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Chapter 9: The Suitors Ball
A/N – J.K Rowling owns the world of Harry Potter. And I’m totally going to be in denial that I haven’t updated in forever and hope everyone forgives me. Thank you to all who have reviewed, really, if it wasn’t for you I probably would have let this fic disappear, so thanks!

The ball was to be held on a Saturday 2 weeks from when the invitations were handed out. Hermione was not aloud to see Harry during that time for it would be “inappropriate” although Hermione could not figure out why. The twins would just mutter something about “courting the proper way”.

Finally, after a ridiculous ballroom dance lesson, Hermione stormed in on Fred and George in one of their inventing rooms, “Why the hell we are doing this?”

Fred spoke carefully, “for your happiness, Hermione.”

“You think this makes me happy?” Hermione was still livid.

“Well what does make you happy then?” George asked sternly, “Because believe me Hermione, if we had any idea that something else could make you happy we would have tried that. But as of now, nothing makes you happy, so we’re just trying our best. The least you could do is be just a bit grateful.”

“Grateful? I’m doing you two a favor!”

“She’s got a point George,” Fred whispered.

George responded calmly trying to make his point crystal clear, “We’re all helping each other out. This ball will make or break all of us. So can we just all work together to get through it?”

Hermione didn’t respond, but she was calming down.

“Hermione, we want you to be happy. If you just try to be excited about this, we promise you might enjoy it. I mean, you’re a girl. This is your moment to be glamorous! It might not be the ideal time in your life, but its here,” Fred explained.

“Maybe you’re right, Fred,” Hermione answered.

The twins looked flabbergasted.

“He’s right?” George asked.

Fred grinned, “Just got to be real about it, George.”

George muttered, “real my ass.”

“So is there really going to be a quidditch match the day after the ball?” Hermione asked.

“Hopefully,” Fred answered.

“Who’s going to be playing?”

“Well, Hermione we kind of wanted to talk to you about that,” George got the courage to bring up.

“Me? What do I have to do with the quidditch match?”

“Everything actually,” Fred looked sheepish.

“I don’t think I understand,” Hermione looked confused.

“We might as well tell her,” Fred looked pale, “it’ll help her decide.”

“Decide what?” Hermione’s eyes were once again breaching on the verge of dark terrible waters.

“You’ll choose the players of the quidditch match at the ball, Hermione,” George finally got out.

“Why would I choose them?”

“Because it’s a suitors ball. You choose your future suitors,” Fred let out with a scratchy voice, becoming more afraid of Hermione’s wrath.

“My future what?!”

And all hell broke loose.

“Now, Hermione, calm down,” Fred tried to gently put his hands on her shoulders. George was hiding on the other side of the room.

“Calm? You expect me to be calm? I’ve just been transported decades back into time to be treated like a piece of cattle to be auctioned off to the highest bidder!”

Fred tried to lighten the mood, “Yes, but the prime piece of cattle.”

Hermione tried not to laugh and ended up crying.

Fred, not use to girl emotions, looked to his brother with a plea of help.

George gulped and stepped closer, “I’ll take it from here, Fred. Please, go find Lee and make sure the last preparations for the ball have been taken care of.”

“Of course,” Fred said as he left quickly as possible.

“How could you two do this to me,” said a teary-eyed Hermione, “Suitors? What do you want me to do, get married?”

George blushed, “Well eventually.”

“Am I that much trouble that you want to get rid of me so quickly, George?”

He went up to here then and almost wanted to grab her. But he didn’t. He knew he had to hold in most of his emotions. Things had to work out the right way.

“No Hermione, that’s not it at all. You could stay with us forever. In fact, I would love that! But you deserve more in life. You deserve an adult life. Not one of a hormonal teenager trapped with two bachelors in their joke shop.”

“What if that’s the life I want?”

“is it really?”

Hermione couldn’t answer.

“It won’t be that bad. There will be lots of…trials to help you weed out the ones you really don’t want.”

“Like the quidditch match?”

“Obviously. Those who are really serious about you, will win.”

Hermione laughed, “if you think so.”

“So you think you’re going to be ok with all of this?”

“I think I don’t have a choice,” Hermione answered blankly.

Which was true enough. The ball was coming whether any of them were ready or not.

“So let me get this straight,” Hermione asked a bit annoyed an hour before the ball was to start, “There are no other girls at this ball?”

“No! of course not! There is one other,” George grinned.

“One?” Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Angelina Johnson. Top girl in Fred’s little black book.”


George chuckled, “Really though, if he were ever to settle down, and she would actually have him, they would be married with 12 kids already.”

Hermione giggled, “hard to imagine.”


“So what exactly do I have to do tonight again?” Hermione sighed.

“Well it starts easy,” George reassured her, “There’s the entrance dance. Either Fred or I will introduce you and then we’ll dance. Fred will be entering with Angelina, the designated chaperone, so I guess you’ll be stuck with me.”

“Lovely,” Hermione couldn’t help but grin.

“Oh you bet it will be,” George grinned back at her.

“So then I go on a round of display to all my prospects?”

“Something like that…” George muttered, “Towards midnight, you’ll make your decision.”


“You have to chose 14 to compete,” George told her.

“Compete? You sound like I’m some prize to be won,” Hermione looked offended.

“Sadly, no contest could ever determine someone worthy enough to win you,” George whispered.

“What was that?”

“You better finish getting ready.”

“I am ready.”

“Oh,” George’s face paled and then he saw her. Truly saw her. The radiant women dressed in a maroon gown that showed off her lovely skin and becoming figure.

“Do we go down now?” Hermione asked impatient.

“Yes,” George stuttered, “just let me speak to Fred.”

“Well hurry, the less amount of time I spend in this thing the better,” Hermione said tugging on the more uncomfortable parts of the dress.

George tried not to smile while he went to find his twin.

He found him quite rushed and panicked.

“Everyone’s already here! Is she ready? Can we start? Do you think we ordered enough food? Oh you should see Malfoy, inspecting everything like he’s expecting it to be horrible! I ought to…”

“She’s ready,” George said shortly.

“Oh,” Fred responded, “Well then. I guess we better enter.”

“Where’s Angelina?”

“Late as usual,” Fred seemed distracted, “Will you still be bringing her in?”

George gulped, “Fred, I think you better do it. I don’t think I should spend a lot of time with her tonight. Not tonight. Not if we want this to work.”

“Afraid of something?” Fred grinned.

“No, never. Just concerned.”

“Of course,” Fred smiled to himself, “You go ahead and go out and make the announcement. I’ll be right out with Hermione.”

George entered the top floor of the flat above the shop. It was a huge room decorated for the occasion with huge tables of food on one side and a dance floor on the other with smaller dining tables in the center.

At the center of the dancing floor, all eyes soon turned to him, he coughed and then announced, “Thank you all for joining us for Hermione’s Suitors Ball. We’re all very glad you could come. As you know, accommodations are welcome to the fourteen asked to remain here with us. Please enjoy yourselves. The rose ceremony will commence at midnight. And now may I present Hermione Jane Granger!”

Everyone clapped.

Hermione was very nervous as Fred led her to the room filled with handsome single males. She felt like a piece of meat on display. She half-wished it was George who was with her. He seemed to know how to calm her nerves.

“Rose ceremony?” Hermione tried to whisper to Fred.

He wasn’t answering though as he handed Hermione off to George.

“Brother, I’ll give you the first dance of the evening. I’ve just spotted Angelina and will join you on the dance floor in just a moment.”

George nodded at his brother and took hold of Hermione just as the music began.

“So who’s at the top of your little black book?” Hermione asked with a smirk.

“Pardon?” George asked while trying to keep in step with the music.

“You know. Fred has Angelina, but what about you?”

“I’m afraid I’m too busy for extracurricular activities.”

“That’s a shame,” Hermione grinned as a fast twirl landed them quite close together. George felt a blush rising.

“Not really,” he felt like answering her challenge, “I feel like the one person who’s right for me should be cared for first before I try to seduce her. I want her to feel like everything in the world can be shared between us and she’s completely safe and taken care of with me.”

“Wow, George, that’s….”

“the truth.”

“She’s going to be one lucky girl.”

George looked sad for a moment and then answered, “Tonight is not about me though. It’s about you and finding someone perfect for you.”

“What if I don’t find him?”

“You have to. Everyone who could ever be considered by you is here. If you can’t find him here, you never will.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Hermione frowned as the music stopped and they detached from each other, “what if I choose wrong?”

“That’s what I’m here for,” George smiled encouragingly.

“Mind if I do the honors of the next dance?” Lee interrupted.

“Of course, most trusted business partner,” George looked amused.

As Hermione left with Lee she could have sworn she heard George mutter, “Now that’s a Cinderella case if I ever saw one.”

Lee looked nice. Nicer than he ever had working in the shop. And he was smiling weird, as if he was trying to convey to her something that he couldn’t quite just get out.

“How was Egypt, Lee?”

“Oh, it was splendid! I saw my uncle you know. Crazy fellow. Kept talking about this mummy in his basement that haunts him. Quite amusing.”

And their dance was amusing. They looked odd together. A medium tempo dance kept them moving across the floor. All eyes were on Hermione though, and she caught someone’s eye very quickly.

Before the song was even over, he tapped Lee’s shoulder, “Mind if I cut in?”

“Actually I do mi…” Lee turned around to say. And there stood Blaise Zabini, looking confident as ever.

Lee kissed Hermione’s hand, “Until we meet up later,” he said politely and nodded to Blaise as he walked away.

Fred and George met up with him.

“Sorry mate.”

“Better luck next time ‘ole chap.”

“Yeah, yeah. Laugh all you want.”

Hermione smiled kindly before turning her attention to Blaise, “Now was that really necessary?”

“Obviously, you weren’t enjoying yourself.”

“And you think I’d enjoyed myself better with you?”

Blaise chuckled as he slid his arms around her waist, “Oh Hermione, are you always this amusing?”

“Amusing? It was a real question. How in the world could I enjoy myself with you?”

“”Why I’m Blaise Zabini, let the enjoyment begin,” he said bemusedly as he held out his arms. At that point in time, Hermione was trying to turn around to leave. However, she tripped on part of her dress and ended up falling forward right into Blaise’s arms.

“Easy there. Let the other blokes at least think they have a chance,” Blaise winked at her.

She wanted to retaliate with something just as witty and smart. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t because he smelt so wonderful. Something mixed with old spices and books. She let herself settled in his arms and they swayed slightly with the slow music.

“You wouldn’t have a library, would you?”

“The best, of course.”

“Really now?”

Meanwhile, Fred and George were surveying the scene.

“I don’t know if I like that one,” George muttered.

“Nonsense, she obviously likes him.”

“I noticed,” George muttered darkly.

Blaise and Hermione had made it to one of the many decorated tables. Discussing Blaise’s grand library had gotten Hermione excited and she almost forgot the whole situation they were in.

“So you’ll show it to me sometime, right?”

“Oh as many times as you like.”

“I’d like that.”

“Can you imagine if my parents had been able to be your providers and caretakers. This whole suitor nonsense would have been so much easier.”

“What do you mean?”

“You would be in the same household. We could get together easier.”

Avoiding the pointed matter at hand, Hermione asked, “You can get together with your provider and caretakers, then?”

“Of course. They’re not your parents after all.”

“Really?” Hermione looked amused.

“There’s so much you don’t know about our world, Hermione. It’s a pity really.”

“Sorry I’m not some tamed pureblood damsel,” Hermione responded darkly.

“Well it’s not your fault, obviously,” Blaise continued unaware.

“Excuse me,” Hermione said quickly and practically jumped from her chair.

“How odd,” Blaise mused as he watched her sprint away.

She sprinted right into Harry’s arms, quite flushed with anger.

“How dare he,” she let out.

“What’s the matter, Hermione?” Harry asked concerned. It was good to see her again.

“Blaise. And his pureblood nonsense.”

“Don’t pay any attention to him. You’re perfect. Everyone here knows that,” Harry smiled at her.

Hermione attempted a smile back, “I’ve missed you.”

They went to kiss right then and there. Much to everyone’s dismay.

“I’m going to be sick if it’s like this all night,” Fred muttered.

“It won’t be. Excuse me,” George said as he went straight over to them.

“Harry, a word please?”

“Of course. Just a minute, sweetheart,” Harry told Hermione as he kissed her hand.

“Sweetheart?” George winced.

“Yeah. Sweetheart. It’s a term of endearment for one whom you care deeply about. Or would you not know anything about that, George?”

“Now listen, Harry. I know you and Hermione have a… physical history together. But tonight is about giving her options. And frankly, you need to let her see all the fish in the sea before you put yourself on her hook.”

“As you wish. As Hermione’s provider and caretaker, I’ll give you the respect to act as an equal suitor. But you should know, if Hermione does choose me, you’ll need to give me the respect to accept that.”

“Of course.”

Harry turned to survey the crowd, “I guess you decided she needed a crutch afterall.”

“It’s not like that, Harry. A relationship is a healthy part of anyone’s life.”

“However you want to justify it. You couldn’t keep her happy. So you’re hoping this will.”

“I think we’re all hoping.”

Harry didn’t have a response to the truth. He left to go find Hermione.

Who was with Victor Krum. Dancing. Harry felt his heart drop. If there was one person who might care for Hermione as much as he did, it would be Victor Krum.

“Victor, I’m so glad you could make it,” Hermione giggled as he twirled her.

“Oh I wouldn’t miss this, Hermione. You look so beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you,” Hermione let herself blush. She loved the girly feeling Victor brought out. Like she was finally able to be the girl she had been hiding behind quills, parchments, and textbooks.

“It’s sad that no one but me realized what you are until now,” Krum commented.

“What I am? And what is that?”


Hermione scoffed, “Hardly.”

“You’re too hard on yourself. Everyone has problems, Hermione. What makes someone isn’t the problems they live with, but the ability to still live with or without those problems.”

“You’re right. It’s just so hard sometimes.”

“It always will be. You just have to live beyond that.”

“You’re right,” Hermione said as she slowed to a stop from dancing, “Can we sit down for a bit. My feet are already getting tired!”

Krum chuckled and led her over to a nearby table. The touch of his hand on the small of her back sent a chill down Hermione’s back. Good or bad she couldn’t quite tell yet.

“I’ll return with some refreshments,” Krum announced as he walked away.

Hermione let out a sigh and started to slump in her chair. And then Ron approached.

“Oh hello Ronald! Where have you been?”

Ron swallowed nervously, “Oh you know around. Where did Krum go?”

“He went to go get some refreshments. Would you like to join us?”

They both stared at each other in an awkward silence and then started laughing.

“Talk about a flashback to the yule ball,” Hermione laughed.

“No, you look much more beautiful tonight,” Ron said quite sincerely.

“Why thank you Ron.”

“Sorry. I know I told you I would stay with you most of the night, but you seemed to want to dance with everyone.”

“Yeah. Fred and George think it’s my duty as an appropriate hostess.”

“What do they know about propriety anyways?”

Hermione laughed, “I know it’s odd.”

“Well save one dance for me, will you?”

“Of course, Ronald. Anything for my dearest friend.”

Ron blushed and muttered something before leaving.

Neville approached her next. Although he did it in a way that surprised Hermione. He wasn’t nervous like Ron, but not cocky like Blaise either. He was dignified. And genuinely seemed to be polite.

“You look terrific, Neville,” Hermione blurted out before he could say anything.

Finally a blush, “Thank you, Hermione. You look beautiful tonight.”

Hermione smiled and wondered how many times she would have to hear that before she got tired of it, “Thank you Neville. Would you like to dance?”

“Um sure. Although I think I was suppose to ask you that.”

Hermione laughed, “apparently I’m still new to this properness thing.”

“You’ll get the hang of it,” Neville smiled as he led her in a soft dance.

“So I’m told. Neville, you’re a wonderful dancer.”

And so he was. After the dance, the couple even had an applause.

“Wow,” Hermione blushed.

“It was nothing,” Neville muttered.

“No, Neville. That was really something. You’re really something,” Hermione smiled.

Before Neville could reply, they were rudely interrupted, “some people think a little inheritance makes them rich. What a pity.”

“Malfoy,” Neville nodded to him.

“Is it possible someone else may have a turn with the young lady, Longbottom? Or do you plan on using her to show off your dancing abilities all night?”

“Until we see each other again,” Neville said as he kissed Hermione’s hand. He left without a second glance to Draco. He wouldn’t give him the pleasure.

“Honestly, Malfoy. That was quite awful of you,” Hermione said and crossed her arms.

“Don’t get all huffy. You’re much prettier when you’re smiling,” Draco concluded.

With hands on hips Hermione started on him, “And you’re much more becoming when you’re not rude, obnoxious, and slimey. So since you have difficulties not being any of these, will you please remove yourself from my sight?”

Draco’s eyes become slits for a moment in anger and then he smirked, “So you have thought of me as becoming? Honestly, Granger. One dance. That’s all I ask.”

Hermione glared and gave him her hand to lead her into a dance, “I suppose. I mean, theoretically you’re harmless.”

Draco laughed again as he led her through a slow dance, “You’re a lot less nervous.”

“Well, of course. I’m on my own turf.”

“Is that it?”

“You’re not as intimidating as you think you are, Draco.”

“It’s Draco now?”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Why are you here? I thought you hated me.”

“Hate is such a strong word, Hermione. To be honest, I never hated you. Was envious maybe. But never hated.”

“Draco Malfoy? Slytherin Prince? Envious of a little Gryffindor bookworm?”

“You mean Gryffindor princess. You were the pride and joy of Gryffindor house. Preceded only by Ginny Weasley who knew what she was getting into. You could have any boy you wanted in Hogwarts and you didn’t even know it.”

“And that made you envious?”

“No. Your spirit, compassion, and ability to care did. So many people care for you. Isn’t that obvious. Just look around!”

They had stopped dancing now and Hermione did look. But she couldn’t see anything. Just tears. And the memory of the ones who could not care for her anymore. Her parents. She ran away from Draco, unable to even mutter an excuse.

“What did you do to her, Malfoy?” growled Harry as soon as Hermione was out of eyesight.

“Down boy,” smirked Draco.

“I swear whatever you said to hurt her will be returned to you in physical pain 20 times over,” Harry was seeping with anger.

“I only pointed out how many people cared for her, Potter. If that’s a crime then lock me away. Go ahead,” Draco replied quite annoyed.

Harry left quickly to find Hermione. He found her with Dean and Seamus.

“It’s alright Hermione.”

“We’re here if you need to listen.”

“Thank you boys, I just need to be left alone for a moment.”

“Understandable. Dean, why don’t you find George?”

“Seamus, I think she meant that for both of us.”

“Well obviously someone needs to stay with her. What if Malfoy comes back?”

“Honestly, I’m fine,” Hermione chirped in.

Harry was about to walk up to them and tell Dean and Seamus to bugger off when Oliver Wood put a hand on his shoulder, “Let me handle this one, mate.”

Harry confused and a bit rejected stood back and watched.

“Dean, go inform Fred and George what has happened. Seamus, find Malfoy and tell him if he ever harms her again, he’ll have me to face.”

“Right,” Dean and Seamus replied as they went off to fulfill Oliver’s orders as if he were their old quidditch captain.

“It’ll be alright, Hermione.”

“Malfoy really didn’t do anything, you know,” was her response, “But thank you.”

“Something that makes you upset is an anything, Hermione. Whether he meant to or not, Malfoy shouldn’t be able to get away with it.”

“I really don’t think that’s necessary, Oliver. Please,” Hermione was on the verge of pleading. Why did he care so much anyways?

“If you want it to be just left alone, then that’s fine. I won’t say anything to him,” Oliver gave in, “Just promise you’ll start smiling again.”

Hermione attempted a weak smile, “You got it.”

“Got what? A brain?” Blaise had sat beside them.

“Yes, and manners,” Hermione said stiffly.

Blaise looked confused for a moment, “Was it something I said?”

Oliver and Hermione rolled their eyes.

“Will you please leave?”

“You heard her, Wood.”

“I think she meant you, Zabini.”

But before they could get into it, George stormed over to them, “I’m going to kill Malfoy! Hermione I’m so sorry. I would have never invited him if I had known.”

“George, it’s alright. It’s all a misunderstanding,” Hermione tried to explain.

“A misunderstanding? Between you and Malfoy? Hermione even that doesn’t even sound good.”

“I know, but it’s not what it seems. Malfoy didn’t intend to make me cry. I did that on my own.”

“Surely he must have said something to cause it though. You just don’t start crying out of nowhere.”

“Don’t I, George? Or have you forgotten that I’m not a stable girl at the moment? That my emotions are weak and fragile and I’m damn tired of playing games with them!”

Everyone went rather quite. It seemed as if the game was up. And the victor would be no one.

“I’ll take it from here, boys,” piped in Angelina who appeared from nowhere with Fred right behind her.

While the males were departing, Blaise tried to get in one last word, “I truly am sorry, Hermione. I had no intention of playing with you. You must know that.”

“Apology accepted, Blaise. Now please go,” Angelina answered for her. Hermione felt too weak and a bit embarrassed to answer.

“How do you do it, Angelina?” Hermione asked once they had all left.

“Do what?”

“Be amazing, beautiful, and sane all at the same time?”

“I just don’t think about it. It’s easy once you just let everything go.”

“All that seems to do is make me cry more.”

“Not let your emotions go. No. Those we keep to ourselves, don’t we? Emotions are fickle and short-lived. But if you let your worries and cares go…now that is what helps. Save your emotions for someone who can accept them as things that will change with time. That person who will love you no matter how you feel about things the next day.”

“You really think someone like that exists?”

“Sure. I mean, I think I found someone like that. He might not be ready for it. But one day…”

Hermione perked up, “You mean Fred?”

“Not everything is easy Hermione. This won’t be either. Just try to let things go and have fun with it. Your emotions will get used to things in time, ok?”

“I guess I can try,” replied Hermione, “I mean, I do like dancing afterall.”

The next person to ask Hermione to dance was Roger Davies who was a perfect distraction from all the mess that had just happened. They had never spoken at Hogwarts, and it was nice to meet someone completely new. Hermione enjoyed several more dances with several more boys. Some she had never met. Some she knew only their names or faces from school. The good times, however, could never last forever. Soon Draco approached her again.

“One more chance, Hermione?”

“Draco, I’m sorry for all the fuss. I’m surprised they haven’t killed you yet.”

Draco laughed and smirked, “thankfully I have strength and wit enough for all of them.”

Hermione smiled, “I’m sure you do.”

“But is it enough for you?”

Hermione blushed and didn’t quite know the meaning of his question.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to answer because Justin Finch-Fletchly kindly tapped on Draco’s shoulder causing him to move out of the way.

“Mind if I have the honor of one of the last dances?” he asked Hermione.

“Of course,” Hermione smiled and curtsied at his formality. Justin was always so proper anyways.

“You’re quite lovely, Hermione. And dance remarkably well,” he commented.

“Why thank you Justin,” she answered, although her heart wasn’t quite in it. Or her thoughts. The night was coming to a close. Which meant decisions would have to be made.

Sure enough, after the dance was over, George approached her.

“Hermione, I have to speak with you.”

“What is it George?”

“I know it’s been a difficult evening for you, are you alright?”

“I suppose so.”

George looked away, not sure if he could go on, “I suppose you’ll have to choose your suitors now. 14 of them. You’ll hand them a rose during the rosing ceremony.”

“I can’t do this.”

George looked at her. He wanted to hold her and tell her she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do. That everything would be alright. She would go back to normal and her parents would come back and she would be happy once again. But he knew he couldn’t. He couldn’t make her happy and someone else might be able to. They had to give that someone a chance, whoever it may be. Hermione looked scared as if she wasn’t ready for this. She wasn’t ready for anything.

“You have to,” he answered her, almost pleading.

“Please don’t make me,” she whispered and threw herself in his arms hiding her face in his shoulder.

“It’s ok, Hermione. Everything’s going to be ok,” he murmured while stroking her hair.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked and looked up at him with teary eyes.

“Because, I care for you, Hermione. Hell, I might even love you. And if that’s the case, I want you to be the happiest person in the world. You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy. Hopefully they’ll be able to prove it to you through all of this.”

“How dare you,” Hermione whispered and stood up, “Offering my happiness up in a game? This is not something that can be won! If you love me, you would know that happiness isn’t something found in victory, but in battle. If you really loved me, you’d be willing to fight for my happiness, not just hope someone might win it for me. How dare you say you might even love me.”

“Hermione,” Fred approached the upset girl, “This seems like a really bad time and all but I was wondering…”

“What is it?” Hermione snapped.

“Well, I was wondering if you’re ready to make your decision. The Ceremony is about to take place.”

“What exactly do I have to do?”

“It’s easy really.”

“Yes, because all of this has just been so bloody easy,” grumbled Hermione as she followed Fred to the center of the dance floor.

A/N – so that was the longest chapter I think I’ve written for this chapter and maybe any other fanfic or story ever written. XD I offer it as a peace token for not updating in forever! Please forgive me! Please be kind and remember to review and I’ll do the same for you!

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