "I really do need a thesis."

"Oh," Marlene said. "Why don't do a thesis on why Slytherins always act like they have a stick up their arse."

"Miranda Tavers did that last year and well she didn't win." Allana said grinning, "Although I think my argument would be better then hers."

Marlene laughed, "Well, it might."

"Sara I hate her." Allana whined as Orenda and Rabastan walked out of the great hall together.

"Don't we all dear?" Sara replied.

"Yes, but did you know she bloody took her Potions Newt in her third year and her Defense Newt! Erg."

Marlene leaned over the table, "I bet she slept with Slughorn," she whispered.

"Wouldn't doubt it." Sara said, "She took Charms Newt the year after that as well as Ancient Runes and Transfiguration. I think her parents pay the Ministry loads of money."

"I don't know. But, I think she's slept with every Professor here except Dumbledore." Marlene replied.

"I really don't doubt it, how else did she become head girl. She only gives everyone besides Slytherins detention and steals her friends from class." Marc replied grabbing a clean napkin and whipping Sara's face off.

"And Raine." Marlene said quietly.

"Really?" Allana asked grabbing a napkin herself.

"Yep. For the past couple of days Raine was taken out of class by Orenda."

"Something is up there, Raine... she's the one who's been hanging out with all the Slytherins right?" Allana said thinking.

Marlene nodded her head slowly. "I don't really know what's gotten into her."

"That's not good, Orenda is very dangerous. I'm positive she's a death eater." Allana said.

"We've all warned her. But, she doesn't believe us."

"She's going to find out sooner or later. Orenda's put more Gryffindors into the hospital wing by 'accidents' then the Marauders have hexed people." Allana stated.

"Well, I just hope she doesn't join that side." Marlene said while wiping her arms with a napkin.

"I hope so as well." Allana said, "I want to go get clean."

"Let's go swimming the Teachers' Lounge then." Sara replied standing up.

Marlene looked at Brendan and then back to everyone else, "Okay." she said while standing up also.

Brendan grinned stood up and grabbed her hand. Allana grinned as Chris tossed her over his shoulder, "Oy! Put me down."

"Nope." Allana sighed in defeat. Everyone walked off towards the Teachers' Lounge once there. Chris turned around so Allana could knock. There was no answer so she opened the door slowly. It was empty.

"Would you guys go in already? I'm tired of being sticky." Sara complained.

Chris laughed and crossed the room to the door to the pool and tossed Allana in.

Marlene laughed, "Come on Brendan." she said while dragging him to the side of the pool. Once they were standing on the side Marlene looked up at Brendan and smiled before letting go of his hand and pushing him in.

Brendan came up sputtering just like last time he glared at her lightly and swam over to where Allana was and they started talking in hushed hurried voices. Before anyone knew what was going on Allana had pulled out her wand and Chris and Marlene were both tossed into the pool by magic.

Marlene didn't come up; instead she swam over to Brendan and jumped on his back. "That wasn't very nice Mister McKinnon." Marlene stated.

"I believe Allana did it." Brendan replied as Chris and Allana started splashing each other.

"Well, I’m blaming you." she whispered in his ear.

"That's not very nice." Brendan said.

"I'm so sorry love." Marlene replied while getting off of Brendan's back.

Brendan grinned at turned around wrapping his arms around her waist, “You should be sorry, love.”

Allana and Chris were grinning at each other and the both swam over and splashed them. Then Allana swam to the side of the pool and pulled herself out, “Bloody chlorine. Bad for the skin bad for the hair.”

“Oh, shut up.” Sara called back from her position in Marc’s arms her head on his chest. Matt was floating on his back, while Chris had started to swim laps.

"Why did you want to come in here in the first place?" Marlene asked.

Brendan whispered in her ear, "No one knows whom you're talking to, Love."

Marlene blushed, "Whoops. Sorry. I was talking to Allana."

Allana laughed, "A good shower with some shampoo made for blondes and my hair will be just fine. Sara and I can have one of spa days and a few facials and my skin will be just fine to. You can join us if you'd like."

"That would be fantastic." Marlene stated while laying her head on Brendan's chest.

Allana grinned, "I'll send Sara to find you when we're going to do it."

"Alright. What are you going to do until then?"

"Hmm?" Allana said looking up she was braiding her pale blonde locks.

Marlene shook her head, "Never mind."

Brendan chuckled, "Allana's kind of spacey."

"So I've noticed." Marlene replied.

"Yep, but she's great anyways." Brendan replied pushing Marlene's wet hair out of her face.

"Thank you. It was beginning to get a bit hard for me to see." Marlene smiled.

Brendan smiled, "Glad to help."

"What else do you plan to do today?" Marlene asked.

"Nothing really." Brendan replied, "I think I'm suppose to make Allana and Xeno stop fighting... I don't remember."

Marlene smiled, "How do you do that? And about how long is that going to take?"

"I usually just lock them in a one of the closets." Brendan replied grinning.

Marlene giggled, "What a productive thing to do."

"It works they yelled at each other for a while and then they give up and start snogging."

            "How sweet."

            "I suppose."

            Marlene smiled, "Today was fun. Thank you."

            "You're welcome." Brendan replied pulling her over the side of the pool. He picked her up and placed her on the side before pulling himself out.

            "Anymore questions for me?" Marlene asked as she squeezed as much water out her hair as she could.

            "Can't think of any at the moment. Although that could be because I'm tired."

            "Do you want to go back to the common room?"

            "Sure." Brendan replied standing up and holding out his hand for her.

Marlene grabbed a hold of his hand and hoisted herself up. "Do you mind drying me off?" she asked.

Brendan pulled out his wand and flicked at her and then himself, "We're going to go back to the common room." Brendan called out. 

"I'll come with well at least half way I'm going to go find Xeno." Allana said standing up.

"Alright. Thanks Brendan." Marlene said as the three started walking out of the teacher's lounge.

"No problem." Brendan replied, as Allana kept walking not even seeming to realize she was still completely soaked.

"How long have you and Xeno been dating?" Marlene asked.

"Almost a year." Allana said grinning and she started to skip down the hallway slowly.

"That's good." Marlene called out.

"Thanks." Allana replied as she started spinning in circles. Brendan sighed, walked up to her, and grabbed her hand making her stop spinning. Allana pouted.

"Brendan. Why can't she spin around?" Marlene asked as she skipped up to where they were standing.

"She'll spin until she throws up." Brendan replied grabbing Marlene's hand again even though he couldn't let go of Allana's because she would start spinning again.

Marlene smiled, "But, that's the fun part." she said sarcastically.

"Well alright then you can listen to her yell at you for hours after for letting her do it again." Brenda replied grinning.

"That's fine. I won't be in the common room at the time. I'll find you and we'll go hide some place." Marlene stated.

Brendan chuckled and let go of Allana's hand because Xeno had just appeared at the end of the hallway. Allana skipped down the hallway to him.

"Have fun Allana!" Marlene yelled out.

"Thanks!" She called back before the sounds of her and Xeno yelling at each other met their ears.

"Whoops." Marlene said while grabbing Brendan's other hand and spinning around in a circle. "Isn't this fun?" she laughed.

Brendan groaned, "No."  

"Erg! You're such a prat!" Allana yelled at Xeno before she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Marlene stopped and smiled, "There was no need for a closet this time."

"Nope. " Brendan replied before grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the corridor leaving Xeno and Allana in the corridor by themselves.

"Are we still going back to the common room?"

"Yeah." Brendan replied, "Do remember where I left my bag?"

"In the Great Hall, Love." Marlene replied.

"Thought so. Come with me to get it?" Brendan asked.

"Of course." Marlene answered as she started walking towards the Great Hall.

Brendan grinned, "You're amazing do you know that?"

"Well, thank you." Marlene smiled and blushed.

"You're also beautiful. I like it when you blush." He said.

Marlene blushed again, "Thanks." her smile broadened.

Brendan stopped walking, "Marlene would you let me kiss you?"

Marlene turned around, "I would." she replied.

Brendan smiled and placed one hand on the side of her face the other on her waist and kissed her softly. Marlene kissed him back and put her hands on the back of his neck. Brendan smiled into the kiss before pulling away and smiling at her. Marlene looked at him and smiled sheepishly back at him. Brendan smiled, "Marlene I really like you."

"I really like you too Brendan." Marlene replied.

Brendan's smiled broadened, "Would you be my girlfriend?"

"Brendan..." Marlene said.

"Marlene?" Brendan said his heart started to beat faster.

"I'd love to be your girlfriend." she smiled as big as she could.

Brendan sighed and kissed her again, "Don't do that to me."

Marlene laughed, "Okay. I won't, I promise." she said before kissing his cheek.

"Good." Brendan said pulling away and grabbing her hand, "I really need my bag."

Marlene laughed, "Let's go then." she replied while running towards the Great Hall.

Brendan groaned running after her. "What's wrong?" Marlene asked as she saw the Great Hall up ahead and started to slow down.

"I don't like running."

"Oh, I'm sorry. You don't like spinning either, do you?" she asked as she walked into the Great Hall and looked around for Brendan's bag.

"No." Brendan said seeing his bag in the middle of the table he grabbed it.

"Sorry." Marlene apologized. "Ready to go to sleep now?"

"Yes." Brendan said grabbing her hand, "It's okay, and I’ve been told I'm no fun."

"You're a lot more fun than Amos." Marlene pointed out.

Brendan wrinkled his nose, "Thanks."

Marlene turned around and kissed his nose, "You're really cute when you do that thing with your nose." she smiled.

Brendan chuckled and wrinkled up his nose again.

Marlene smiled and kissed his nose again. "Yep, that's it."

"Thanks. You're always cute." Brendan replied as they walked up the stairs to the Gryffindor common room.

"Thank you." Marlene blushed. "Well, I suppose it's time for a nap." she said as they entered the common room.

"Yeah." Brendan said not letting go of her hand.

Marlene grinned, "You're bed or the couch?"

"Coming with me then?" Brendan asked.

"I'm worn out. Of course I'm coming with you." she replied.

Brendan grinned, "Alright my bed sounds better it's loud down here." Brendan said, "Forgive me for the mess won't you."

"It can't be worse than the Marauder's room." Marlene said as they started walking up stairs.

"You have no idea." Brendan said before opening the door. It looked like a tornado had been through the room at least five times, although it didn't smell bad.

Marlene's eyes widened. "Do the house elves refuse to clean your room too?"

"No, this is just from this morning." Brendan said smiling sheepishly.

Marlene laughed, "Aright then. Which one is your bed?"

"The one on the far wall under the window." Brendan replied.

"Alright, shall we make this adventurous journey to your bed begin?" she asked, as she started walking towards his bed and almost tripping over a large pile of socks.

Brendan caught her, "Sorry."

"It's quite alright." Marlene said as they sat down on his bed.

Brendan smiled before leaning back on to his bed. Marlene yawned and lay down right next to him. Brendan wrapped one of his arms around her before flicking his wand so the drapes around his bed closed.

"I had a great time today Brendan." Marlene said before yawning again. "Me too." Brendan replied.

A little while after those words were spoke, both Marlene and Brendan had fallen asleep. Both of them happier than either of them had been in a while.



            Else where in the castle a girl with really long blonde hair sighed and placed her book down.

            "Are you okay?" a voice asked her.

            Dorcas sighed, "Fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, just thinking."

"May I ask about what?"


"What about Remus?"


“Oh, okay.”


"Have you seen Raine or Lily?"

"I think they're still outside why?"

"Just wondering. Why aren't you out there with them?"

"Because Raine had to outshine everyone again." Dorcas said bitterness in her voice.

"How'd she do it this time?"

"Giving Lily her own ranch." Dorcas replied.

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine you didn't do it."

"But, I gave her the idea."

"You what?" Dorcas demanded looking up.

"I gave her the idea. My dad told me we no longer use the ranch. So, I asked Raine if she wanted to give it to Lily as a birthday present."

Dorcas glared, "I hate you."

"Did Raine tell you? Or did you eavesdrop?"

"Excuse me?"

Did Raine tell you about her gift to Lily? Or did you eavesdrop on their conversation?"

"We did not eavesdrop! She stole Lily from us and since it has been at least ten minutes and we hadn't heard from them again we went off towards the way they went."

"But when you saw the horses you decided to listen in on what Raine was saying to Lily, is that right?"

"Why does it matter? We want Lily to be happy but..."

"I'm guessing you guys stormed off before you could here the rest of what Raine was saying."

"Why what does it matter?"

"The rest of what she was saying was going to be about you guys."

"And what's that then?"

"Those horses were all named after you, Lily, Raine, Marlene, and Emmeline. They weren't Lily's horses they are each yours. Raine also isn't giving Lily the entire ranch. It's been divided four ways. You each get a portion of the ranch."

"I'm allergic to hay, and Marlene is afraid of horses! We don't want presents from her! We just want a chance to be the one to give someone the best present! We never get the chance!" Dorcas yelled her blue eyes growing darker.

"I'll tell Raine that. So, you won't have a great present on your birthday." Nate shrugged and stood up. "She's just trying to make everyone happy."

Dorcas just looked at him, "I know she is but can't she at least tell the rest of us when she's doing something big so the rest of us can try a little harder." Dorcas pulled her knees to her chest.

"I'll let her know," he said before walking out of the room.

Dorcas sighed she only felt worse now and really wished Remus wasn't gone.



Meanwhile, outside of the castle, Raine and Lily had just finished their ride. "You know, the ranch is divided four ways right?" Raine asked.

"What do you mean?" Lily asked.

"You, Emmeline, Dorcas, and Marlene have a part of the ranch." Raine explained. "Although, if they don't want it becomes yours."

"But Dorcas can't come in within a hundred yards of it without braking out in hives and Marlene is terrified of horses.”

"Well, then they can give it to you." Raine replied.

"Raine, you know how much we all love you." Lily said hesitantly.


"I just I love my present and all."


Lily sighed, "I... Raine we all love the presents you give to us but..."

Raine shook her head, "But what Lily? If you don't want it I'll take it back and tell my Uncle Marius to sell it to someone."

"God Raine's it's not that. It's just no one else can ever give someone a present that's nearly as good as you do."

"Well, I'm sorry. I guess I'll stop giving gifts."


"What?" Raine said while getting off of her horse.

"I know I feel bad some times because I know my gift is going to be something they actually remember not like yours. We all love the gifts it just makes us feel bad because you can do such amazing things for us and I know for me it makes me feel bad because I can't do it back."

"I can remember every single thing each of you have given me for my birthday and Christmas. I remember everything." Raine said while leaving her horse in the clearing and walking back towards the castle. "I'll start getting you guys little things for your gifts. I'm sorry for making you guys feel bad for all these years."

"Raine we love for what you do for us. I don't think we would mind if you told us what you are planning so the rest of us can talk to each other and pool money and get something great to. We really like everything you give us."

Raine shrugged, "That's why every year on someone's birthday everyone gets mad at me."

Lily groaned and caught up to her, "Yes. You just need to tell us. None of us have your money and influence."

"Okay. Well, here's what I'm getting Marlene for her birthday. I was going to get her a dance studio but now I'm just going to get her a new leotard."

"Get it for her. She'd love it. You just need to tell us. This way Emmeline, Dorcas, and I can talk and pool or money together to get her something better." Lily said.

"So, it's like a game? You guys have to out gift me?" Raine asked.

"No Raine, you just give people something they really want something they can keep forever and ... I mean come on for your birthday we bought you some clothes that you won't even wear next year."

"I will too." Raine said as they climbed the stairs to the doors to the school.

"Raine they either won't fit you or you'll just forget what I mean is that the gifts the rest of us normally give don't last like yours always do."

Raine rolled her eyes. "So where do you want to go now?" she asked trying to change the subject.

"I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings." Lily said, "I don't know, I kind of want to spend time with Nate. Is that okay?"

"That's fine. I'm just going to see James." Raine replied.

"Alright." Lily said hugging Raine, "Do you know where Nate might be?"

Well, let's see. If he's not sucking your face off he's either in the library or in his common room." Raine smiled.

Lily laughed, "Thanks Raine, I'm going to go find him."

"Good bye. Happy Birthday." Raine said as she headed off to the Gryffindor Common Room. Once she got into the common room she didn't see James there. So she walked upstairs and knocked on his door.

James jumped up from his bed and glanced over at Remus' bed where he was slipping with curtains drawn around it. James took a deep breath and carefully opened the door.

"Why hello love!" Raine exclaimed.

"Hey Raine." James said walking out of his room and closing the door.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Love. Why do you ask?" James replied.

"You just were cautious to open your door."

"Sorry." James said grabbing her hand and pulling her into the common room.

"James, what's going on?" Raine asked

"Nothing Raine."

Raine sighed, "Fine, what did you do today?"

"Slept." James replied.

"Oh, okay. How's Remy?"

"He hasn't sent a letter yet."

"Oh okay. How was your little nap?"

"It was okay I'm still tired though." James replied, "What did you do today?"

"Lily’s birthday. And I am no longer aloud to give gifts."

"Why not?" James asked yawning.

"It makes everyone mad."

"Jealous Raine, jealous."

"Same difference. James, if you want to go back to bed that's fine. I'll go find something else to do." Raine stated.

"No it's okay." James said wrapping his arms around her.

"You're tired. Go lie down. Other wise I'm going to the kitchen. I skipped lunch."

"Alright, well have fun. I'm tired if you see Sirius will you tell him to come up." James said yawning again.

"Fine, although, you could look on that map thing and tell me where he is." Raine said.

"Haven't seen Emmeline all day either." James said kissing her forehead.

"Eww. Okay. I'll see you later James," she said giving him a hug.

"Thought so." James replied hugging her his head on her shoulder.

Raine pulled away and walked out of the common room. She walked down to the Grand Entrance and sat down on one of the benches spread across the room. Raising an eyebrow she looked around.

"There's no on very interesting in here is there?" she asked herself as she saw two Hufflepuff first years playing a game of exploding snap on the bench directly across the room from her.

She shrugged her shoulder before she walked past them; into the corridor towards the kitchen. She tickled the pear and the started down the long stair to the kitchen.

When she got down there she saw someone else down there sitting down in the cafe chair, eating something. "What are you doing here?" she asked them.

"Eating what does it look like."

"I didn't know you knew where the kitchen was." she replied.

"Well as you can see I do."

Raine rolled her eyes and asked a house elf for some cheese pizza. She then sat down on the chair across from the other person. "What are you eating?" she asked them.


"I just would like to know."


Raine sighed, "Fine. Don't tell me then," she said as her food was placed in front of her. "Thank you," she told the house elf.

"Why weren't you at lunch?"

"I was in the forest.



"It's banned."

"So? You've done things that are prohibited."

"What have I done recently?"

"I don't know. But, you've done things in the past."

“Prove it.”

"I can't. Not right now. But, I know you have."


"What did you do today?" Raine asked.


"I'm just trying to make small talk. Is that okay?"

"No stop talking."

"Who do you think you are? You don't tell me what to do." Raine stated.

He snorted and rolled his eyes.

"What is your problem?"


"And why would that be?"

"Because you're in Gryffindor."

Raine sighed, "I'm sorry. I should be punished. I feel awfully terrible for being in that house. I feel I should've been put into Slytherin with you. All those stupid half-breeds and muggleborns in Gryffindor disgust me."

"Sure they do."

Raine took a bite out of her pizza and then asked, "Why are you so stubborn?"

"You've met my parents haven't you? Well I know you've meet my brother."

"Regulus, why don't you ever give anyone else a chance? I'm nice and I haven't done anything to offend you except for being in Gryffindor. But, I bet you'd be nice to me if I was in Slytherin."

"No I wouldn't."

"Why not?"

"I don't like you."

Raine shrugged, "Well, I'm sorry you feel that way."

Regulus rolled his eyes.

"Just out of curiosity, why don't you like me?"

"You're dumb, to trusting, loud..."

"Really?" Raine asked softly. "Is that why I'm the smartest person in my year?"

"What about the mudblood? Or Lupin?"

"Do not call Lily Evans a 'mudblood'. They are smart. I just happen to be smarter." Raine stated.

Regulus snorted, "Sleeping with your teachers?"

"I am not. I have not lost my virginity yet." Raine said.

Regulus rolled his eyes, "You're to trusting."

"Really? How's that?" she asked.


"What about Orenda?"

"Ask her about Gabriella Rivers."

"Who the bloody hell is Gabriella Rivers?" Raine asked.

"Exactly, or what about Joshua Ceruthers, or Lindsay Oberst, or Natasha Bullis... should I continue?"

"Who are they? I bet you're just making those names up Regulus Black."

"Ask Dumbledore or Madam Pomfrey."

Raine rolled her eyes. "I am to trusting? I don't see how I am."

"You trust her don't you? And other Slytherins."

"Not really."

"I'd be careful." Regulus said standing up, "It's not safe to have Orenda take an interest in you."

"What do you mean?" Raine asked standing up also.

"Haven't heard the stories about her then?"

"Nope. I try to stay away from gossip." Raine stated.

"Well most of the stories about Orenda are true." Regulus said walking towards the stairs.

Raine followed him, "Well, what are some of these stories?"

"Ask people who actually care about you." Regulus said before starting up the stairs.

"So... So... So you don't care about Regulus?" Raine asked in a fake hurt voice.

"Not even a little bit." Regulus replied before pushing the painting open so he could climb out of the opening.

Raine followed him and then yelled, "But I thought we had something special!"

"I don't do special." Regulus replied heading towards the stairs to the Slytherin common room.

"You just do one night stands, right?" Raine asked.

“I’m not my brother.” Regulus replied.

"So, your brother happens to be in a serious relationship right now. When was the last time you were actually in a relationship?"

"I haven't been a relationship otherwise or not!" Regulus yelled getting angry.

"Getting angry are we?" Raine tested.

"You think." He said turning around.

Raine shrugged, "I'm not sure."

Regulus turned back around and started towards his common room again.

"Anything you'd like me to tell your darling brother next time I see him?" Raine asked as she followed Regulus.

Regulus turned around and was about to say something when someone else said, "What's going on here?"

"Nothing. We were just talking." Raine admitted.

"Seems like you're talking and putting yourself into a dangerous situation by getting Regulus mad." Orenda said walking out of the shadows.

"I was just asking him what he wants me to tell Sirius next time I see him."

Orenda rolled her eyes and Regulus said, "Tell him I want him to die."

"Common room now! Cissa is looking for you anyways." Orenda said turning on him.

"Will do Reggie!" Raine said as she turned around and started walking back to the Grand Entrance.

"Reg, you okay?" Orenda asked.

"Do you think I'm okay?"

"No. Want to talk?"

"Not particularly."

"Alright, Cissa is looking for you though, I'd hide."

"What does she want?" Regulus asked.

"I don't know probably just wants to make sure you've eaten and showered, and done your homework... blah blah... How do you deal with her babying you?"

"I have to, other wise, Mum will. And she's worse." Regulus said as he started walking towards the common room.

"Sorry. Good news Cissa and I'll be gone next year."

"Thank Merlin."

"Oy, aren't you going to miss me?" Orenda asked sweetly.

"Nope. Not really."

“Why not?”

"You baby me too. I can take care of myself when de Luca comes around."

"Wasn't that McGonagall was on her way over. Didn't need to have Cissa yell at me for letting you get detention."

"Oh well. I'm a big boy. I can get detention. Sirius gets detention all the time and she doesn't care."

"I don't know why she bloody cares but if you want detention I can give you one." Orenda replied.

Regulus snorted, "That's fine. Then you can get yelled at and hexed instead of me."

Orenda sighed, "Exactly I don't want to have to baby you but she'll murder me and if she doesn't let up soon I'm giving her detention."

"I'd like to see the day when you give a Slytherin detention."

Orenda huffed, "Can't tell me she doesn't need one."’

Regulus just shrugged and stepped into the common room. He saw Narcissa sitting on the couch and he rolled his eyes, "What do you want Cissa?"

"Where have you been?" Narcissa demanded standing up and walking over to him.

"The kitchen."


"I was hungry."

"Have you finished your homework?"

"Yes Narcissa."

"Go get it, I want to read it over."

Regulus rolled his eyes, "You looked over it when I finished it this morning."

"I want to read it again. I just..."

"Cissa I have the guest list down stairs." Orenda cut in.

Regulus looked over at Orenda and then at Narcissa and choose this as his time to get away. So he ran to his dorm.

 "You do?" Narcissa asked.

"Yeah. Your dad sent it to me this morning. Invitations are going out after we send it back." Orenda stated.

"Okay, let's go read it then."

"Let's work on it in my room." Orenda replied walking towards her down.

Narcissa followed Orenda down stairs to her own private dorm. When they got there, Narcissa sat down on Orenda's bed. "Alright, let's get started." she said.

Orenda dug through the stuff on her desk, she only had the list since Wednesday. "Here it is." Orenda said handing it to her and a quill.

"Thanks." Narcissa said as she read the list. After reading all the names she looked up at Orenda and said, "There's only one family I don't want at my wedding."


"The Malfoys." Narcissa said while handing Orenda the list and the quill.

Orenda started to laugh, "Sorry dear." Orenda rolled the list back up and grabbed her owl.

"Why do I have to marry him?" Narcissa asked as she lay down on the bed.

"I don't know dear. Think there's anything I can do to make it not happen?"

"If you murder him."

"I'm not aloud." Orenda pouted.

"Just tell Voldemort that he did something good."

Orenda laughed, "I've tried and he said if do anything to Lucius or say anything to him about Lucius I was going to be tortured, and I don't love you that much."

"Fine. I'll tell Voldemort that Lucius helped an old lady cross the street or that he helped a mudblood get a pureblood job."

"Tried that dear. He's not going to let me kill him." Orenda said, "That and Bella is watching it to much. She wants you to marry Lucius."

Narcissa shivered. "Why? He's bloody retarded."

"Well, I don't know." Orenda said, "Your best bet is trying to get Lucius to marry Ella."

"That might work. Hand me some parchment." Narcissa demanded.

Orenda grabbed her bag and pulled out some blank parchment, "You're going to have talk Ella into marrying as well."

"Nope. I've got a plan." Narcissa said as she started writing a letter to Ella.


Dear Ella,

I know our little shagging parade was fun, but I want to make it something serious.

Will you marry me?


I don't want to marry that stupid cow Narcissa. She's so ugly. 

If you marry me I will treat you like the queen you really are.

Please Ella.

Marry Me?





"How's that?" Narcissa asked Orenda when she finished writing the letter.

"You spelled everything right she's never going to think it was him." Orenda replied, "Am I suppose to mail this too?"

Narcissa sighed, "Well, you fix it then."

Orenda laughed, "Oh well he could have just used a spell checking quill or something."

"There you go! Now, send it to Ella Beauchamp. But, use MacNair's owl."

"Alright I'll be right back." Orenda replied walking out of the room and up to the boys' dorms. She knocked on one of the doors.

"What?" a boy yelled.

"May I come in?” Orenda asked.


Orenda opened the door cautiously and stepped into the room. She closed the door and leaned against it.

"What do you want Fier?" MacNair asked.

"You of course." Orenda said.

He rolled his eyes, "And why is that?"

"Oh come on, you know you're devilishly handsome and oh your charm." Orenda said walking towards him seductively.

MacNair smirked, "Tell me something I don't know."

Orenda smiled sweetly and stroked his face, "I need your owl."

"Is that the only reason you came in here?"


MacNair shrugged, "We could possibly, fool around."

Orenda straddled him, "And what would Rabastan say about that?"

"Who cares what Rabastan says." He said while putting his hands on her hips. Orenda ran her slender fingers down his broad chest. He ran his hands up her shirt a little bit. "So, is that a yes?" he asked her.

Orenda groaned, "I need to send some things though." Her hands traveled into his hair.

"You can do that afterwards," he stated as his hands traveled further up her shirt and across her stomach.

"Cissa might kill me if I don't do it soon." She said wiggling a little bit on his lap.

MacNair moaned and ran his fingers around her back and over the clasp of her bra. "She'll get over it."

"She’d better." Orenda replied before kissing him.

MacNair unhooked Orenda's bra and ran his hand down her spine. When Orenda pulled away from the kiss he whispered, "She will."

Orenda moaned quietly moving her hips in small circles on his lap. MacNair moaned and rested his hands on her hips.

"Not fair." Orenda replied sitting still again.

"What? Why did you stop?" he asked.

"That was pleasing you more then me." Orenda replied.

"Fine." he replied while his hands traveled up to her breasts, where he slowly massaged them. "Is that better?"

"Yes." She moaned moving her hips again and then there was a knock on the door.

"Go away!" MacNair yelled before he kissed her collarbone.

Orenda moaned again the person from outside called in, "Can't I was sent up."

"Come back later then," he replied while he started to remove Orenda's shirt.

"Narcissa sent me up after Orenda." The person said.  Orenda groaned, "Tell her to mail the damn things herself."

MacNair smirked and completely removed Orenda's shirt.

"I... she might hurt me!" The person called back. 

Orenda moved her hips in faster circles and kissed his jaw line, "Make them go away."

"If you don't leave now I'll kill you myself." MacNair stated as he started to massage Orenda's breasts again.

"Fine. I'd hurry up your shag then. Narcissa will probably tell Rabastan." The person called again. 

"Shite." Orenda replied pulling away from MacNair.

MacNair groaned, "Bloody hell woman."

Orenda swallowed and looked at him, "Does it look like I want to go?"

"No, so don't."

“So shagging me is worth dying?" She asked knowing she’d never believe his answer anyways.

"You're worth it, Love." he smirked.

"Are you serious?" She asked even though she knew the truth.

"Pretty much."

"Bloody hell, I'm letting you die then."

MacNair smirked, "You might die too. And I don't want that to happen."

"If he kills me, he'll be murdered." Orenda replied moving her hips again.

MacNair moaned, "I wasn't talking about him. Narcissa might kill you," he said before kissing her collarbone.

"Why would she kill me?" Orenda asked quietly running her fingers up and down his chest again before tugging on the bottom of his shirt.

MacNair pulled away, "I'm not sure, perhaps for wrinkling up the papers you were supposed to send."

"Stop talking and take this off." Orenda said pulling on his shirt again.

MacNair smirked and took off his shirt. He then started to bite down on Orenda's collarbone. When he felt the skin tear he started sucking on the spot to stop the bleeding.

Orenda moaned again but yet again they were disturbed, "Orenda Charissa Fallon Francesca Fier!"

"Go away." MacNair demanded.

"I'm going to kill you MacNair!"

 Orenda whined lightly before sliding off MacNair.


Rabastan opened the door his wand out, "Orenda, MacNair."  Orenda groaned and buried her face in MacNair's bed.

MacNair grabbed his wand and stood up, "Rabastan."

"Oy! Stop this right now." Orenda yelled.

"What is wrong with you?" Narcissa asked.

"What do you mean what's wrong with me?" Orenda demanded.

"I thought you were going to mail those letters!"

"I was but I got sidetracked." Orenda said.

Narcissa sighed, "Give them to me."

"MacNair, where are they?"

"I told you they were wrinkled up. You had them last. I think you put them next to you." he replied.

“Erg, great now. Accio." Orenda said and then handed them to Narcissa.

"Thanks, I'll mail them myself." Narcissa said before walking out of the room.

"And you." Orenda said turning on Rabastan her wand in hand.

"What about me? You're the one that was about to shag someone other than me."

"You never asked me to be in a monogamous relationship." Orenda snapped.

"I assumed when I asked you to be my girlfriend we wouldn't be shagging with others."

Orenda sighed, "I take it you're mad."

"Just a little bit." Rabastan said sarcastically.

Orenda whined and walked over to him.

"No, don't. Not right now Orenda." he said before he walked out of the room.

Orenda pouted, "I'll fix that later." She replied before shutting the door.

MacNair sat back down on his bed and put his wand on his nightstand. Orenda walked over to him and sat next to him, "Do you still want me?"

"Of course." he stated before he leaned over and kissed her lips.

Sometime later Orenda sat back up and stretched her lean pale arms over her head. She leaned down put her lips to MacNair’s cheek. He was asleep. She got up and started searching for her clothes. Once she had them all on she sighed and slipped out of the room and up to the seventh years’ dorm. She knocked on the softly.

"Come in."

Orenda opened the door and closed it behind her; swallowing hard she leaned against it.

"What Orenda?" Rabastan asked.

Orenda sighed and walked over to him, "I'm sorry."

Rabastan shook his head, "Why'd you do it?"

She closed her eyes for a moment, "I wasn't planning on it. I went in there to get his owl and I was just going to tease him and leave, but..."

"I thought you knew better than to tease Slytherins."

Orenda sighed, "I can get away with it. But he said some things and,"

"Like what?"

"He said I was worth dying for to shag."

Rabastan sighed, "He could've just been saying that."

Orenda sighed, "I'm sorry. What can I do to make you forgive me?"

"I don't even know right now Orenda."

Orenda whimpered, "Rab."

"What Orenda? The thing that pissed me off the most was that, I left the room and you still choose to shag him."

Orenda swallowed, "I'm sorry, but I... it's not like you were going to shag me right after that."

"So? I would probably a lot less mad at you right now."

Orenda groaned, "You know what's it's like once you've got me started."

Rabastan sighed, "I know. But, you shouldn't have started in the first place."


"What Orenda? You don't have a comeback or an answer for that because you know it's true."

"Yes I know, I'm sorry. I understand that sorry isn't enough."

"You're right. Sorry isn't enough. Orenda, I don't know if I can do this right now." Rabastan stated.

"Do you want to sit here and be mad at me? You'll to me about it later?"

"Orenda, that's not what I'm talking about."

"What do you mean?"

Rabastan sighed, "I don't think I can be with you right now."

Orenda nodded tears in her eyes and then she left the room.


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