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Disclaimer: Everything you recognize (characters, locations, etc) are the property of JKR. Plot is my creation. No copyright infringement is intended.

"You haven't talked to him at all?" Fiona asked Rose as they walked up the stairs to the girl's dormority. Fiona had been interested in this sudden development in Rose's love life and badgered her with constant questions. Fiona retained the same mentality every time she asked Rose; eyebrows raised, arms crossed in an "I'm-all-business" manner. As if Rose was hiding something from her. Which she wasn't.

"Not since the Hogwarts Express," Rose said coolly, her stride getting longer so Fiona had to power walk to keep up. It had been five weeks since the beginning of school and save for the classes Gryfindor had with Slytherin, Rose hardly ever saw Scorpius. Which was a good thing, since Rose found herself lost in the depth of his blue eyes (Fiona thought this was such a cliche, but it was true).

"You're utterly clueless," Fiona told Rose, shaking her head as if Rose was beyond all hope, "as soon as you decide to act on this little crush of yours, he'll probably be in the arms of some other girl. You have awful timing, you know."

"Well, what do you suggest?" Rose asked, annoyed. Out of the two of them, Fiona was the resident expert on boys, ever since she was caught snogging Ira Finnigan in the common room in fourth year, but Rose was hesitant to ask for Fiona's advice. Fiona always gave it to you straight and Rose was strictly non-confrontational, which explained her inability to approach Scorpius.

"Since you obviously aren't accomplished in the art of seduction..."

"Obviously." Rose said under her breath. Fiona shot her one of her famous death glares, her hazel eyes boring into Rose until Rose pretended to zip her lips and throw away the key.

"I'm thinking you should go for subtlety," Fiona instructed Rose, as if she knew exactly what she was talking about (which she probably did), "start with, you know, actually talking to him instead of blushing like mad whenever he walks within a ten metre radius of you."

Rose gasped, already feeling the colour coming to her pale cheeks, "I don't!"

"You do." Fiona put her arm around Rose, "but you'll overcome it. Don't worry."

"You make it sound like I'm about to run a marathon," Rose said, smiling. Her best friend always knew how to make her smile, which was the foundation of their friendship --the foundation of any friendship.

"In some ways you are, my darling Rose," Fiona spoke with a faux glamour accent, "in some ways you are."

It wasn't Rose who made the first move to speak with Scorpius, it was Scorpius himself. It was an afternoon Herbology class. The dominant sun peeked into the greenhouse, making it unusually warm, especially for October. Rose was dressed in layers of protective gear, and goggles over her eyes. They were foggy and made it difficult to see. Rose tried to rub them, to no avail. She racked her brain for spells, but no luck. It was already five minutes into the class, but Professor Longbottom was held up, presumbably explaining to Hagrid why gillyweed should not be fed to baby dragons.

"Big game Saturday," a husky male voice asked Rose. It was familiar, but Rose coudn't connect the voice to a face. She removed her goggles to stare into a pair of piercing blue eyes --the same one she had been dreaming about. It was Scorpius.

"Huh?" She said oh-so-eloquently. She was out of it, she knew and she could already feel the pink reaching her cheeks.

"The first Quiddich game of the year, remember?" Scorpius explained patiently.

"Oh, right." Rose said absently, her eyes sweeped over the swarm of students in the crowded greenhouse. "Where...where did you just come from?"

Scorpius peered at her curiously, "I was here the whole time."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." Rose could swear she saw a quick smirk form on Scorpius' thin lips when he said that. Great, she thought, now he thought she was crazy.

"Anyways," Rose said, quick to change the subject, "what were you saying about the big game on Saturday?"

"Oh nothing," Scorpius said, a michievous tone in his voice, "just about how we're going to crush you."

Rose scoffed, even though she could feel Fiona watching her intently. She felt a jab at her side, which said "be flirty". Rose ignored it, even if she had had intentions to follow Fiona's instructions. There was something about Scorpius that made her want to loosen up and be herself.

"Yeah, right." Rose said, flipping her hair (a hard task considering all the safety garments she was wearing). Alright, so she was being a little flirtatious. She doubted Scorpius would notice, in any case. "In your dreams maybe." It was a lame joke, but Scorpius laughed anyways, which Rose appreciated.

"Students! Can I have your attention please?" Professor Longbottom launched into his pre-class monologue. Rose scowled, feeling a bit of resentment for Professor Longbottom cutting her conversation with Scorpius short. She had been too busy concentrating on talking to him that she must have missed the professor's entrance.

For the rest of the class, Rose was joyfully aware of Scorpius' presence beside her, and it gave new leverage to her daydreams.

"See you on the pitch," Scorpius whispered into her ear. Rose felt the heat of his breath against her skin, and she felt like melting.

"Not if I see you first," Rose managed to croak out with a smile. It was the cheesiest, most overused line that Rose had ever heard, but it was the best she could muster in her incoherent state. In a daze, she walked out of the greenhouse, the sun gleaming in her eyes. It seemed like the entire world was smiling on her today.

"Look at my little Rosie all grown up," Fiona sang, pretending to wipe a tear from her eye, "it seems like just yesterday when you were wiping snot on my robes."

"I didn't do that!" Rose cried, laughing until something suddenly hit her. Her dad. Ron would never approve of this. As badly as she wanted Scorpius, she never disobeyed anything her parents said. She had never lied to them, never defied them. The words her dad said to her at the beginning of the year echoed through her head. She could hear them so clearly now.

No fraternizing with the spawn of the biggest git to ever walk the Earth.


A/N: Okay, okay. I'm sure you're wondering when I'm going to get to the scene at the prologue, and the answer is...I'm not exactly sure. Maybe about 10 chapters in? I know it'll be a long(ish) wait, but it'll be good (maybe. hopefully.) 

"Clue 10: Rose should think about practicing her summoning charms.

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